Otome Game Review: Kamigami no Asobi -Infinite-

Broccoli absolutely does NOT want me posting links to their promotion videos ಠ_ಠ

So everyone is probably wondering what the hell this game actually is. Is it a sequel? A fandisk? A remake? Broccoli couldn’t figure this out either so they made it an all in one disaster. The game takes place as if the previous game never happened – it’s one giant reset. The difference is, this time the “main” chunk of the game are the 4 sub characters: Akira, Dionysos, Thor & Melissa. Meanwhile, all the previous gods just get a half assed route similar to the Rainbow route in Utapri All Star. Anyway more complaints in the final thoughts, but for now enjoy the copy pasta that is this game. For anyone who hasn’t played the first game basically Yui is just thrown into god school to teach the gods about humans and love and she just accepts it cause her life on earth has little value apparently.

2016-05-15-235109Dionysos – Pretty sure this is spelled DionySUS but I used Broccoli’s spelling at the time of writing my notes cause I didn’t have wikipedia in front of me. 😂 He’s a greek god who likes to drink and party 😂 Lazy ass who just wants to sleep and not go to class. When he does finally get to class he falls asleep anyway. At the school festival Yui magically gets drunk off the SMELL of wine and passes out so Dionysos takes her to her room and ends up sleeping with her in bed overnight. OBVIOUSLY nothing happens, but she thinks something does but is too afraid to ask….so she runs around like a chicken with her head cut off around him for the next few days.  He’s half human half god and thinks that Apollon is ~more prestigious~ than him cause he’s a full god. His mother fell into a forbidden relationship with Zeus and had him, so right as he was born she killed herself. (According to Wikipedia though she died cause she gazed upon a god in his true form because Hera tricked her out of jealousy though lol.) So Dionysos was this unwanted child so he never learned the meaning of love growing up~. Dionysos also has this magical grape tree that follows him everywhere he goes which is why it came with him to Hakoniwa. At the summer cottage he gets drunk one night and pushes Yui on the couch while stripping his shirt and pushing his manboobs against her. She pushes him off her nearly in tears until he admits that he never actually did anything that night (I can’t believe this is the plot 😨) at the school festival. Somehow this makes her all so dokidoki that after they get back to the dorms she’s suddenly in wuv with him~ 💕

2016-05-15-235123She says that even if the whole world rejects his existence, SHE WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIM! Dionysauce is like um yea well I’m gonna live thousands of years longer than you so we aren’t meant to be. Yui runs away crying and he chases her to the rooftop and is like NO BEBE I NEED YOU. And so after they make out, it makes him eligible to graduate yay! ( ´_ゝ`) Love End 1: Yui returns to her world and forgets all about her time at Hakoniwa. She then runs into a street musician playing the porn sax and turns out it’s Dionysos. Too bad she doesn’t remember anything but he just hugs and kisses her on the cheek and professes his love to her WHICH IS ALL SORTS OF CREEPY…but Yui just FEELS like she  KNOWS HIM IN HER HEART and everybody is ok with this, the end. Love End 2: Yui decides to go to the myth world with Dionysos cause who cares about whatever mystery family she left behind on earth! And so they get there, put on their togas and screw happily ever after. Destiny End 1: Dionysos continues to emo about him being a half-assed god and for their “draw the 12 gods” art project, he moans about how he can’t draw because he’s worse than everyone else etc. Zeus and him then have an argument about how he cannot graduate because he won’t even try and Dionysos is like nooo dadeh give me another chance! So then when Yui and Dionysos bond over protecting his grape tree from the rainstorm, it magically breaks his limiter and unleashes his god powers. And so he’s able to graduate, and at the graduation party he takes her to the woods and kisses her on the forehead thanking her for being there for him. Destiny End 2: Same as 1 except in the end they all have a graduation party outside.

2016-05-15-235334Apollon & Hades – So all the previous gods routes are combined together and each has 1 ending. It starts on the premise that you’ve already spent time with them to teach them about humans. So now the gods offer to teach her about their various mythologies as part of their graduation requirement. After 2 chapters Yui then picks one or the other to split off to to study with and somehow after studying for what felt like 30 minutes of game time, they magically fall in rabu and confess their love. ಠ_ಠ Apollon End: They celebrate his birthday cause suddenly Zeus makes it summer. They go to the grassy field and Apollon asks  Yui what she’d want for her birthday so she says she wants a hug. And so he hugs her and then they make beautiful music together: no really, he pulls out his magical god harp and they play it while she sits in his lap. 😂 And so before graduation they make out in the woods and then Yui gets sent back to her world. As usual, Apollon magically jumps through time to see her, it takes her like 30 seconds to remember who he is and they confess their love and hug yay. I’m sincerely amused because they completely removed the NTR from his original route.

