Otome Game Review: Possession Magenta

Mihara Suzu is your average high school girl who lives with her adopted childhood friend Kanade. One day she finds out one of her classmates is missing and Kanade suggests he might have gotten “possessed”. A possessed person usually becomes violent and starts attacking people like he’s got a bad case of rabies. The next day they find that the missing student has been murdered and nailed to the giant clock in the park. While detectives are going around trying to solve the mystery, Suzu starts to stumble upon some mysterious tarot cards that only she can see. When her friend Matsuri gets possessed, Suzu realizes she can use these cards to turn people back to normal. With this in mind and the fact that everyone is blaming Kanade for the murder, Suzu decides to take matters into her own hands to get to the bottom of things.

pos01So basically you go through the whole game and one by one each guy gets possessed and Suzu purifies them with the cards she conveniently finds. If she doesn’t purify them, they go batshit killing her and then succumbing to the card themselves. In the meantime an investigation goes on in the background with detective Sakagami and his sidekick Yuuki trying to get to the bottom of things. Unfortunately eventually even Yuuki gets possessed by the Justice card but because he’s not an eligible man for Suzu, she doesn’t purify him and he dies. There’s also a fortune teller lady who says a man she loves is behind these crimes but refuses to give more info. She says that she wants to stop him from causing anymore problems. She barely tells them anything other than the criminal has super powers and he’s the same guy as the russia case from 18 years earlier. The criminal arrested in Russia was just a “victim” of the actual criminal and the real criminal is still on the loose now causing problems in Japan 18 years later. The reason the actual criminal quit 18 years ago is his couldn’t “reach his goal” so he decided to try again and it took him 18 years to achieve.

sou00Shizuma Souta – Souta is the childhood friend who love u long time and is completely crushed that you forgot the promise you made to mawwy him when you were like 7. 😆 The site lists him as a tsundere gamer, and while he’s definitely a gamer, he’s more a kuudere than a tsundere. In fact I’m giving the tsundere title to Taiga instead lol. After the death of Yuuki everyone’s bummed out so Souta asks Suzu and Kanade to go out to refresh. Kanade’s in a bad mood and refuses so Suzu and Souta end up going on a date together. She remembers how when they were kids and got lost at the zoo she started crying but Souta took her hand and assured her everything would be ok.(´∀`*) It begins to rain and Suzu mentions that everytime they go do something with Souta it rains which is why he often refuses to hang out with them. He covers his jacket over both of their heads as they run someplace for cover. They go to a car racing thing at Joy Police (called Joy Voice lol) and Souta’s a pro driver so he ends up winning. The staff asks to take his photo to congratulate him and tells him to have his girlfriend be in the photo with him. Before he can babble that Suzu isn’t his girlfriend the staff makes them get super close together and take a photo. Afterwards Suzu tells Souta that they never had any conversations about people they like so she asks the FORBIDDEN QUESTION OF “IS THERE A GIRL YOU LIKE SOUTA?” Nooo Suzu you have asked the forbidden question you must never ask the childhood friend who’s been in love with you for years! Souta is so hurt by this he tells her he drops everything and says he’s going home. (´;ω;`) Turns out about 2 years ago when they graduated middle school, Souta had sent an email to Suzu confessing his feelings. What he got in response was “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” He thinks that Suzu rejected him and all of these feelings boil into him feeling like he’s playing a kusoge and Kanade’s the hero while he’s just VILLAGER A! `,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、 Sadly this gets him possessed by the Hermit card which is probably the least violent card of them all so far? When he sees Suzu he just starts crying that she doesn’t understand his feelings and after he kisses her and she’s like “zomg stop I need to purify you” he gets pissed off. Suzu then realizes the whole confession email is a misunderstanding and asks Kanade to dig out her old ass flip phone.

sou01She takes the flip phone and runs after Souta who’s hijacked the ferris wheel and takes Suzu on it with him. He rambles how they should just both “reset” their lives by jumping off but Suzu manages to stop him by showing him the email she got 2 years ago: Turns out her shitty phone displayed a bunch of garbage text and that’s why she said “Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying” XDDDD Souta’s like OH GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS and while he’s sitting there shocked she tells him she didn’t reject him and then purifies him. After he’s back to normal he tells her to forget his confession though Suzu says there’s no guarantees she can forget something like that :P. Kousuke convinces Minjye to pay for the repairs on the ferris wheel and just then all of them run into the fortune teller lady. The night that Suzu receives a message to come alone to the park, Kanade finds her note and informs everyone. But yea since this is the last chapter you basically go with the guy who has the highest affection. For summary purposes I’ll just write it for Souta since I did his route first.They find a secret door behind the fountain and Souta suggests this must be the “last boss” door. They use Suzu’s cards as “keys” to unlock a maze of doors that is somehow hidden underneath the park. Once they get to the final room, the door is locked and Souta says this must be the last boss room and they must defeat him in order to get out! 😆 And so they get to the sensei who’s laughing like a drunk hyena. He brings out the hermit card and sets the entire room on fire. Souta figures out the only way to put out the fire is to have hope but is distracted by his negative feelings. Thanks to Suzu calling out his name and saying he’s her hero he overcomes the inner battle with his loser self and MAKES IT RAIN BABY – putting out all the flames. To purify him Suzu uses her inner powers and brings out the Sun card from within herself. With Souta’s support they bring him back to normal and he’s horrified at what he’s done. Suddenly the room they’re in begins to crumble so they run for it. The Principal says he’s going to stay back and go down with the building to pay for his crimes. Souta’s like no fuck that you’re going to live and pay for your crimes beetch! They escape and the dimensional fountain door vanishes. They meet up with everyone and Kanade realizes their relationship when he sees them holding hands. Detective Sakagami arrives and arrests the principal.

