PS Vita Unboxing and Brief Thoughts


So I just want to say how awesome Baggage Forward is. I literally ordered this thing on Amazon on Monday afternoon, and the game was on my desk on Friday morning. Thank you A+++ will come again.

So just to show some “visual novel” sample images I downloaded some random galge demo from the PSN store for the purpose of this post lol. (P.S. The 5 minutes I played it it was fucking terrible. It’s like one of those stereotypical galge templates that popular culture usually makes fun of.)


As you can see the resolution is really high! Much better than PSP and the screenshots come out very sharp with crisp text.  I was sad to find that really the only Vita otome games available are basically all the games I’ve already played on the PSP. (Dialovers, Hakuoki, Amnesia, Sangoku Rensenki) with the exception of Chou no Doku which I do not have an interest in after being scarred from Aeromarie games.

A couple of notes:

  • The Vita speakers are RIGHT UNDER YOUR THUMBS so your fingers literally block the  speakers as you have your hands on the buttons.
  • The software to copy files between Vita & PC is so freaking awful and took me a while to configure it then figure out where the hell everything was going x_x. I think maybe using google drive via web and vita might be a better solution? Haven’t tried it yet though.
  • PSN store won’t take foreign cards since they require you to put in a Japanese address before you pay. Only way is to buy prepaid cards which basically renders digital downloads impossible for me unless I wanna jump through hoops (at which point you might as well buy the boxed version anyway.)
  • Princess Arthur is available for free if you have playstation plus but its 500 yen per month I think? You’d need to get a PSN card for that. I don’t think I care that much about PA to bother 😆
  • The sound quality is a million times better than on the PSP. PSP I could barely even hear anything out of those pathetic speakers but vita is loud & clear. Haven’t listened to it with headphones yet but I’d imagine it would be even better.
  • Slim Vita is muuuuch nicer than the original fat one. I had held the original one in my hands when I played project diva f on a friend’s vita 1000. It was really awkward for me to hold but the new slim model is nearly the same size as the PSP in thickness and length. It’s also very light so yea I’m a fan.
  • Sadly I cannot broadcast Vita games which is sad since I love chatting with everyone during my game plays! 😦
  • Screenshot feature is great, can take one anytime anywhere! Not just restricted to the “screenshot feature” of the game you are playing.

Anyway kinda hoping for more otome to go Vita because with the touch screen it has so much potential for various “touch features” and beautiful large graphics. Currently Vita is about $190 on Amazon Japan so with a forwarding service you too can get one of your own! With otome games potentially moving to Vita this year, you might want to consider it ;). For now Vita-kun will have to patiently wait until Miku arrives at the end of the month!

Ninja Edit 3/25:
For those still not convinced that otome games are moving to the Vita Otomate just released this video


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  1. ah, thanks for pointing out vita game and PC game’s prices difference! I haven’t done enuf research on their actual prices on market…I just remember I read somewhere about otomege companies releasing games on PC to minimalize cost of production or something, so I was assuming PC game should be cheaper then.

  2. Yea I have been stalking Amazon vita mem cards for the last few weeks. Finally saw the 16gb one on sale for $33 and snagged it immediately (normally i saw it floating in the $40 range with a $59 retail price tag :x)

    My PSP is only about a year old too. It’s my 2nd PSP but the buttons are already starting to get jammed when I press them lol. There are still a few companies with PSP releases which are Broccoli and Quin Rose but Otomate and Takuyo as well as a few random brands are moving on to vita. If you played a game on the vita and saw the beautiful graphics and the quickness of the loading time/save time you would understand the difference a lot more. Now when I go back to the PSP it feels so bulky and weird to me XD.

    PC games are always more expensive than PSP/Vita games. A vita game is like 5800 yen (without tax) but a PC game is always in the $90-100 range so I honestly prefer Vita in that sense. So if you can afford a PC game surely you can afford a Vita lol. And I don’t know about backwards compatibility but I know for example quin rose allows you to buy from PSN store and play their games on the Vita – but I don’t know how much of a quality difference there is compared to PSP.

