Unboxing: Shinobi Koi Utsutsu Vita port (Stellaworth Set)


I’m still playing Clock Zero because once the FF14 expansion dropped it stomped on my otome play time (which I expected but yea…). Only Nakaba’s route and Takato left so I’ll try to get through that and then I’ll probably move on to this. I still have Crimson Empire sitting around but since Quin Rose announced a fandisk, maybe I’ll hold off until that comes out and just play both at once?

In addition to the Vita package I dug out the limited edition of the PSP package and took photos side by side for comparison!

For the most part a lot of it is the same except the fact that the PSP booklet dedicates 2 pages to each ninja. The vita one only has 1 page because they added 4 new characters (;´・ω・). Otherwise I’m kinda pleased to see at least the size is still the same. My trigger kiss box and booklet were so tiny and crappy in comparison that I hope they keep doing limited editions more like this than like TK did.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Sometimes I think I should probably just drop otome gaming if I’m gonna be playing an MMO game but I know I have readers who like to read my reviews ..as scarce as they may be nowdays. For you guys I’ll try my best to get through and review this stuff. Thanks for being patient with me (m´・ω・`)m ゴメン…


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  1. Thanks a lot for sticking with me even though I’m slowpoke.jpg lately lol. I still enjoy playing games even if I take so long to get through them nowdays XD

  2. I think you should definitely play what you want. I love reading your otome game reviews (mostly cause I also have no time to ever play the games I want but was always curious about the games that come out) but I want you to enjoy doing them 🙂 Thanks for all the reviews you’ve done so far though! They are fantastic and I hope you get to continue to do what you want (even if it means dedicating more time to FF14 ohoho~ )

  3. heeey im still here reading your log since 3 years ago so theres still some of us left!

  4. yes I just finished it today and it’s hard to say. Would I buy the game ONLY for Nakaba’s route? probably not.
    Is it a good addition to the existing game ? yes. I’ve not played the PSP version but I think for me it was worth replaying the Vita version and the Nakaba route was like an extra bonus.

  5. hello! have you finished nakaba’s route yet?

    i recently started picked up the psp version of clock zero lent to me by a friend (which i think is mostly like the ps2 one with minor changes?? but i’m not really sure lol) and i was wondering, is it worth it to buy the vita version just for the nakaba route and extra content? i love nakaba from what little screen time he had so i’ve been debating for a few days whether or not to buy it ;o;

  6. thanks for being a long time reader!

    I don’t really have preferences other than I like happy colorful looking games? For example I’m not interested in Bad Apple Wars at all but I’m totally excited for Yunohana Spring 😀

  7. I’m finally down to just Takato’s route so I’m gonna try to really push to finish this game so I can move on to my moe nins! FF14 is so addictive but despite some serious arm pain I get from overplaying it, I really do enjoy it

  8. I follow you on Twitter and always read your reviews, except the ones I planned to play someday… Now that I finally got a Vita, that’s becoming a reality. And I’m basing what otome games to get based on your recommendations. I am excite, nbd

  9. Hi!
    I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now (and thank you so much for the reviews. I have to say it was one of the major influences on me getting interested in otome games). I was just curious: do you have any preferences when it comes to the genre of the otome game like school life or fantasy?

  10. Totally get what you mean about prioritization. Norn9 took me a couple months to finish coz it’s so lengthy! …Not that i’m complaining. XD

    I think i burnt out my otome gaming stamina/willpower and now am more looking forward to playing RPGs where i can actually control the characters and move.

    Whenever you decide to review, Hinano, we’ll be here to read ’em and comment; no worries! =D

  11. Yea Im still playing clock zero and I love it…I’m just slow as a turtle because “welp time to do my daily dungeon grind!” lol

    I find both enjoyable but sometimes it’s hard to pick one over the other!

  12. Haha are you playing FFXIV too? Did you finish the storyline? I cried for like 3 hours after finishing a certain cut scene (´;ω;`)

  13. I wasn’t sure whether to get limited or regular (since I had limited PSP) but after seeing that Stella set image I just couldn’t resist (◉◞౪◟◉`)

  14. I’m glad you haven’t given up on otome gaming. I absolutely love your reviews, and I rely on only yours when I can’t be bothered to play through a route for myself!! Of course, if you don’t find them fun anymore, I completely understand. Whatever you do, I wish you the all the best! What am I saying, once you start otome gaming, you can’t stop! Muhahaha!!! はい、御免なさい

  15. Omg Hinano!
    You got me into FFXIV and otome gaming. I really like your reviews and your FFXIV posts.
    ffxiv is great right now omg, so excited for alexander. astrologian is funner than i thought it would be, the cards are so much fun. and alphinaud is such a QT. could you imagine a FFXIV otome game? i would die, oh my god. aymeric would be the prince archetype obviously.
    anyway, im glad youre enjoying ffxiv and ill probably read whatever you post here/your twitter. x)

  16. I just got my ShinobiKoi game today too! I actually didn’t buy the PSP version so I was stoked when I found out they were releasing it on the Vita although I only got the RE, so it’s nice to see what other goodies I could’ve gotten. I shall live vicariously through you a little in that sense xD. I’ve been pretty behind in my gaming so I keep getting more things but I haven’t even opened a bunch of them. Clock Zero is actually one of them. I was so excited before it came out but I guess I burned out the excitement when I actually got it…

  17. yep I definitely know about Code Realize Norn 9 and Amnesia localizations!

    If people actually buy the games, I think they will license more of them. It’s really great that western fans can enjoy more stuff than constant ports & reports of Hakuoki now :p

  18. (steps away from lurking spot…)

    Hello! Nice to hear an update from you since I enjoy reading your reviews. You’re one of the reasons I got into otome gaming 🙂

    Just wondering if you heard that there’s gonna be three otome games released in the states this year. I was kinda shock that Amnesia, Code: Realize and Norn 9 are gonna be translated. Just curious if you feel the trend will continue to stay strong if these games will get successful enough so we might get more titles in the future. My Japanese level is at baby so I plan to learn regardless to play the types of games I love but I thought its nice that publishers are taking notice

  19. take your time and enjoy your (FF14) gaming. you shouldn’t be pressured to play games on other ppl’s behalf tbh. if u don’t enjoy them, then nobody else will ^^

  20. Hi, I have finally stopped lurking like a creepster and have decided to comment… Um, I just want to say thanks for doing these reviews, they are really funny and entertaining. Uh, its really really nice to have access (in some form) to the source material of anime such as utapri (you know so I can make comparisons and such) also, I really like being able to learn about new games. Um thanks for your time

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