Otome Game Review: Minus Eight (-8)

Yaotome Rei is about to start her first year of high school but she didn’t get into the school she wanted. The reason is her middle school senpais wasted her time with studying too much or slacking off too much and she ended up failing all her entrance exams. The only school that accepts her is a school that takes in the most disappointing students in all of Japan. Rei decides she’ll try her best anyway until she finds out that the school’s gonna be shut down mid year because the principal is also an idiot 😆 The principal says that the only way to save the school from getting shut down is to…..fall in love! By showing that the school is full of raburabu couples, apparently they will get a large sum of money (probably because Japan’s birth rate is abysmally low www). Now it’s up to Rei to find the man of her dreams, but unfortunately she only has a bunch of losers to choose from.

minus8002Utano Jun – I made the mistake of playing Jun’s route first which made the rest of the game be a huge disappointment (lol pun intended.) Jun is a dojikko but ramped up 1000%. He has horrid luck and is often getting hit by cars, running into things, breaking his phone, you name it. If you can think of a “what if” bad scenario, it will probably happen to him. Fortunately his friend Aoba is obsessed with fortune telling and he often gives Jun suggestions and tips for good luck items in order to try and decrease the probability of him getting into some accident. Dating Jun is no easy task for Rei. On their date someone steals his wallet, at the school trip his ceiling has a leak which makes his futon all wet & soggy. Of course good things can come out of bad situations, aka blessings in disguise, and so in that scenario, Jun and Rei end up sharing a futon together <3. At the Christmas ball, some dude hits on Rei but Jun finally shows up and takes her away saying he won’t give her to anyone ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲* He gives her a present which is unfortunately then bumed away and when she runs to get it they both crash into the cake table. So then the first thing Jun does is lick the frosting off Rei (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)!! Unfortunately since they’re covered in cake, they have to go use the school shower room to wash it all off.  After this she realized he called her by her name and says that he can call her Rei from now on and he tells her to call him Jun. Turns out the gift he got her is a white scarf and since the nurse’s office is cold they end up cuddling and ichaichaing for warmth the rest of the night  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;; p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q

minus8003Rei then realizes that she’s in love with Jun and starts having dreams about him xD After falling into a hole during new years shrine visit, Jun feels horrible and decides to avoid Rei so as to not put her into anymore danger. To make it worse on Valentine’s Day, everyone finds out that Jun plans to drop out of the school and go live in the mountains xD. She finds him on the street and he just blows her off saying not to talk to him. Rei hugs him and says she refuses to let him go unless he stays. He says being with her will just cause her to get hurt and just then they nearly get hit by a car. He explains that by going to “train in the mountains” he’d lose his “bad luck” and then come back for her lol. Rei’s like how about you just stay with me instead and I’ll protect you from the bad luck bebe (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). Jun is finally convinced and says he’ll do his best to protect her from his bad luck as well. They return to the school and Rei gives him her Valentine’s day chocolates. He’s so happy because it’s his first time receiving them ever xD In March Rei visits his house and he’s like half dead from being sick so she puts him into bed and takes care of him. The next day Jun gets well so he comes to school and it’s time to “get together” with your destined person per the school’s assignment lol. The principal says that once you confess you have to prove you’re a couple by kissing as well.Good End: :  Jun then confesses to Rei that he’s been in love with her since the beginning because she was the first person who gave him the time of day (*´ω`*). Rei tells him that she loves him as well and they kiss. He asks her for a 2nd kiss but the principal’s like hey guys 1 kiss is enough, get a room. xD Jun realizes they’re in front of everyone and gets so embarrassed he decides to run away and of course crashes into the door… ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

minus8004And so the school is saved from being shut down and  finally Rei and Jun go on a date to the amusement park like he’s always wanted. What’s more surprising is that his bad luck is nearly all gone and nothing bad is happening to him. They ride the ferris wheel together and the bad luck comes forcing them to get stuck inside the ferris wheel at the top while they fix some electricity issues. There’s a saying that kissing on top of the ferris wheel will make sure a couple never breaks up so Jun asks to kiss her. She agrees and soon after the wheel starts moving again so he thinks that from now on things will be better. Normal End: Before Jun can confess his love he…falls through a hole in the stage.  He gets injured and hospitalized for a few days. (´・ω・`)  In the meantime, the principal announces to everyone that the school will be getting shut down after all. Rei goes to visit Jun at home and gives him the bad news about the school shutting down. He then tells her that because he’s failed all of his exams he’s been forced to repeat a year on top of it. He begs Rei not to abandon him because without her it’s over for him lol. Rei’s like sigh don’t worry I got you babe (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). It’s amazing how decent his normal end is compared to some of the normal ends in the other guys’ route. While writing this review and having played all the routes it starts to become obvious where they put effort and where they just kinda gave up caring.

