Otome Game Review: Shiratsuyu no Kai

Ichikawa Tsuyuha is a photography student in a slump who hears voices calling out to her, so she always goes out to random places and often gets into some predicament, much to the dismay of her babysitter Shin. One of her adventures leads her into the woods one day where she runs into a bunch of high school teenage boys. Since apparently they all like dem older ladies (and by older I mean only like 1-2 years)  they invite oneesan~ into their wood shack to tell scary stories! The stories aren’t actually scary and after getting locked in the shack, they discover a hidden passageway  through the wardrobe which leads into some underground dungeon. After discovering the bloody remains down there, our heroine  starts having TV signal problems which turn into a pattern of blackouts. Turns out visiting this place has caused a cursed seal to appear on her neck in the shape of a creepy hand. In other words, welcome to the Japanese rendition of Are You Afraid of the Dark!

other02 So here’s the balls of a plot from what I could make out from this shitty game. There was once a village in the mountains and they had this stupid tradition of sacrificing young girls to the onis there. To the villagers they thought that the onis were like “gods” and by giving some nubile young female, they would have prosperity and all that religious nonsense. Of course a lot of people knew that onis weren’t gods and at one point they wanted to stop this but once they did, there was an accident which set fire to the whole village. Everyone figured this was a punishment for not sacrificing so they continued to do so. The last sacrifice was a girl named Tsubaki who was the daughter of the village chief. The oni in the village, Amanojaku, was like madly in love with her and he knew all the sacrificing was complete bullshit and so did she. So all this rage & hatred from the villagers somehow created an “actual” demon which is what actually killed all the girls they were sacrificing. They would be locked up in that dungeon to pretty much starve to death until they would go insane by being possessed by this “demon” thing.

other01This demon thing killed Tsubaki before she could be sacrificed to Amanojaku and since he had the hots for her, he was fuggin pissed. He was so pissed he raged and basically destroyed the entire village and it became abandoned just sitting there after all those years. The only thing remains is the dungeon where they locked the girls and a small shrine which is dedicated to that demon thing. Well turns out this demon thing has now possessed Tsuyuha cause she and the kiddies went on sacred ground. Now she’s having flashbacks and like clawing her seal until her fingers are covered in blood, just like the girls in the past.  In addition, she has this magical blood because suddenly we’re in Ayashi no Ceres and she’s actually a celestial being’s sacrifice for the robe! When the onis and anyone who is a reincarnation of the onis drinks her blood, it’s like a drug and they can’t stop drinking it but it can become deadly. So once all the kiddies  meet her, their inner demons start to spaz cause they want her blood! And suddenly HAKUOKI! Yea I don’t even know where I’m going with this anymore, too many holes so I’ll just barf the rest up in the individual routes.

ryo01 Tsukamoto Ryouta – Ryochan is a victim of not only Tsuyuha’s but also Soushi’s stupidity.   He’s Soushi’s twin brother, but unlike Soushi, he doesn’t have any demon reincarnated into him so Soushi’s always been jealous & butthurt that he’s the one that’s suffering. Due to this he’s often kept everything hidden from Ryouta and this became even more convenient when their parents divorced.  Despite this, Soushi really worries and cares about Ryouta but he always does it on a “stranger” as to not get too close to him. So Ryouta is constantly left out and he gets pissed because Soushi knows about Tsuyuha’s cursed seal but she refuses to tell Ryouta anything. She even starts to purposely ignore and avoid him just like Soushi (;ಠ益ಠ;).  Ryouta’s not dumb though, he knows that both his brother and Tsuyuha are basically putting walls around themselves but he’s still pissed about it. So then Tsuyuha mopes around that she’s run away from Ryouta without telling him anything and leaving the poor guy..THEN DONT RUN AWAY omfg (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻  Ryouta finally corners her and is like yo gurl, never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you. So then Tsuyuha gets home and is like oh snap I love dat kawaii high school boi. Her cursed seal ain’t happy with this so it gives her some pain but this time she’s like calling Ryouta’s name for help. Sadly it’s not effective. The next day, she asks Ryouta to go to the abandoned village with her cause I guess she’s ready to actually accept the fact that he’s willing to help her.

ryo02They go down into the hidden dungeon again to try and break the cursed seal. Out of nowhere  Soushi comes in to hijack the route going “yo bro stay away from her, if you touch her blood it’ll be like Hakuoki!” Apparently Ryouta is the most human out of all of them so when he drinks her blood he chokes on it and passes out. When he wakes up he’s like a rasetsu from hakuoki and just wants to suck all of her blood. Soushi’s like watching and fapping to the whole thing while going ‘no ryouta stop, you’re a human you shouldn’t be doing this’. 😆  When Tsuyuha tries to tell Ryouta to calm himself, he’s like “noo everyone’s pushing me away ;_;”. He then chokes some more and passes out again. Tsuyuha’s like noooo and starts crying even though she’s always held back her emotions in front of everyone. Ryouta wakes up, sees her crying and is really happy she finally put away her cactus barrier. They ichaicha it up while Soushi watches and faps some more in the corner. Ryouta then tells Soushi that all he wanted to do was prove that Tsuyuha’s blood isn’t anything special and she’s not some freak o’ nature. Tsuyuha and Ryouta both wanna bang each other but they’re too busy trying to dodge the meiwaku and  annoy the shit out of the player. Ryouta is going so sexually frustrated that he starts having lock up fantasies and asking his friends if it’s ok to lock up the girl you love. ∑(゚Д゚)ガーン  Eventually she stops being a depressed self hater and is like do me Ryouta!!1 and so I’ll just assume they fucked in the forest near the grave of the sacrificed village girls. How lewd. And after this they live happily ever after or something hooray. I really do like Ryouta, he’s such a sweetheart, but Soushi and Tsuyuha’s cockblocking and self hate ruined everything.