sou02Best End: Souta decides to stop being “Villager A” and takes the position of HERO in his game of life. After everyone leaves the police station he takes Suzu by himself (despite a raging Ayame) and takes her on a date to the cafe. Suzu also then remembers when they got lost at the zoo as kids Souta told her he’d always protect her and she should marry him when she grows up. Souta now asks what her “answer” is and Suzu of course says yes so he kisses her. (*´ェ`*)ポッ Rofl Souta’s entire childhood friend love route was so cute. Bad End 1: If you pick the wrong card to purify Souta he doesn’t believe Suzu about the garbled cell phone message. He then opens the door of the ferris wheel car and jumps out. Suzu tries to catch his hand but it slips out due to being covered in blood from him mindlessly punching the glass. Just then the wind blows and Suzu falls out as well and on her way down before she falls to her death, she regrets not understanding Souta’s feelings better. Good End: The principal takes too much blood loss during the battle so even after they purify him, he dies. As the space created by the world card is crumbling, Suzu and Souta escape and return to the park to meet up with everyone. After this Souta confesses to Suzu that he’s always loved her and Suzu agrees to go out with him – in front of all the other heartbroken guys (and a raging Ayame :lol:). Bad End 2: If you don’t pick up any extra cards during the secret search, Suzu is unable to stop the hermit card and the principal. They run further down the hallway only to reach a dead end with nowhere to run. Souta regrets for not being able to be her hero, and the two of them die in the flames. The final CG is of Souta dying in the same pose as the hermit card.

kana01Otonari Kanade – Honestly I think Kanade’s route is best saved for last BUT since this game is a copy pasta mess and seeing the same shit gets old I kinda regret not doing his route first. Still doing it 2nd wasn’t so bad either cause I was still patient enough to sit through most of the repeat content. When I first heard Maeno’s sample voices for Kanade I was like wtf but hearing it game I absolutely loved it. He’s always voicing deep obnoxious oresamas so it was nice to hear him voice a dorky oniichan type character. Kanade was adopted into the Mihara household when he was 5 and his parents are “MIA”. He keeps a lot of stuff to himself and then Suzu suspects something the day when he takes one of Suzu’s dad’s letters and refuse to show to her, actually yelling in anger at her when she tries to take it. Turns out the letter is from Otonari Kakeru, Kanade’s real father. When he was going out at the night of the Kiryu murder it was because he went to see if his father was at the address he found once while helping Suzu’s dad with some filing work. He just wants to know why his parents abandoned him in the orphanage and what really happened to his mother. Well the answer comes from Suzu’s father who says that after Kanade’s mother died in a car accident, his father Kakeru became a violent child abusing fuck who nearly beat Kanade to death. A near dying Kanade was brought to the ER and somehow made it through alive but the trauma to the head + the PTSD made him forget about what his father did. So when the asshole dad sends a letter to Suzu’s dad saying he wants to see Kanade, Kanade runs to see daddy without realizing who he’s going back to. AND FOR SOME REASON SUZU’S DAD IS LIKE OH YEA GO SAVE HIM SUZU, I’M A LAWYER BUT I’M JUST GONNA SIT BACK AND WATCH YOU DO EVERYTHING LOL. No seriously wow really? A child abuser who is for some reason not in jail and a lawyer who is sending her daughter to “save” his adopted son from a child abuser? WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THIS LOL. This is ridiculous and rage inducing at the same time but welp here we are. Fortunately Suzu asks for her friends to come help and Souta comes with her to the room where Kanade is. Unfortunately the guy in the room is not his father, but some asshole that Suzu saw near the fortune teller booth. He pretends to be Kanade’s dad and digs into Kanade’s fragile heart with a knife by saying 1) reminding Kanade about how he was beaten and 2) saying that his mother isn’t dead but actually left him wishing he was never born.

kana02Kanade is horrified and runs out screaming in tears from the hospital room but before Suzu and Souta chase him down – the “father” mysteriously vanishes leaving only 2 of them there. Everyone goes looking for Kanade but don’t find him and when Suzu gets home that night, her father tells her that he asked his lawyer friends and found out that Kanade’s father died from cancer 1 year earlier. That means the guy they saw today and the letter that was sent was fake. Kanade avoids everyone for a while so Suzu invites him to go to the ferris wheel together where inside he hugs her and says he’s sorry and that he promises he’ll be back. They find Kanade at the park the following day and he’s already possessed by the Empress card. He says that he hates Suzu for having such a warm family and happy life that he’s going to destroy her to make her feel the same pain he did. And as per usual, he goes into raep mode and starts ripping her clothes off while everyone who attempted to stop him got knocked the fuck out. Eventually everyone manages to push him off her and run away to Minjye’s hotel room. For once, Ayame was actually useful! They decide to then split up to look for his card but as luck would have it, Kanade comes up and takes Suzu hostage when she’s by herself! Turns out he has the card she’s looking for and he rambles how he hates her and her family and doesn’t want to turn back to normal. He throws the card into the sea so Suzu runs in to get it because she doesn’t want Kanade to die like Yuuki or Kiryu. Cray cray Kanade is like “well since you’re in there why don’t you drown!?” and proceeds to shove her head under water orz’’. Suzu manages to finally grab the card (while being drowned) and grabs on to Kanade’s neck telling him that bebe nobody hates you, we all love you. This calms him down and she manages to purify him but by now Kanade seems to have gotten a hold of himself and he does the purify motion with her (^ω^). After he’s back to normal he says that he didn’t mean any of the things he said while possessed and he believes what she said about both of his parents being dead.

kana03When they get home, Suzu’s dad gives Kanade a photo of him as a baby with his parents and tells him that his mother died protecting him when a car swerved into the sidewalk and hit them. She died instantly but because she protected him, he survived. That’s why after that his dad went nuts and blamed Kanade for his mother’s death by abusing him. Best End: The finale is the same as Souta’s as I sadly expected where basically Suzu & guy X go into the portal in the park to see the principal. In Kanade’s route he’s a little more clear with his goal in that he purposely spread the cards out to “weed out the bad students” from his school. Since the cards only got attracted to those students with “weaknesses” he figured it was a way to “filter out” the students to make his school better. Whoa dude are you Stalin or something? Is this where they got the whole Russian case from?? LOL. Anyway just like with Souta, Kanade is distracted by the Empress card and her ghosts (???). Inside he sees images of the “fake dad” and Suzu’s dad telling him that everything will be ok and he can just sleep here. Suzu calls out to Kanade and once again brings out her Sun card to help get him out. Kanade also realizes the 2 “fathers” are fake because they would never say that “Suzu doesn’t matter”. They then purify the principal (but not before he takes a big ass chomp out of poor Kanade’s shoulder.) When asking the principal afterwards how he got a hold of the World card he says he has no recollection and only remembers just getting it and then spreading the other cards. Kanade then passes out from too much bleeding and is hospitalized for a few days. When Suzu visits him one day they end up saying their wedding vows to each other before he kisses her. He tells her that he’s loved her ever since they first held hands on the ferris wheel when they first met as little kids. THIS IS SO SAD BECAUSE SOUTA AND KANADE HAVE LOVED HER LONG TIME AND YOU CAN’T CHOOSE BOTH つД`)・゚・。・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*・゚ Anyway my issue with this ending is the last 2 Cgs, including the kiss one made Kanade just look..UNRECOGNIZEABLE. Seriously it’s like Sarachi-sensei didn’t draw it….it was literally “who are you” level (;´Д`). Good End: Same as before, principal dies in the fountain rubble while Suzu & Kanade escape. Suzu cries feeling bad she couldn’t save him but Kanade kisses her tears away – in front of everyone who’s like nooo I lost as usual. Kanade then tells Suzu to go home back to their family. Bad End 1: Kanade isn’t purified and drowns Suzu in the river. Bad End 2: Kanade’s mentality is broken down by the Empress card and he dies inside being eaten by her “soul ghosts” along with Suzu. Just like with Souta, he died in the image of the card.

