Otome Game Review: Variable Barricade

Toujou Hibari is an ojousama and the heir to the Toujou group. She’s 17 years old but her grandpa is saying that the relatives are rushing to get her politically married. Since grandpa loves his grand-daughter, he wants her to marry ~for love~ so he specially picks out 4 guys for her to live with in a temporary house so she can pick the one to marry. Unfortunately her options are a marriage swindler, a gambling addict, a loan machine and well a male prostitute. All of them are unemployed bums and now Hibari is in living hell with them, along with her trusty long time butler Kasuga. However, as Hibari spends more time with these guys, there is more to them than meets the eye.

   Mitsumori Ichiya – Ichiya is the “marriage swindler” but this is all a misunderstanding created by his evil twin (lol) Kazuya. Kazuya is the guy that Hibari’s relatives want her to marry but she has no idea and one day bumps into him on the street. He saves her from some dudes hitting on her, and becomes her “advice oniisan” knowing who SHE is, but she has no idea who he is. Sooo she gets advice from him about her prospective husbands including his own twin brother Ichiya. Meanwhile Ichiya is used to hitting on women and making them completely fall in love with him but none of his ~charm~ works on Hibari at all. In fact it drives her further away because it feels synthetic to her. The best Ichiya can do is just cook for her and everyone else at the share house. It takes a while for him to stop making fancy French food for her and he realizes she just wants some damn washoku. 😂 Eventually after Hibari’s brick walling on him, she actually makes him cry and well turns out he’s actually extremely sensitive boi inside. All his past relationships fell through because the women thought he wasn’t serious and that he was just ~joking around~ with his ikeman-ness. The whole time he WAS serious though but he’s got this massive twin brother complex that stems this whole thing. When he and Kazuya were little, Kazuya was the “elite” brother and the parents would praise him and he’d always get the best grades etc.

Meanwhile, Ichiya was the nice boy who would sacrifice his own grades for the sake of tutoring his friends. So when Kazuya would make business connections, Ichiya just made connections with the ladies instead. One day Kazuya came to Ichiya saying some girl from another rich conglomerate won’t leave him alone and asks Ichiya for advice on how to handle her. Ichiya is already pissed/jealous of his brother so he jokingly says “don’t worry I’ll pretend to be you and take care of her.” Well turns out SHE took care of HIM by drugging him and nearly sexually assaulting him until Kazuya comes to the rescue. She  then finds out Ichiya was the “inferior twin” and raged and created a huge scandal calling him a marriage swindler. After this Ichiya was so sick of his family, and Kazuya that he ended up cutting them off and becoming “adopted” by the Mistumori relatives instead. He just spent time trying to find someone to marry but had no luck because nobody thought he was serious. So now back to the present, Hibari finds all of this out because Kazuya shows up and reveals himself to not only be Ichiya’s twin, but also Hibari’s perspective fiance. His eyes are on the Toujou estate, so he doesn’t care about Hibari as a wife but as money/business.

He even goes as far to suggest that Ichiya should just be Hibari’s lover and even if they have kids, they can pretend they were Kazuya’s cause they’re twins anyway and nobody would ever know the difference. Upon hearing this both Ichiya & Hibari are furious that Kazuya just wants to use them as part of his business plan. Kazuya says if Hibari doesn’t pick a suitor (and at the moment the #1 candidate is Ichiya) he will forcefully marry her regardless and he even offers a business proposal to Hibari’s gramps who is like “well it’s a good offer I can’t refuse lol 😂”. Unfortunately there’s 1 thing that’s keeping Hibari from falling in love with Ichiya – she isn’t 100% sure if he’s in love with her because he’s lonely and wants someone to love him back, OR if he’s in love with her because it’s HER. On their “final date” she asks him if he would be able to feel better with someone else and that it didn’t necessarily NEED to be her. Unfortunately HE CANNOT ANSWER MY DUDE WHY and the date ends on a sour note.