haru01Senke Kiyoharu – Haru felt like he was always the youngest to me but that’s because he can’t get his reincarnated blood under control. Unlike Soushi who can somewhat contain it, and Tsuyuha who just self harms herself, Haru runs around randomly killing people… : (;゙゚’ω゚’): The worst part is, after he does this, he has no memory of what he’s done and he’ll find himself out of his house not knowing why or how he got there.  His mom died when he was 8, immediately after his brothers were born. Cause he was so busy trying to be Mr. Genki, all the pressure pretty much weakened his soul and the inner relative took over. When his demon side takes over all he wants to do is drink Tsuyuha’s blood so he goes into yandere mode around her very frequently. Now here’s where I want to punch this stupid heroine. She tells Haru that if he’s gonna go around hurting others, to come to her. She promises she’ll “take the damage” from him and accept all of his issues. So of course he falls in love with her kindness and when he actually does come to her with his problems what does she do? Shit bricks and run away. Why don’t you just step on his heart with a stiletto while you’re at it Tsuyuha? The hilarious part of course is eventually she falls in love with him too but only because she saw his yandere side LOOL. Well seeing from the other routes this is no longer a shocker cause Tsuyuha loves abusive dudes, not the nice guys.  When he has one of his yandere attacks he cries and while having an inner battle asks Tsuyuha to never leave him. He says that if she’s with him, he’ll be able to control himself and this time she promises not to run away.  They become irresponsible brats and while everyone’s running around looking for them, they frolic to the abandoned village thinking that doing so will magically solve everything.  While on the way he asks why she fell in love with him. She says it’s cause she was a gloomy loner but he was like a ray of light for her. He took her to eat with everyone and play games so she started to think of herself as less insignificant.

haru02Suddenly they both collapse to the ground in pain from their uh inner problems and Tsuyuha’s hearing voices again. Shes like its ok dude I got this and starts walking towards the cursed shrine alone. He’s like noo y u leave me and this great heroine is like oh we don’t really love each other, we’re just victims of our distant relatives. Haru’s like omfg are u kidding me. The worst part is she’s spitting this bs but telling herself inside that is not true but she wants him so fuggin badly she feels like she’s the one who’s gonna go yandere on him www. THIS MAKES A LOT OF SENSE.  So then he goes into crazy yanyan mode and starts sucking blood from her wrist while babbling that he wants to fall into darkness together etc. And well she finally gives in and uh they make out by the tree. He tells her that he wants her to rely on him as much as he relies.on her. Guess they’ve decided to just deal with their relatives blood going bonkers together?? In the ending they’re stuck together at the hip with glue cause they can’t get enough of each other.  In the 2nd ending, Haru starts basically attacking random people and killing them for blood but with no memories of what he’s doing.  He then starts avoiding her because he’s depressed that he can’t control himself. He tells her he loves her but he doesn’t want to hurt her etc. Shin rages at her and tells her not to go alone with Haru to the cursed shrine as it won’t solve anything and puts her in danger. She runs to Haru telling him she can’t see him anymore cause of blood etc and he grabs her and starts making out with her and calls her selfish. So then umm magically she’s like oh ok lets be together even though my cursed seal is like taking over and Ima die soon lawl. There’s some quality writing going on in this game! Well again I though Haru was really sweet and I liked how he was really into video games..but then Tsuyuha showed up and well everything kinda snowballed downhill.

chiaki01Kanda Chiaki – Chiaki’s route made no sense in any way shape or form other than being a reveal of a few plot details. It’s a shame cause I actually liked his fabulous sunglasses but by the end I had no idea what the fug was going on. Chiaki started freaking me out the moment they went into the dungeon and he babbled about locking her down there because he loved seeing the look of fear on her face. (´・ω・`) He loves basically always groping and touching her but hey this is what turns her on so maybe they’re a match made in heaven. Tsuyuha don’t want no shy guy!  He goes to a boarding school with Takaomi and they’re room mates. They’re not supposed to leave the dorms or school grounds but Chiaki is often sneaking out.  Basically the problem with Chiaki is he knows all his friends have some demon shit inside of them but he’s too afraid to touch on the subject. Takaomi’s like hey bro I’m ready to talk to you anytime but Chiaki’s like no its ok I don’t want to know not my business. And then he has the friggin nerve to be like “boo hoo they always leave me out I’m like a stranger to them.” In a way Chiaki is left out because Haru and the twins were friends since forever, and then they became friends with Takaomi in middle school. Chiaki though didn’t really meet all of them until high school so he’s sort of the “last one” to join their group.  He starts to feel so left out that he actually starts to cry. Tsuyuha gives him a place to pour out his feelings and he says he feels like a bystander around everyone. After this, he starts to have some dokidokis about Tsuyuha and rolls around in his dorm bed thinking about her.♥ Chiaki then realizes he’s in love with Tsuyuha and even though she’s got her cursed seal problem, she’s still stronger than him because he kept running away from the truth about everything but for once he’s taken an interest and wants to know and help Tsuyuha with her problems. This is great cause Tsuyuha’s in love with his pathetic self too.  So after this realization Chiaki finally decides to hear Takaomi and Soushi out on what the truth is and they give him the babble about the village and the sacrificing ceremony.  Soushi says to erase her seal they should return to the abandoned village so Tsuyuha, Takaomi and Chiaki all go together. When they get into the abandoned shack, suddenly the lights go out and she’s knocked out and finds herself awakened in the underground dungeon, locked in.  Apparently somehow her body & soul got transported there and for whatever reason Chiaki and Takaomi can’t save her and she has to “wake up on her own” whut lol.