2016-05-15-235342Hades end: They have some stupid fight over the fact that he doesn’t want her to learn the truth about him. Somehow this magically leads him to confessing his love and saying he didn’t want her to hate him. 😅 Of course Yui doesn’t hate him and is in love with him too! So eventually Hades shows her a glimpse of his world which is a montage of creepy text saying shit like “I hate you, die, disappear”etc. Despite this Yui doesn’t run away from him and shortly before their graduation, they celebrate his birthday and she gives him some daifuku. They then go into the open field and roll around on the grass and make out. After graduation Yui returns to her world losing all her memories. Fortunately because they completely toss out the previous game’s plotlines (like how the god of the DEAD cannot be on earth)…HADES GETS A HAPPY END YEAAAA 😅😅😅. And so he magically shows up on earth to profess his love to Yui one more time.

2016-05-15-235141Akira (Amaterasu) – Yui gives Akira a Japanese name so that he can have a familiar family name like his brothers Tsukito and Takeru. Also I honestly forget why in Broccoli’s mind Tsukito is ~not related~ to them since thanks to MoshiKami I had a brush up on my Japanese mythology and Izanagi pooped out all 3 brothers at once so there’s no way that they are ~unrelated~ to one another. Both Tsukito and Takeru are extremely uncomfortable and annoyed with Akira being there. Zeus then tells the 3 of them they have to get along and Yui is to watch over them and help them in this assignment. This will also decide whether or not they will graduate from Zeus’ school. Akira complains that Tsukito doesn’t look at him or Takeru…so  Akira wants Yui to teach him love so he can bond with his otoutokuns. They all kyakya ufufu on the beach so their relationships begin to improve. Somehow along the way Akira falls in love with her and so coincidentally she falls in love with him yay! Love Ends: Well if it wasn’t obvious she either goes back home and reunites with him on earth magically or decides to ditch her family and go with him to his world. ಠ_ಠ Blah blah yea whatever so exciting.

2016-05-15-235155Destiny Ends: Instead of teaching Akira about WHAT IS LOVE~  Yui decides to work on getting all the brothers to be bffs instead. He then participates in watching the class lessons and going to the school festival with Yui. He’s on the same level as Zeus so his powers aren’t locked off like the others. You then decides that he wants to make up for the fact that he ignored his brothers when they needed him and use a special mirror. The mirror will fill his heart with Darkness and will make him disappear. So then with the help of Takeru, Tsukito and Zeus they all go to rescue Akira. In end 1, Akira overpowers the mirror and breaks free from its grasp. Akira apologizes to his brothers and they makeup and live happily ever after. He then says goodbye to Yui before returning to his world. In the 2nd end, Akira feels shitty for hurting his brothers again so he tries to stab himself but Takeru takes the hit instead. He yells at Akira saying they finally regained their brotherly bonds so him disappearing isn’t going to solve anything or make up for past mistakes. After this they have a graduation party to celebrate. I’m sorry I just didn’t like Akira in every way. I hated his design, I hated his weird lips and I hated his voice. (Well I liked his god form design at least.) I mean his voice actor is ok – at least he was ok as Dr. Stein in Soul Eater – but here I don’t know what happened, but it was awful.

2016-05-15-235357Tsukito & Takeru – So yeah same thing here Yui studies about Japanese mythology although I’d think she would have known something about it. Even Takeru makes fun of her because she’s a shrine girl but didn’t even know about the Izanagi and his sons myth. 😂 They go to hanami together and celebrate tanabata. Tsukito: For Tanabata, Yui wishes to always be with Tsukito so the next day she finds herself switched bodies with his rabbit Usamaro. 😂😂😂 They run into Akira who tells them the rabbit is Yui and her body with the bunny is in Akira’s room. They eventually turn her back but for some reason after this she falls in love with Tsukito. Unfortunately he’s like a robot and only understands to follow what to do by the book lol. When they decide to “do” the Valentine’s day event they confess their feelings to each other. Tsukito says he’s been curious about Yui’s tanabata wish and realized what it meant now.  Since they don’t have much time he decides to give her the white day gift right away and flies her to the moon. ✨ He then tells his brothers that Yui will be his waifu…and as usual he comes to see her on earth after graduation but somehow she manages to remember everything until he comes to see her. I’m honestly disappointed they didn’t do more with the bunny body switch. 😕