aya01Matsuri Ayame – Ayame always wants to bang Suzu but it’s not revealed why until you actually get to her ending. I was even surprised she had one seeing how Suzu never even considers her more than a friend. (For example in the end they both go DAISUKI! and Ayame’s like zomg we’re both in love let’s get married…and Suzu’s like but we’re girls we can’t marry! ಠ_ಠ) So Ayame’s deal is that in middle school she did Karate and even had a black belt because she didn’t want to lose to any of the boys. In fact she pretty much beat all of them and well god forbid there be a STRONG female! And so all the boys (and girls) hated her because grr you’re too strong so you stick out etc. The only person who thought she was cool was Suzu and so apparently that made her gay for Suzu ???? Okay then ಠ_ಠ. Also for some reason this gave her a hatred of men (???) which is why when Kousuke kissed her on the cheek she shat bricks and got possessed by the lovers card. At the beginning of the game I just wanted her to put a sock in it but throughout the chapters she finally simmered down and honestly I think she’d actually make a cute couple WITH Kousuke. He’s like really the only guy who can handle her well in my opinion xD. Also I feel like her “love” for Suzu is completely unwarranted it’s like she suddenly decided to be gay because the only person who didn’t hate her for being too strong was someone of the same gender? Like what if it was a dude. Does that mean she’d just be trying to get his D 24/7 instead??? So yea this whole thing about Ayame bothers me and the fact that she’s pretty much a cockblock until you get to Souta & Kanade just adds to the annoyance.

aya02Best End: Her ending is the same copypasta as all the guys in which they go into the park fountain warp portal and defeat/purify the principal. Ayame gets attacked by the Lovers card in which she’s basically seeing an illusion in which all her old classmates call her disgusting and say she’s weird which is why she has no friends. Ayame remembers that despite all the name calling, Suzu was her only friend who didn’t “hate” her personality. I did find it hilarious how before purifying the principal, Ayame karate chopped his ass down :lol:. After he’s purified and they escape and meet up with everyone, she rages at everyone saying they’re losers who didn’t save Suzu when she was in trouble. She then kisses Suzu on the cheek and all the mans are like ಠ_ಠ. That night Ayame make the guys pay for their shopping, karaoke, arcade fees lol. Everyone but Kousuke is like noo mah money www. Ayame concludes by saying “let’s be together forever” to which Suzu of course responds with “we’re bffs along with everyone else here” lol Ayama m9(^Д^)プギャー。 Bad End: Ayame and Suzu are both killed by the phoenix and implanted into the Lovers card. Uhh…I guess this is an unofficial yuri end??? (;´∀`) I wouldn’t have hated Ayame if she 1) stopped yelling so much 2) stopped cockblocking on every guy who gets near Suzu like some kind of overly attached girlfriend. Seriously she could have been a fun kickass character if she wasn’t so fucking annoying 90% of the time ಠ_ಠ.

kou01Touyama Kousuke – I was kinda surprised that his seiyuu voiced Atom in Marginal 4 since Atom was always blaring in my ears but Kousuke was a rico suave :lol:. Literally only when he got possessed did I suddenly recognize Atom’s voice! Kousuke is the transfer student from England though he’s Japanese. He’s pretty much like a weeaboo cause he’s lived there his whole life so to him Japan is BEAUTIFUL YAMATO NADESHIKOS and YUKATAS 😆 He also has been friends with Taiga since middle school through Facebook Maskbook xD. Apparently Taiga wanted to connect with someone who spoke English and Japanese and lived overseas so he sent Kousuke a derpy Engrish message. Kousuke didn’t think he’d end up transferring to the same high school and so was surprised to find him there. He invites Suzu on dates to have some tea and then gets 2 tickets to go to the Odaiba hot springs. Over there he’s so excited cause he spent all of his time in England so he never had a chance to visit a hot spring or wear a yukata. (^ω^) When he was a little younger some college student pedo whore dated him and had sex with him then threw him out. (Honestly it sounds like she was a shotacon who raped him since it messed him up psychologically…) Kosuke pretty much got messed up from this which is where his complex comes from. He’s afraid that nobody will ever love him and that he can never settle on anyone himself – which is why he’s screwed a ton of girls but none of them ever satisfy the lonely hole in his heart. Once he falls for Suzu, the jealousy of her being friendly with her childhood friends drives him up the wall and he gets possessed. After this he goes around being violent until he sees Suzu and then pretty much wants to bang her like Matsuri did when she got possessed (lol sigh.)

kou02Unfortunately because his feelings are amped up to the extreme he also starts strangling her until she uses the Moon card reverse side to “clear his feelings of worry” and purify him back to normal. Best End: Aaaaaas usual they go to purify the principal in the warp portal at the park etc. The moon card shows him illusions of Suzu laughing at him saying he fools women into screwing him cause that’s the only way he can satisfy his ego. She says that he doesn’t understand true love nor does he deserve it. Fortunately thanks to Suzu’s Sun card, he overcomes the inner insecurity, they purify the rabid sensei and escape the collapsing portal. Outside they run into everyone and Kousuke once again confesses to Suzu that he loves her and suddenly she’s like Zomg I think I suddenly love you too! He then kisses her in front of everyone and as usual, everyone groans/rages etc. I really loved Kousuke but his whole route/ending just feels like such a forced cop out…well this can be pretty much said about most of the guys in this game (´;ェ;`)ウゥ・・・。 Bad End 1: If you fail to purify Kousuke goes apeshit and strangles Suzu to death. Bad End 2: Suzu and Kousuke drown in a sea of wandering dead souls before he’s cardified. Good End: Principal dies, they come out of the crumbling fountain, and hug in front of everyone making them cry/rage etc. Actually I really liked Kousuke except in his first bad end where he was possessed and aside from strangling Suzu he went “I fucked so many girls and none of them satisfied me”. Ewww…how many STDs are you carrying bro. :(;゙゚’ω゚’):

