Otome Game Review: How to Fool a Liar King

Since I enjoyed the first game, I decided to get the side story game featuring Juli. The story is about our heroine Regina from the Ozzwa who ends up in Eroolia  as she runs away from home. She runs into Juli, Mars and Ronan and they travel to the Kingdom of Lucrezzias Laarz (aka cat people) and meet the catgirl queen who wants to make Regina her wife 😂.

I sure love those fishermen

Regina loves cat things so she always wears cat ears on her head making the catgirl queen Myana want Regina as her ~wife~. Unfortunately the black cat who was supposed to teleport Regina to Eroolia ended up making a mistake and accidentally she ended up falling earlier in front of Juli instead. Due to this the travel time together made Juli and Regina fall in love with each other – especially since Juli’s eye spell that allowed people to forget what they saw – did not work on Regina. Whether you play the route where you raise affection bar of Regina or Juli is basically the same but in Regina route I guess you just get more scenes with Myana. Myana is also the last pure Luccrezzia, rather than being a human mix like the others.

I like my heroines proactive

What was probably really fun is Regina herself because she comes from a country of strong fighters…so she can pretty much beat up anyone who bothers her, including Juli at the beginning 😂. Her personality mixed with Juli’s lying ass was really great because anyone without a strong personality would just fall for his lies and then go weep in the corner if they found out they were being lied to. Regina would never give up which made the game enjoyable in the end. The cast voices were good and while some of the CGs were a little off, it didn’t really bother me that much as I enjoyed the writing a lot. My only complaints are a lot of the “same” dialogue from 1 route repeats in the 2nd run but is unskippable so I had to kinda force skip a lot the 2nd time around. Also constantly at the end of each chapter it asking me “Do you want to continue” was kind of annoying especially when I’m just reading the game on auto on my couch, having to always get up was kinda annoying :P. That feature was probably unnecessary in my opinion since if I didn’t want to continue I’d just you know….close the game. Oh and one last thing WHY DIDN’T ONIICHAN GET A SPRITE I mean he was kinda important and he even had a voice, I would have liked to see what he looks like. Now I imagined he was some kichiku megane with the same hair color pattern as Regina 😂.

As always you can get the game on steam and if you haven’t played how to take off your mask Roseverte has a bundle there as well.


5 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: How to Fool a Liar King”

  1. i mean its an original release that releases in both languages at the same time so you could kinda consider it an OELVN?

  2. Oooh this is an OELVN isn’t it😊? I’ve had my eye on it but my backog has been stopping me from buying it lol. I might pick up the original game then if you liked it 🙂

  3. I didn’t particularly ship Myana with anyone so I’m not as bothered I guess. I found out about the sprite from the developer after I wrote the post, oh well.

  4. Juli’s power is to command people to do things he wants them to. And Regina’s brother didn’t get a sprite because the developer couldn’t raise enough fund for that.
    Overall, I like Regina’s brother and Myana the most, I kinda ship them so the 3rd game announcement kinda broke my shipper heart.

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