FFXIV: Moonfire Faire 2019

Just me and my beavers

Hey guys, due to some ongoing real life stress I’ve decided to no longer post weekly XIV posts. Not many people read them anyway but I figured I’ll just go back to posting when I have something interesting to say. Having to post weekly when I’m kinda busy/stressed has kinda taken a toll on me so I just want to cut back a bit. I don’t want this blog to completely go dead between my long otome game breaks so I do intend to post as much as I can if anything interesting goes on or maybe share a screenshot or 2.

So the big event the last 2 weeks (which is still currently going) is the moonfire faire. It’s the annual FFXIV summer event where we get some goodies and of course IT IS BACK:

Yes, the infamous athletic tower that requires jumping skills to jump to invisible platforms has returned. There’s no reward or achievement, but you get the satisfaction of knowing you made your way up and a gorgeous view of Costa Del Sol’s fireworks. This year they made it so you cannot ride mounts, as last year a lot of people used it as a way of getting up platforms. However this year we got something new: BLUE MAGE.

While we cannot use mounts, we took turns jumping on pegs, and if one of us fell off. as long as we were within the “reach”, we explode ourselves and get raised to that peg. With this method we managed to get up on both of our characters and the fireworks were quite the view! ^_^

We were lucky when we got on top with our NA characters, most people already had lost interest and there was nobody up there. When we got up on our Japan characters we still had 2-3 people block the way for any good screenshots :(. Overall though as crazy and challenging as it was it was still kinda fun and satisfying. I also like the little float/boat they added on the side with the water slide and the mini version of the tower!

In other news I’ve cleared out every side quest on my Japan server character. I’ve also made huge progress on the Fates in all the zones. Only thing left is half of Lakeland and Il Mheg and Japan will finally be complete. I’m currently just leveling side jobs and scions over there. I started leveling bard and warrior again and well bard – ew too many buttons! while WAR – omg wow tanks are SO EASY NOW. It’s amazing how bad a lot of the DPS are and how good tanks have become. I get they wanted to get more people to tank, but making people hate DPS was probably not the best way to go about it I think. 😅

These last few weeks when I’m feeling down sometimes I need a distraction so I will login to this game since it’s hard to focus on an otome game when anxiety is through the roof. I’m glad there’s these fireworks right now because it’s really soothing to look at to help calm down. (´・ω・`)..


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  1. Yeah I cleared on…1 character. I’m slowly working on the other doing them in Japanese to compare and to practice my reading lol. Yeah the yshtola minion looks cute! 😋

  2. Aww I love your weekly ffxiv posts! But it’s best to focus on yourself first. I’m always looking forward to your posts even if all I do is like and don’t comment haha 😂 side note… You cleared out all the side quests!? Jesus christ 😂 I’ve been so lazy, I haven’t even gotten anything lvled up yet other than whm lmao my days have been filled with fe3h…. I’m so excited for the rising event tho cus that yshtola minion 😏👌

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