A Week in FFXIV: [6/18/2019 – 6/24/2019]

I’m late again this week due to helping friends with finishing 4.0, grinding my sub jobs and visiting photo studios on other servers 😂 Only 3 days before early access and 1 day left before maintenance!

I basically spent all of last week grinding Samuari from 50 – 70. I picked it up on Tuesday (samurai starts at level 50) and literally grinded it to 70 by Sunday. That’s probably the fastest I’ve ever leveled a job in my life but time’s running out! The only jobs not 70 on this character are Black Mage (currently 55) and Dragoon (currently a level 8 lancer that I picked up today!)

Spent a good chunk spamming palace of the dead in DF

One evening my friend invited me to go see the aurora in Coerthas. I’ve seen it here & there but never took a good look since I don’t really know the timing. It was really pretty and I liked taking screenshots with everyone!

Once I got samurai to 70, it was back to leveling black mage who at the time was around level 28 or so as I’ve been doing leveling roulettes on it with my husband’s astrologian.

For some reason even though it’s the 2nd time for me I ended up crying in the samurai quest

I ended up taking a few screenshots of animations of skills that are going away but didn’t really have time to do them all so here’s a few. Honestly I haven’t had much time at all I feel like I’m not ready for the expansion at all lol.

Went to Times Square last week to check out all the Shadowbringers promotions and they really went out. Entire block plastered with promotion stuff!


My 2 friends have finally cleared 4.0 right before 5.0 😂😭 It was a very long journey but I’m glad they’re only a few patches away from being in the relevant content lol.

And finally this evening I went to Studio M with one of my Heaven on High group friends! We visited both houses which had various “sections” of different studio style! Everything was really cool and inspiring. Honestly I hope in Shadowbringers I can get a medium house for the FC house so I can expand our studio as well! ^_^

Barely any time left to do anything but I’m also at the end of Variable Barricade so expect a review of that in a couple days!


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