And so after this Hibari and Ichiya both sit there angsting about how it’s their fault for not being able to prove themselves worthy to each other….until Ichiya just breaks down, abducts Hibari into his car and they go on a high speed chase to the end of the road where they end up on the edge of a cliff facing the ocean. While the other 3 guys + Kasuga are watching, Ichiya yells out to Hibari that if she doesn’t pick him, he will jump off and end his life because he literally CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HER!!!!!!!!!! This makes Hibari suddenly go ズキューン(*ノωノ) and she’s like OMG BABY SAY IT AGAIN AAA YESSS and suddenly all her holding back of her feelings for him comes out lol. And so basically they get married, he is announced as Kazuya’s twin and the business deal becomes successful. Kazuya also admits that he just acted like all evil and stuff cause he got mad that Ichiya left the family household lol. In the other ending that I actually expected, Kazuya and Hibari have a sham/business wedding for the purpose of joining the companies, but her lover is actually Ichiya and they all make this agreement. Though in the end Ichiya and Hibari feel like Kazuya is the “lover” cause their relationship feels more “true” to them than the political wedding anyway. In the bad ends Hibari is just forced to marry Kazuya cause she can’t make a decision in time. I think I have a weakness to bumbling hetares like Ichiya, especially when at the beginning he’s so overconfident and then Hibari just knocks him down many many pegs lol.

Isurugi Taiga – Taiga was an orphan living at an orphanage run by the friend of Hibari’s grandpa. Gramps donated a lot of money and random things to the orphanage out of his own will. Because of this gramps knew Taiga since he was little, and so he put his trust into Taiga to actually be a “spy” for all the husband candidates. They will always be careful around the butler, but they would never think if one of the husband candidates was a spy among them right? Once Hibari finds this out, she constantly begins to shove off all the crap from the other guys on Taiga and always relies on him as her “partner in crime”….to the point that the other guys get suspicious. In addition, since she goes from fighting with Taiga at the start, to both of them being deredere with each other, suddenly feelings start developing in the background…(´・∀・`)ニヤ.

At first it’s really cute, 2 tsunderes falling in love, and Taiga admitting that he wants to be an actual love candidate and hit on Hibari rather than just the “watch over” role. He takes her to a game center and to the orphanage he was raised at and they get closer. Hibari then starts researching about orphanages and how she can help with her company in the future – but as Taiga sees her maturing and trying to grow up he gets terrified. In fact he feels a lot of pressure because he realizes oh shi I’m marrying the daughter of a big conglomerate and all I wanna do is go gambling in Las Vegas and stare at big boobed foreign ladies!!! 😂😂 He then starts to distance himself from Hibari and when the other 3 guys feel like they no longer have a chance and say they will withdraw, he finally admits to everyone he wasn’t a “husband candidate”. He decides to then leave the house and tells the other guys to stay with Hibari instead. Hibari is hurt and upset and tries to stop him but he refuses because all he can do is run away from responsibility that he could never handle in the first place because despite being 6 years older than Hibari, he’s still an immature bratty child. So after he speaks with  grandpa, gramps is like “why don’t you take a gamble on Hibari, it’s probably more interesting than winning the jackpot at Las Vegas”.

Somehow this lights a fire under his ass (?) along with the text messages from Hibari along the lines of “are you eating? are you even alive?” 😂 He then sends her a letter from “Santa” on Xmas telling her to meet him outside by the big Xmas tree. She does and he suddenly says COME RUN AWAY WITH ME, DROP ALL YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES! Hibari’s like umm how about no? 😂 And instead she starts crying that she’s in love with him and while she cannot drop her responsibilities, she’s willing to take the “risk” of being with him as long as at least she gets an I Love you. After this they run to gramps and apologize and announce their engagement and gramps is like ABOUT TIME DAMNIT and suddenly everyone has a party to celebrate lol. PERSONALLY I DIDN’T LIKE THIS END.  I ACTUALLY LIKE ANOTHER ENDING BETTER.