  3. Thanks for posting this Vita review! I remember a group of guys babbled on vita at school, they were comparing psp’s memory card and vita’s. One of them were sighing because after so much money spent, seeing how tiny vita’s memory card is, he somehow felt it’s so not worth his money lol.

    I only started otome gaming 2 years ago, and just got my psp on my birthday August last year. My psp isn’t even a year round with me, so reading 2014 otome game release schedule on b’s log site this morning, and getting pretty convinced now that otomege companies are shifting to vita release in the upcoming years really make me depressed :/ I compared the psp release and vita release on the current schedule, clearly there are more vita release I’m interested in than psp release. Especially more heartbroken when I saw HanaMani is getting ported to vita, I think the graphic is already luxurious-looking on psp, I can’t imagine how awesome it will be on vita @@

    Fortunately, honeybee, mio, and daisy2 still have new games for windows that seem interesting enough. If vita trend persist, I will see myself playing more pc otomege in 2014. I couldn’t afford vita in near time, and selling my psp to buy it doesn’t appeal to me. A friend has once suggested this since some said vita has backward compatibility (as in, playing psp game on vita), but reading your post, I guess this won’t work on otome game? Please cmiiw.

    I’ve also seen news about Sony stopping psp sale and giving vita discount. Do you think this has something to do with more vita release?

    Oh, and glad to know the speaker’s improved! I totally feel you on psp’s speaker.

  4. I mean me and my husband are caucasian too, so yea I honestly don’t know what to tell you lol. We went into Stellaworth and yea we got looks but I was able to buy games without issues. Maybe because I can speak Japanese? I don’t know.

  5. I’m sorry, I have no clue. I was wandering around Tokyo. Maybe they didn’t care for me as much since I am a blonde hair blue eyed and so painfully American looking.

  6. I thought about FFX remaster but I’m already playing FFXIV and I don’t have time for 2 rpgs in my life xD
    Hope you enjoy it though!

  7. Thank you for review *O* Actually I already saw this post when I’m on the verge of thinking to buy or not to buy a vita O.O But seeing your post makes me want to buy and in the end I did because of FFX/X-2 remaster ^^ And other games like Project Diva, P4 Golden and Gravity Rush ^^
    And I think it was a good idea for me to buy it as a graduation gift for myself *O* Since otome games will start to release in vita as well ^~^ But too bad, I need to find a job to buy the upcoming otome games soon T^T

  8. I was thinking about import a white slim PS vita from Japan too, but unfortunately I’m a poor student without much money, so I wonder if its possible to hack or mount the vita-kun, so it could pay ISO otoge downloaded from online.. Coz’ I don’t have money to bought every otomegame I’m interested in… (;_;)

  9. I mean only a few releases (mostly otomate’s milking cows) are being put on Vita so you’re still safe on the PSP for now. I think if Hakuoki/Amnesia sell well (which they probably will) Otomate will probably move to Vita. Honestly the Vita’s screen/sound/resolution is so much nicer and PSP is over 10 years old now so it’s really about time that they made the switch anyway.

    BF kari doesn’t have live 2D like tokimemo but I’m not a huge fan of it so its ok xD

  10. If it helps, as long as you don’t want to use the PSN, you don’t have to. Just once when you activate your Vita and after that it’d work just fine without you ever looking at it again. You can just import your games the old way and everything would be peachy. Most people just talk about PSN because there are some nice stuff in there that would be a shame to miss, and the West likes digital downloads these days. (Japan doesn’t.)

