Tiny x Machinegun Limited Edition Animate Set Unboxing


And so the game that spurred my shopping post has finally arrived ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!

So this time around since my go-to game place CD Japan doesn’t sell PC games and I wanted the limited edition I had to go the backwards way and use a forwarding service! I used Baggage Forward and since my shipping was airmail it took 13 days to get here. Animate Online shop however shipped it 2 days prior to release so it actually arrived at BF the day of release! I was panicking because Norn9 took 5 days with Airmail so after 13 days of no TxM in sight I thought it got lost in the mail for sure…but at the end of the day I got a nice surprise ( ;∀;)

The Animate bonus is an extra drama CD, a clear file and the FUCKING AWESOME GAME OST YEAAAHHHHH (✧≖‿ゝ≖)!! The other limited edition items are the prologue book and drama CD which I guess is to be listened to/read before playing the game?? I’ll have to get on that after I finish Norn9.  Oh also I got a ticket for a raffle to win a signed autograph board from the entire game’s cast but I can’t for the life of me figure out how I’m supposed to enter myself with this piece of paper in my hands orz. I think they’d be suspicious if the coupon is coming from someone in America?? LOL. Oh well I’m sure I’d never win anyway xD.

ALL THIS CAN BE YOURS FOR ONLY $126. (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!

Yea this was expensive as all fucks lmao though mostly because the limited edition itself was like $98 and another $20~ or so just for AIRMAIL shipping. The forwarding fee was actually really low at about $4.80.  This better be one fucking hell of an awesome game or I’m judging you so hard Rejet lol. And oh yes I am aware it’s not fully voiced so I’m already looking at them with extremely judging eyes. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Anyway since the whole transaction went pretty smoothly I will probably use BF for any future purchases like Dot Kareshi…(◉◞౪◟◉ ).



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  1. Yea I’m usually the mahoutsukai too and the one in the first game is a massive tsundere voiced by Kondo Takashi so I couldn’t NOT buy it ww
    I do feel you on the 8bit thing I mean when I was playing 8 bit games I was a loli and most otome gamers now probably weren’t even born.
    Makes me wonder who the actual audience is for? lol

  2. Goodness, I just knew Dot Kareshi exists just now. It. Looks like a thing of beauty. I lol’d at the Slime and the Villager A being characters.

    I’m always 魔法使い一筋 with these RPG-types, though…….not that ’tis would be a problem, considering how that particular class looks. *cough* Oh, and for a love letter to 8-bit games the settei is a bit rude, dammit! Today’s gamers average at 35 years! *mumblegrumble* People who’d be interested in 8-bit nostalgia aren’t going to be ‘living normal life faraway from games’, Rejet….

    (Yesyes maybe overreaction but there’s this trope in Japan that good women must stop all their quirky nerdy habits past a certain age that I INTENSELY dislike, possibly oversensitive to it.)

  3. I’ve heard some weird stuff about BIJ and the EMS only thing really sucks. At that point I may as well use Tenso.
    What I like about baggage forward is the multitude of shipping options (UPS,DHL, Airmail, SAL etc) so to me that’s a lot better.
    Also FYI I only paid 480 yen for the service fee with BF so that’s already cheaper than BIJ and thanks to airmail I saved on EMS shipping costs as well.
    Also BF shipped my stuff within a day of my payment so I guess I’m pretty satisfied with their service. Additionally they have a points system so I was able to use 15 points from TxM when I put my order for Dot Kareshi. I recommend you try them out 🙂

  4. Oh man, I’ve been wanting to play this one as well, but my budget is…. isn’t T^T Let us know your impression once you start playing it!
    I myself used Big in Japan forwarding service and it cost only 500 yen, plus shipping cost (they use only EMS though)., plus a small paypal fee. All in all (I shipped to Russia), I think the price was very reasonable and the service itself is great, although you do have to nudge them from time to time, so that they’d be fast. I ordered two items (Norn9 from Animate and Genroh Soundtrack). Genroh waited for 15 days for Norn9 to be released and everything was shipped 2-3 days after Norn9 arrived. So I recommend Big In Japan as well^^

  5. I’m not sure about preorder bonuses but once it’s out, usually the preorder bonuses are gone with the wind I’m afraid.
    I think the only other bonuses are Stellaworth and some bromide and Skit gave you a strap and some kind of special secret Van East file booklet? I preferred to get the soundtrack though which is why I went with Animate in the end. Also Animate gives you 5% points back, while Skit only gives you 1% and Skit is limited to only Rejet items.