In the another ending,  Hibari not only tells Taiga she will not drop anything for him, but she tells him she will not LOWER herself to his level and if he wants her to love him, he better UP HIMSELF TO HERS. FUCKING REKT. Taiga’s like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and Hibari basically feels like she just won a fighting game match while the words “YOU WIN” flash on her screen. 😂😂😂 So not only does Taiga stop being a wishy washy idiot, he literally takes a job overseas to make a business deal, does it super fast and comes back telling Hibari she better give him a ~reward~ for this wwwwwwwww 😂😂😂😂😂 IT WAS SO GOOD, THIS IS THE PERFECT ENDING FOR TAIGA IN MY EYES. Seeing the 2 of them basically have this own-off is like the best thing with their chemistry I absolutely LOVED it. So in my eyes, Another End was truly the best end lol. In the bad end Taiga just leaves to continue being a gambling bum somewhere. Honestly I liked Taiga in the beginning but him becoming a scaredy chicken shit was such a turn off but another end really turned things around for me so I’m glad I decided to do all the endings.

Mayuzumi Shion – Shion was already SHITON in my eyes from the start because 1) he’s a gigolo 2) he hates animals, especially pet animals like cats or dogs. Hibari took him to a cat cafe out of spite and he wanted to basically die lol. He also has a hobby of making weird plant jar ornaments where he throws in a bunch of plants into a jar and hangs it from his ceiling. Shion was recruited by gramps to be a husband candidate at a famous celebrity party where he thought Shion could “break” through HIbari’s “thorny wall”. Once I got into his route I was horrified at the massive amount of pedo vibes happening in the entire thing. First they turn Tsumugi into this massive shotacon who drags Hibari to her shotacon fetishist photo gallery. The gallery is from a French photographer who’s an obvious pedophile named Luclair who takes photos of young children, and even has an “age limit” (which I think is like 10? ew) Needless to say one of his most famous works was of a 9 year old version of Shion.

Hibari is surprised to hear this and when she googles up the names she finds out that there’s rumors that Shion is Luclair’s real son who was “abandoned” by his father and because of this childhood trauma he became basically a gigolo. On top of this there’s some instagram popular shota running around name Luu who’s 9 and wants to be Luclair’s model, but constantly fails all the photo auditions. He’s also a huge asshole and almost gets both Shion and Hibari into some idol scandal until Kasuga owns him. Anyway I had a imagined Shion’s father Claud Luclair would be some horrific child abuser but turns out he just knocked up some Japanese lady and when Shion was born he didn’t even know his father. He only later met with Claud because his mom was like “hey why don’t your kid be a model” and since Claud only does pedo photography he immediately accepted Shion as his “employee” rather than as his son. When the modeling work was finished, they went their separate ways and while Hibari thinks this is sad and weird, Shion is completely unphased.

So after Shion confesses his love for Hibari she tells him he cannot be her husband if he’s just a freeloading giggolo. She suggests that he revive his model career, and out of spite, he contacts his mom Yurika, and becomes a model again. He comes home late intentionally negging Hibari until she gets SO LONELY she runs to him on his commercial photoshoot screaming her love for him and telling him to be HERS. Of course this allows him to quit modeling and become a bum again …and I don’t understand why because in the other routes all the other guys get to work for Hibari’s company…..so why does he stay a jobless bum again?? In the other ending, Hibari put up her barrier and basically Shion went off to focus on his career so Hibari could focus on her life, but then he goes on a TV program called Tetsuko Matrix (a parody of Matsuko Deluxe) where he basically confesses his love on TV and says he’ll come home soon…making Hibari scream from embarrassment lmao. This ending felt a little more realistic cause during the CM shoot, Hibari was like “why is there a camera pointed at me, why is everyone watching, where is the other actress HEWWOOO???” 😂

