A Week in FFXIV: [7/2/2019 – 7/8/2019]

Honestly, they ain’t wrong about some of the glamours I’ve seen running around these days. 😂😂😂😂

A very busy release week. I finished the main scenario, tried a learning party for the ex primal (and will probably not touch it for another 2 years). Hate what they did to summoner, my DPS sucks now, so now I’m kinda looking to find a new job to main until they fix my job (which they mess up every expansion and then fix in September.) Currently leveling white mage because it does crazy DPS (i’m almost scared they will nerf it lol) and it’s a lot easier on my tired brain after work. Grinded crafters too, got 3 of them to 80. Will probably sit down this week and level more of them.

The story was really great this time, and while I though the SMN job quest was dumb as hell, the caster class quest was really great as well as the healer one. The scholar JOB quest brought me to tears as it was a continuation of the Stormblood story.

Not much time to write anything else so here’s more screenshots! Shouldn’t be anything spoilery as far as scenario goes.


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  1. It’s probably because I’m stupidly emotional but I cried so much this expansion 😂😂 it was just so good!! I’m honestly too emotionally invested LOL 😂🤪 I haven’t done the smn or sch job quests yet though so probably gonna do that this weekend lol

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