2016-05-15-235403Takeru: When they’re out by the river they accidentally fall I’m and somehow their lips touch in the process. 😂 Also Takeru’s hair looked so much better when it’s not all pulled back by his headband. He decides to take responsibility and asks her to be his girlfriend xD. Yui is like sure why not but then feels bad for starting a relationship over some accidental kiss. When Takeru tries to do things lovers do, Yui just pushes him away like some little kid cause omg I’m not ready! 😐 Takeru then takes her to the beach to teach her about himself since he’s the god of the sea. He jumps deep into the ocean and gives her an underwater tour. After they get out, he says they don’t need to go out anymore and that he knows she likes Tsukito instead.  Umm what?  😃 She tells him that the one she loves is Takeru and starts bawling in his arms. A few days later they go on a date to the beach where they kiss properly and then they graduate and return to their worlds. Similar to Tsukito, Takeru returns to Yui on earth and live happily ever after. I actually liked the one Takeru CG of them in the lake…it oddly reminded me of the tsuntsunness of Mahiro from Hiiro no Kakera, even that same facial expression. Ahh Otomate, y u have to make Yone-san quit you…

2016-05-15-235216Thor – Again Broccoli spells it as TORS but yea whatever not writing that in my post ಠ_ಠ.  Thor seems to constantly be the 3rd wheel in Loki and Baldur’s BFF group in the first game, but now he just seems to constantly be trying to get Loki to behave or attend class. Destiny Ends: Thor basically feels like a 3rd wheel to Loki & Baldur and often tries to avoid hanging out with them. Due to this it’s impacting his graduation more than them so Yui tries to get the 3 of them to be bffs. At the moment Thor is kind of like the mom of the group and has taken care of Loki for a long time but nowdays he just quietly watches over him. And so of course  Loki and Baldur get approved for graduation early on but Thor is still stuck behind them. He tells Yui that he’ll figure out how to graduate  on his own despite her offering to help. Loki then tries to talk to Thor to figure out why he can’t break out from his limiter and ends up getting in a fight with him instead lol. It turns out that he thought Loki & Baldur were bffing it up, and leaving him out and Loki tells him that he’s just as much bff to them as they are to each other. 😂 And so eventually after fighting some evil spirit that takes over Yui’s body(by Zeus), Thor unleashes his powers and is also eligible to graduate.

2016-05-15-235219In the ending Thor, Loki and Baldur are bffs 4 life, and return to their respective worlds. Before he goes, Thor gives a crying Yui a goodbye hug. In the other end Thor includes Yui in their bff 4P and then she decides to throw him a surprise birthday party. Love endings: As expected she falls in love with Thor almost immediately but it felt less terrible when I played the destiny ends first. 😅 Too bad for her he’s all “I’ll do everything myself don’t get involved” & pushes her away.  So then cue misunderstanding that Yui thinks Thor loves someone else while he’s grappling over the issue of being with her but their worlds and life spans are different. So then she uses the secret weapon Loki gave her which is a box of toy snakes that makes Thor shit bricks. 😂This is super effective cause the snake trauma makes him confess his love for Yui?? 😂This also triggers his limiter to break and he’s now eligible to graduate. So they spend the rest of their time going on dates and learning about love until graduation. At that point it’s the usual split between Yui going back to her world or coming with Thor to his. I realized only when I got to Thor that doing the destiny ends before the love ends is a much better idea because the Destiny Ends felt like they had more plot than just “zomg suddenly I’m in love with Mr. God!!” That said, the drama in Thor’s route is so pointless…upset that he’s “left out” and the “I cannot involve you” template..blah. I did like the part where Yui kissed him first at least.

2016-05-15-235424Loki & Baldur: Game writes his name is Balder as well….sigh. Yui teaches them about humans by having them experience and participate in various human world holidays like Halloween. Loki plays a ghost prank on her and scares her so much they get into a fight. Loki  then makes her a strap as an apology. They then all braid each others hair lmfao. 😂 They have their Halloween party and then you pick which one to end up with by picking whose cake you’re gonna eat as they stick their spoons in Yui’s face.  😂 Loki: Yui asks Thor and Baldur to help her plan a surprise birthday party for Loki. After the party Loki confesses to Yui that he likes her and they immediately become a couple lol. (I mean who even cares about his feelings on humans from the last game right !?) Also for god knows what reason Yui lets every other guy make out in this game with her but with Loki it’s like ZOMG KISSING ON THE CHEEK KYAAA. In fact him trying to kiss her and getting cock blocked becomes a running gag. 😭 Eventually she lets him kiss her but we don’t get any cg orz. On graduation day he runs off saying he doesn’t want to leave this place to be separated from her. He then decides he’s gonna go to her world instead. And so he comes to earth and somehow Yui’s memory is completely in tact so they hug kiss and live happily ever after while I terribly photoshop their kiss cgs. 😭