Yagami Nayuta – Nayuta is like the wanko boy of the group and in fact most people in the share house treat him like a pet. Hibari figures he’s the safest most harmless one of them all so she ends up picking him as the main candidate. However, the problem is both she and Nayuta are dense as a brick when it comes to realizing feelings. Thanks to Tsumugi the wingwoman, she basically uses Hibari’s favorite movie, The Bodyguard, to compare Nayuta and herself to the 2 main characters. Nayuta is then assigned to be her bodyguard because as it turns out his family is a family of bodyguards. Nayuta has trained most of his life so he’s super strong but he’s really derpy and he wants the perfect “master” to protect. On his first assignment he failed because the guy he was asked to protect was a huge douchebag who conned money from others so when a guy lunged at him for revenge, Nayuta couldn’t do anything because he didn’t feel the asshole was worth protecting lol. 😂 After this he became the shame of his family, but since his uncle is a bodyguard for Hibari’s grandpa, gramps decided to assign Nayuta as a “fake husband candidate” if he can get Hibari to approve of him to be her bodyguard.

Hibari on the other hand keeps thinking that he’s like “Kevin” (aka Kevin Costner I guess xD) and keeps comparing his lines to things Nayuta says and does. After she falls in love with him, she indirectly uses the lines from the movie telling him to “be her bodyguard for life”……….but dense Nayuta thinks she literally means just that and then admits he’s not a husband candidate and that she has to pick from the other 3. Hibari is angry and heartbroken and Nayuta is too dense to figure it out. On top of this, Hibari finds out that they had met in the past when one day some drunk GGE began harassing her, and Nayuta, dressed up in a kigurumi for a part time job, came to her rescue. He ended up doing a drop kick on the guy and falling on the ground but then Hibari accidentally stepped on him which awakened his masochistic tendencies towards her. (This is why he constantly asks her to step on him 😂😂😂). Sooo anyway now Hibari is heartbroken, and Nayuta is derping around, until one day the screening of the Bodyguard comes to Japan public TV. Everyone grabs the popcorn one night , drags Hibari with them to watch it and the whole movie is full of lines she said to Nayuta.

She figured Nayuta would be like “lol you said these lines to me!” but he’s so dense and focused on the movie he doesn’t pick up on any of this at all. However, he borrows the DVD from Hibari, and watches it like 10 times in his room and as he keeps watching it, he starts to like the heroine because she reminds him of Hibari….and he starts to constantly rewind and rewatch all the kissing scenes 😂😂😂😂 So yea looks like it took the movie for Nayuta to realize he has feelings for Hibari HOWEVER he apparently thinks these “feelings” are him being “sick” lol. So because now he’s so obsessed and always thinking about her, he messes up his job at a party that gramps throws. Instead a chandelier falls on the ground but Nayuta knocks Hibari in a way where she hits her head and passes out. For this he is fired for his job as a bodyguard but Hibari doesn’t want him to completely leave so she asks him to just be her errand boy for a while. Time passes and granpa realizes that both Nayuta and Hibari are falling for each other but too dense to realize the feeling is mutual so he basically asks the other 3 guys to “act” like wingmen for the 2 of them, without Hibari’s knowledge. He even tells Hibari he’s already “chosen” a candidate for her to marry despite her will and that he will announce it on Christmas eve. Of course by now I had figured out gramps is being a troll again and all the other guys, including Kasuga are in on the whole thing.