minus8005Kuramochi Aoba – Aoba is obsessed with fortune telling, to the point that he cannot even make his own decisions without consulting his daily horoscope. Once he starts falling in love with Rei though, he realizes quickly that his fortunes cannot predict everything.  When she gives him candy for halloween, he’s like nooo its a bad luck item today I can’t take it noo. And basically cockblocks himself in this fashion most of the route. But he feels so bad about cockblocking himself because he really likes Rei. At Xmas party he gets so nervous he starts messing up and spilling food on himself etc. It’s all because he tried to rely on himself and not on his fortunes he loses it completely. She gives him a Christmas present but he gets all nervous and she thinks he didn’t want it so she runs off before she cries in front of him. Aoba runs after her and apologizes for being a jerk, saying he was happy to get a gift from her. He then explains that he had a present for her, but wasn’t sure if he should give it to her or not and he became a nervous wreck. His present to her is a creepy wooden doll that he made himself lmfao xD Rei gives him a cell phone strap and they hold hands are Rei thinks about her feelings for Aoba. For new years he’s got a chick on his head, wings on his back and a weird heart necklace that’s supposed to “bring good luck in love” :lol:. He then asks her to return the doll he made for her to him so he can burn it cause it’s an unlucky item.

minus8006Rei refuses because it’s something he made for her with all his feelings and she wants to hold on to it. He says that he heard that giving that kind of present to a girl is idiotic and any normal girl would hate him.  He says this is what happens when he doesn’t follow fortunes and tries to think up of stuff himself. Rei tells him that a dumb present like that makes him happier than something he would have come up with via fortune telling. She tells him that he doesn’t need to rely on fortunes and surely he can think for himself.The day before Valentine’s Day, Aoba tells her not to come to school the next day because it will be a super unlucky day for her. He completely forgets about Valentine’s Day and since Rei made him some chocolates she ignores his warning and goes to school anyway. Suddenly a thunderstorm makes all the lights go out, her cell phone loses reception and it begins raining hard with nobody else in the classroom. Rei begins to regret not listening to Aoba’s warning and staying home. Just then Aoba bursts in the classroom and finds her relieved that she’s safe. Cause it’s like a massive typhoon they get stuck inside the school cuddling under a blanket together (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). He also admits that it was his unlucky day too but when he found out she was heading to school he ran after her ignoring the fortune! Aoba then realizes that even if you don’t follow fortunes, you can still enjoy life.

minus8007The next day Aoba decides to walk to school with her because it’s better than walking alone and following a dumb fortune. (*´ω`*) The day before the confession ceremony, Aoba comes to Rei’s house. They take a walk outside together and he asks her to go to the ceremony with him together. He also gives her his tarot cards and says that he doesn’t want to use cards to predict what will happen.  Best End: And so at the ceremony, Aoba confesses to Rei that he loves her and they kiss on stage. As usual the school isn’t shut down and Rei and Aoba become a raburabu couple. Unfortunately he’s always being harassed to do people’s fortunes but instead of just relying on them, he actually gives people advice that they don’t have to follow fortunes exactly. When they go on a date to the park, even though it’s an unlucky day and strawberry cream is an unlucky item…he just licks it off ヾ( 〃ω〃)ッ キャーーーッ♪ I guess all dat tarot card shit had him holding in a lot of frustration and now he’s letting it all out (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)!! Normal End: The principal announces that the school’s getting shut down and Aoba regrets not using fortune telling to change this fate. Rei transfers to another school and is separated from Aoba. She runs into him on her way to her new school and he gives her a new necklace to give her good fortune on her first day at a new school. He promises to pick her up from school every day because he wants to spend more time with her. (*´ω`*)

minus8008Nanjou Keima – Keima’s route (and the 2 routes I did thereafter) made it painfully obvious how much of a copy pasta this game is. Keima is obsessed with starting his own band and singing. Unfortunately, while he can play and write songs well, he can’t sing for shit. He’s horribly tonedeaf and because of this, his band members are constantly running away from him. At the sleepover trip he tells Rei that when he sings he can’t really tell how bad or good he sings so he has no idea how awful he sounds.  He gets sick but comes to school anyway. At the Christmas party he doesn’t show up because he’s bedridden in the nurse’s office from a fever. She stays with him and takes care of him, using the ribbon she’s supposed to give for Christmas to the dude she likes…to tie his hair out of his face lol. He eventually feels a little better and performs a song at the ball but since he doesn’t sing it’s actually really good. Afterwards he comes to the rooftop with Rei and hugs her from behind saying he knows the reason she gave him that ribbon and asks her to go out with him. And so they become an official couple and she agrees to go out with him. This is pretty unusual compared to other routes where they didn’t officially become lovers until the very end of the game…which kinda made the rest of the route anticlimactic.  When his band members dump him for the umpteenth time, he explains that when he was little he almost never talked.Then he moved next door to a bunch of rowdy singer gaijins who sang every day. He had no idea what they were saying but could tell how they feel based on their songs and so he wanted to sing himself.