2016-05-15-235420Baldur: Just like with Loki, Baldur confesses to Yui immediately and she accepts. 😅 They planted some radish together but then Zeus changed the season to winter and it kinda ruined their garden. So he takes her out to the snow and shows her some sparkly flowers or something with his powers. And sooo the day before graduation Baldur decides he wants to bang Yui to make a lasting memory and she’s like oh ok sure! SO EVEN THOUGH LOKI BARELY GETS A FUCKING FOREHEAD KISS, BALDUR GETS FUCKING R18 LEVEL CG OF HIM GOING TO TOWN ON YUI’S TITTY. (╬ಠ益ಠ) HOW IS THIS FAIR THO, WHO DID THIS BROCCOLI #&(%SLFSHFa@$. Oh yeah he gave her a necklace too but I’m in despair about the shafting of Loki Laevateinn to care 😭😭. In the epilogue, the necklace reminds her of her time with Baldur so when he magically shows up in front of her she remembers who he is. Baldur on the streets, Eros in the sheets 😈.

2016-05-15-235245Melissa – I actually enjoyed Melissa’s route because despite being generic and copy pasta as the rest of the game, I guess the setting itself helped him a lot. We knew he was the little sidekick doll since the last game and he’s always been there for Yui…so I guess it didn’t feel as UNNATURAL for them to gradually fall in love as the other routes. Melissa was supposed to be human buy Zeus messed up and he ended up a doll. He starts randomly going out somewhere every night so Yui gets curious and follows him. She finds him visiting Zeus, and knowing she’s there Zeus calls out to her. He tells her that if she and Melissa’s thoughts become one his “wish” will come true. Melissa reveals to Yui that his wish is to be human cause he wants to be more useful to her, so he’s been making wishes upon a star every night in hopes it would come true. One night they make a wish together, and its super effective cause suddenly Melissa turns into a hot naked man 😂😂😂😂 He still does that ossan voice though which felt unfitting to the character design lol. Things get awkward cause Yui’s not used to him being a dude and the fact that he runs around with only some sheet covering his ding dong. 😂 He eventually gets clothes from Zeus and as they spend more time together they start to develop feelings for each other.

2016-05-15-235249Destiny Ends: Melissa joins Yui and the other gods in class to learn more about humans. So after some time Zeus informs her that everyone is eligible to graduate but also that Melissa’s life is coming to an end.  After all,  he’s just a dirt filled doll that’s taken the shape of a human. When Yui confronts him about this he apologizes saying he didn’t want to upset her. He says that he knew from the start his body wouldn’t last long.  After hugs and tears they decide to make best with the time they have left before graduation. On the final day Zeus gives Yui an option to save Melissa by sacrificing her life or to do as Melissa says and return to her world safely. So if you pick to go home,  a miracle happens and gives Melissa a soul to live as a human again.  😅 Since he has nowhere to go Zeus is sending him on earth with Yui – although to different places.  He hugs her before they go and calls her Kusanagi instead of Kutanagi proving that he really is no longer a doll. In the other ending, Yui chooses to give her life to save Melissa. Melissa’s feelings to protect her are stronger and he rejects her soul, saving her and ending his own life. She takes his leftover button with her back to Earth and her memories of him remain.

2016-05-15-235259Love Ends: Melissa confesses he has feelings for Yui and wants to know more about them. He even goes to the library to study up on how dating works 😂. As they spend more time together they both learn about what it’s like to love someone. (Which to me is better than having her try to teach one of the gods about love lol.) Eventually during the school’s winter celebration Melissa confesses that he loves Yui and after she says the same they kiss. It’s around this time that his body begins to reach its limit. Not wanting to waste the time they have together, Melissa suggests they go to the beach as a little lovers holiday/ graduation celebration trip. After this his condition gets worse and he ends up being mostly bedridden. When Yui runs to Zeus for help he says the only thing to do for her is to leave Hakoniwa cause she’s the cause of his problem. If you chose to return Yui home, she has to leave immediately and cannot attend the graduation ceremony. Right before she’s about to return home,  Melissa bursts into the room to find out she’s leaving. Yui returns home losing her memories but keeps having dreams of her time with Melissa. And just like all the other routes he magically shows up in earth confessing his love to her once more. In the 2nd end, Yui chooses to stay at Hakoniwa and like copypasta of the destiny ends,  a miracle happens and Melissa’s turned into a human thanks to the power of love!  😑 Zeus then decides as a graduation present to turn them into gods to bring them to his world. Umm wtf (눈_눈). And so Yui and Melissa become Greek gods and live happily ever after. Why are the love ends in this game so awful.