chiaki02So when she finally comes back to earth and he jumps in there she starts her bawwing session of how she doesn’t want to come near her because she loves him…ヽ(。_゜)ノ And we basically get to part 3 of “don’t push me away baby~!” He then kisses her and drinks her delicious tears of despair saying that if the spirits of the sacrificed girls keep pulling her back in here, he’ll destroy that cursed shrine.  And so they make out and after this Tsuyuha decides to deal with her cursed seal cause welp  it doesn’t actually go away! And um the end yea ヽ(。_゜)ノ In the 2nd ending, Chiaki sneaks out of his dorms to check upon his ill older brother. Tsuyuha reveals that her parents died in a car accident when she was little but she doesn’t really remember them or what happened and before she knows it, she was at their funeral. Nobody cared about her until Shin and his grandpa showed up and adopted her from the orphanage. He took her in because his family knew about the truth about her and her ~special blood~.  He then explains that Tsuyuha is reborn from a celestial maiden and has to be sacrificed in order to create her robe or whatever to provide power to the onis.  So then um Chiaki comes over Tsuyuha’s place, babbles how he needs her and doesn’t want to be apart and they both cry and make out. They go to the abandoned village together  and Tsuyuha starts hearing voices & flashbacks of all the sacrificed girls raging that oni’s are not gods and this sacrifice ritual is bullshit. When she wakes up from her trance, Chiaki is MIA so she goes into the dungeon to look for him. When she finds him he’s in fully yandere mode, saying he wants to lock her up here forever so she never leaves him. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)  She’s like yo bitch I fuggin told you that I’d be with you forever & ever so you need to STAHP. And so this apparently works because they magically find themselves awakened outside the dungeon and Chiaki apologizes for being a nutcase.  Then he says he has to go away to control himself or some shit and asks her to wait for him. THE END LOL WHAT TEH FUCK OTOMATE THIS WAS THE WORST ENDING SO FAR. トリャ!!|┛*`Д´|┛。・*・┻━┻:・、。▽ I don’t even know why Chiaki went batshit since he was supposed to be human and not be a reincarnation of anyone.  But like in Edel Blume, it was all a dream~ :lol:.  What a shame, I thought the route started out decently but as usual we got a 1 way ticket to a pile of cow dung.

taka01Shima Takaomi – Takaomi is a sexy beast and his route has lots of sexy time cause I guess he spends most of his time eating and sleeping so when he finally gets a female around him, all those dormant hormones come out to play. His problem is that his sister vanished in the middle of some street.  Due to this his time has “frozen” and he can’t seem to move on.  After the two interact for a while Takaomi starts to wonder if he’s in love with Tsuyuha cause he’s always worried about her. Whenever she hears voices he gets all pissed off thinking she’ll be taken away from him, just like his sister was.  After Shin tells her the truth about herself and how he just wants to protect her, he goes batshit so she gets scared and runs out to the park where she runs into Takaomi. She starts crying and tells him to forget her cause everything is her fault and that her blood may have awakened the demons in everyone. She says she doesn’t wanna involve him and she’s sad she has to part with all of them now cause she found out the truth yadda yadda.  Takaomi’s like wtf u talkin about ho, you ain’t gonna protect me, I’ma protect you!  He then  tells Tsuyuha that his sister disappeared right before graduating high school. His story makes her cry more so he drinks her delicious tears and thanks her for crying for him. So yea she continues going to the intersection where his sister vanished and he keeps chasing her down there every time telling her to snap out of it. Turns out she kept coming to that intersection so she could possibly hear his sister’s voice and get more information on her whereabouts.  Eventually she hears his sister’s voice saying she wishes she had protected Takaomi a little longer.  When they all go to the abandoned village and cursed shrine, the shrine starts shaking like someone’s trying to get out and Tsuyuha’s seal appears.