minus8009However since he could barely even get the courage to talk, he had to force himself to sing which is why he sucks at singing so much. However he knows he sucks, he knows why the band gets angry at him but he just needs to come to terms with his suckyness. So then some guys ask Keima to be in their band to perform at the final ceremony but it’s all a lie because they just wanted him to write them a song…but they don’t want his horrible singing. Keima gets upset that they basically lie and use him but Rei gets even more pissed off and rages at them for being lying assholes. But at the ceremony, Keima decides to sing anyway and blows everyone’s ears. But somehow after he’s done people clap because its so awful they’re liek aw fuck it who cares lol. And because there’s enough couples the school is saved.  Good End: And so Keima and Rei kiss in front of the student body and he says he won’t give up his dreams. (no epilogue for some reason though?? 😦 ) Normal End: The school doesn’t get enough couples and is forced to shut down. Keima feels like he’s not good enough for Rei and they end up transferring to separate schools.  They mutually break up until one day he feels like he’s gotten good enough for her and asks for her to cheer him on his dream. I was hoping by the end he’d improve his singing or something or give in and try to cooperate with his band members….but he remained the same until the end which basically meant not much character growth. Only thing that changed is his relationship with Rei but since that was to be expected I felt like I got nothing out of this route.

minus8010Nijioka Rion – Rion was a combination of annoying voice + annoyingly obnoxious obsession with terrible fashion. So basically he was just as obnoxious as Keima but replace singing with awful fashion taste. His fashion is terrible starting with the fact that his favorite item is this neon sun visor making him look like some 80s grandma. He wears a neon green cardigan, puts wings on his gym uniform, attaches stuffed animals to his clothes….yea. Rion’s dream is to someday start his own fashion line (obviously targeting those who need to wear a Halloween  costume or attend mardi gras 🙄 ). He wasn’t into fashion until about a year prior when he was saw that fugly lime green sun visor. That’s when fashion exploded inside of him. Before that he felt like he was empty and his outfits were so ugly, he burned all his old photos x_X. He felt like he had nothing going for him until his sister sparked interest in fashion. After putting up with his shit for a while, Rion begins to call Rei “Sweets-chan”. =_= At the school trip where they stay over, he throws a shitfit because he forgot his fabulous pajamas at home and has to wear boring ones. He hides under the futon so when she goes to pull him out, he’s just in the inn’s yukata..which is like so horrendous because he looks…gasp..NORMAL! Rei even tells him she likes him in…normal clothes!  He dresses up as a witch for halloween so that other dudes like end up hitting on them lol…this really upsets Rion so he goes to change..and normally he doesn’t care what others think. But he didn’t want Rei to hate him. She finds him and says it ain’t no thang, and when the dudes hit on them again Rion rages at them and they shit bricks when they hear a dude’s voice lmao.  For Christmas he actually comes looking normal in a black suit.

minus8011As a present he gives her some hair clip he made himself. It’s ugly as all hell though so he gets a normal one with just a white rose on it and it looks a million times better. So clearly he has a normal fashion taste inside but for some reason only the horribly flash one ever comes out.  In February they run into some old middle school classmate of his and Rei basically feels left out. She gets annoyed and leaves feeling sad and jealous. On her way she runs into Aoba, who reads her palm for her fortune and then Rion sees that and gets jelly too. Rei apologizes for leaving suddenly but admits she felt left out and sad when he was talking to his fashion friend. Rei then realizes that she’s in love with him.  He brings Rei to his room and his older sister is like kyakya ufufufu. After she leaves, he decides he’s gonna play makeup with Rei. When he starts putting lipgloss on her though he gets too dokidoki and tells her not to close her eyes with her lips puckered at him xD. He then shows her his old middle school photo, the only one he has left…and he looks so plain she can barely recognize him. After talking for a bit, he nearly kisses her but then ONEECHAN has to cockblock! It’s so traumatizing that afterwards he takes 2 hours to do her makeup again and makes her look like a clown :lol:. Her face is so horrible it even scares off a drunk guy who hits on her xDDD. Rion tells Rei he wants to enter a fashion contest but its on the same day as the school ceremony and so he has to give up until the following year. While they’re at the shopping mall they run into 2 students who are dating just to lie and put up a front that they’re a couple.