2016-05-15-235505Thoth & Anubis – I was thinking this was gonna be suffering cause I really didn’t like the Egyptian gods from the last game but I was pleasantly surprised? For some reason they start Anubis immediately speaking properly the moment you enter their route thank god.😂 This way I didn’t have to deal with KABARABARA (although they still left it in the text and just had him say the translation which just felt like a waste of effort for the writer.)  The homework Yui has to do is only done with Anubis since Thoth is a teacher and can’t participate. Meanwhile Anubis starts bratty and clingy that Thoth won’t spend time with him but he gets over it and actually warms up to Yui quickly. In fact he really takes a liking to her and defends her from Thoth’s sharp remarks and I found him a lot more fun than the previous game. He even gives her a little mummy doll named My (pronounced like ME) to cheer her up lol. Anubis: He’s so happy to be in a bright world not full of dead people and have a buddy to play with like Yui. Naturally he gets jealous when Yui gives him less attention than Thoth and feels like he’s not as useful. Turns out Anubis is a closet Snow White cause he brings Yui to the forest where all his forest animal friends gather around them. After this Yui feels like someone is stalking her and she lacks sleep so she passes out in class. Anubis takes her to the nurses office and watches over her while she sleeps.  Turns out that she had some cat spirit that’s been following her not realizing it’s dead. Honestly I don’t know why there are random forest animals at Hakoniwa but Anubis sends it’s soul off to be reborn. And then the copy pasta of Anubis confessing his love to Yui, and Yui being like yah me too! 😂 The night before graduation, he kisses her in bed and says goodbye. (Pft even the wanko character gets a kiss 😭) The next day Yui finds out Anubis returned to his world and she also says goodbye to My, the mummy doll he made her cause it can’t live on earth. But yea thanks to this game’s template copy pasta, as expected, Anubis magically shows up on earth to see Yui again. 😅 Also for no reason at all she remembered everything.

2016-05-15-235512Thoth: As usual he spends most of the time belittling her efforts on the Egyptian god report. (ㅍ_ㅍ) She then asks him to teach her about love so he mansplains to her that she clearly has the hots for him which is why she asked. She then gets him a birthday present which is a card that she carefully wrote in hieroglyphics lol. He grumbles about her writing but then gets all deredere saying he’ll teach her how to write better. After it’s announced that everyone is graduating,  Yui comes to term with her inner Do-M and realizes she’s in love with Thoth. BUT for stupid drama when she comes to the library to be “taught a love lesson” she freaks out cause he kisses her. He’s like sigh I thought the feeling was mutual welp and leaves her alone. (Lol she didn’t seem to care about this when Baldur banged her but ok lel.) The next day Yui runs crying to him babbling how she loves him and suddenly it’s all resolved. The day before graduation he takes her to the river where they hung out with Anubis and they end their date at the library…where they bang all night long. (๑ -∀• )♡ Well I suppose this is better than the wtf ending he got in the last game. And as usual copy pasta end of Yui returning to earth and magically reuniting with Thoth. I have some bad news for those who only saw the anime – Thoth doesn’t kabedon her in every scene. 😅 Also mad props to Morikawa for actually knowing how to do proper kiss sfx cause pretty much most of the seiyuu in this game failed to do so 😅.

Hey Yui, switch places ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✨
Hey Yui, switch places with meh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✨

This game has so many bad things going for it I’ll just blatant right now: the only thing this game has is artwork. The seiyuu are ok but they get negative points for doing cero B kissing sound effects when the scene has them basically shoving their tongues down Yui’s throat. 😂 (With the exception of Morikawa cause I guess he’s used to it from R-18 stuff.) Here’s an easy bullet list why this game sucks:

  • Same shit as the last game – Instead of making a fandisk for the previous gods with “extra” routes for the sub chars, they just reset everything. Therefore, due to the time constraint, all the routes feel rushed and the characters fall in love faster than you can blink your eyes. It feels forced an unnatural and really kills the mood of the game.
  • Copypasta everywhere – Every ending is a template. You can swap guy 1 with guy 2 and the outcome is the same. This is particularly awful with the gods from the first game because the only get 1 ending and you already know wtf is gonna happen. The first game actually felt like it had somewhat unique stories for the gods, even in the ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ destiny routes but yea here it’s just all predictable templates.
  • The shitty tests – Ok so in the PSP version I could half ass with A/B ranks and still get the ending. But now – TROPHIES. Yes in order to get the trophies you have to complete all the Mini-Garden events – which you can ONLY do by obtaining the items from the mythology quizzes – which you can ONLY obtain if you get S rank (aka you must get every question correct.) Fortunately I found a way to cheat: If you’re on PS Vita, you press the PS button which minimizes the game and stops the timer. This allows you to go on google to look up a guide with test questions & answers. Unfortunately the guide I used was missing a ton of Egypt god questions so I actually had to translate those to English and look them up online orz.
  • Cheesy Character Songs – During the end/confession scene of every route, Broccoli would cue up the cheesy character songs that would kill the mood for 2 reasons. One, it’s cheesy and 2, it made me think about how the game is just probably an advertisement for them to sell more character songs & CDs and that pissed me off 😅😅 This isn’t UtaPri gdi!
  • Auto-Mode is broken – Ok for the most part, auto-mode would work, but during any flashback scenes it would just…STOP WORKING. You had to get out of auto, manually press O a few times, and then get back to it. Annoying bug that they don’t seem to have any intention of fixing.
  • Mini Garden – Because I used a terrible guide I had trouble getting all the stupid mini garden events for the trophy. Eventually I found another one that let me unlock all the events (and it shouldn’t be this grieving to unlock them but it really was. So many item combinations wtf.) Also none of the items were labeled. I had to basically try to figure out whose house belonged to who and then figure out what each “object” was supposed to be. The biggest trouble I had was the “sewing kit” and “weaving machine” lol.  And then the game forces you to look at all the mini garden events rather than just “collect” them. Even when you just go in to open it and close it, you have to wait on the stupid loading time between each one. None of the events even have Yui in them so I wasn’t interested. (Guess this is where all the ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ… was hidden.)  I would have just been like fuck the trophy I quit, but I worked so hard on getting the S rank on all the stupid tests I COULDN’T JUST QUIT NOW 😨
  • Yui – So they call out “Kusanagi” but not Yui. But even if say you love to put your name into the heroine’s name, most of the time characters call her Kusanagi/Kutanagi/Yousei-san anyway….so they rarely ever call her by her first name! In that case just VOICE HER NAME THEN ヽ(。_゜)ノ Also, compared to last game she’s been watered down to mobile heroine level with barely any personality. It doesn’t help that everything is rushed and you never really know why she fell in love with the guy anyway. Or how she’s all “kya we can’t kiss” in one route, and then lets the guy bang her in another. To further add to this, the fact that they cut to the chase with her in god school and don’t even bother trying to give a background of her family or friends on Earth. The fact that she’s willing to die for some god she randomly met, willing to dump her earth life to go to god-world further puts a huge blank on the fact that her personality/background doesn’t matter. She will say things like “I have family on earth” when you chose the go-home ending, but if you chose any other ending, suddenly none of that even matters to her. What is consistency. (눈_눈)

Now for some positives: The game had the “jump to next choice” feature which I wish all otome games would have. Isn’t it funny how all the crap games have this feature, but all the good games make you waste time while the game manually skips text to the next choice!? Also the bonus illustrations at the end were gorgeous as usual. Hm yea that’s about it. If anyone wonders why the game was cero D? The R-18 level CG in Baldur’s route. If you search tumblr, someone already posted it on there and you will see what I mean. Just unbelievable. If that CG was not there, the rest of the game is basically Cero B/C. The fact that he gets R-18 level Cg while my favorite character doesn’t even get a kiss CG is just…rage inducing. Literally everyone in the game gets a kiss CG except Loki. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Needless to say I am done with Broccoli. The quality of their games has been getting worse over time and their shitty treatment of their fans (as well as banning USA residents from viewing their youtube videos wtf??) Honestly if you don’t want people making fanart/doujin goods why don’t you release decent merchandise instead of pasting the same pics of Quartet Night over & over on different items. Overall this has put them in a negative light for me. It took them 2 years to come up with a copy/paste scenario on the quality level of a mobile game. The only hilarious part is they seem like they are toning down the BL antics of their games as seen in UtaPri Music 3 and this game so I’m kinda surprised. (Maybe they figure that this will stop the fujoshi from making doujin goods?? lol) Their upcoming announced release “MajiKyun” looks like another idol money milk cow but I’m jumping off that bus – someone else can fund their greed.


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  1. Thank you for your review. And also, thank you for sitting these bad games. (I hope the next games you play will be enjoyable!)
    To me, the whole “reset” concept usually fails more often then it succeeds. Plus, this game seems like it has everything but the kitchen sink in it lol.
    TBH, I think Broccoli would have been better off just doing an entire port, adding in the side character’s routes along with the characters’ routes from the original game. Or, going with the system that they did, at least putting the price lower than their usual games.

  2. Thanks for being a long time reader! (゚∀゚)

    I actually ordered Kenka bancho and from what I hear it’s a lot of fun so hopefully once I get it in a week (ordered with another package to save shipping) I’ll post a review eventually

  3. Well to bad xD I was expecting that because I play the first game and was sooooo fucking boring, I couldn´t finish it hahaha
    So I´m not going to play this even if I die xD haha
    Thanks for your review >w<

  4. Well, I haven’t finished DwD yet, but there have been no song numbers so far, and I do all ends/character at once, so I doubt there will be any surprises.