tai01Aoba Taiga – Taiga is the student council president and military otaku (but he’s also a huge tsundere which the character site never mentions a thing about!) He likes to make model guns with his 3D printer though he tries not to go overboard cause he doesn’t want to make stuff that will scare people. Their date includes going to the arcade and then taking dorky purikuras together. ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ ) A rumor breaks out that in the past he was bullied by the older brother of the student who got murdered. Taiga admits that this is true and he was indeed bullied in the past. He was not only weak physically but if people made fun of him he’d cry. ( ;∀;) Due to this Kiryu’s brother targetted him and bullied him so he decided to change, exercise and get stronger etc. One weekend when Suzu bumps into Taiga they’re intercepted by Kiryu’s older brother – the ex bully – who says that Taiga is the one who killed his bro. He then starts beating him up until Suzu grabs Taiga’s hand and they run away and end up hiding in a movie theatre while watching a 2.5 hour long war movie 😆 The asshole comes back with his gang of bullies saying Taiga should die for killing his brother. This triggers his trauma from middle school and he gets possessed and beats up all the bullies. The head begs for mercy but a possessed Taiga just wants to beat the living fuck out of them and not stop till he’s satisfied. (And I’m like sitting here cheering him on xD ) When he sees Suzu he hugs her so hard she can barely breathe while begging her to never leave him. Kousuke pushes Taiga away and he runs off somewhere.

tai02They decide to look for the card to purify him. Meanwhile Taiga tries to sit in his room and never come out so he doesn’t hurt anyone. . Unfortunately it’s not effective and when they find him he’s so violent Suzu can’t purify him cause he pins her to the ground. He starts crying that if he goes back to normal he’ll be a loser and Suzu will leave him. Suzu tells him that she and everyone else are his friends no matter what. She then takes the opportunity and purifies him. Bad End: If you fail to purify Taiga he ends up shooting Suzu with a real gun he made out of a 3D printer… and then realizing what he did, he shoots himself. Best End: Taiga & Suzu cosplay as the teenage mutant ninja turtles and save New York. I wish, same ol’ bullshit of going into the fountain, purifying Mr. Principal yatta yatta. This time the principal makes an illusion of the bully who bullied Taiga and tells him to kill him if he wants to save Suzu. Taiga hates the guy but can’t bring himself to kill anybody so he ends up protecting them both and overcoming the illusion. As usual they purify, run out etc. Taiga kisses Suzu and confesses that he loves her in front of all the losers. In the epilogue they go kyakya ufufuing on the beach while ditching everyone else who’s going to eat ice cream. Bad End 2: Faiingl to purify the principal, Suzu and Taiga get buried in the rubble caused by the tower card and pulled down into some black hole by a bunch of dead spirits. As usual Taiga dies in the design of the Tower card together with Suzu. Good End: Sensei actually kills himself because he’s ashamed of the crimes he’s committed and Suzu & Taiga run out without him. When everyone finds out they’ve become a couple they complain and say that she can do better… lol poor Taiga in other guys routes they cheered them on (;´∀`). Taiga gives Suzu a quick kiss to be like YOU’RE MINE NOW WOMAN.

min01So Minjye – Minjye is a rich dude from China who asks how much Suzu “costs” and then drops money bags in front of her. Suzu promptly slaps him and tells him to GTFO :lol:. He’s also a Chinese hacker 😆 and gets math genius Yuuichirou to help him hack Russian databases in exchange for some fine tasting meat buns ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. To get Suzu to take any interest in him, Minjye uses the hacked Russian database info to pull information about a Russian serial murder case that’s similar to the one going on that Suzu & co. are investigating. He keeps trying to get her to be his girlfriend but Suzu’s not interested in all of them diamond rings and constantly rejects him. Frustrated that he can’t have everything he wants, (and lonely because well he’s alone with a butler while his mom’s MIA, dad’s some Chinese olegarc knocking up other ladies so he prolly has a ton of siblings he doesn’t even know about). He got the I’m a dorky gaijin thing that Kousuke has but he’s more obnoxious about it and everything must be resolved via money or his butler Mochizuki. He came to Akarin only because of him shooting darts at a board with various school names on it XD. He also says he likes Suzu because she’s got a spine and stuff like expensive clothes & jewelry don’t move her heart. When she comes to his place one night, thanks to Mochizuki being a wingman, they watch the night lights together and he tells her “I Love you” in Chinese. (Which I only understood because I learned it from Fushigi Yuugi xD). He gets possessed by the emperor card which commands him to basically do everything it takes to get “all of his desired wishes to come true”. His butler Mochizuki tells everyone that when Minjye was young his mom refused to even touch him because she didn’t want to “dirty” herself. Was probably forced to have him to begin with so she only ever pursued her gold digging life and bought herself all sorts of gorgeous dresses etc. Instead she raised him with the idea that love = money and that money = happiness. So now that he cannot get Suzu with all the money in the world, he’s both enraged at this fact and probably at the complex with his aloof mother. They find the emperor card and run to the park to see him throwing money everywhere. When Suzu tries to purify him he drags her to some hotel room for some raep time (and I’m like wow Ayame for once where the fuck are you to rage at the dudes???) Well as it turns out once Suzu stops “resisting” I guess that kills his motivation or something and he gets distracted enough so she can purify him. She tells him that money isn’t everything and she isn’t going to hate him if he isn’t throwing dolla billz (or yen billz, or Chinese yuan??) at her face.

Bad End 1: By not purifying Minjye, he decides he’s gonna become a diabolik lover reject, cut up Suzu’s boobs with a fruit knife and suck the blood out of them. (; ・`д・´) Actually is this a joke because he used a FRUIT knife to slice some huge MELONS?ァ ‘`,、’`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、’`,、

Best End:

Oppa Shanghai Style!!