minus8012Rion says that “oh well I’d rather be with someone I love not just some fake no substance relationship”. The girl says that Rion’s fashion sense is awful and she thought that he and Rei were a fake couple too, since no normal girl would ever be with someone who looks like him. Rion gets nervous and asks if Rei is only with him because of the ceremony and says that it’s not the reason he’s with her. Well Rei of course is with him cause she likes him but he refuses to hear the truth thinking she’s gonna dump him. (´・ω・`) Good End: At the final ceremony Rion confesses that he loves Rei and she says she loves him as well.  They have a kiss (with a disappointing kiss CG) and the school is saved. Meanwhile Rion’s fashion designs get introduced in a magazine because he sent photos to a magazine since he couldn’t participate in the fashion show. He tells her that because of her, he has the motivation and passion to continue his fashion design. They ichaicha and smooch in his room and he promises to one day make their wedding attire.Normal End: Rion and Rei go to separate schools because the school gets shut down. However they still see each other because they both get part time jobs working at an old clothing shop. Rion however keeps shoving his fugly clothes into the racks and pissing the manager off lol. So in the good end at least he improved with his crazy fashion sense by toning it down and he got really randy with Rei lol. Normal end was silly but was still a huge improvement over the absolutely nothing in Keima’s route. I dunno why I guess I used to be ok with the super flamboyant characters (like Goro-chan in Vitamin X) but I just got really annoyed and exhausted with Rion squealing in my ear for 4 hours. (The copy paste scenario probably heavily influenced my opinion.)

minus8013Itsuki Mario – Well compared to Mario, Rion is a saint. Mario’s character design is adorable, but the moment he opens his mouth, my brain has a subatomic meltdown. Basically, Mario’s parents moved around all over the world a lot. He was born in Japan so he initially spoke Japanese but after learning so many languages he speaks a mix of them and nothing he says makes sense. I can somewhat sympathize because when I speak Russian I always throw in English words and my grandparents be like whut?! Still though, the combination of nonsensical babble + a really high pitched Miyata Kouki voice…was exhausting beyond belief (combined once again with the god damn template copy pasta scenario…).  The only guy who can understand Mario is Ikusa which is why they are paired together for the first date. Mario is like an idiot savant though and he draws a picasso style artwork for art class making the teacher spazz out lol. So because he talks like a weirdo, he knows people don’t like that so he often spends time alone on the rooftop to be away from everyone. Rei however doesn’t seem to mind it and she gets close to him making him happy that he finally has a friend. In fact her friendship is what basically opens the door for others to accept his speech impediment. Mario gets drunk at the xmas party on the pound cake cause it had liquor in it. After they go outside to air out, he gives her a necklace present and he actually speaks..normally! He puts the necklace on her and nearly confesses that he loves her, but then falls asleep on her shoulder xD

minus8014Sadly afterwards he doesn’t remember anything and apologizes and feels bad about it. So yea turns out he actually speaks properly when he is drunk, what a pity. When they go to the zoo they run into his old elementary school classmate at the zoo who calls Mario an alien.  They then play with some cute buns and Mario then says that being called an alien really upset him. To practice his Japanese speaking he reads some fairy tale books out loud to some kids at the library..and they are so moving he starts crying :lol:. Rei starts to fall for the kid but then because he’s so weird she isn’t sure if he feels the same way. She figures he only sees her as a friend and so she tries to act normal around him without making it obvious that she has feelings for him. That all of course changes on the school ceremony day where Mario confesses his love for her.  Good End: Mario is actually in love with her and gives her a loud & proud confession at the final ceremony. They kiss and the school is saved as usual.  In the epilogue they go to the park where he reads her a fairy tale. As she falls asleep, she’s awakened by his kiss and he says he loves her and will always be her prince. He then can’t stop kissing her and spewing all sorts of lovey dovey stuff to her as they ichaicha in the park. Normal End: They don’t become a couple and the school’s shut down. Very disappointed that I just…flew by the normal end. Like literally nothing happened and as I was skipping waiting for the “new” scene…I found myself at the credits.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally force skip but when I went into the special features there was no scene playback……:(;゙゚’ω゚’): They really are trying to make this a disappointing game aren’t they?

minus8015Saeki Ikusa – Ikusa is Mr. Perfect, the best student in the school, and calculates everything in advance to make sure it’s perfect. Honestly, aside from his annoying nitpicking, his route wasn’t really problematic. I mean people would get sick of his nitpicking and silently walk away but I guess this is like a huge damage to his fragile heart! Aka the plot of this route is extremely forced for the sake of drama cause there really isn’t an issue to begin with. He starts getting all jelly of her talking to other guys and is sad that she won’t bring up boring conversations with him…though its mostly his own fault lol. And he’s still upset that she acts all careful around him and not as open as he’d like her to.  But she can’t act naturally around him when he criticizes everything that isn’t perfect.  At the Christmas party he asks her to go outside and tells her why he came to this school. He could have gotten into any good school but he purposely picked Mogura because he wanted to change himself. He knows he’s Mr. Perfect, but he realized that his constant nitpicking and perfection upset people. When he tried to sincerely ask people what was wrong, of course being Japan no one would honestly ever tell him anything. He then figured if he attended a school fulla losers he might change but half a year later he feels like he hasn’t changed a bit. Rei thanks him for opening up to her and telling her this and says she’ll stick it out with him to help him change. She then gives him the ribbon for the Christmas event.