    So yeah, Broccoli “wins” this one.

  5. Ugh I love your blog, I’ve been reading it since I was in 8th grade. It was the year I discovered dating games. I really would love to learn Japanese, but I have no clue where to start.

    I really want to play those shitty games you review. Expect those made from broccoli, I personally hated utapri, I just can’t get that idol shit down my throat. But I just found out that my favorite gaming company Spike Chunsoft are releasing their own otome ,Kenka Bancho Otome and I desperately want to play it but I speak 0 to no japanese.

  6. the anime is almost its own thing at this point as are most otome game anime adaptations lol.

    and yea I noticed this because of quinrose and d3p’s most recent games. totally had jump to next unread choice. meanwhile Otomate…………..

  7. lmao Fartcoli 😂

    the reason utapri got popular is cause of all the fujoshi drawing all the doujin shit so they’re honestly really stupid if they think their games hold off on their own. maybe utapri repeat did, but all their other games have been crap.

  8. I tried watching the anime, just because it was there, but it was just too ridiculous for me. Reading your synops of the the games is interesting tho. but mostly from a “how are they making VN’s these days?” perspective.

    “Isn’t it funny how all the crap games have this feature, but all the good games make you waste time while the game manually skips text to the next choice!?”

    DEAR GOD SOMEONE ELSE NOTICED. this is so true! and I haven’t played that many games. really, the skip to choice feature would be nice to have in games that don’t have any sort of affection meter so you literally have to try like every combination of answers (until you get sick of trying and just look up a guide anyways.) or like, I wish it’d “ding” when it gets to a choice, cuz I’ll like let the skip run and do something else and just look back to the game occasionally. yeah… you know its a good game when you wanna look away and do something else. XD

  9. Reading your reviews just comfort me into my decision to never spend my money on any Fartcoli games, also how rude ಠ_ಠ how they dare to treat so poorly fans who keep there license at the top and spreading his popularity, hey fartcoli: “No doujins no profit ” remember? probably the most valuable reason of why Fire Emblem Fates incorporate a gay option marriage.

    Shittendo is at the top of my shitlist at this moment for there douchebaggery towards us there westerners customer so i can added Fartcoli too, i can’t handle compagny who treats fans like shit really bitch reminded me who pay your last vacation into Okinawa? these kind of entreprise should just do bankrupt they have a shit ton of indie developper, both are great writers and starving artist than i’ll be more than happy to give my money. For Mogeko i can get a great story with a great art and this all for free, in comparison for Square Enix i get great graphism but a shitty story for a poor gameplay.

    I have one thing to say to them “Eat my ass”.

  10. yea I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not going to get better. it seems ok at first since you’re just starting but once you see the same shit over and over again…..yea

    thanks for the tip about Mysteria! I was playing a bit of project diva to shake off the kamiaso off me but maybe I’ll get started on that tonight.

  11. Thank you so much for your review 🌟 !

    I love KamiAso « on the surface », but I’m not blind. I’m currently playing it and yea, I’m almost at the end of my first route & I already agree with all of what you said. The copy pasta feeling combined to an: « In fact things happens but it looks like not.» is a bit annoying & not really lively (at least, I feel it in this way for now, and like you said, it’s predictable too so…). That said, I have a good time playing it, but I must also be objective.

    Good luck with Mysteria; hope you will enjoy it, I’ve finished it a week ago and really loved it.

  12. Yeah, I like the voice Hosoyan does for Loki as well, but not so much I’d play Custom Drive for it. I’m not that masochistic, lol.

  13. I love Loki & all but I don’t think either game is worth it for him. Honestly less Loki and more that I really love the voice Hosoyan does for Loki so if there’s another game where he does that voice that’s another alternative. Unfortunately only thing that comes to mind is his puchi-ero personality from Custom Drive and NOPE to that one lol

  14. yea I guess they’re trying to make majikyun the next cash cow, but anyone with half a brain won’t be falling for that (I hope) LOL

  15. I did check out that CG and wow… What I really want to know is why does Baldr get one and nobody else?


    Seriously I don’t understand why some people get chaste kisses or forehead kisses while he gets a freaking R-18 banging cg lmao. And yea Broccoli’s anti-doujin thing is so retarded as if they don’t make enough money from all the garbage they spew from utapri franchise as it is. Eh honestly I think the kamiaso series isn’t as a huge milking cow as they want it to be and you can tell they ain’t even trying in this game!

  16. It’s not the CG itself that bothered me, it’s the fact that it feels like a round peg in a square hole in this game lol. I’m surprised DWD didn’t have character songs. Are you sure about this? Rejet wouldn’t miss that opportunity.