Yea I was that bored of sitting through the same freaking cut & paste scenario that I actually made this gif (;^ω^)

min02Once again the same fucking copy pasta of principal purifying, being tempted by the emperor card and the magical sun card inside Suzu that saves the day. Admittedly I laughed at the tentacle hentai style CG with Minjye. It’s like revenge for the bad end boob CG haha ’`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、. After they get out he confesses his love and Suuz’s like bebe my heart belongs to you~! In the epilogue they have a fancy dinner then go back to his hotel room for some sexy time. Seriously though, he had the HOTTEST ending CG. When I think back to Kanade’s terribly drawn ending kiss CG I cry on the inside www. Bad End 2: Minjye tries to change sensei’s mind by buying the school and hiring high class teachers but the dude’s too far gone to give a shit and kills him anyway. I think his “card” cg was by far the bloodiest of them all. Good End: Well unlike the other guys, Minjye gets not 1 but TWO kiss CGs! When they come out of the portal, Minjye’s like whatever principal’s dead no point of reporting any of this to the police. He then tells all the guys to not lay a hand on Suzu and Suzu admits that she likes him. He’s like COOL LETS SHOW OFF and makes out with her then runs away with her in his arms. Everyone else chases them raging that they’ll never allow him to date their honey www.

peach01Momoi Yuuichirou – Yuuichirou is referred to as “Peach” by everyone because of his last name, Yuuichirou is a poor math genius who spends every waking moment working at part time jobs. This is all to support his mother and 4 younger siblings (2 pairs of twins at that). Fortunately because he’s really smart he doesn’t need to spend much time studying to keep his grades up. This leaves all of his waking moments doing one of 5 part time jobs and sometimes eating “air lunch” because he’s too poor to afford food. (´;ェ;`)ウゥ・・・ His mother trips and falls one day and Suzu calls an ambulance to get her to the hospital asap. Apparently his mom is a dojikko lol. Anyway after this Yuuichiro falls for her and starts getting all dokidoki just looking at her handkerchief. His mom gives him a pair of tickets to Odaiba Onsen and tells her son to GO GET ‘ER. Yuuichirou’s like derp but asks Suzu anyway as a thanks for helping his mom out. Suzu agrees to go and they enjoy a foot bath area together (until he trips and falls inside lol.)He’s so head over heels for Suzu after that he can’t even focus on his math – the one thing he uses to de-stress! The Temperance  card takes the opportunity of a stressed out Yuuichirou and he gets possessed. The card makes him be like fuck my responsibilities, I’m just gonna do whatever I want! Before he can do anything to Suzu, Minjye takes her in his car and they go looking for his card. Once they find it, Taiga calls them says that Yuuichirou is as the school somewhere. They go around looking for him and Suzu finds the poor child cutting his wrists at the library and crying that he can’t solve math problems to support his family. (Earlier the principal gave him a warning that if he didn’t keep his grades up they wouldn’t give him a free scholarship anymore.)

peach02Suzu can’t stand seeing him like this so she goes to attempt to purify him. The moment he sees her though he holds a knife to her throat and says that he needs to kill her so that he can stop thinking about her and focus on his math. Suzu manages to get him to drop his knife but instead he goes into ero mode and starts licking her ear instead saying he’ll just make her his instead.  She finally manages to convince him that he doesn’t need to take everything upon himself and he should rely on his siblings and mother once in a while, as well as on her  because she’s his friend. (´;ω;`)Bad End 1: Without purifying Yuuichirou, he slices Suzu’s neck and kills her complaining that he can’t “hold back his desires” if she’s alive. Best End: Thanks to Suzu’s advice, Yuuichiro has now started having his brothers help out with household chores and he’s been teaching them math. *Insert copy & paste about going inside and defeating the principal.* During the battle Suzu and Yuuichiro get trapped in giant bubbles and then Yuuichiro has an inner yaoi battle with himself about whether to keep trying or just give up and stop caring. Thanks to the LIGHT OF THE SUN from Suzu he manages to escape the bubble prison. After they get out and purify the principal, Sakagami gramps shows up and punches him as anger for Yuuki lol. What I didn’t mention in my other copy paste endings is in every end they ask the principal how he got possessed by the World card but he just goes hur dur I don’t remember I was at some bar and it just happened! And this goes on 6 times and each time they’re like “welp case solved” until you get to the true end. ( ´_ゝ`) Anyway afterwards everyone has a celebratory party but Yuuichiro grabs Suzu and runs off with her so they can be alone…just in time for him to confess to her and kiss 😛 Bad End 2: Suzu and Yuuichiro drown in a pool of LCL. Good End: Principal goes down with the titanic and Suzu and Yuuichirou escape the matrix. He then confesses that he loves her and kisses her to make sure she understands what kind of “love” he means. As usual Ayame & co. rage and chase them away.

true01True End – As I had guessed, the blonde dude is not only the final end boss but also Suzu’s father. I mean he freaking looks exactly like her and she looked nothing like her parents. She also recalled that the lullaby she sings is the same one he sang and that her parents didn’t have any photos of her prior to being 2 years old. (They even lied and said it’s because she was sick and they couldn’t take any…I mean wtf Kanade knows he’s adopted but why didn’t they tell Suzu?? I think she’s old enough at 17 to handle the truth?? ( ´_ゝ`)) Kanade ends up going inside the portal with her and the blonde dude kills the principal and then reveals all this along with the fact that the fortune teller lady Mirei is actually Suzu’s real mother. Well so much for being “the man he loves” rather than uh her actual husband? (Unless he just knocked her up and went prancing with his tarot cards.) He reveals himself as Rudiger and says he’s from another dimension! 😆 He complains that the negative emotions on earth are causing his world to become one giant world of darkness! The only way to cure this darkness problem is to find someone who can possess & manipulate the sun card. He tried doing that back in Russia 18 years ago but was unsuccessful. He then went to a powerful fortune teller who referred him to Mirei. Mirei told him that in a year someone who can handle the Sun card will appear so he decided to hang around and wait. In the meantime, he was bored, decided Mirei’s a sexy lady and they had sexy time. And so 1 year later, Suzu was born and Rudiger was like “oh yea so can you do another prediction since it’s been a year?”