They all just wanted Nayuta to finally realize his feelings for Hibari so they would bully and tease him and act like they are gonna take Hibari away xD. Eventually the day before the ceremony they tell Nayuta to imagine Hibari confessing her love to him. This lights a fire under his ass and he runs to Hibari’s house, where she is currently being held hostage in order to literally prompt Nayuta to come see her. Kasuga gets a phone call from Taiga telling him that out of control puppy is on his way so Kasuga turns off the security system temporarily allowing Nayuta to sneak into the house and talk to Hibari outside her bedroom window. He asks Hibari to tell him to “save her” even if it’s a lie, and she does – so on the day of the engagement party, Nayuta bursts in with laser lights and smoke in a kigurumi dog costume 😂😂😂. He then beats up all the security guards in his uncle’s team and has a fight off with the uncle 1 on 1. All the guests think it’s some kind of  entertainment show, but Nayuta is close to getting his ass kicked in that huge sweaty costume….that is until Hibari motivates him by telling him to FIGHT as she literally STEPS ON HIM AGAIN 😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!! The power of do-M charges him up enough to knock his uncle straight out. Gramps declares him WINNAR and tells everyone it was all just a show and that he is actually Hibari’s fiance 😂😂😂😂 I freaking knew it looool.

Everyone then explains to the 2 of them that it was all just to push Nayuta to realize his feelings and now everything has been resolved. After they get home, Kasuga has prepared a Christmas party and both Nayuta and Hibari finally confess their love to each other. However suddenly Nayuta turns into a 13 year old prepubescent boy and is completely embarassed of everything that happened. Hibari then takes the lead and gives him a hero’s reward kiss….whiiich ends up making things worse in the epilogue as he constantly avoids contact with Hibari because he gets so nervous and embarassed around her he can’t stand still. 😂😂😂 Hibari has to TAKE THE LEAD OF THE WANKO AGAIN and KABEDONS HIM telling him she’s lonely and to GET USED TO IT MY MAN. Nayuta has no where to run and ends up getting a massive nosebleed instead 😂😂😂😂😂 oh my god wwwwww In the other ending, Kasuga is buttmad that ojousama is getting taken away again so he forces Nayuta to work off all the damage debt he made with his show for Hibari. Nayuta doesn’t mind since in this one Hibari didn’t step on him so he lost the fight to his uncle Kojirou. Instead Hibari gives him a motivational kiss on the cheek and tells him to hurry up and pay his debts off so they can be engaged lol. I PREDICTED NAYUTA WOULD BE BEST BOI 2 YEARS AGO AND I’M SO GLAD I WAS RIGHT 🥰🥰🥰

True End – In this route Hibari realizes 2 important things: 1) Granpa is a tsundere and loves Hibari very much but since she was little and was scared of him, she pushed him away so now he acts all tsun towards her xD and 2) Kasuga has been manipulating and controlling her by basically isolating her from others her whole life. ( ゚д゚) He has apparently threatened both Arimura and Tsumugi that if they did ANYTHING bad to Hibari, he’d basically use his connections to ruin their lives. Taiga also acts like a darling and gets gramps to talk things out with Hibari and clear out their misunderstandings. Grandpa apologizes for being too tsun and tells her the truth about her family. He says that his son eloped with his girlfriend and had Hibari in England. While he had cut contact with gramps, he kept in touch with his mom, Hibari’s grandma. He also then reveals that Hibari was their 2nd child, and that she has a 2 years older brother named Tsubame. Since Hibari lost her memories she forgot about her brother too. Apparently Tsubame was full of himself and a lot smarter than a normal child so the parents hated him. Then when Hibari was born he turned into a huge siscon and refused to let anyone near her and took care of everything for her. He wouldn’t even let her parents near her telling them they were in the way. ( ゚д゚) Then Hibari got in an accident and lost her memories, so the parents thought it was a better idea to separate Hibari from her brother and sent her to Japan. The accident by the way was because idiot Tsubame tried to run away with her at the age of 7 and she got hit by a car. ( ´_ゝ`)