taka02Just then they see the memory of his sister who was apparently kidnapped and they found her dress in another town. Unfortunately they couldn’t figure out anything else on the case and it remained an unsolved mystery on whether she’s dead or alive. Her spirit though kept praying for Takaomi and after seeing this memory, he starts crying saying he didn’t want to admit it but inside he had a feeling his sister’s never coming back. So then they both lick each other’s wounds and cry about how sad and lonely they are and they should just be with each other like in every other fucking poorly written route in this game =_=. And as on cue, they make out (screw?) in the woods. ww  And so after this Tsuyuha’s seal calms down and appears less but Takaomi is still worried about her and has her visit his dorms frequently. Due to this Chiaki feels like a third wheel and constantly runs to Soushi’s house to hang out lol.  Some time later, Soushi then tells the 2 of them that he remembers that vacation house near the abandoned village at one point burned down. (Apparently Soushi and Kiyoharu are distant cousins) He also points out those who are reborn from the demons have shorter life spans. The reason is their souls require a ton of blood or something and the human bodies can’t keep up with it. Tsuyuha gets all sad but fortunately the tension is broken when Takaomi gets all jelly with Soushi getting too close to her and Tsuyuha starts |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ ing over how cute he is lol. In the end, Takaomi tells Tsuyuha to stop taking all the voices and spirit burden on to herself and so they fuck happily ever after.\( ^o^)/ Lol the whole ending feels like they just wanna hump like rabbits forever & ever xD. Somehow hearing dummy head Kakki prpring my ears felt embarrassing since I had met him last year at Otakon. I never really think about seiyuus as “individual people” since I usually just attach voice to character, but this time I couldn’t help it (//^ω^//)!!

soushi01 Mitani Soushi – Since Soushi kept hijacking every route in the game I thought that he was SPESHUL and had this really important plot revelation in his route. Well after all that he didn’t and then the game makers were like “hey you all love when Hino Satoshi voices yandere rapists right? let’s make Soushi a yandere rapist for no reason YEAAAAA *explosion in the background*”. The only good thing about Soushi’s route was when he jokingly told Tsuyuha that being double teamed by twins is a delicious situation. It is. Why didn’t they have an ending like this? Like I mentioned in Ryouta’s route, his parents divorced when they were young and Soushi went with the mom while Ryouta went with the dad so that’s why their last names are different.  The reason he keeps things from Ryouta is cause once when he turned into his other form, Ryouta saw it and didn’t recognize him so he started crying. This was probably a huge shock to him so he decided to keep everything a secret from him from now on. And so one day he turns into that form (although really all it is is that his hair turns dark brown with red strands like the Amanojaku) and runs into Tsuyuha. She shits bricks but he’s like “hey you wanted to know more about me y u runnin gurl?” Tsuyuha’s all like  “come at me bro” and somehow this brings him back to  his old self but she runs away like a pansy anyway. I guess she can’t really abandon Soushi fully after the fact that Chiaki told her that Soushi is a crybaby and doesn’t want to be hated so he tries to hide everything from those he loves.  Eventually Soushi asks if Tsuyuha’s in love with him but then goes “sorry but I don’t feel the same for you lol.” But then he hugs her going “but it’s because I feel that if i’m with you I’ll be meiwaku~” Oh look where have I heard this line before.  So then the next day Tsuyuha tells Soushi she’s gonna go to the abandoned village to try and figure out the deal with her seal and he’s like gdi woman I’m coming with you.

soushi02They go to the cabin and Soushi starts having his spasms with Amanojaku and the flashbacks to him and Tsubaki. When Tsuyuha tries to get near him he tells her to stay away before he loses all grasp on himself.   Soushi’s tells his inner Amanojaku,  yo dude, just cause you couldn’t protect your girlfriend, don’t mean you gotta take it out on me. P.S. by doing this shit you aren’t letting me protect my girlfriend and this shit’s gonna repeat all over again. Sooo then Tsuyuha gets a brilliant idea of slicing herself so Soushi can have her blood or whatever sigh. Tsuyuha then hears Tsubaki’s voice and says that she has nothing to do with Tsuyuha though the 2 of them are “similar” to Amanojaku. She says her only regret is dying and leaving Amanojaku to cry or someshit.  After Tsuyuha wakes up from her chat with Tsubaki, she finds herself in the arms of a crying Soushi. He then tells her his feelings about how he hid everything from Ryouta and she’s like “why are you telling me this” and he’s like “cause I got no one else to tell it to ;_;”. So then he grabs Tsuyuha and starts making out with her saying “I think I love u baby” lool yea okay this game.jpg He then babbles how he felt so upset that he and Ryouta were twins but he was the freak with the oni inside him. The lulz of course is, Tsuyuha goes “we’ve not resolved anything, I still have this cursed seal thing lol” and he’s like “lol I know but I got u guurl” and they laugh and make out some more the end. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Lol even the heroine calls b/s but the game still ends \( ^o^)/ In ending 2, Shin-chan goes for the NTR on Tsuyuha but she family-zones him m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ. If that wasn’t bad, Ryouta gets sick of Soushi’s shit and says if he can’t protect Tsuyuha, then he will take her away from him. Tsuyuha sadly rejects Ryouta and goes to Soushi and is like “yo dude what the fuck crawled up your ass”.