  11. *Gasp* Bloody Tarts dear! I congrats you for the vita.
    After reading this post, I’m now suffering a minor heart attack *clasps chest*

    I’m still clinging on to my chubby PSP, I’m soo sad that this whole otome phenomenon is slowly proceeding towards a newer system. I just can’t keep up! (iДi)
    I’d get one for Hakuouki SSL ( Kazama you–( ●´Д`●) and anything else interesting to chew up but with all the hassle with PSN and transfer makes me think otherwise but at the same time so many new releases being unplayed makes me…(iДi)

    Also with your last post regarding your android lottery shpeck with the men, I really loved it. Being the pooer biddy I am, I’d like to get one of them phones one day to get a good taste of Koi Pri and Tokimemo Resaurant. I’m a real fan of live 2D (●´∀`●) and TMGS series

    Overall, I love it love it love it!
    Sorry for the long comment but I just get super excited reading your posts ^ ^

  12. Eh, there’s some games for the Vita! Like Trigger Happy (Dangan Ronpa), Miku, that one Akihabara game. :3 Plus there’s a lot of games in the PSN that I want to buy anyway!

  13. If you don’t plan to buy Japanese games you probably don’t need a vita. As far as I know America’s pumping out stuff on Xbox and PS4 now anyway

  14. Oh, I’m sure they’re going to release otome games for the vita… Just really slowly. 😛 Gotta hold on to that PSP while they still can!

    I actually really want to get a Vita but since I live in the West (and not understand Japanese) I’ll probably end up getting the English games that are here. Hmmm T___T

  15. I didn’t have a 1000 on me to compare the resolution but I will say it’s already better than the PSP?
    The screenshots from HotchKiss are the full resolution of the game so that should be a reference if anything.
    If there’s a difference between screens, it’s probably incredibly minor and honestly I found the resolution of the 2000 to be great as it is.
    1gb memory stick isn’t gonna do much if you plan to download games but the smaller size and longer battery are a huge plus in my opinion since after all the vita is a portable and the longer you can carry it the better 😛

  16. Thank you for your review!

    It’s very useful information since I think I would get it one for Hakuouki SSL,Diabolik Lovers and Norn9.But I still don’t have an idea which I should buy between 1000 or 2000.Many people said 1000 resolution is better than 2000.But 2000 also has its own good points like long-life batterry,slimness and also 1GB memories.

    Is 1000 resolution a lot better than 2000? I think if LCD of 2000 still show a good resolution,I would consider it

  17. Since I have a Japanese PSN account tied to my Vita now I probably won’t be downloading any US games anytime..ever.
    Also I have a bookoff that has Persona Golden for like $30 used or something as a physical copy if I was ever into that I guess xD

    I don’t get the thing you had in Japan though. I bought hundreds of dollars worth of otome crap from Animate an I only got smiles and offers for bonuses to pick between available items. They even asked me if I wanted a membership card (but I had to refuse and explain I’m on vacation). Maybe its because I bought limited editions? Idk but yea I never really had issues. What store did you go to?

  18. The American Vita isn’t too bad… I’m currently enjoying the Persona series, Danganronpa, and a bunch of downloaded PSP games like Corpse Party. I was able to get my memory card on sale at Gamestop. I believe since Hakuoki did so well in the U.S. there will be more Otome games to come. Then maybe if I ever go to Japan again and buy Otome games for my PSP I won’t get the evil eye. I had only one shopkeeper the entire time I was there give me any slack. I went to another store and they seemed pleased as could be that I was buying a bunch of games at once, Starry Sky, Amnesia, and Norn9. I still can’t figure out what Japan has against outsiders buying their games… I feel like I am bringing in business. I would never sell them, their MINE. ; ) Sorry for the rant! Enjoy that beautiful looking Vita!

  19. oh okay lol, well my vita’s sitting at home so next time I open it up I’ll be sure to approve your request xDD (Only carry my PSP on me since I actually have games to play with it lol)

  20. Lmao I dunno how to add from site too, but at Vita is easy, just go to friends icon and add friend xd ok I’ll add yours, but i think it still need to be approved xd thank you 🙂

  21. hmm okay I’ll try it out! I think mine should be babynuko??
    I’m on the PSN site now but I have no idea where the add friend option is lmao xD

  22. It can, friend list is not restricted. Oh maybe you can add mine? My psn id is rubenz85. Hmm from what ì know, you can see the trophy or what games they are playing and also you can chat with them if they are in your friendlist. XD there is also a party thing but not sure how it works

  23. Actually I live in HK which is not too far away I guess? I still have to use a forwarding service though 😛 I’ve tried out nearly all the forwarding services available and I have to say for speed/price BF is really the best.

