Unboxing: Trigger Kiss Limited & Hanasaku ManiMani


Rainy weather and your incompetence cannot keep me away from my 2D men Mr. Postman! m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ

Pardon the broken thumbnails. The full image should work if you click on them.

First time ordering Otomate’s limited edition Vita game and kinda shocked that the box is so tiny (if you look at the comparison to their PSP box.) Because of this the “booklet” that comes with it is even tinier (´・ω・`;A).  Also kinda disappointed the entire booklet is pretty much black & white. I know it’s supposed to be like your “student pass” thing but really, I would have preferred some color illustrations rather than some blank memo pages with a couple rough sketches on the side 😐

Anyway I’ve played the Hanamani demo but due to a confirmed freeze bug, I’ll hold off on that for now and play Trigger Kiss first!


17 thoughts on “Unboxing: Trigger Kiss Limited & Hanasaku ManiMani”

  1. They do but it just says “booklet” on the site but doesn’t really say what’s inside or how big it is unfortunately.
    the only other limited edition I’ve preordered is for Code Realize and the rest are regular so we’ll see how that goes

  2. Wow… that limited edition box comes with almost nothing! D: Yeah, the booklet wouldn’t have been so bad if it was at least colored (well not AS bad as it is). Do they not announce what comes in the limited edition boxes ahead of time? I always thought they did but I’ve never really preordered before since I like to know if the games are good first S:

  3. Wow I hope you get that taken care of asap. I usually don’t order from them but I have preordered marginal 4 there. ..now I’m a bit worried. Wtf honestly 😟

  4. I preordered Trigger Kiss months ago on Amiami…and when I finally got it today it, the shipping box was literally empty. I’m beyond furious oh my god. I wish I could play it soon ;__;

  5. nah the booklet is more like a passport if anything lol, honestly if I knew that was gonna be the contents of the limited edition I would have never bothered!

  6. ah no the box for TK and Hanamani Vita are actually the same size but the PSP box is probably larger (i don’t have it though XD)

  7. Whoa, Trigger Kiss box is more smaller than Shinobi, Koi Utsusu 0.o and Hanasaku, I’m still surprised they hire Redjuice as chara designer XD

  8. It’s probably a dumb comment considering its an otome game, but Trigger Kiss reminds me of a Street Fighter game, anime-style. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

  9. yea I didn’t realize it would affect it either, and I’m a bit disappointed.
    the upside is the games weigh less so at least that can be a saving on shipping? 🙂

  10. I will but since I never played the original I won’t be able to compare other than for the bit of the PSP demo I played from the PSN store!

  11. Glad you got your games! I just recently realized how tiny Vita game cases are and never thought about that affecting the bonus items. (;゚д゚)ァ…. Looking forward to your reviews! (I’ll read them after I finish the games though ww)

  12. I read a summary/review of Hanasaku ManiMani (PSP) last year and kinda surprised it’s now on the Vita. I know the character designer is famous for his girls + mecha illustrations so it’s new for otoge o-o

    I’m curious are you going to do a reveiw for it w/updated features? Thanks.

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