ssoushi03He emos once again that he was afraid to be near Tsuyuha and Ryouta cause it would only bring misery and he wouldn’t be able to protect either of them. He then adds the whole “grr why are we twins but I get shafted” rant too.  He and Tsuyuha then realize how they’re both like cacti and decide to just get prickly together (in front of poor Ryouta lol though I guess this is revenge for Ryouta’s route? :lol:) The following day as predicted, Soushi loses control of himself and starts strangling Tsuyuha but she’s all like “oh its ok if it makes you happy you can keep strangling me ^^”. She calls him a chicken shit and says if he wants to “end it all” he should just go ahead and kill her. He gives in and admits that he really is a pansy ass but doesn’t want anyone to know. He tells Tsuyuha to just run away from here and maybe eventually her cursed seal will disappear. Tsuyuha gets pissed off and slaps him and tells him to stfu and stop being a selfish dick. Oh shit Soushi-kun you just got told! Toldman Sachs! Knights of the Told Republic! Stone Told Steve Austin!! Soushi is so butthurt, he grabs her and shoves his tongue down her throat. OOKKAAYY lol. ヽ(。_゜)ノ He even then admits that he’s an inconsistent idiot and in fact he just wanted to bang her this whole time.  The worst part is this brat then blames her that she brought it upon herself for constantly “wanting to know about him”. Sooo does that mean that you wanted to bang your brother too Soushi? 😆 (3P end where?) And for some reason after this Soushi turns into some horny bastard cause in the omake he’s basically like “Tsuyuha stop resisting cause it only makes my penis harder.” LOOOOL okay Soushi. I wasn’t a fan of Soushi but this route made me progressively dislike him and I thought this route would give me answers but in the end it gave me…nothing.  Turns out the biggest info dump was actually in Chiaki’s route, go figure. I think the only reason my block of text is longer than the others is because this route is so annoying I ended up ranting more than anyone else’s. Soushi is so fuggin immature too I mean he gets told and wah wah he has no comeback so he has to use his penis macho to show her who’s boss! For once Tsuyuha was actually decent in this route but in the end she lets the asshole rapist force himself on her anyway.

shin01Shin –  Shin is basically like her oniichan because she was adopted by his grandpa but after gramps died, she’s been pretty much living alone with him for the last 10 years.  So I thought Shin-chan was alright in the other routes and he seemed like a decent guy but…the moment you do his route he turns into a RAPIST. That’s right he promptly tells Tsuyuha that he’s never saw her a family member or a “younger sister” and he doesn’t really know what he feels for her except that he wants to fucking bang her brains out. So when she falls asleep in the dining room, she wakes up …in his bed and then he forces himself on her shoving his hand up her skirt telling her not to resist. She’s like wait wtf is going on here and he’s like “I knew that doing this would destroy our relationship but man I just gotta jjjjam it in you baby”. For whatever reason tho, Tsuyuha’s like “I guess I’m…ok with this???” And then they fuck. After this things just get worse cause when Soushi’s been calling her for a while since she’s kinda been MIA and wonders what the hell is up, when Shin sees her talking on the phone with him he grabs her and is like “yo I told you not to talk to anyone else.” So not only is he a rapist, but he becomes a possessive yandere and starts molesting her while she’s still on the phone with Soushi ガ━━(;゚Д゚)━━ン!!  (Though lol this is kind of revenge on Soushi’s route lmao.)  Tsuyuha tells Shin to calm his tits and that she won’t leave him but in return asks him to tell her the truth about herself. He finally agrees and tells her about the whole abandoned village and sacrificing of the girls to the onis.

shin02Shin & his gramps were the only 2 surviving ancestors of that abandoned village so their role was to “watch over” Tsuyuha which is why they adopted her in the first place. He then says that originally since his parents were dead, he intended to leave his grandpa and take his photography work elsewhere but gramps asked him to stay for a few years while Tsuyuha grew up. He asked this because he knew he was gonna die soon and if Shin wasn’t around Tsuyuha would be left alone. Shin didn’t want anything to do with the village’s past but gramps begged on his deathbed for Shin to take care of her. On top of this, turns out he’s actually a distant relative of Tsubaki, and his parents were killed thanks to all the stupid village sacrificing. Tsubaki died because she sacrificed herself to save her brother and that’s how the genes were passed down. Wow okay so does this mean Shin x Soushi the OTP? ホモォ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ He then announces that he was actually supposed to be the next sacrifice and he was taken to that village at the age of 10 but his parents tried to save him. Unfortunately they died trying to save him and just then Tsuyuha was born so she became the next victim instead. So yea he felt kinda guilty and due to this he stayed by her side trying to protect her to satisfy his inner guilt.  He then starts crying about how horrible he is and that he’s forcing her to be with him but he can’t live without her. He tells her he really does love her and says that everything is his fault. For whatever reason, Tsuyuha’s incredibly forgiving and is like nooo baby I stay with u forever. Funny how she’s so accepting of the guy who forces himself on her but keeps rejecting all the sweet nice guys ( ´_ゝ`)フーン. And well the end. Such a quality route.

foxKitsune – I don’t even know what the fuck the point of this route and/or character is. As if the main guys routes weren’t incomplete enough, you attempt to “waste space” with a completely pointless character! So once you finish the 5 main guys, some dude in a fox mask appears saying that he was lured here by Tsuyuha’s magical blood.  He babbles how he’s waited for her forever & ever!  He then goes on to say that he needs her blood so he can….die. OOKAY. Tsuyuha takes off his mask to reveal a hot ikeman underneath so she gives him a name, Kitsune lol. He the proclaims that he loves her and she’s the only one who can save him! Ok dude who I met like 10 minutes ago. Kitsune claims that they used to be together like 300 years ago but now they’re reunited again! But now Fox-kun is so sad that he has to die after finally reuniting with her! So then without warning he chomps on her shoulder and while having a nice blood drink, he tells her how he used to be bffs with Amanojaku until he died. Just as expected he starts dying so he asks her to call his name which is apparently Hakuro. And then as on cue like in every other route, they start crying and making out. LOL THE END. Yea this route was much needed and brought so much closure to the game /end of extreme sarcasm. 🙄 At least the cosplay omake at the end was kinda cute but once again reminded me that there really is no need for Tsuyuha in this game😂