    Yea honestly this game or last game isn’t really worth it…..there are so many other much better games you could spend money on especially now with skyrocketing shipping rates from Japan.

  17. Good job making it through!

    I was considering buying this for Loki, BUT I GUESS NOT. Lol. I bought the first game for Loki as well and really, that’s the only reason I bought it. I haven’t even finished the first game because life back then, but I’ll get to it one day. For Loki.

  18. Thanks for the review, as always!

    I was never interested in the series to begin with because of the lazy [Some cool shiiiit] + HIGH SCHOOL! formula that didn’t look like it wanted to do anything interesting with either idea.

    I did check out that CG and wow… What I really want to know is why does Baldr get one and nobody else?

    As for Broccoli’s war on fujoshi… I wonder why they bother. Fujoshi are big spenders- it’s not like Broccoli is the beacon of creative integrity and abstain from greedy milking practices. So the fujoshi clientele should be a lovely thing for greedy piggies like Broccoli.

    Also, like you can truly stop people from creating doujin stuff. I think it’s reasonable that they’re not comfortable with non-copyright holders making profit off of doujin stuff. But if it’s free, to me it’s practically the same thing as fanfiction/fanart.

  19. I found the CG and it was worse than I thought. O_O
    Then again, it comes from the country where a thin strip counts for censorship.

    Character songs? Seriously? Not even Dance with Devils game had them, despite the anime. Way to look desperate, Broccoli.

    If the original game was just slightly better, I might have been tempted, but…I’m not that large a Yone fan and it wasn’t worth it when I didn’t care for half the characters. At least now I can boycott Brocolli with no regrets! (Idols are not my thing, so their #1 cash cow zipped past me.) If they weren’t shits and the plot was a bit more interesting, I might have thought about this game alone because it has better Egyptian routes but nope. Not even from the used bin.

  20. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a game with tests but with trophies added to the mix it makes everything much more painful lol

  21. eh…he was okay I guess, could be better but I’m thankful we get any kind of Kamiyan in otome games honestly…I have overly high hopes for him as Choromatsu in the Osomatsu otome game that I’m probably going to regret lol

  22. I don’t think I would want to study to enjoy a game. Thanks-but-no-thanks. Good review though, and I really liked that photoshop! ^^

  23. I’m pretty sure a majority of kamiaso fans would appreciate an FD more than this train wreck Broccoli WTF ಠ_ಠ also yeah they’ve been trying to stop doujin distribution since forever but cmon UtaPri is extremely popular and I mean that’s a really crappy thing to do to your fans. I’m surprised people still bother with them after all this tbh

    P.S. sorry to hear that your favorite character didn’t get a proper kiss CG (good job on photoshopping it though!!) but (aside from Morikawa) did HiroC deliver?? ペロペロ(^ω^)

  24. yea only thing that sucks about the original are the Egypt god routes and Apollon. The rest is probably okay though but also a ton of ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ in the destiny ends and copypasta love ends…so I guess honestly the first game wasn’t really that good either. I think I just really liked Loki and I bought this game for Loki and effectively screwed myself over.

  25. I guess this is what you get when a company has no idea what they want to next with a game/series so they remake add even more routes and cut details of from the main guys routes.
    As much as I enjoyed the anime I guess I’ll never play the games or if I do its just going to be the original, guess if one is a real fan of kamiaso this might get an easy pass for them but I don’t exactly want to sit through the same stuff twice just for a few new routes(I never asked for).

  26. I looked back at my previous review and in Baldur’s cg he was totally grabbing her (clothed) boob before. Guess he was like “this shit ain’t good enough *strips* HAHAha xD

    And I guess someone had to be sacrificed for this, so they picked Loki orz (´;ω;`)ブワッ

  27. Welp, so glad I was hesitant on buying this. Tbh, Balder is my fav by design but to shaft Loki-freaking LOKI-like that? YURI. Are you blind? What the actual FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    Anyways, thanks again for the lovely photoshop that fixed my rage somewhat. And yeah….Brocolli just loves the idol plane now.

  28. Those are some awesome school uniforms, but making out in the grass will stain them. Does love keep them clean? Um…Anyway, I’m not impressed by this series at all. Gods shoved into a high school setting just bores me. The fact that it’s copy paste doesn’t help either.

    However, I had to look up what kabedon even meant. And now I wonder why they took that out! If Thoth is supposed to be a dominate guy, then that’s helpful for his character! And sexy! Come on, Broccoli!

    So yeah, boring game and premise. Last I checked this series got an anime adaptation, I’ll be sure to avoid it. You know, cause I’m US resident…

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