FFXIV Beta 4 Weekend


Well now that Beta 4 is here, Alvaro is gone and instead I got Heinz 😉 Decided to spend most of my weekend playing this cause my brain was fried from otome games after Shiratsuyu. ( ≖Д≖;)

I know a lot of people were having some kind of 3102 and 90000 errors but I had mostly smooth sailing? The worst that happened is got disconnected twice the whole weekend and there were lag spikes here & there. The lag isn’t a huge deal to me because I think 40% of the people playing beta are just trying to play some Free to Play while they can. Once full service comes I bet most of the people won’t be there – including the botters/Gold Sellers which apparently think it’s so smart to spam on a 3 day beta :roll:.

Anyway I finally got to try Arcanist so I can summon my Carbuncle-chu!!

|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑
|萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

I guess to be honest if you’re looking for a decent DPS class then it may be best to stick to the THM one but if you want a cute little sidekick Arcanist is definitely the way to go. The level cap this weekend was 20 so we went all over the place and got to 20 fairly fast because they had added all the quests that weren’t in Beta 3.


Arcanist gets 2 Carbuncle-chu’s. The blue one is mostly damage while the yellow one is the tank one. I don’t have screencaps of it but in the coal mines on the last boss battle, I actually had pikachu tanking the boss while our tank was trying to keep the mob of like 10 guys off the healer. In the end, Pikachu is the one who killed the boss xD

Run Pikachu, run!

I intend to go Scholar in the end so it makes me a bit sad I’ll be swapping the cute fuzzy squirrel (?) with the fairy lady. With that in mind once I hit the level cap on the arcanist we headed back to Gridania to level up my Conjurer class. I’m not sure if SE changed anything but this time around doing the main scenario on my arcanist felt a million times easier?? Not sure if it’s because of the class or because of them changing anything? Either way I had a lot more fun playing the game and the worst thing that happened was this one idiot archer in one of our duty finders who kept running ahead, aggroing everything like a moron. The healer kept healing him but if I was the healer I’d let that POS die. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) At the moment as an Arcanist, I basically que in duty finder as a DPS and even though there seems like there’s a lot of Arcanists..


…it only took a few seconds to get a party going for most dungeons, so really it wasn’t too bad at all!

Other new stuff since beta 3:

  • You now get exp for “unlocking” parts of a map which is kinda nice and gives you motivation to explore.
  • There are now achievements for doing various stuff which can be exchanged for awards in Gridania
  • A lot of tweaks to the HUD are really nice as well
  • Voices have been added to SOME not ALL cut scenes which is a bit disappointing? The great part is if you’re into seiyuus like I am (as most otome game players are) we got KENN, Nakamura Yuichi, Yasumoto Hiroki and Ono Yuuki that I heard in the scenario.
  • Speaking of scenario, when you go into a room in an inn you can replay all the scenario! This is great!
  • Fisher’s been added but I haven’t tried it yet
  • In a dungeon loot roll now, if say you’re a CNJ and a GLD item comes up you aren’t allowed to NEED it because you’re not a disciple of war! I think this makes the roll a lot more fair.
  • New minions are added, like this one I got that looks like a little airship following you around (*´ω`*)
  • You can customize the appears of a retainer. Mine looks like shota Nightmare from the QR Alice series – and I’ve of course named him nightmare:shotakun
  • When you login, there’s a recommendations window which tells you what quests/dungeons you can do at your current level. Makes it great if you haven’t explored a certain map and don’t know there’s quests available there.

So those are the main ones that I noticed. I know they made some major changes to crafters but I barely played any crafting classes so I can’t comment on that. I’m interested at some point in making an alchemist and a chef. The early access begins on Friday for those who preordered and you can start inputting your codes on the 20th. I’m not sure if there will be anymore delays due to all the issues with people not being able to login but I think most of the issues are just due to overcrowded servers. Hopefully once the pay 2 play wall goes up, that will clear up some of the spammers who are just wasting server space and won’t play in the full release anyway.

Megane ftw!!
Megane ftw!!

Once I get my gallery organized I’ll put up my screenshots on flickr so stay tuned! :mrgreen:


14 thoughts on “FFXIV Beta 4 Weekend”

  1. I remember my friend telling me about this. But I was like; “Dude shut up I haven’t gone to bed in almost a day.”

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not you too! Sucked into the drug that is FFonline!. 😛

    So far I have resisted so much temptation to play a MUD(text/graphic version). The last time I got involved in this was in university where it got to the point of sneaking down into the computer lab at 2am just to be able to play with people in the US. 6 months of addiction before deciding to go cold turkey. So far have resisted FFonline, TERA and SWTOR.

    1. Not really? I played a few hours on Sunday -> took a break to get through 1 dude’s route in my otome game -> went to play another few hours.
      I don’t do the play from dusk till dawn non stop thing anymore I’m too old for that!

      Also loool Tera. Sorry thunderthigh lolis are not my thing.

  3. If you are going healer you are going to have instant queues for life. I went archer and had a 40 minute queue (at 2AM lol). I changed to CNJ when it my healer-to-be friends flaked and got instant queues. Supposedly tanks are even more in demand than healers.

    Because I already knew the story from the previous betas I ended up spam clicking though everything. The English NPC VAs had English accents, but the narrator had an American accent. Dunno what they were going for there.

    I’m pretty sure they nerfed the Masked Mage lvl 15 fight.

    1. oh I know! I was a conjurer in beta so it was pretty much instant. What will make it extra instant though is that JP is a tank and I’ll be a healer. We’ll basically be the anchor for starting parties lmao XD Atm though even with him being a tank and me being a DPS we never had to wait more than 40 seconds for a party to form…though each time I sat there praying that we’d get a decent group of people.

      What server are you on anyway? We picked the least popular one cause I hate overcrowded messy servers.

      And I did hear about the nerfs but whatever. Most people who play a pay to play game are casuals with real jobs and we ain’t got no time to be grinding away the same scenario 100 times! So yea I’m thankful for the nerf and those “hard core” kiddies can go back to WOW or whatever else floats their boats.

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