  24. ok so how does this friend list thing work? I am a total noob when it comes to PSN.
    Also my PSn account is Japanese, are we even able to be friends?? XD

  25. i mean you live in japan right? should be as easy as going to bic camera for you 😛
    and they totally need more otome games with the touch features!
    Rejet should consider it since they have so many “CG click” features in all their PC games.
    and I love BF! I have a tenso account too but since BF is so awesome I’ve never even bothered using it

  26. it looks oddly yellow to me but I guess its supposed to be lime green.
    Honestly unless there’s a game you want right now, you can still hold off on getting a Vita.
    I only got it because in April the Japanese taxes go up so I wanted to get it before that happened.
    And the slim model is only available in Japan right now.

  27. lol for some reason the american vita ended up costing more money on amazon (before shipping/fees) so I’m like well might as well just get the new slim Japanese one.. lol and lol @ Gin no Kanmuri XD It didn’t put me to sleep it made me raise my eyebrows and roll my eyes before I quit xDD

  28. ok so I guess the speaker thumb thing is not just me good to hear! 😆
    Well at least if you use headphones it won’t be a huge issue

    I have no games other than that awful galge demo so it will just sit on my shelf until the end of the month x3

  29. what a coincidence, we bought a Vita at the store literally last night! I just tried it this morning and the fact that my thumbs cover the speakers was pretty noticeable. I delayed ever buying one because I couldn’t figure out how to hold it. (^_^;)
    but now there’s a few games I must have so yeah. Just got Danganronpa so far, but I’m also hoping to see more new otome make it to Vita! (since psp was murdered in the usa…sigh) I’m seriously considering getting the new SSL but… language barrier still high… I need to study more. I’m glad its not totally region locked though (3ds why?!).

  30. Your vita is so pretty! I cry when looking at my ugly, fat American vita ._.
    Gosh maybe I should switch my proxy service… Baggageforward ships on Saturdays! Personally, I loved Chou no Doku although I also hated Gin no Kanmura lol. Gin no Kanmura put me to sleep -_-;; Chou no Doku is really similar to really melodramatic Kdramas though (which is my guilty pleasure) so I think you are right that you might not like it xD

  31. Nice! The lime is such a great color! I’m still on the fence on whether to buy a PS Vita or not…I was considering that or a tablet OTL How well is the battery life? There’s not too many games out for it (especially in English) so I would primarily use it to store my music for the time being. Is it only available on Amazon JP??? omg Sorry for such questions! >.<

  32. Wow I still have the old clunky PSV and this makes me want to get a new one! PSV screen is lethal for otome games because of the resolution and the option to “touch” things 😀 but I guess they need more time to start porting them games over since otome gamers still mostly own PSPs. Baggageforward is great! They ship so fast! I’m never using another forwarding service.

  33. its region free but only if you buy a “disk” game in a box
    for PSN store it locks your vita to whatever region psn store you pick unless you then format your card & reset your console to factory status.

  34. wow that sucks that the card was missing :/ I’d rage at the store.
    Glad mine came with everything in tact x_X; If you already have a Vita there’s no point of getting the slim one, but this is my first & only one so xD and yea I feel you on the hakuoki/amnesia crap lol. Hopefully all the newest announced games will be for the Vita ^^

  35. I actually bought Vita last December myself, though a PAL version. I’m soo envious of that 1 GB built-in memory. Dx I actually bought a combination of a 4 GB memory card and a PS Vita, BUT I didn’t check it in the shop and some idiot had ripped off the memory card from the package. I couldn’t play any games ’cause the fat indeed does not have any built-in memory. The holidays came and then I was just a way too tired to care about complaining about the missing memory card and I just bought a 16 GB memory card, better that way.
    I thought about buying the Japanese slim version but it was just a way easier to just march to the closest supermarket, haha. The location of the speakers is rather bizarre. At first I had the same problem but after playing some time I got used to it.
    The PS4 link is quite clever too, I should’ve bought the ultimate bundle of PS4 ’cause I ended up buying PS4 in January… Oh well.
    But indeed, there are not any otome games on PS Vita yet that I actually want to play. I’ve gotten enough of Hakuoki and Amnesia already, oh god… Hope that there’ll be some good releases in the future~.