minus8016Rei asks him to help her with classes and studying and he’s happy she relies on him…but of course since he’s Mr. Smartypants his sessions are spartan.  One day Ikusa and Rei go study at the library as he prepares a perfect set of study materials for her. Unfortunately he doesn’t understand how difficult the material is for people who are not him and it fries Rei’s brain. They then get in a fight because she can’t keep up with him and when he talks to the principal, the principal tells him he needs to stop acting like the world revolves around him. She overhears this conversation by accident and he gets upset and runs off. Rei finds him and he’s like WHAT DO I DOOOO EVERYONE AROUND ME JUST QUIETLY LEAVES ME WITHOUT TELLING ME ANYTHING THIS RUINS MY PERFECT IMAGE NUOOO!!! He then runs off being theatrical so she grabs his bag and comes to his house to bring it to him. He feels bad just booting her out and invites her into his house. His parents put huge pressure on her when they meet her because they figure that Ikusa would never befriend someone who isn’t “perfect”. Rei then asks Ikusa to help her study again and apologizes for not being able to pay attention properly.  It’s all because she got all nervous with him constantly staring at her while she was studying ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ). He then tells her that time to get used to it babe and he ends up hugging her realizing “damn son I like dis shit <●><●>”.  And so after this Ikusa begins to slowly change and instead of constantly judging everyone, he starts to get along better with his classmates.  Before Valentine’s day some random faceless NPC guy asks her out, saying he likes her “manly self.” She’s like whut and then rejects him saying she already has someone in mind. She then goes to find Ikusa who said he couldn’t bear watching her get NTRed so he left soon as he saw them.

minus8017Rei asks him to go home together with her and on the way, she explains she has no idea who Mr. Faceless NPC is and that she has no interest in him. She then asks a babbling Ikusa to hold hands as they walk home together cause Rei’s an ikewoman xD. As he walks her home she’s like OUU SHIIIT I forgot to give him my chocolates and ends up chasing him down again.  In March Ikusa finally realizes that there’s something he cares more about than being Mr. Perfect. All it took was him running smack into a telephone pole :lol:.  Good End:  And so after babbling about quitting school and upsetting his bff Mario, she comes alone to the final ceremony. She waits it out and there’s enough couples to not shut down the school,  but then she decides she ain’t giving up just yet. She knows he’s just a lone wolf waiting for her to find him and gives him a call while he’s taking entrance exams to transfer to another school. They agree to meet at the park where Rei tells him nobody’s perfect and that people fill whatever the other’s lacking.  He then says that he failed his entrance exam because she called him in the middle of his entrance interview LOOOOL. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ But he ain’t mad cause that means he can now live happily ever after with Rei. He kisses her and confesses his feelings to her asking for her to be his girlfriend. (Though to be honest at least they kissed in the park instead of at the ceremony like all the other routes for a change!)  He then gets someone to take a pic of them kissing to show to the principal as proof xDD. Normal End: School gets shut down and Ikusa shows up telling Rei to skip school that day since it’s closing down anyway.  They end up going all the way to the amusement park on a date because he’s always wanted to do this. She starts crying because they have to be apart going to different schools but he’s like ain’t no thang, we can still hang out and keep in touch via phone. They promise to go on more dates in the future. Lol wtfh his Normal end was so much better compared to others…I sense an obvious BIAS!

minus8018Tonami Otohiko – Otohiko has a massive complex with his height and is often raging at people for poking fun of it. Honestly he’s not THAT short…he’s like 5’3″?? I guess for a guy that’s short but for a Japanese guy that’s pretty average so the whole thing about his height being an issue makes me roll my eyes like in Saeki’s route lol. He’s also on the basketball team and drinks milk daily in hopes to someday get his growth spurt and get taller lol.  Rei doesn’t seem him as a man so when they have to stay together in a room she’s like whut I ain’t scared lmao. He tries to be manly but ends up smacking his head against the table and while Rei tries to be like u ok dude, everyone else bursts in and it looks like she’s on top of Otohiko. SOmehow everyone is okay with this cause it looks..appropriate HAHA. xD  During the overnight stay trip Rei starts to realize that he’s not just a boku shota after all (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。).  The teacher tells them that they’re super noobs at romance and everyone is watching at their “budding relationship”. He also tells Otohiko to get over his height complex and hit dat sheit lol. Maya tells Rei that Otohiko doesn’t actually “like her” but rather he just likes her like a baby bird who likes the first thing it sees. Also then Maya wants Otohiko to give up on Rei so he can NTR her -_-. (This was such a bad thing to see right before doing Maya’s route too omfg.) Rei runs into him after school the next day and he’s really upset cause he still thinks Rei’s dating Maya. He asks why Rei and Maya never told him cause he felt like a huge cockblock otherwise. He says that he was gonna cheer them on but then decided he doesn’t wanna give up on her.

