Otome Game Review: Dot Kareshi: We’re 8bit Lovers! ~Densetsu no Otome~

This is the first of a 3 game series by Rejet. The heroine is basically you, some high school girl who’s played her 8bit RPG game called Ultimate Quest and got all her characters to level 99. Unfortunately you really suck at RPGs and you’ve made your knight, mage, priest and thief suffer death multiple times and screwed up all their stats! 😆 Now your RPG 8 bit mans are angry that you’ve abandoned them and they suck you into the game via a bug that was inserted by the developers. The only way to get out is to complete 1 quest and so you have to pick whose quest you’re gonna complete to return home.

kare01The Knight – The knight is the “hero” of the game and he’s pissed off that you’ve named him takuan! His quest is to gain some legendary sword by defeating a dragon. It’s a tough battle though because thief dies, mage is confused and the priest is silenced! It’s up to the knight to tank and finish off all on his own! After completing the quest, they all go to the bath where they jump over the wall to peep on the heroine but she hides behind her towel and throws buckets at their heads XD. (This is a common event in everyone’s routes.) In the good end, since the knight loves the heroine so much he returns to her world with her and becomes her live-in boyfriend! They ichaicha in the park on one of their dates. In the normal end, you stay back in the video game forever and she becomes a knight as well so he helps her level up. Once she  does his grandiose plans are to take her back to the inn to bang so loud the inn keeper tells them that they’ve “had lots of fun last night” (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. In the CD he breaks shit cause he’s pissed that she got herself into trouble again but then takes out his frustration with some humping lol.

kare04The Priest – The priest is supposed to be do-S and randy but in the end he just felt like a めんどくさがりあ to me more than anything. (He even babbled how everything is mendokusai in his drama CD track!) Rather than heal anyone, he just wanted to bone the heroine and then lie around all day doing nothing lol. During battles he refuses to heal unless you beg on your knees but usually when heals are needed, ain’t nobody got time for dat! He whines and complains but in the end, he’s the one who dies during his quest but has a self-resurrect spell prepared so that everyone including himself are taken care of. In the good end he returns with her to her world and complains that she’s busy with exams to pay attention to him. After some time their dates end up being ichaicha time in bed cause he’s too lazy to go out. In the normal end he says she shouldn’t be a priest like him cause he can heal both of them but she insists so he gives in. In the end, it’s just an excuse to heal-grope her after all her quests :P. I guess because of his character type, it even sounded like the voice actor himself was bored, especially during the kissing scenes (´・ω・`).

kare03The Thief – This guy is a panty thief and a kiss demon 😂(He even steals the heroine’s underwear in the drama CD before getting down & dirty!) His quest is to get some tiara and he promises to let her wear it once he gets it. After completing the quest, he asks for a kiss reward that night in her room and then kisses her all over. Sadly like with all the other routes, she runs away from the hot mans! In the good ending, they ichaicha on a date at the art museum as he learns more about her world. In the normal end, they’re both thieves hunting for treasure and afterwards, he licks all the dirt off her face (๑´ڡ`๑). Thief guy is cute but for some reason I feel like the only thing that stands out about him to me all the scenes where he constantly steals her panties \( ^o^)/.

kare02The Mage – The poor mage whose pretty magic attack cut scenes you’ve turned off in the options so he’s got nothing going for him! He’s like the most ignored one of the bunch so he’s pretty butthurt and incredibly sexually frustrated!  His quest is to fight some ghost demon to obtain a magic book but only magic attacks work on it. That means the knight and thief can’t really attack and can only tank but then the mage runs out of MP! He uses his last bit to do a final attack and has the priest on standby in case a resurrection is needed. Once they defeat the monster and he regens his MP, he brings the monster back so he can kill it again and look cool. Unfortunately since all the flashy cut scenes are turned off, it doesn’t look like anything /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Now he’s wasted MP for nothing so he rages at the heroine demanding she flash her titties so he can quickly regen his MP back :lol:. In the good end, when he returns to her world his job ends up being solving cases of cheating spouses thanks to his magic. They go on an ichaicha date together cause he’s gotta make up for all that lost time. In the normal end, they’re both mages and he tells her that he’s chosen to leave his “magic cut scenes” off in order for her to stay with him. In the drama CD, he not only uses his magic to make her clothes fly off but he also uses it to make her really horny 😆 All the guys in this game just abuse their powers to bed the heroine!! XD