Wow that was easily the most terrible game I played all year…and I’ve played a lot of shit this year. Writing this review was just as exhausting because I attempted to make it as less confusing as possible, but midway realized it’s impossible, and just gave up! When you have a bag of flour, some fruit, a can of whim cream and a stick of butter on your table, you can’t just throw them into the stove and hope a cake comes out. You need to actually properly mix the ingredients, bake and then decorate your cake. Unfortunately, Otomate just threw everything into the stove and the stove exploded into what was this mess of a game. For those unfamiliar with Edel Blume, you can read my review of it, but this is pretty much the 2013 equivalent. That game is so terrible, it’s now down to 800 yen on Amazon Japan. They had a great setting, the guys were pretty decent but then they ruined it by not actually filling in any of the gaps they created and making the heroine an inconsistent disaster. The story can be literally described like a moldy chunk of Swiss cheese.  The worst part about the heroine of course is that there were many scenes without her in which the guys acted totally normal. In fact some of the scenes with only the guys felt more fun to watch than the scenes with her! Once she came into the picture everyone became an emo horn dog and all they wanted to do was cry and bang Tsuyuha :lol:. (or cry while banging Tsuyuha, whatever floats your boats.) Tsuyuha is basically like Ui from Hyakki Yakou in which she constantly rejects the guys but inside her head she calls herself a horrible person and says that she isn’t actually rejecting them. So while the guy is like crying begging her to stop pushing him away, she’s like “no, get away” while her inner thoughts are “no that’s not what I want to say!!” ヽ(#゚Д゚)ノ┌┛(ノ´Д`)ノ The worst part of course being that the nicer the guy is → the more she rejected him. That means that the guy who forces himself on her like a fuggin rapist, is totally okay but the sweet guy → NOPE, MEIWAKU. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Takaomi-sensei come heal my wounded brain after playing this awful game~ (;´∀`)
Takaomi-sensei come heal my wounded brain after playing this awful game~ (;´∀`)

Anyway the combination of irritating heroine, plot holes o rama and everything being resolved with a no-build up love scene just made this game really painful to sit through. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some エロい kissing and the seiyuus did a great job but without build up, it’s kind of offensive. It’s like some terrible nukige but since it’s not R-18 you don’t actually get the porn so even in that sense, it’s halfassed! I don’t even know who my favorite characters would be since I’d like them at first but then by the end shit was so messed up I was too busy wtf’ing at the sudden ending to remember all the good parts. All I can remember is that Ryouta and Haru were sweethearts and Takaomi was a sexy beast. Chiaki started out good but warped into meh and for no apparent reason, Soushi and Shin became rapists and that pretty much ruined everything. Oh well I think I’ll take a break from Otomate’s games for a bit…I know they’re usually hit or miss but it’s blatantly obvious this game was probably either unfinished or the writer quit. It’s like they wrote the backbone of the game but the writer quit and never filled in the gaps but they had to push the release out. I think this was supposed to be a horror game but the shitty story is the only horrific thing going on here 😆 This game should be a warning about what Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue will be like, seeing how that game had a 3 year delay.

P.S. At least limited edition drama CD was nice ear porn (◉◞౪◟◉ ).


54 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Shiratsuyu no Kai”

  1. haha so you suffered through it too 😆
    And yea Tsuyuha was so fucking irritating, possibly the most irritating heroine I’ve dealt with this year (;ಠ益ಠ;)
    and yea holy shit Soushi was ruined so badly in his route lmao

    And I totally feel you on Norn9. Even with the balls plot at least the minichara stories were enjoyable but this was just a disaster from start to finish

  2. I only just finished playing this and omg what a disaster. It’s like they focused all their efforts in the wrong places (eg. 100 ghost stories) instead of the actual story. I wouldn’t even have minded a cliche set-up of Soushi and Tsuyuha being reincarnations of that couple but idk, they decided to ~not be predictable~ oh wow. Like you said, the guys are fine when interacting among themselves but once Tsuyuha comes in……hormones went on fire or something. It didn’t help that I found myself rolling eyes a lot of times at Tsuyuha’s monologue. I could still draw out some enjoyment from NORN9 even though I found that it was a rushed release. Shiratsuyu shouldn’t have been released at all. I could poke holes at it all day but I’ll leave it for my own review instead.

  3. I tend not to play non-otome games just because they have shippings with the exception of galge simply cause I just don’t have time lol

  4. I remember when I was really little.
    I would be playing Nickelodeon game on my PS2.
    Also, not an otome game , but Dangan Ronpa. You should play it, because them shippings. All the shippings possible. Hehe.
    Also, if you do play it you need 1.2 Reload, and Super Dangan Ronpa 2
    In 1.2 I think characters just date each other? Not really sure. But I think you’d like the game.

  5. I have a few but for upcoming Alice is still sitting on my desk. Unfortunately thanks to so many bad games lately I’ve taken rest in playing ff14… and my Otome game time is practically dead lol. As far as bb is concerned seeing how I needed a step by step guide to play pp, I won’t be touching it for a while after release.