minus8019Rei’s like oh god I feel bad saying this but….we’re not actually going out and the email the principal sent was a mistake. Otohiko rages at Maya the next day for trolling him lol.  At the Christmas party she thinks he looks different than his usual shotaey self. When they go outside to chat, he tells Rei that his team won but he was stuck on benchwarmer duty….all cause the guys who got picked over him were 180cm. He wonders if he’s wasting his time with both basketball and his feelings for her and maybe he should just give up.  Rei gives him the Christmas ribbon despite him saying he might “get his hopes up again” and she’s like ain’t no thang ;). It gets a bit cold so he gives her his jacket to wear. (*´ω`*)  In February he tries to wear platform shoes to make himself taller and can’t walk properly lmao xD While they’re in the park they run into his old senpai who in the past said “it would be embarrassing to walk with someone that short”. She always felt bad about it but is glad that he has a “cute girlfriend” now referring to Rei. After the senpai leaves, Otohiko says that he always wondered if Rei was too embarrassed to walk next to someone his height. He gets upset and decides to go home but on the way home, Rei gets harassed by some nasty GGE. Just then Otohiko shows up and he’s like “idgaf if I’m little I’m still a guy so fuck off”. Later in the month, Rei comes to watch Otohiko’s basketball practice and one of the guys she talks to says he’s a hard worker but his height is too small. However he says that since Otohiko practices way more than others, he’s a much better player in that sense.

minus8020And so Otohiko gets taken off the bench to participate in the February basketball match. Everyone including Rei comes to watch him, but unfortunately his shot misses and the game ends with his team losing.  She gives him Valentine’s Day chocolates because even though he loses, she could tell how much effort she put into it. He thinks he’s special to her but then finds out she gave chocolates to all the other guys…so he’s depressed until he finds out that she gave them giri choco and the one she made herself was only for him xD. He comes over her house in March and the mom of course comments on his height but says being small is cute lmao xD. Otohiko mentions that it’s no big deal because he doesn’t care as much about his height anymore and is learning to deal with it. The mom makes fun of them and says the school told her how they were in a room overnight and nothing happened and wonders if Otohiko doesn’t think her daughter’s sexy enough lmao xDD. Good End:  At the final ceremony Otohiko confesses to Rei that he loves her.  Rei says she loves him too and he’s  so happy he jumps and smacks into a bunch of things.  The principal tells them to stop holding up the line so they kiss and move on. In the epilogue, they go on their official first date to the zoo.  Rei makes fun of him as usual because he’s cute and he rages saying that he’s gonna get taller someday. He then sneaks a kiss on her saying that if she keeps making fun of him he’ll do it again (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。). Normal End: All the choices leading to this end made Rei super doS towards poor Otohiko xD.  Mogura is shut down and Rei transfers to another school. Otohiko chickens out but just as she’s going home he runs up to her hugging her and asks her to wait until he “grows taller” and gains more confidence to tell her his true feelings. Some time later Rei gets a phone call from Otohiko asking him to come see his basketball match. He gives hints that he’s gotten taller and that he’s finally going to confess to her. Otohiko’s route was so freaking cute and playing this character and the one in the previous game I reviewed was like Shimono Moe Marathon(tm) xDDD.

minus8021Kazahara Maya – Maya is the manly reliable leader type and he’s probably the perfect guy except…..his voice makes him sound like a 10 year old girl. For the school trip she actually ends up in Otohiko’s room again and gets jealous that her friend Rena gets to be in the same room as Maya.  But then Maya asks Otohiko to switch rooms with him and so Maya and Rei end up sharing a room together. (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) He tries to be all sexay by saying randy lines from shoujo manga but well..with dat voice it just makes her go (ಠ_ಠ)!? They end up sharing a futon but he just tells her all sorts of old childhood stories making her laugh until 5AM. They only get 2 hours of sleep except that he wakes up a little early so he can stare at her sleeping face (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ.  At the Christmas party a lot of the loser guys start hitting on Rei to get her ribbon  (since she’s a loser magnet lmao.) Maya helps fend them off and then takes the ribbon himself in order to “protect her” since that’s what the teachers said his job is for today. He then goes off to help a food poisoned Jun and she finds him outside in the courtyard later on. He tells her he always had a high pitched voice so he tried not to stand out and was always quiet. But now he decided to try to at least make the rest of himself manlier and change so he became a leader type.  He then returns her the ribbon since the party’s almost over and tells her to give it to the guy she likes..so she gives it to him. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ He kisses her hand but then gets embarrassed at his own actions  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;; p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q