Since she had lost her memories, granpa just made up a story saying her parents had died in a car accident and it was apparently her father’s idea. (Gramps says don’t ask, your dad’s a weirdo xD) Grandpa then reveals that after Hibari got transferred to him, Tsubame had a meltdown and decided to work his ass off and literally graduated college at the end of 11. He then follows Hibari to Japan to become her butler and changes his name to Kasuga. Gramps was against it at first and gave him a 1 month trial period to get Hibari to open her heart to him….but he managed to do it realll fast. And it’s all because of him that Hibari was isolated from everyone and only relied on him and was in bad relationship with gramps. Grandpa tells her that she needs to find a husband and get married to get Kasuga to return to being “Tsubame” but it’s all too much to handle cause it’s like the last 10 years of her life was a lie and she freaks out and runs away. Back at the share house, Kasuga tells her that everything she heard is a lie and that grandpa is just making things up to get rid of “Kasuga”. Kasuga starts brainwashing her with a bunch of bullshit about how only he can take care of her and save her, but fortunately before Hibari, in a mentally weakened state, can be taken advantage of, the other 4 guys come to her rescue. Taiga had told them the truth about everything and they tell Hibari to snap out of it. Despite this Kasuga continues lying to her face but Hibari asks him to prove that if it’s a lie but he’s obviously unable to and runs out of the house and goes MIA. Hibari says she really unable to pick anyone to marry because her head’s so confused from everything, so instead they decide to help her out instead. Ichiya suggests they talk to her “possible fiance” because he so happens to be Ichiya’s twin bro Kazuya.

They invite Kazuya over to the share house and he asks to be added to the husband candidate pool. Meanwhile Kasuga sends Hibari a message that if she wants to take his side, to meet him on Christmas eve. One day on the way from school though, Kasuga literally abducts her in front of her school right as Taiga and Nayuta are picking her up. When Hibari asks where Kasuga is taking her and he says, England! Hibari demands he tell her the truth, but before he can answer their car is stopped in traffic. Turns out Kojirou intentionally blocks the roads so that their car can’t go anywhere. Kasuga gets out of the car, grab’s Hibari’s hand and just starts running into a random direction with her just like a decade earlier. As they keep running Hibari trips and falls which allows Taiga and Nayuta to catch up and rescue her from the raging siscon. 😒 I guess tripping and falling suddenly triggers her memories of the original accident when Tsubame tried to run away with her. While all of this is going on, Nayuta tackles Tsubame down on the ground and finally all of this chase ends. On Christmas, the engagement party turns into a Shinzaki corporate party where Ichiya joins the company again so Hibari doesn’t have to marry Kazuya anymore. (Weird way to end it but ok lol.)

When Hibari gets home from the party, she finds all the guys have tied up Tsubame all while preparing their Christmas party. 😂😂😂😂 They sit down to talk with him and basically Tsubame’s irritated that he and Hibari were separated and says he doesn’t give a damn about their parents. Hibari gets pissed because to her it’s different of him being a butler vs being her brother. She also tells him to wake the fuck up and move on with his life and demands an apology. 😂 She also asks him to go with her to visit their parents and apologize. He however says he will remain as “Kasuga” and refuses to take over the Toujou family estate because he wants Hibari to be a ~beautiful TOUJOU FAMILY EMPEROR~ LOL. He then goes into a siscon tirade about she deserves the world and her just being a “Toujou daughter” is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. 😂😂😂😂 Hibari calls him a siscon saying she never asked him to do any of this but he denies it  so she rages at him and calls him an idiot. Just then Kazuya, Gramps, Arimura and Tsumugi all come to join the Christmas party as well. For now Hibari decides to just treat him like her butler and change him little by little (aka tone down the siscon lol). Hibari ends up giving a toast thanking everyone and making her realize the things she didn’t know around her. After the toast, suddenly all the guys(including Kazuya) start hitting on Hibari again and Tsubame rages saying none of them are fit for his ~imouto~ and that he’s gonna cockblock them all. 😂😂😂 After this there’s some omake with Hibari going on some siscon date with Tsubame. ( ´_ゝ`) In the bad end his dream comes true, he takes her to England and isolates her from everyone but himself, ew. What a crappy note to end the game on lol.