true02Mirei then ended up doing the prediction to reveal that the person who can handle the Sun is none other than their daughter Suzu! Mirei was against it but he was like lol idgaf I need to save MY WORLD. Also cause he broke a rule by knocking up someone on earth he decided to be safe he’d just return back to his world. Before leaving though, he made sure that Suzu had the card powers developing inside of her. Now that the card has fully developed Rudiger wants to take Suzu back to his world to save it but Kanade’s like wtf no. In fact the entire reason of Suzu purifying everyone was to complete the development of her powers. So then Mirei appears, tells Rudiger that she won’t sacrifice their daughter, grabs Suzu and runs away together. Kanade stays behind promising Suzu he’ll be back but yea right lol, Rudiger takes the World card and throws it on Kanade. Kanade’s like wait, instead of dragging Suzu to light up you world, we’ll just CHANGE OUR WORLD THROUGH THE INTERNET AND MAKE IT BETTER SO YOUR WORLD WON’T BE IN THE DARK! ಠ_ಠ He decides to call it the PURIFY WORLD PROJECT! And for some idiotic reason this works and Rudiger returns to his dimension (and will probably be back to try again later cause lol pls.) Kanade then tells Suzu he loves her as a man (rather than as an oniichan, YOLO) and turns out Suzu’s parents (the Miharas) were shipping them all along! 😆 Kanade then kisses her in front of his real parents graves and one year later they’re working on the PWP together. The final CG is Kanade on top of a waking up Suzu which is kind of a let down cause it’s kinda like his first CG just a more close up (´・ω・`). Also it’s probably a let down for anyone who likes characters other than Kanade cause this pretty much makes him the true canon dude of the game lol.


Wow I am so disappointed and heartbroken I don’t even know where to start. Was this a bad game? Hmm yea. The story pretty much ruined everything that was good about it. Think of it as getting a gorgeous delicious looking cake, but it’s being served in a poop filled cat litter box. No matter how good that cake is, you aren’t gonna wanna eat it! The game’s biggest problem is the way they divide the guys. It’s an otome game right? We want individual routes right? But the game is presented like a visual novel based anime: each “chapter” is dedicated to 1 guy and then you move on to the next. Fortunately unlike the anime, you can at least end up with someone but otherwise you basically go through each guy with no real attachment to any of them. Just when you start to get attached to a character, his chapter ends and you go to the next one…and you end up feeling like noo I wanna spend more time with the guy from the previous chapter wtf. Due to this it almost makes Suzu feel like some pimpstress cause she going through guys like a merry go round. 😆 The way the chapters are divided is 1 & 2 are basically intro to the mystery and the setting. Chapter 2 is Kousuke, ch 3 is Taiga, ch 4 is Minjye, ch. 5 Yuuichiro, ch. 6 Souta and ch. 7 Kanade with ch. 8 being the guy who has the most affection based on whether you accept or reject all the guys advances in ch. 1-7. It felt strange when I had intended to go after Souta yet here I found myself going through every guy and being like “uh so when do I get to actually do anything with Souta ??” IT’S JUST A FUCKING SHAME BECAUSE ALL THE GUYS ARE SO ADORABLE AND CHARMING AND I JUST WANTED TO HAVE THEIR INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION (´;ェ;`)ウゥ・・・But instead they wanted to focus on the “whole group solving a mystery” but didn’t know how to “combine” the story yet still have enough “individual character scenes”. I can pretty much just tell them to go play Norn 9 and see how that was done. Yea the story was basically the same but there was still enough “attention” to each guy that it didn’t feel like it was 1 giant common route.

You know shit's bad when even the heroine isn't sure why she ended up with him.
You know shit’s bad when even the heroine isn’t sure why she ended up with the guy.

Also they could have done like they did with Arcana Famiglia and just let you “pick” the guy you’re going after. Maybe something along the lines of a “partner” to solve the mystery with this way you know you’re going after guy X so you don’t have everyone else being jealous and/or Ayame being a loud cockblocking biatch. Once you do your first run you’re basically now going through the same common route again, rejecting whatever guys you’re not pursuing so that the final chapter changes…and you’re doing this 6 times. Yea it can get stale pretty quickly. And well it was rather cruel and heartbreaking constantly being like NOPE NOT GOING ON A DATE WITH YOU and seeing their shattered expressions. (´;ω;`) Yuuichirou got so heartbroken when you reject him that his mind literally broke and he started reciting all the numbers in π. The good news is they have a nice scene skip feature so you can get this done faster but this type of copy pasta was something that had mostly been done in older otome games…so it’s kind of a surprise/shock to see a game in 2015 pull this kind of thing. It’s really a shame because the art, the music, the characters and the premise are absolutely wonderful. If they had just put more effort into working out individual routes for each guy it could have been so much better. I’m pretty much sitting here wishing they’d just do a fandisk to focus on the romance between the heroine and all the guys because they’re all so adorable. This has been mentioned a lot in Amazon reviews but Suzu’s friend Ayame is annoying as shit because she basically rages at every guy who even as much talks to Suzu. I think it wasn’t until chapter 6 that she finally calmed the fuck down and in chapter 7 she actually *gasp* helped save Suzu for once! She wants to bang Suzu just as much as the guys do but Suzu doesn’t want to swing that way so she just sees it as “an over affectionate female friend” wut. It’s also annoying that because “we’re bff girls” she’s allowed to rub herself all over Suzu and grab her everywhere while reciting her lewd fantasies…while god forbid Kousuke kiss Suzu’s hand. HOW DARE HE! Seriously her seiyuu voiced Mako and Tamako and I LOVED THOSE 2 characters. I had no idea her voice actress could sound this fucking aggravating wow.

System wise I think it was fine except for the card search. I would often miss it because i’d be looking at the text and not in the bottom right corner for the search icon. After I missed at least twice I began constantly looking into the bottom right corner. It reminded me of my days playing the Vitamin games making sure I don’t miss any of the tsukkomi/suru~ phrases. (;^ω^)Thank god for the guides that actually mentioned the place where you have to look so it made it easier to actually pay attention and quick save beforehand. The only other minor annoyance is all the choices are timed. That means if you plan to save on a choice you need to do it someplace before the choice pops up because you can’t save during it. Apparently you can save but I think it has to be via menu and I probably tried quick save and it didn’t work so I figured you can’t lol. It’s similar to Karin’s games so it didn’t really bother me too much but I never really got the point of having timed choices. Like come on, this is a game, I should have all the time in the world to make a decision! The system had a lot of good stuff though like lots of small details like it saying who’s pov the game is from. Listing the name of the bgm track playing whenever a new track starts to play. Also when you complete each guy’s route there’s a little bonus Line (Rain) conversation talking about your 1 month dating anniversary. There was also the option to jump to the next choice which BY NOW I THINK ALL OTOME GAMES NEED TO HAVE. SERIOUSLY OTOMATE YOU NEED TO LEARN FROM COMFORT ON THIS. I’m sick of having to sit while the game “skips” when I can just gasp JUMP TO NEXT UNREAD CHOICE/PIECE OF DIALOGUE. WHAT A CONCEPT! And the best part too this also had the option to jump back to your previous choice in case you messed up or missed a card! Amazing! I think that’s like the biggest praise I can give to this game.