  6. KSJDFHLDKGHSK I’ll be looking forward to knowing your thoughts on it *__*!! Btw do you happen to know what are the other stores’ bonus? And if animate’s are still available… _(:’3

  7. Yea I typically follow otome game magazine news and amazon new release bots so I’m pretty up to date xD;
    Seeing how I pretty much grew up with 8 bit games (hell yea playing dracula where the charaters were just LETTERS lmao) I think it will be interesting.
    Also dummy head mic do-S Namikawa = ovaries blown 😆

  8. Oh, so you’ve heard about Dot Kareshi too? I find the idea to be really interesting xD That 8-bit music was kind of catchy to me 8D
    Haha, TxM has beautiful art (and a cute heroine!) *w* But yeah the whole not fully voiced thing kinda bugged me OTL Though I guess it’ll be like P3P?
    Anyway, looking forward to your review 😉

  9. I plan to play txm after I finish Norn 9 but I’m not sure about dot kare voices. I imagine it’s probably a really short game so it’s probably full voice??

  10. If this is R-18… I shudder to think what “machine gun” means. Otherwise given the title, I expect badassitude to the max.

    Must think pure thoughts… must think pure thoughts…

  11. I also want to buy Dot Kareshi really badly but I’m scared that it’s not going to be fully voiced again (Rejet has scarred me) and that agth won’t work again xD Is there any info on whether it will be fully voiced?

  12. Yay! I hope you start your playthrough soon because I’ve finished almost every route but I still have no clue what is going on especially in Heinz and Break’s routes LOL I am just kind of admiring the pretty pictures and playing the hands up minigame~

    I purchased the regular version but omg I’m kind of regretting it now and want to buy the limited edition now that I’ve seen your post XD

  13. yea the expensive part is really the game honestly since that was already like $100 off the bat lol. It’s usually the shipping that kills everything!

  14. Look at all those goodies though! Even though it is a little high priced, especially for an otome game in my opinion; it does equal out some what. Since I’ve got 100$ish preorders for RPGs that only give small artbook/ost and maybe a figure if you’re lucky. Considering that I can kind of see it being that price including shipping and forwarding services. 😡

  15. Yeah, I hope it will be GOOD. 😀 😀 Seems like Animate gives you plenty of points, when you order from them? I can’t wait to get my own credit card, so I only have to forward my goods and get points… wwww

  16. lol yep I saw both. I actually ended up preordering the first dotkare from Animate since I had like 490 points thanks to TxM 😆 Hopefully it’s worth it so that I’ll buy the other 2 as well.

  17. Oh, so Dot Kare is on your list, too? xDD I guess, we will die from bloodloss while playing it, because all the innuendoes and all the SEXY AND AGGRESSIVE MEN!!! Grrrrrrrrrawww…(*/∇\*)Did you saw the PV, I was so done for and DGS’s scenarios!!! *drops dead* 😀

  18. I think I found a walkthrough on otomedream forums. I can send it to you or post it 🙂 (I have to check first haha)

  19. yea I’ve not been able to find walkthroughs for it either so I guess it’s not really that popular? The amazon reviews are really good for it though so I have a little bit of expectations 😉

  20. Oh ! You bought it ! I was wondering if I should get it or not since I haven’t seen a lot of feedback from the game (or it’s in chinese….. should have learn Chinese –‘)

    The art looks gorgeous ! I really like Wolf chara design too…

    I guess I’ll be waiting for your review before getting it 🙂

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