Mini game animation was cute 😀

Terrible true end aside I actually really liked this game! I was worried I got some kusoge when I saw the amazon reviews but TURNS OUT it’s actually because Japan hates heroines that aren’t lifeless blow up dolls. Obviously anyone with an opinion/personality to say how they feel is offensive to them and so the game got tons of 1-2 star reviews because of Hibari alone. While at first I thought man these guys are trash I don’t wanna date anyone, as you play through the game you see what their deal is, why they are the way they are and ultimately they ain’t so bad after all. (Except you Shion, you’re forever a trashcan for me and I will never like you.😩)The butler Kasuga…well ew to be honest. Not spoiling here (you can read above if you wish) but it’s a trope I honestly didn’t think was necessary at all, actually I feel like the true end kinda ruined a lot of the momentum the game had going. I almost wanna go as far as to say it really was unnecessary lol. Before even playing the game I had predicted Nayuta to be my best boy and turns out I was right. Wanko boy voiced by Shimono? Sign me the F up.😘😘 Overall if you enjoy snarky heroines who have a strong opinion and are also voiced(!) I would highly recommend this game. If that kind of heroine offends you and you just want to self insert, then you will probably hate this. While some people said Hibari is “bratty” she’s also a 17 year old teenager forced to live in a house with 4 guys older than her who constantly hit on her 24/7 and do things that just cause her stress. In her position, I’d be god damn angry and irritated all the time too lol.  Because Japan hated this game it probably won’t happen, but I’d buy the hell out of a fandisk if they ever released one.


On another note, this will be my last Vita game. I know Shinigami to Shojo is getting ported but my Vita and my PS TV are on its last breath. My earphone jack on the vita only plays out of 1 ear and the graphics on my PS TV are now flickering on and off lol. It’s been a good 5 years but it’s time to retire these 2 systems. From now on I will only be buying games on the Switch.


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  1. yea it’s like otomate wanted to attract THAT audience but it ended up being overly offensive instead lol. though some amazon reviews said he’s the best chara and im like ?????? lol

    and yea I gave the game a good review on amazon xD

  2. Thanks as always for your review!

    I was also really disappointed in Kasuga. I almost always go for them butler types like Gekka in Hyakka Hyakurou… so I was initially super disappointed that Kasuga didn’t get an actual route. But now, after playing I was just… shocked. What made them even wanna go that route?! AT WHAT BOARD MEETING DID THEY ALL GATHER AT AND THINK IT WAS A GOOD IDEA? =_=

    That aside, I absolute adore Hibari as a the lead. I laughed at so many of her reactions. It’s such a shame the Amazon reviews complain against her. 😐 Just wondering, do you every write Amazon reviews in hopes of balancing the scale a little? OwO

  3. Reading books and watching movies? No I don’t self in those situations, there I feel more like an observer. However when I play games as long as I’m able to “imprint” a bit of my personality on the player Character (be it as small as giving them my name, having them be the same gender as me or full on Character costumization), as a result it becomes easier for me to get “sucked into the story” if that makes sense.

    I’m not entirely sure when or why I started doing it, it’s kind of weirdly instinctive, but it helps with my immersion and it can be weirdly fun to feel carried away by the emotions of the player Character since it can make some scenes hit harder. I can still give a bit of Leeway to different opinions between the player Character and I, stuff like backstory and family relationships won’t affect my playing experience that much, but for scenes where I only have one option and the option is the one that goes against my opinion that’s when it gets a bit troublesome, if that makes sense.

  4. Awesome, I’d love to ask you a question, if you don’t mind. Do you also self-insert while reading books or watching movies or for anything else? I’m curious as to why some players choose to self-insert considering how, as you said, the player’s own feelings can clash with the heroine’s, which can lead to some stories/characters being rather disappointing.

