Otome Game Review: Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu

When Katagiri Kaede was 7 years old, her family was attacked by some ninja. Her mother & father died, but another ninja came to her rescue and took her to her grandmother to safety. Not knowing his name, Kaede was determined to also grow up to be a ninja and join the Sanada defense force so she could one day protect her loved ones, like how that ninja protected her.  One day she runs into the principal of the famous Fujiwara Ninja Training School who tells her to enroll for free because he feels she has the talent to be a great ninja. Kaede is excited to start her first day, but on her first day, she accidentally sets off an illusion jutsu that makes guys fall head over heels for her! Coined as MeroMero Jutsu, Kaede charms any guy within the vicinity of her charm AOE! Because of this, Sanada sensei tells her to pick a guy to “train with” so she can get her jutsu under control and pass the midterm exam. Unfortunately because the guys she charms are the 6 most popular & capable dudes in the school, she’s the subject of bullying attacks from jealous bitches.

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