minus8022At the new years shrine Maya and Rei get separated but he still calls out her name to find her despite knowing people will think he’s a weirdo with that voice. A lot of people start whispering saying she should be embarrassed with a guy like that…but Rei gets pissed off and starts yelling I LOVE MAYA CAUSE HE’S THE BEST AND MOST RELIABLE BOYFRIEND EVEN IF HIS VOICE IS CUTE! She keeps yelling until he takes her away from the crowd and tells her to calm down xDD.  He thanks her for what she did even if it was silly and asks her to continue calling him by his real name. (*´ω`*) When he gets sick, his voice gets deeper than his usual voice and she’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚.  He’s like “oh wow my voice is deep this is awesome..except my throat hurts lol.”  It’s too much for her to handle and she tells him to get well as she runs off lol.  He ends up being sick for 4 days but when he returns his voice is still as deep as it was when he was sick. Turns out he’s basically been forcing himself to try and speak deeper which puts a strain on his throat. Rei can tell that he’s forcing himself so she brings him to the rooftop where no one’s around and is like I know you’re forcing yourself to speak deeply.” He eventually gives in and says it’s pretty hard to keep up the deep voice thing.  He then admits that when he got sick and heard his deep voice he wished he could have it forever, so he just couldn’t accept his high pitched voice anymore.  After this he goes back to his regular girly voice. She comes to the store to buy chocolate and runs into a Maya who she thought was a girl cause of the voice lmao.

minus8001Turns out he saw her getting squashed between the mob of rabid women shoppers and came to her rescue lol. He was hoping to do it secretly  and it was going well based on his voice, but then she turned around and saw his face lmao. (。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。) For Valentine’s Day she thinks some other girl already gave him chocolates so she runs away from him. He chases her down into a classroom and is like WHY U RUN GURL.  He also notices the chocolates in her hand and is like those are for me right, so why won’t you give em to me?? He explains the chocolate she saw him eating is chocolate he bought himself because Aoba told him that it was his lucky item today :lol:.  He grabs the chocolates from her while they eat them and cut class. The day before the ceremony Maya asks what Rei thinks of his voice and she says she likes his voice the way it is. He thanks for and gives her a hug. (*´꒳`*) Good End: And so at the school ceremony the next day before Rei is about to confess he’s like WAIT GURL I CONFESS FIRST. And so they confess, they smooch and the school is saved. In the epilogue Rei has a dream that his voice got deeper again while they’re on a date at the park. He then teases her with his deep voice saying he can do it more often now so maybe soon it’ll become permanently deep. He then kisses her saying he’s not gonna hold back anymore and asks her to be with him no matter what his voice is like. Normal End: There’s not enough couples so the school is shut down.  Maya and Rei transfer to a different school and she loses contact with him…until the first day where she bumps into him and finds out they’ve transferred to the same one! XD And so they become schoolmates once more. Okamoto’s deep voice is LETHAL so I am EXTREMELY SAD that in the end we didn’t hear that much of it! I was hoping he’s get some growth spurt and it would be deep the rest of the game….this game just doesn’t want to let characters grow does it.


Honestly the way the game was set up you could made it -16 or -24 if you want. Each route followed an identical template (all the way down to the lines of the heroine & the NPCs) and only a few of them did “something” that was different beyond the standard events. Some routes didn’t even have an epilogue which was a huge disappointment and made them feel even more shoed in. It’s such a shame because the first run of the game was a lot of fun, so if they kept up this pattern and added some variety the game could have been great. But after the first run it became more and more painful to sit through the same thing over and over. It was even worse when I didn’t particularly like the personality of the guy (*cough Mario & Keima 😕 ). The other thing they got lazy was with the artwork. I’m not even complaining about the CG quality (not a huge fan of the style but it was fine for the game). The issue is the CG CHOICE! For example a scene of them ichaichaing in the park …no CG but a scene of the guy sitting alone in the rooftop is there. Seriously whenever I see a game that doesn’t have many CGs and a lot of the Cgs are the guy alone I’m just like….is this some late 90s eroge? (ಠ_ಠ) Not only that but the SPRITES. Okay seriously the sprites for their “non school” uniforms were the same throughout the WHOLE YEAR. That’s why whether we were in August, January or November….they look the same. At points I would completely forget what month it is because well it’s January but you’re wearing short sleeves. Unless this whole game took place….in Okinawa!? I don’t know… ┐(‘~`;)┌. It felt very lazy and all it required was to just draw a “coat” and a “scarf” over the regular sprite to be honest.  If you aren’t going to draw a variety of sprites then don’t make the game take place over a year time span. Also the guys don’t call out the heroine’s name which is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT BECAUSE REI IS REALLY REALLY AWESOME. Seriously I think Rei’s personality was the best thing about the entire game. Because of that the fact that she was part of the “template” and only certain routes she stepped out of it made me want to throw a table.