  6. Concerning Brilliant Blue, do you think you’ll be playing it? And I’ve been wondering what other otome games you’ve been deciding to buy/play or is in your backlog?

  7. sure but if it’s regarding walkthrough of the game, I can’t help you because it’s been a while and I don’t remember anything \( ^o^)/

  8. I have one doubt of the game Brothers Conflict Passion Pink but … I can not comment in the correct page, I can make my question here anyway? =/

  9. yea I feel you I didn’t have high expectations either but wtf really
    no idea who the game writers are since Otomate has so many teams working on various stuff
    and yea lol otome game power is dead somewhere as I play FF14~

  10. I didn’t expect this one to be crash and burn. Not that I had particularly high expectations either but I didn’t expect it to be this terrible. The dialog in the beginning was mind numbing I was having trouble paying attention from the start. Which pretty much means I know I’m going to hate the game. Anyway I was fast forwarding randomly and waiting for something interesting to happen in the game and made to to the part where she got the black hand print on her neck and then I bailed. Dummy head mic, nothing can redeem the level of suck that this game delivers. Do you know who is the writer of this game? I want to avoid anything else by this person ever made.

    I’m glad your review will keep many other innocents safe from this game! 😀

    My otome playing power has dropped dramatically lately too. I have some good games in my backlog to play but I don’t even feel motivated to play those. *sigh*

  11. you know what else is suffering? My otome game play drive thanks to all this.
    I’ve been playing the same freaking route for 4 days cause I’d rather spend my time on FF14 instead /(^o^)\

  12. Meeeeeh. Otomate’s game premises are always pretty interesting, but in the end they are crap. LOL And it seems like the quality is suffering more and more with each game. o.O Oh man, if they can’t give us good story lines without stupid routes, then just give us easy and funny highschool dating games like GHP or something… This hole o rama is horrible… orz orz

  13. I think at the end of each route I usually played the ichaicha scenes so check at the very end of the broadcasts I guess?
    and good luck with school, stop by when you have time or wanna take a break from homework 😉

  14. Glad to see you “enjoyed” Soushitsuyu no Kai lolol
    Sorry I couldn’t stick around for the other half of the game; school started so I probably won’t visit as much.
    Oh yeah, and which of the ichaicha dummy head mic sessions are recorded on your channel? At the very least I want to go back and check those out for… reasons. ^p^

  15. Your last sentence made me burst out laughing. A good way to end on a positive note.

    Working as intended ( ≖‿≖)

    It’s funny I actually went and read the final impressions of a Japanese blogger friend on this game. Usually 99% of the time her opinion is like the polar opposite of mine…but this time I was like “wow are you me?” I guess this game is collectively bad there’s just no redemption what so ever!

  16. Your last sentence made me burst out laughing. A good way to end on a positive note.

    Always a pleasure to read your reviews. I had heard a lot of terrible stuff about this game before and when I saw you were playing it, I couldn’t help but look forward to your review of it, whether it actually turned out to be crap or you took a ‘down with the haters’ stance (like Koibana Days).

  17. lol yea don’t even bother, with so many other games you can play it’s not worth it 😛
    and lol Kakki’s in so many games lately! Maybe my words to him last year somehow made even a slight difference!! xD

  18. Blergh… I was hoping I’d get KamiKimi level of otoge but I guess not. Shiratsuyu is now officially off my backlog 😐 But oh my, Kakki voicing a sexy beast sounds pretty tempting. Glad to hear that you have such a cutie prpring your ear (◉◞౪◟◉ ) /punched.

  19. I admit that when I choose which otome games to buy, the art and the cast do factor in significantly… so maybe I’m being hypocritical as I’m not helping too much either. However, I still think that these companies should be trying much harder to make the art and talented cast shine!

  20. No problems! I heard it was bad as well on Amazon and I thought maybe it was the usual Japan’s opinion is opposite of mine…but that’s until every freaking route just..ENDED. Sigh Otomate.
    Unfortunately I’m probably not helping the cause since I often tend to buy games based on seiyuu and art /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ
    I actually didnt buy this cause I wanted a scary game (Not a huge fan of the genre) but I think Takuyo’s Sora*Yume makes a much better “scary otome game” in that sense.

  21. I remember reading Fruits Basket. The only reason I didn’t get mad was because it was old.
    But seriously those necks. I hate when they’re to big.

  22. good thing that i come across this page ‘cuz this game was in my “to buy list”
    so i’m new into this otome world and since you know more about it than me would you tell me what your fav. otome games so i could play it? :3

  23. Thanks for the very honest and in-depth review (as always). I’ve heard and read various negative reviews, but I didn’t think it’d be this… disappointing. Sometimes I wonder if these companies think we don’t have standards- just get a bunch of good-looking love interests, get them voiced by skilled seiyuu and we would never notice bad writing, inconsistent characterisation, frequent anatomy errors, etc. Anyway, if you’re looking to play a scary game, you don’t go for otome games, period. That being said, perhaps I’m being unfair since I think I’m hugely desensitised and that kind of thing is subjective.