That was short but fun! It was so short that you didn’t even need to use a guide. To get the good end just get the dude’s affection to 100 and to get the normal end get it to about 60. Jump will skip scenes, including endings but if you miss an end, you can always replay it in the scene gallery. So unlike most otome games, this one is more like a drama CD with visuals. The heroine’s lines are just XXXX and emoticons showing sweat drops or anger marks or blush marks etc. Therefore basically you’re the heroine and the 8bit mans are mad that you’ve been ignoring them after spending all that time grinding them to level 99! Still, because it’s so short, it doesn’t really matter because the scenes are fun anyway. I think it’s even more fun if you’re ever played any RPG game (even an MMORPG) because there’s a lot of stuff you can just sit and totally relate to. I think the quest battle scenes might actually be boring to someone who’s never touched an RPG before but I found them to be the most entertaining part of the game. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) While the game wasn’t dummy head mic, the drama CD was but sadly the tracks were only about 13 minutes long with all the randy parts beginning about 6 minutes in…and ending right before the guy’s gonna score, if you know what I mean. (●ゝω・●) My favorites ended up being Knight > Mage > Thief > Priest. Anyway short and sweet, I’ll definitely pick up the rest of the series and all the booklets and cards that came with it are definitely worth it. I loved all the sketches and character profiles in there so it was worth the 4000 yen in my opinion. If you enjoyed this game, I would definitely recommend checking out Real Rode because that one is a similar fashion but you can actually get a chance to go on an RPG adventures with your guy.

27 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Dot Kareshi: We’re 8bit Lovers! ~Densetsu no Otome~

  1. YAY! Thank you so much for writing this review, and so quickly! 😀 ❤

    I love how rejet has taken a traditional 8-bit RPG setting and given it a funny, naughty twist! Genius! I think my favorite characters are the Knight, the Mage, and the Priest, though I also love that the Thief is always stealing the heroine's panties. XD I hope I can get my hands on the drama CDs soon! ❤

    Again, thank you so much for sharing this review with us! ❤

    1. No problem! And the game was pretty short. I think the first run only took me about an hour and after that it was about 30 min per guy respectively since there’s mostly common scenes in the game.
      Still it was a fun but short ride! 😛

  2. that was… quick lol
    after ozmafia, man this looks such the fun ride for a short game. rejet takes 8bit to otome awesomeness of rpg XD

    1. haha lol yea it was definitely a refresher but hey I’m enjoying koibana days too x3!! (I’m probably like the only person who likes that game lol)
      and yea it’s only about 3~ish hours of game play time so not long at all xD

      1. ohhhhhh. yea people don’t really like koibana coz of the farmville aka gardening system. it’s nice to see you’re enjoying it though! can’t wait for the review (*´∀`*)

  3. *lurker mode deactivated* Hi, I’ve found this blog relatively recently, but I’ve enjoyed going through the past articles and finding interesting games. Your review is what persuaded me to give Alice a try. (I’m new to the otome game scene, so your blog’s been really helpful.) I like your humour, and your reviews are well-written – you actually write about all the elements so I can see if there are things I like ot don’t, not just about how you felt. Most of Japanese reviews I ran into are either squealing or grumbling, but rarely painting the whole picture.

    Now, about this mini-game:

    What’s the system like? I’ve been digging around the official site, even tried the demo, but it never moves from the intro…

    What I’m asking is, do you play actual RPG, is there actual combat, or is it just an adventure? I can do anything, but I need to be in a particular mood to play a particular genre.

    This game is sure making me a bit scared…”unlawful entry”, check… “focusing on destructive magic”, check…”running off to play with other manz”, check… guilty as charged. And I play western more than eastern RPGs, but I guess some tropes are universal.

    I’m looking forward to the third part the most, because Villager A…lol, I always knew something was up with them generic NPCs.

    1. hello thanks for delurking and thanks for always keeping up with my reviews (*´ω`*)
      There’s no mini game! The whole thing is a straight VN and you just make choices and get to the ending.
      When I Mentioned points it’s like for each choice you get 10 or 20 points and if you hit 100 you get the good end.
      Now if you’re referring to real rode that I linked to in the end, that one actually requires RPG stuff but I have a great starter guide in my post there 😀

      The fact that the villager is on the same disk as the dark lord and the dark knight gives me the feeling he’s the dark horse of the game 😆

  4. I think this game is pretty good for people who have played RPG, for me the battle scenes were really exciting, specially the Hero quest one ‘cuz everyone was disabled I could feel the adrenaline as if were playing! xD