Since I got the Animate set it came with a bunch of drama CDs and a seiyuu DVD and it was SO GOOD A++++. It was all the main guys 6 seiyuus doing a mini drama, talking about the game, and doing various situational voices. I’ve never really been a huge seiyuu DVD fan but I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. This was definitely well worth the money I paid for the animate set (ノ∀`*) The drama CD that came with the game was Souta receiving an otome game by accident and Kanade being like LOL LETS PLAY IT ァ ‘`,、’`,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、’`,、. Also I’m kinda bothered that they call Suzu’s name in the drama CD but not in the game! What gives come on! ( ;∀;) It was a great drama CD I laughed my ass off especially when Kanade’s like “fuck this shit I’m looking for a walkthrough” xDDDD.

tl;dr EVERYTHING BUT THE FUCKING SHIT GARBAGE SCENARIO IS REALLY GOOD WHY DO YOU DO THIS COMFORT トリャ!!|┛*`Д´|┛。・*・┻━┻:・、。▽. The game got pretty low reviews on Amazon so I doubt they’d ever touch this series again but deep inside I hope they consider a fandisk and hire a GOOD WRITER. (-∧-;)


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  1. Thank you for reading!
    And yea honestly I had high hopes for this game but it was really ruined by the bad story T_T DVD was definitely worth it for me xD Seiyuus being dorks!

  2. Ohai here, it’s been a long time |・ω・)ノ !
    Like always, I really enjoyed your review!
    At first sight, I was truly interessed by this game. The plot looked so atypical & attractive for me, flashy colors pleased my eyes too. Such a shame that it was bad, so much wasted potential hurts urgh (˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ ) ! But I shyly admit that I want to play this game just because of So Minjye ahah! Happily, the DVD is there to catch up the bitter taste!

    (Also, I wanted to warmly thank you too! Because thanks to you and your reviews, I was able to improve my english, and get my degree in this subject!
    So, again, thank you so much Hinano for your wonderful work (´∀`)♡ !!!)

  3. Never heard of this title, but I’m kind of interested despite the flaws (so I skimmed the spoilers for now.) Thanks for the post! lol I love behind the scenes stuff, your dvd sounds funny XD

  4. そのコメントを見た途端、噴き出したwwww

    I’m waiitng for your Nakaba route 😀 From your screenshots, Heavensward seems fun! I’ve never touched FF before though, so I’m too afraid to get started (;´・ω・)

  5. That would be nice, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen since all around the game hasn’t been received well.

  6. yea don’t really bother with this anymore. I can only hope they do some kind of sequel or fandisk and do all the routes properly. I know they have it in them, they just need a decent writer.

  7. That’s a shame to hear about this game. I was actually really conflicted that I didn’t buy it because I wanted to. I guess it’s a good thing I waited. It’s really unfortunate when the game could’ve been so much better if they had planned things better. Although the repetitive plot would’ve been annoying, I think the thing I didn’t care for the most was how the story progressed with each guy as a singular route rather than branching off. That seems like such a waste when the characters themselves sound pretty interesting. Thanks for the review! There seems to be a consensus on this game so I’ll be skipping this one.

  8. Thank you so very much for your fast reply! I appreciate your kindness! ❤

    Good luck in the game! ^_^ As I have read some of your previous posts, I am sure the new review will be equally long, thorough and detailed. 😀

  9. Hi I’m currently replaying the game and heavily rewriting the post due to it having some errors and missing information. It should be up hopefully within the next few weeks.

  10. Hi! I was searching for an old post of you about the game Clock Zero. I had found it some months ago. I think now it is deleted? If yes, is it possible to find it somewhere? It was so well-written and informative!

    Thank you in advance for your time! ❤

  11. Of course I’ve used Google but… Google is part of the problem. I don’t think fujoshi stuff should be forced on me every search and every site even when I use quotation marks and the minus key. I assume they MAKE a lot of straight CDs etc. (for example Sleepytime Boyfriend which was really nice and pushed me into searching for this kind of stuff after I liked some of the voices) but according to Google, tumblr, wordpress, Soundcloud, etc., het stuff is extremely rare. So I give up. Here’s a suggestion you might appreciate though. Akuma-chan (something) yoshi yoshi is GirlXBoy Demon but it isn’t out just yet. Maybe you’ll like that one. Sayonara…

  12. Not to be odd but do you know websites that only cover BoyXGirl Games and CDs? Some fujoshi bloggers have a small selection of het stuff but I prefer a blog without BL and yaoi images everywhere. Please help! I feel like talk cds, situation cds, etc. could be interesting for me but I just keep getting fujoshi femfap fodder instead. 😡

  13. What did I just read
    I heard it was copypasta which I think it’s still fine for me but one chapter for one character?!
    I lost my motivation to get this game when I get my PSVita orz

  14. I wasn’t surprised cause I saw the preview video they released a couple weeks before and I was like Oohh… lol
    I sat through some of the guys I Liked (like Souta & Kanade) but ended up skipping through Peach and Kaicho ;(

  15. I didn’t really get what the possession thing was at first and was surprised they all turned into psychos.
    I was so close to skipping the end part after the second time but I liked hearing the guys talk so I decided to sit through it lol.
    Yeah I updated to the latest firmware so I don’t know what’s wrong. That was the first time I ever had a game freeze on me. Hope it doesn’t happen again.

  16. congrats on making it through ドンマイ( ´・ω・)ノ(´ノД;`)

    Honestly I found the “dates” and “scenes” with the guys really cute and I was actually curious what their possessed selves would be like (only to pretty much regret it in every route but Kanade’s cause Maeno’s psycho laugh was hilarious xD)

    The thing that irritated me the most was the repetitive shit in chapter 8. I actually had to force skip through a lot of those and while I felt bad doing it I just reached my limit :S

    Didn’t have the game freeze issue like you did though. Have you updated your firmware recently?

