Koibana Days Limited Edition Unboxing


Actually I got other things in this package which is why I chose FedEx shipping rather than Airmail this time 😆

So the other stuff I got was Storm Lover 2nd BUT there was no limited edition. It was just a “first press” edition which comes with extra scenario as part of the UMD. I dunno why D3P is like this but Takuyo suffers the same fate which is why I often don’t buy their games. (´・ω・`;) I bought SL2 because I really enjoyed SLKai! last year though and wanted to show my support. Still, not even a frisbee for my patronage! Pfft.

And the final thing that I ordered last minute is this:

I’m actually a huge B’z fan since like 2004 (though lol I didn’t go to their NYC concert cause I’m a lame-o and I didn’t wanna be at a stand-only concert haw haw.) I saw a commercial for their 1988~2012 album compilation so I went ahead and ordered the 1988 ~ 1998 one because I actually love their 80s and 90s songs more than their year 2000 ones lol xD ←おっさんホイホイ.  My other reason for ordering the limited edition was for all the music videos yeaaahh!  Though I’m still kinda sad that this video wasn’t on the DVD:

Before I start any of these games I have to finish TxM and that crappy boring as all hell Hiiro no Kakera 3 fandisk :lol:.


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  1. Speaking of Hiiro no Kakera are you going to play the fourth one (the one that takes place in the Heian period)? If you got the patience for more HnK games I mean lmao!
    And watching the B’z video made me realize how fashion improved a lot

  2. ( ・`ω・´)ナン…ダト!?

  3. ワンド慣れてる人でもキツイって言ってたよ 私も同じ事の繰り返しで辛いよ~(´;ω;`)
    お役立ち攻略情報見つけたから貼っておくね 間違ってるかもしれないから参考程度に





  4. it doesn’t really cost that much?
    It’s actually cheaper than EMS and comparable to Airmail if you are ordering a lot of games. However if you are only ordering 1 game then yea it becomes more expensive.

    TxM is really good, but its a very much story focused game than a romance one. Still I love the story and setting so I’m enjoying it a lot. If it was fully voiced it would probably be the best game I’ve played all year lol.

  5. So how is TxM until now? I hope it’s good! And you got SL2!! Hurray! I’m still deciding whether I should get it or not… Guess I’ll wait for some reviews before buying it. 😀 Oh, you used Fedex!! Fedex is so fast, it’s REAL AWESOMENESS!!! But it costs tons of money, so I guess I’ll stick to Air Mail. ^^

  6. (o´・ω・`o)ノ゙ チャ♪

  7. yea since I used FedEx it only took like 3 days or so. I only use fedex if I have 3 or more items in the order though otherwise I use airmail xD
    TxM is great, the lack of full voicing sucked but once you do the common route you end up skipping it anyway so it’s not that bad anymore!

  8. こちらでは、はじめましてになりますねspika509です~(^O^)
    恋話デイズ届いたんだね おめでとう!! これplayすると分かるんですが、 すごく長い作業ゲームです(´;ω;`)一人ed 見るのに2日以上かかるよ~ 私が効率よくplayしていないせいもあるけど。。。
    vs 状態にある二人同時に好感度あげて調整しながらplayするのをオススメするよ ( ー`дー´)キリッ

  9. I’m jealous ;.;
    I’ll probably be waiting another 2 weeks for SL2 xD

    So how is TxM?? I’m kinda curious about how they handled the New York setting ^^.

  10. I’m playing the HNK3 FD! I played 3 like a few years ago hahaha so obviously I feel obligated to play the dumb fandisk xDDD I’m only playing it on the side during my commute as TxM is my main right now. I’m hoping by wasting time with Hiiro though some guides will pop up for both of these games so it’ll be a little easier by the time I get to it ;D

  11. Lol you are playing HnK3 ? I gave up that series www I always feel asleep when played that game //o\\ Yay so you will play SL2? Can’t wait to see your review xD

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