Anyway as far as my favorite guy ranking I’d say it’s Jun > Otohiko > Maya > Ikusa > Aoba > Rion > Mario > Keima. Jun was the first guy I did so everything was new and made the route really great. Otohiko and Maya were just adorable. Aoba was only great thanks to Kenn’s great voice acting to be honest…and Rion, Mario and Keima basically made my ears bleed Σ(゚д゚lll). The game over all is basically like Renai Bancho but at least Bancho routes had more variety and the mini games had a little more point to the affection meter. The mini games were really pointless in this one and we could have just done without them. To add to the cheapness, there was no scene playback of any kind. Well over all a disappointing game about a bunch of disappointing guys…maybe that was their ultimate intention, but seeing reviews on Amazon I tend to think not. If you do play this game, decide in the first 2 months who your most appealing guy is and DO HIS ROUTE FIRST…since afterwards it’s just a big fat drag.


13 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Minus Eight (-8)”

  1. Yeah, but at least 8-bit heroes was fun and quirky, both the characters and setting. This is just a big bowl of blandness with some toppings on top to try to cover the taste, but most of the toppings are also bland. I really hope this is otomate’s influence more than anything, because I’m am interested in their Alice game.

    I’ve heard good things about Ken ga Kimi, so I think they’re probably still fine. Although I am sick of otoge in the Eido period, so I didn’t care to try it myself.

  2. Since it’s a collaboration with Otomate that was probably an influence too.
    In case you didn’t notice a lot of rejet’s games lately are short minidrama CDs and a game stacked on the side. The last “real” full game they released by themselves was tiny x machinegun. I don’t count their collabs with Otomate since clearly that means they don’t get to make all the decisions (and why diabolik lovers MB and -8 were so terrible basically)

  3. I’m surprised that this game sounds so…boring. At least for Rejet it does. I’m not shocked that it’s just copypasta, since BWS was also that way, but at least the setting of that game was interesting. Here, it’s a boring spin on the HS scenario crap, and each character seemed to be completely uninteresting besides their chosen quirk. Even their Vitamin games with the HS plot at least had interesting characters. And that art….I’m used for them going with unusual art styles (see their Alice game) and not have good CG choice, but this looks like something out of a free doujin game.

    So overall, I’m also disappointed even though I didn’t play this game. I guess a drop in quality is expected since they are making a lot more games now. *sigh* I just hope they don’t become as bad a QR.

  4. Sounds like an interesting game but the way you described the annoying voices seems so intense u v u
    Have you ever played/planning to play Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story Premium? uwu It’s really good!

  5. I mean I enjoyed the first route I did. I laughed a lot but then when all the common stuff/novelty wore off it just felt liek a chore. And yea it musta been low budget but the price was very much NOT low budget which is why its kind of annoying. I could say they coulda cut out like 3 of the guys but then it would be -5 xD

    and yea gonna be busy with Miku & Friends for the next month!

  6. it really was lol…it started out decently too it’s really a shame.
    My otome fire is on break until Chronostacia and that better not put it out for good lmao

  7. School getting shut down and the only way to save it is to breed like rabbits?

    Even the concept of that show… (was it Love Live?) was better.

    In other news: 白い恋人 = 大好き!

  8. Aw… I guess it didn’t appeal to you as much. But i do agree on the copypastas and limited sprites, hence why i felt like this game is made on super low budget if not for the VA lineup.

    I played according to their pairs as well with Jun-Aoba > Ikusa-Mario > Rion-Keima > Maya-Piyohiko. Asides from feeling a bit bored in Ikusa and Keima’s routes, i find everyone else endearing? I didn’t mind Rion’s and Mario’s voice/speech patterns so maybe that’s why. XD

    Anyways, congrats at completing -8. It’d be a one month break before Chronostacia (if you’re planning to get that) so plenty of time for Project Diva and FF14. XD

  9. Oh wow -8 was such a shame after Shinobi Koi. I honestly thought -8 would be quite good and different seeing how it was Rejet and I love their games but ah well.

    Now I’m wondering if your otome fire is still burning…

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