A Week in FFXIV [07/24/2019 – 07/29/2019]

I’m having trouble keeping up with these weekly posts but I know if I stop this blog will really die since it takes me like 2 months to complete 1 otome game now lol. Numerous health issues and with the idiotic capital one bank breach has made this week really shitty for me so that’s why this post is 2 days late.

I felt like I spent most of the week trying to clear Titania. I was pretty confident in my healing but eventually by the weekend I got both me and my husband clears and I got the scholar and white mage weapons. I managed to finish MSQ and friends got together and we cleared Tiania & Innocence on NA as well.

I’ve been enjoying playing my Viera on NA. It’s refreshing to have different races on all my character but also funny because my lala feels like a speed demon when she runs but my viera feels as slow as an elephant on some mounts lmao.

I got my black mage to 80 on my Japan character but honestly…movement is too stressful for me. The new savage patch hasn’t fixed summoner, I was never good at BLM and while it’s slightly easier to play I’m just…not good at BLM. At the moment my main is white mage, been ages since I mained a healer but here we are. A lot of DPS have become miserable to play while tanks and healers got better so now there appears to be a DPS lacking (except a ton of machinists and dragoons I guess lol.)

I’m working on getting my crafters up to 80 on NA right now which will hopefully be done this week. I finished a couple endings in BeruBara and honestly kinda meh? I like the heroine, it’s not a bad game but it didn’t really end up being as interesting as I thought it would. I think it really is meant for fans of Rose of Versailles and having never read it I think most of the references to it are flying over my head. I’ll keep going till I finish of course and post my review but so far I’m not too impressed. Maybe I’m just getting tired of otome games lol. 😌


5 thoughts on “A Week in FFXIV [07/24/2019 – 07/29/2019]”

  1. Not related at all but – do you plan on playing TokiMemo 4 when it’s done? It would be nice if you finally found a good otoge [tho I’m not sure it’ll be good but hopefully].

  2. I feel like BLM finally gets better after 72 XD So you can always try to see how you feel once you hit 80!
    yea I’m going to a doctor on Monday, really annoying way to spend the summer 😦
    and yea if you have any sense of ROV then you may enjoy this game but it just doesn’t really jump out at me as anything special

  3. Sorry to hear you’re also having medical issues. I hope you’re taking plenty of time for yourself despite everything that’s going on. I watched ROV a while ago and adored it so maybe I’ll really like BeruBara? Hopefully haha. I’m currently playing BLM and you weren’t kidding good lord it’s a difficult class! Your Viera looks so cute ❤

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