  5. I self insert rather easily and clashes between my own feelings and heroines feelings can hinder my enjoyment of a game/route (hence why I was never able to get into Hanzo’s route in Nightshade cause all the development in the world between Characters doesn’t change the fact that he was unbelievably not my type). That said reading through the whole thing…how did this game get one star reviews just for that?! It’s hilarious, the art is beautiful and the story writing while a bit over the top is at least not painfully inconsistent between routes, so giving it a one star review just because you don’t like how opinionated the Heroine is is…whaaaa-???

  6. I’m really happy to see another otome review from you! It means the genre isn’t completely dead (yet). Here’s hoping this one gets localized (but probably not). Your reviews have been the only way I can experience a lot of these games, so thank you!

  7. The few tweets I saw I thought you hated this game, so I was surprised to see you liked it. I was really curious about it + Shimono so maybe I’ll give it a go.

  8. Lol you should watch it because it kind of shows Hibari with whoever guys she ends up with at the end in chibi animation.

  9. yea I didn’t like Shion either…..the fact that he was a weird “house pet” human and that was totally ok with everyone really put me off lol

    and omg what ending?? I skipped all the ending videos……….lol

  10. OMG thank you very much for reviewing the game, I thought that you got sick of it like Kenka Bancho Otome 2nd Rumble because most of your post is about FFXIV (which I can really relate to since the game rocks xD), and I’m so glad that you like the game since I also do.

    My favorite characters in this game:
    1) Ichiya: well somehow his crying ikemen moment kind of melt my heart xD

    2) Nayuta: wan wan xD Really love how he got all excited over frisbee and how he said wan when he is told to stay put xD

    3) Taiga: Not a fan of him chickening out moment but I love the moment when Hibari is dominating him at his other end.

    4) Hibari: Don’t care what anyone say, tsun-tsun, and a not fragile princess heroine is the best.

    Shion is dead last since his mysterious aura is already a turn off for me…

    Also you should have mention the cute ending movie for all characters :3

  11. I know…it sucks 😦 I need headsets for gaming or it’s never a fully immersive experience. Only good thing is there’s a new controller coming out that supports headphones. No idea if that means bluetooth yet though.

  12. Only thing I miss about Vita is the blue tooth headset support. Switch doesn’t have this and I hate constantly untangling wired headphones from my bag orz

  13. RIP Vita – You will be missed

    I’m so glad this one wasn’t a dud but OOF regarding the hate for the heroine. I tolerate self-inserts so long as they’re useful in some way to the story but sadly that rarely happens and I guess it’s a trend that won’t die off…

    Still, it’s exciting to be able to add this one to my ever-growing backlog.

  14. Yea I guess when you put it that way – it’s good they gave us a reason why he DIDN’T get a route (thank god) and I did like the Hibari don’t need no man ending lol. I think he was at his worst in Shion’s route I was just like….back off my man.
    Yea I do hate how there’s that gross date scenario and she’s all over him like wtf happened?

    and I agree with you, if they do an FD no more Kasuga but I know they’d do it for all fans of that trope lol

  15. I liked the true end for a few reasons; because hibari doesn’t get married and it’s not shown as a loss. Hibari should have the choice to stay single, she’s only 17.
    The true end also solves the identity of kasuga and why he shouldn’t be trusted. A kid being your personal butler? I already had bad vibes from the start.
    Before playing the game, I was wondering why there was no romance route for the butler. So thank god for the true end for proving why there is none. Even if he wasn’t (SPOILER) He’s a terrible yandere gaslighter so no romance route for you, buddy! (I’m willing to bet if the true end didn’t exist, there would be ppl asking for a kasuga route honestly)
    He’s also consistently urgh in other routes so I’m ??? At how hibari accepts him as (spoiler) in the true end tho. That’s the minus part for me.
    I also like the fact the true end also mentions the plot of the other 4 guys. Feels like the writers didnt forget what happened in the other routes.
    Tl;Dr the true end would be better if they booted kasuga’s ass to England for good. Stay single n awesome, hibari. You can be the toujo empress without his help.

    I srsly wouldn’t mind a fandisk starting from the true end plot tbh, just no more kasuga pls 😑

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