    It was a really nice game, and quite refreshing, even if it was quite short I think it’s quite ok and I’m looking forward to the next ones. It’s a shame I missed your stream precisely because I was also playing, but I’ll keep an eye for the next ones, NICE REVIEW!! ~wo

    1. yea same here. the moment the mage runs out of MP I’m like omfg ME IN FF14 MY POOR CONJURER xDDDDD
      Needless to say it a bunch of “oh god I can relate to badly lmfao” XDD

  5. How many hours do you think it was? I’m thinking about picking it up, but since I’m not very interested in the extra stuff and the drama cd 4,000 seems a tad pricey. If it’s decent length for what it is I might pick it up used.

    1. about 3? 😆 it was REALLY short like I said it’s like as if you bought a drama CD with visuals.
      If you don’t want the booklets I think Amazon has it for 3150 yen? I just like to have booklets and stuff like that so I bought the set.
      I think it’s more like if you can relate to old RPG jokes and you like the seiyuus then get it. If neither applies then it might not be worth your time.

      1. I dig old RPG jokes a ton, it’s just that I’m not that into seiyuus—that’s why I’m waffling haha. I’m kind of interested in an otoge parody of my 8bit nostalgia and gameplay nerdiness, but it really seems to be a bit expensive if just for that! I think I’ll just wait a while, sometimes Amazon has some pretty drastic price drops, especially in marketplace.

        1. Ah yea the seiyuu are definitely part of the charm. You could always check out my broadcast replay video and see if it’s your cup of tea. It will be there for about a week!

  6. Wah, I only read your thoughts, since I don’t to spoil myself, but seems like DotKare is pretty much praised so far. GOOD JOB REJET. I can’t wait to play it myself after coming back from Japan. Hehehe… I think the drama CD and the game will help me to overcome my broken heart, after returning home. LMAO

    The initial premise of the story totally caught my attention and since I love Rejets to bits, I had kind of high expectations to DotKare… But seems like Rejet didn’t screw up. 😀 😀

    1. ah no problems, there’s not much to spoil really XD It’s mostly just seeing the guys’ hilarious reactions to the heroine’s terrible game play lol
      and have fun in Japan, try to fit everything in 1 suitcase!

  7. I’m loving all the guys here, yupz the game is pretty short but I agree it’s enjoyable. My fave is the knight too /o\.

  8. Haha, this game seems fun! I should probably try getting it, if I could ^^. Thanks for writing this review! (I’m a long time creeper on your blog, lol)

    Speaking of buying games, I read your shopping guide and it was extremely helpful!
    I always wondered how you could afford to get all your games! lol. Do you have some sort of money rolling out of your shiny, red psp? Haha. xD

    On a side note, I plan on ordering some games & stuff with the help of your guide! Have you ever used jshoppers though? It seems cheap & with me being broke, I might go for them :S. (I would have left this part of the comment on the guide post, but I didn’t find a “Leave comment” tab, so I just stuck it here… Sorry!)

    1. thanks for creepin ;D
      Well I do have a full time job being an old fogie and all and points from various sites do stack up and help =D

      I never used Jshoppers as a forwarding but I used them to buy clothes from their store! They took a week to ship anything and had no response.
      It was like me order -> no response -> 1 week later “We’ve shipped your items!” uh okay…so I wouldn’t count on them for the best customer service.

      Also I heard that they will not consolidate items. My best fwding service has been Baggage Forward. They shipped my dot kare/psp within 4 hours of my payment so I have nothing but positive things to say about them! And no problem, I have comments automatically close after 90 days to avoid spam lol

  9. Thanks for the review! Nice to see that it was an enjoyable play! I was mostly interested in the last disc (lol it’s like all the misfits), while not as interested in the 2nd and 50/50 on the 1st so I decided to wait and see the responses. XD But as you said there seems to be a lot of RPG jokes made and the 1st disc has the most common RPG classes so it’s probably more fun to relate to…I may just squeeze DotKare I somewhere in my playing schedule. /o\

    1. I’m probably getting the entire set (though from all different shops so I guess I miss out on the tokuten drama CD but whatever) since I can relate to pretty much all the characters’ roles in the games xD. And you can easily squeeze Dot Kare in I mean it’s basically a 3 hour game lol

  10. I finally played this game and it was frayken fun! I laughed so hard when Mage demanded that the heroine at least flash her boobies after all that hard work he did. And a scene of Majima doing the same thing to Yuriko just cracked me up more.

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