  36. thanks! As far as the recording thing, from what I understand, you have to like physically hack the vita to install an item that lets your record videos and it costs like $250 or something crazy. There’s no legal version otherwise I believe as Vita has no TV out feature. and yep I’ve already preordered PDF2 😛

  37. maybe the smaller model is like that? I don’t recall the larger model having this issue so I’m guessing it’s just a poor design choice. Fortunately I’ll be playing with something plugged into the console most of the time so not a huge disaster.

    and wow wtf can’t separate games eh. I mean I do have a back up 1.5TB storage drive on my computer but yea that seems annoying. Plus yea otome game boxes come with goodies anyway so may as well just stick to boxed copies anyway.

  38. seeing how the rabid fangirls buy hakuoki games like zombies, if that is indeed the deciding factor, then it will surely come true 😆

  39. yea I did find a site that sells them similarly but as you mentioned the memory cards are so expensive you start to wonder if its worth the hassle. And yea i totally know about the niconico broadcasting you mentioned but yea I’ve not see anything about it. Maybe its because the PS4 has the feature now and they figured if you use Vita in combination with it you can broadcast that way ?

  40. I’m stealing that Vita-kun moniker and I want that Vita cos i prefer the x and o switched in jap PS models

  41. congrats on your vita! although the slim one is lighter, but because of the LED screen they used (which saves battery more), the one in the previous vita is actually clearer/better color (OLED). I got mine the black and cheaper just because I want to save money (promo stuff)

    as for broadcasting, idk if its available but you can use a certain gadget to record vids for vita already, which is expensive of course lol. its called psvita capture board.

    so I guess you’re gonna get project diva f 2nd then assuming it’s almost released? 😀

  42. I don’t think my hands actually covered the speakers that much when I play my vita, though it does sometimes but not that often, and I was playing some really button-intensive games (God Eater 2, have to press goddamned Select a lot. Which is a bit painful on the old OLED model). I have Asian hands, though, which may have something to do with it.

    You might want to buy boxed versions anyway, because here’s the annoying thing with digital downloads on the Vita : you can’t separate your saves from your games. For some reason, they thought it’d be a great idea to copy Apple on this one. So if you want to erase a game off your memory card, there goes all your saves, too, unless you also backed up THE WHOLE GAME on your PC or PS3. Or you use Playstation Plus’s cloud saves. The fact that they want you to cough up money for what should be a standard feature annoy me a great deal. Wasted about 10 gigs on downloaded games before I realized this. I have mild OCD so it’s a pain ugh.

    I don’t really notice a problem with transferring to/from my PC and Vita, though. Sure, the program was a bit of a pain to set up the first time around, but otherwise it’s been pretty smooth.

  43. lmao “Hotch Kiss”. And yes at this point I think it’s almost guaranteed that otome games will be moving to Vita, or at least Otomate seems ready to jump on the bandwagon. I have a feeling if Hakuoki SSL sells really well they’ll announce that all of the new games they revealed in the past month or so will become Vita exclusives.

  44. Regarding the prepaid PSN cards , sites like Nippon-Yasan and Play-asia (I’m sure there’s more but these are the one that I know of ) actually allow you to buy the cards and then get the code emailed to your account so no shipping involved .

    That said with the Vita , memory cards are pretty steep so unless the cost of a say 32 or 64gb memory card will be cheaper than shipping the games on the long run , I wouldn’t bother . Enjoy the Vita it’s an amazing device that doesn’t get enough attention :((

    (Also at the launch of the Vita , there were talk about a broadcasting way via Nico-Nico [you can see it if you download the application] but that has been coming soon for ages and considering how badly the Vita sales are doing I don’t think it will ever come but there’s that )

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