A Week in FFXIV: [6/25/2019 – 7/1/2019]

It’s time for early access so just gonna cut right to all the new stuff. No worries, there are no spoilers however there will be screenshots of the new areas and items so click at your own risk!

Soon as the servers opened I woke up about an hour later, turned my aura into a viera on my NA character and ran off to work. Unfortunately just like with 4.0 launch, my server is massively overcrowded. There’s 2 hour wait times with 1700 person login queues at peak hour so I’ve kinda abandoned that character until further notice. I’ve been smoothly progressing on my Japan server character instead! XD So all that means is no bunbun pictures for a while! My only huge disappointment is the hair in the benchmark is all the hair we get to use so far. I know they said they would eventually add more but when that will be who knows….

Anyway I began the MSQ on my aura and as usual I’m going slow as hell because throughout the scenes I’m constantly adjusting/changing my reshade to take better screenshots, or I stop in between quests to take screenshots with NPCs/surrounding areas. In other words, I’m the polar opposite of the poopsockers who already hit level 80 and defeated all the ex primals and are now jumping up & down at the nearest aetheryte cause they got nothing else to do. 😭😂

I’ma be real here, but the story reminds me of 2 things: Nier:Automata and FFX. There are so many similarities (if you don’t see the obvious addition of Hrothgars – aka Ronso – race) and they even added the thing I hated the most: THE DAMN CLOISTER TRIALS. Yes the other night I did a part of the scenario that had something that HEAVILY reminded me of those trials and I was like NOOOO WHYYYY. Fortunately like with FF10 I Just had my husband figure this shit out before me and tell me what to do cause I’m lazy. 🤗

Meanwhile, let’s talk about all the beautiful new areas! Flowers! Pink! Girly shit! I Love it all! Here’s a gallery of some of my favorite scene screenshots! Warning IMAGE HEAVY!


I’m going at snail’s pace and leveling crafting and gathering so a lot of my friends are head of me but it’s alright…..it’s more fun that way than to rush and have nothing to do lol. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some botany leves to grind out. 😀