A Week in FFXIV: [7/16/2019 – 7/22/2019]

With my main job being a dumpster fire, I’ve basically switched my main job to white mage now. It was always my sub job in Stormblood, but now it feels even better to play, the queues are short (lol rip tank queues) and at least on NA, you often get commends! CAN’T LOSE!

Speaking of NA I came back to my NA character to do the main scenario. It took me another week of reading every dialogue in Japanese, with English voices. It was well…interesting. I’m not a fan of English voices but I think other than Thancred, Zenos and Alisaie, the other characters were ok. It took me some time to get used to Minifilia but eventually I was like eh, it’s alright. I picked up some tidbits in Japanese that weren’t in the English version as well so it was fun to be able to read the story in both languages.

Moogles are “White pigs” in Japanese

I was leveling Black Mage on my Japan server character but after what happened last week I’ve had very little motivation to play there. Once I catch up on NA I will probably kinda juggle a bit of both.

The only usual annoyance I have with NA..is all the silent rage disconnecters. Like can you at least just QUIT QUIT and take the stupid penalty so we don’t waste time waiting to kick you. Like we get it, you would rather bang your head against the wall waiting for us to kick you (even though you could take a penalty and do other things in game 🙄). I had disconnects in every single story trial of Shadowbringers. Some were before the fight began, some were after 1 or 2 wipes. Once people explained things to the newbs we cleared easily. If you don’t want to do story trials, don’t queue for trial roulette, go grind a couple fates instead for the same exp. This is the one thing that pretty much NEVER happens on Japan so while I would like to gear  up on NA, I can only imagine ragequitters when I attempt to clear Eden this week. 🙄

Guess it may not be too long before I run back to my Japan server character again. 😂😂😂

Since there’s no male viera (yet hopefully) my husband is in perma bunny ear crown mode. 😂😂 As far as Viera goes it’s been interesting? I like being gigantic but also kinda cute. You don’t get that “cute” feel with Elezen or Roegadyns. Roe ladies are more “cool” and elezen ladies are more “elegant”. Their face textures are also outdated while Vieras are much smoother and cleaner so I do hope they eventually go back and update textures of some of the old races.

I do also like some of the more “calmed down” emotes that Viera have. I love my Aura and all but honestly she has the most OBNOXIOUS laugh voice lmao. Anyway it’s been a bit livlier on my NA FC as a few people came back for the expansion and may even be attempting Titania ex this Friday. My expectations for NA are 6 feet under though so I’m more just gonna enjoy a group raging with my FC if anything lol.

Anyway will probably bouncing between characters for a bit. I still have a lalafell on Elemental DC that needs the story done but that can wait….for a while lol.