  17. I finally finished the game and I’m disappointed like everyone else! 😞 I agree with everything you wrote. It seems like they put more effort in everything but the story.
    The possession thing got really old after a while because it was the same formula over and over. I already got pretty bored 3/4 of the way during my first round. I’m surprised I didn’t doze off playing the rest of the game lol. I was also bothered by the lack of events with each guy. Each guy seems to get 2 or so events and that’s it. Lmao the whole game is so formulaic.
    At first I wasn’t used to Maeno’s cutesy voice and kept laughing my ass off whenever he spoke, especially goes into onii-chan mode.
    For some reason the game froze on me two times, both towards the end of a route. 😑
    Well, even if the game was shitty, at least I can enjoy the extras!

  18. I’m basically going back to my PS2 review (I never played the PSP one) and adding stuff in that I didn’t catch before.
    As far as any new content (which includes PSP and vita) I will do a separate post for those. 🙂

  19. I’ve decided: imma not get this. XD

    Hinano’s reviews are always good when it comes to deciding on getting which otoges. =3

    Looking forward to your Clock Zero review. Will it be lengthy? Or will you just cover the new stuffs since you’ve reviewed the PSP version?

  20. ←person who spent over $100 is also extremely disappointed |D;;

    The 1 guy a chapter thing seems really unusual to me to be honest. This is the first I’ve seen it in a really long time.

  21. Uuuugh I’m so disappointed because I was hoping it’d be a good game with a good story and lovable guys and tons of ラブラブ moments. I also don’t get the whole one guy a chapter. Is that a popular thing in otoge nowadays?

  22. Okay thaaanks 😀 ,and for someone who is a beginner in japanese would you recommend it? Yeah i’m actually starting the otome games in japanese now and i’m not sure what to do (>_<)

  23. I loved NinKoi honestly and I preordered the limited vita edition even though I have the limited PSP one if that tells you anything 😛

    Yes you typically get charged either upon placing the order or upon the order shipping (depending where you buy from and the type of payment you use).
    In Japan they have COD (cash on delivery) option where you can pay at the time of delivery but that’s for Japanese residents only.

  24. I’m new here and you have captured me with everything hahaha ٩(◕‿◕)۶.
    I want to buy some otome games and I don’t know which, would you recommend me this one or the one of Shinobi Koi Utsutsu? I have read your reviews, and as all of them they’re great :3. Also I have another question (yay more questions, actually I wasn’t sure where to post this comment), when you buy the games and that stuff you need to pay before they send you everything or when they hand it to you in you house or something? (sorry for my ignorance but as I said I’m new here (⌒_⌒;))

  25. Yea I don’t really get it either I mean I expect a certain degree of repetition in a game but not exact same dialogue like come on! lol

    And yea good female sidekick friend characters are so hard to find. I think Tomochika from UtaPri is probably my favorite “friend” character of all time XD
    I think as a heroine Suzu was fine except when it came to Ayame. She was completely oblivious to all of Ayame’s yuri attempts and I’m just like come on www
    Also didn’t help that due to the poor writing it made it seem like she falls for guys super easily because she’d be all dokidoki over every guy in every chapter lol

  26. Wow… I don’t get how companies think they can get away with copy-pasta game routes o_O Like… do they assume we won’t notice? XD

    But I’m glad the characters were at least good (well except for Ayame — why can’t we have more girl besties in otome games that a) don’t try to steal your man b) aren’t also in love with you yuri-style c) doesn’t have a creepy/annoying personality or d) disappears halfway through the game?)! Too bad the plot just ruins it :/ I really like tarot cards and so games that involve them kinda make me happy (which is why I played all the Arcana Famiglia games www)

    How was Suzu as a heroine though? Tolerable or way too self-insert blank slate?

    As always, thanks for a great review!~

  27. Pretty much good everything but writing like…how could you think a game in 2015 with so much repetition could be taken good by all the fans??
    I think aside from wishing everyone had their own route I wished that their endings would actually be different. I think the repetition of chapter 8 really killed it for me.

  28. Yea the bad ends were well pretty bad but the copy pasta story really jaded me so I probably wasn’t as horrified as I could have been.

  29. so this is an example of good characters but bad writing? xD; I know Ayame’s seiyuu too and I actually like some of her characters lately but when she’s screaming and cockblocking everyone I guess that’ll be annoying.

    anw congrats on finishing the game! too bad the scenario was written poorly ): I agree on how this game could become a proper otome game if you can choose your partner and basically every guy could have their own route :/ it’s a shame really. really big expectations but we got slapped pretty bad. idk what’s with games I’ve been expecting really high lately turned out to be bad orz


  30. Aww man, That’s heck a rather disappointing for the game. It looked so damm promising! Oh cake why do you have to taste like shift…
    The bad endings in the game the way you described it, makes it sound hella dark. But man do I feel for you, good thing you got the tokutens and DVD set with it to make it up. Very happy moment.

    Kinda seems the Amazon reviews proved itself ヽ(;▽;)ノ
    We need good WRITERS!

  31. Yea she seemed like she could be a fun strong friend chara but yea the bitchings and yelling really ruined it for me :/
    My friend mentioned she could save during the timed choices as well. Did you use quick save or regular save? I couldn’t seem to pull up the menu during those maybe I was doing something wrong lol

    Seeing how I didn’t like the original arcana famiglia but they made subsequently better games maybe they will consider a better FD? A lot of Amazon reviews did say they want a better FD so hopefully our voices will be heard lol

  32. Still reading my way through the game so I have to skip the spoilers for now. Glad to hear the seiyuu DVD helped justify the Animate set for you, sounds like lots of fun!
    Before playing the game I did like Ayame, but her bitch fits really are over the top and it’s fortunate they become less frequent later on. I don’t seem to have any trouble saving during timed choices and luckily I could just keep the timer paused with the side menu. Shame that as ambitious as the project was, they didn’t hire a better writer.

    Is there really no hope for a fandisk? ;_; I just love the guys so much! Going to keep my fingers crossed.

  33. Yea seriously I would have wanted to see more Kou & Ayame moments rather than her constantly going ( ゚Д゚)ハァ?! sigh

    Lol yea I’m moving on to clock zero now! I’m looking forward to your review on Root Rexx thought cause I’m curious about that one

  34. Yay I’m glad you enjoyed the DVD!!! And zomg I totally ship KouXAyame too wwwww. I love how she calls him Eromegane 😂

    This and Norn Last Era are games we’re agreeing on (finally)

    Now it’s time for our backlogs XD

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