  24. I’ve heard some comments about this game and how bad it’s turned out, so I’ve been looking forward to your review and while this game is BAD, your review is priceless!
    To bad the hidden passageway through the wardrobe didn’t lead them to Narnia might have made more sense or get a chance to escape this game 😀

  25. hahaha glad you liked ;D
    And yea I saw the terrible reviews on Amazon Japan and I can probably agree with most of them
    I think the biggest concern about BB is probably the system lol

  26. LOL!!!! My god I couldn’t stop laughing *wipes tear*
    Had to agree to EVERY SINGLE word you wrote
    I had trouble with one route…I could feel your pain having to do the rest;;;; oh the agony..
    Even otomate fans described this game as ‘incomplete’ OTL
    I’ll probs take a rest too on being an ‘otomater’ as they describe;;;;
    Geh…if otomate ruins BroCon BB I’ll start flipping tables too…not like I haven’t yet but yeh hahahahaha;;;;

  27. it’s just the art style but you probably can’t see from the CGs their legs and arms are SUPPPPERR skinny. like you could snap it like a twig lmao

  28. well you can always try a route and see what it’s like. they’re all equally terrible so just one route alone should get the point across lol
    yea the ayashi no ceres and hakuoki thrown in made me roll my eyes 🙄 heroine isn’t that do-M i guess I mean she rejects when she wants to and accepts when she wants to…I don’t think they knew what they wanted to do with her!

  29. I’m glad you found the blog post entertaining xD In the end I think some of the bad games allow me to be more creative with these things 😆

  30. Ok, so I have read some of your blog entries and although I feel sorry you had to play through such a crap game… I was honestly laughing. Honestly, this blog entire was probably 10x then the game. 🙂

  31. I’m still thinking to play this despite the bad comments but damn I don’t think it’ll be THIS bad
    I guess it’d be better if they just leave this as a pure horror otome game, instead of adding hakuoki element? I don’t think it’ll be oni here oni there we love dem bloods dayum *sigh*
    guess the heroine is pretty much do-M herself coz she loves dem rapist yeah!

    and lol edel blume 800 yen at amazon XD

  32. Wow, it really sounds horrible. I thank the gods i didn’t get this as soon as it’s released. Thanks for suffering through the horrid game for us, Hinano! You have my utmost gratitude. =3

  33. I think if you’re looking for a “scary” game of this type, I highly recommend Sora*yume by Takuyo instead. It actually has a decent and cohesive story.
    And thanks for coming out of lurker mode to comment (●ゝω・●)

  34. Okay, I read only your final thoughts because I’m still willing to play the game and see for myself, but..damnit, I’ve also had high hopes for this one, since I have a thing for spooky things 😀 I thought it’d be epic since it’s spooky+otome but I guess that won’t be the case here,huh..Oh, btw, I’ve also been a lurker here for more than a year,I think………
    And I really like your reviews. Not only are they pretty useful and honest, but they also crack me up! XD (≧∇≦)/

  35. Haha Takaomi’s seiyuu Kakihara was whispering eroi things in the drama CD (◉◞౪◟◉ )うへへへ
    but yea sigh otomate quality etc (´・ω・`)

  36. Yea the slice of life points were probably the best parts of the game to be honest. I actually quite enjoyed the limited edition booklet and the drama CDs so they had potential but I guess they never…finished the game lol.

  37. Whew…I am sooo glad I did not buy this last minute…I am sorry you had to go through this calamity lol. Im worried about brothers conflict…maybe I will take a break from otomate for a while…おつかれさまでした. but takaomi is really a sexy beast lol

  38. Long time reader unlurking here!
    It’s seriously sad that the first otome game I ever preordered turned out like this! It looked great and sounded interesting but turned out to be such a mess. After finishing my first route (damnit Soushi), I just mentally blocked out the plot and only paid attention to the slice-of-life moments between the guys. And jelly Takaomi moment. The rest was a waste of my time.
    Thanks for the entertaining review anyway!

  39. Yea I thought it was gonna be at least decent with all the nice art and music and stuff…..they obviously didn’t finish it. I bet the delay was the writer ran off so they delayed it and had some random person fill in the blanks in a 2 month span 😆 Unfortunately it wasn’t super effective.

    And yea a heroine definitely makes a world of difference and it was even more irritating when she was not a cactus but then the guys ended up being rapist losers lol

  40. lol. watching this game already gave me some indication the review was gonna be negative. Kinda sucks though since i really had high hopes for it when i first read about it in B’s Log. I think Ryouta seemed so sweet but soushi and tsuyuha ruined his route. the heroine is what makes or breaks the game for me since the whole story is based off of her interactions with the guys. Tsuyuha’s cactus personality took the fun out of this one.

  41. yea you pretty much got yourself and unfinished game (;^ω^)
    if you don’t care about story or plotholes then maybe just all the kissing scenes will be nice lol

  42. Really? That bad? XD
    Then I’ll leave this game to play next year, maybe XD
    Thanks for the review! ^^

  43. lol Norn9 was plot holy but at least I could take SOME enjoyment out of it…not much I can take out of this game sadly ~_~

  44. Ha Ha…. Not going to be playing this one….

    All delayed games feel like there’s something missing to it. Norn9, we have so many plot holes that I don’t even know where to begin, and I’m scared of Brilliant Blue, but I’m doing it for Azusa.

    This game was pointless. *claps* Nice job Otomate, again.

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