Game Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

When I was in elementary school my cousin had a Nintendo and I used to always come over and we’d play Super mario bros. So needless to say the Mario series takes me way back so I decided to give this game a shot!

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Otome Game Review: I Love You Colonel Sanders -A finger lickin’ good dating simulator-

So KFC, the actual chicken restaurant franchise decided to release a goofy dating sim where you get to date a probably 40 years younger Colonel Sanders while you attend culinary school. 😂😂😂

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RPG Review: Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon EveryBUDDY!

I was hoping this would be a really cute fun adventure game but in no time it turned into a grindy kusoge.

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FFXIV: Elemental DC Mini Housing Tour

Since I have a character on Elemental DC, I decided to visit the houses of 2 popular Japanese decorators kocha and Nora Rappy. Gallery after the jump!

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6 Years on FFXIV

The usual pic in Limsa I do every year

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