Norn9 Limited Edition Unboxing


On this wet & soggy day, the postal service gods surprised me with a package.

I’m sincerely surprised it came so fast because usually airmail takes 7-12 days but this time it was only 5! What is even the point of using EMS anymore :lol:. I read the reviews for Norn9 on Amazon and they are SO BAD but also SO HILARIOUS. One of them said “I’ve played 30 otome games and this is the most boring otome game I’ve ever encountered!” Whoaaa 30!!? We got ourselves a badass over here! 😆 Needless to say I’m pretty much ignoring the reviews and seeing it for myself! And yes the last pic is my new wall for those 2L portraits from CD Japan. My other wall is actually completely full.. xD

Additionally I also ordered this with my package:

I only got this for Subaru and he’s so  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q !! The manga seems like it basically follows the endings of the game? I thought it would be some original story so it’s nothing new that you haven’t seen before. Just basically the game – in manga form. Still, I regret nothing and I’d buy this again if given the opportunity because SUBARUUUNNNNN ミュミュ(´ε`* )♡

…oh yea Ayato and Laito are on there too but who cares about them ( ・´ー・`)

Leaving comments on this time in case anyone has any buying questions! As an FYI both are from CD Japan though the limited edition is now out of print.

DIABOLIK LOVERS Sequel Ayato, Laito, Subaru Hen / Shina Suzaka / Papiko Nanjyo, etc. Norn 9 Regular Edition / Game


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  1. Woah so fast! I’ll be looking forward to your review of this and only 30 otome games? Oh please.

    You’ve played three times that amount! (⊙◞౪◟⊙)

  2. Can’t wait to see what you think of Norn9! I saw the poor reviews on Amazon Japan, too, which is a downer because the technicals and the premise showed huge promise.

    1. fortunately I am an uncultured swine so I didn’t know the “renown staff” of this game and I have pretty much no expectations!

  3. According to the Visual Novel Database, there are 703 catalogued otome games out there, 574 of them being Japanese, or available in Japanese. That reviewer has only played 4% of games all otome games, and 5% of all Japanese games. Hinano, the most prolific otome game reviewer and player I know of, got about 196 games. That’s probably the ones she reviewed though, as there’s no real way for me to know others she has played but didn’t list. Anyway, she’s played roughly 27% of all available games.

    My point of crunching the numbers is to show that even the most prolific gamers get such “low” overall percentages because of the sheer volume of available games. I just don’t think it’s good enough to dismiss somebody’s opinion just because they’ve “only played 30 games”. This goes for practically any reviewer, really. I’m sure Roger Ebert hasn’t reviewed the majority of *available* movies. However, his criticism is often valid to many people, because of their content, not the amount of movies he’s seen. I think 30 games is a good enough amount to start formulating your own opinions and judgements on otome games. It would have helped if they didn’t sound so absolute, but my point still stands.

    Anyway, I’m not too surprised by the fact that NORN9 got such mixed reviews. It just seemed like too high of an expectation for otome game writers to be able to pull off 9 characters all with unique and interesting personas and stories. I haven’t played it yet, so of course, I’ll reserve my final judgement until I do.

    I apologise if I sounded like I’m attacking anybody here- I truly am not meaning to. I just wanted to get across that 30 games isn’t that small an amount. At least, that’s just my opinion.

    1. relax, no need to fight a war over some comments 😆 you’re taking this way too seriously.

      besides, a lot of Amazon Japan reviews are really skewed and this is a fact. a lot of Japanese people will only say bad or good things depending on what the majority says because sticking out in Japan just doesn’t happen (hammer that sticks out gets nailed down.) Additionally the girl who says she played 30 games doesn’t mean she completed 30 of those games. Also 10 of those games could have been fandisks with no real addition or 5 of them could have been hakuoki/hiiro blatant otomate milking which doesn’t change one’s outlook.

      the point is using “i played 30 games” as an excuse to trash a game is stupid. no need to freak out over this and please don’t start drama on my blog, I didn’t enable comments on my unboxing post for that reason.

      also just FYI every game i’ve finished I’ve reviewed. anything i haven’t reviewed i probably dropped/ragequit and I don’t count it.

      1. I’m not starting a war, freaking out and/or attempting to create online drama. I think that’s an unfair observation, since I thought I typed my post quite civilly and without aggression. Regardless, I apologise if I came across poorly- we certainly don’t want a repeat of that “rape in otome games” fiasco, as “interesting” as it was. I honestly just tried (and seemingly, failed) to offer perspective. I think that she just stated that she played 30 games in a (poor) attempt to add more credibility/weight to her argument(?)

        Well, reviews are personal opinions in the end, so of course they’ll be a bit skewed. I appreciate the explanation, but trust me, I definitely know how Japanese people behave… but like all humans, most of them are more honest on the Internet. Just take a look at “netabare” threads on 2chan and you’ll see what I mean (if you haven’t already). When they don’t like a game, well… you know the rest… or the comments on Nico Nico.

        Anyway, Hinano, I’m really sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings (including yours) or made them uncomfortable.

  4. nice to see that limited edition box! pfft 30, you got more. although for me, Norn9 isn’t boring, at least Hiiro no Kakera did more the boring job for me.
    btw you said you used airmail in this post I thought you’re using EMS orz. can you still track it?

    1. Nope airmail is not track able unless u pick registered but that costs more than ems sometimes so I don’t bother. The longest airmail ever took for me was 12 days and now the shortest being 5. For my next order I used FedEx though since the cost was nearly identical but comes in like 2 days

  5. OOOooooooohhhhh, you’re so lucky~! >0< I just placed my order around Friday, so I'm hoping it'll arrive as fast as yours did. I also saw the so-called 'reviews' you were talking about on Amazon Jpn and almost peed myself when I read your "Whoaaa 30!!? We got ourselves a badass over here!" lmao.

    Like you, I'd rather play the game first and see for myself what was so bad about it. Cause I mean, Diabolik Lovers didn't get such a great score on Amazon Jpn either, yet it's ridiculously popular. Just saying.

    But then again, I'm sure that like everyone else, what really won me over were the character designs, those gorgeous CG's, and the epic bgm playing on the official website. XD

    All in all, I'm excited for your review and look forward to your (hilarious) thoughts on the game. Happy gaming~! 😀

    1. “So-called “reviews”?” Can you understand enough Japanese to read what they’re saying? A lot of those reviews had legitimate critique, such as these two:


      If you’re so critical of what constitutes as a review, maybe you should skip through most of Hinano’s reviews and just read the “final thoughts” section, because they’re the only parts that are “purely” reviewing the subject matter(s). Semantic technicality aside, personally, I think it’s great that she goes over what happens in such detail, because a lot of otome gamers know hardly any Japanese. In addition, she keeps it interesting by personalising the character/route overviews with her writing style and adding a few opinions.

      Really, if you’re a review “purist”, the “final thoughts” section should be the only part that would really interest you, and the higher-rated NORN9 reviews would be of more value.

    2. yea I recall dialovers had bad reviews but most of the stuff they complained about I found funny/entertaining enough that it didn’t detract from the overall game. Generally I found that my opinion is always the opposite of Japanese otome gamers.

  6. I had a look to the Amazon reviews as well and honestly, the game is not THAT bad.
    When I started playing it and after finishing one of the characters route, I have to say that I was very confused about the scenario and I felt disappointed…. (no explanations, too many gaps etc…)
    However, after paying all of the routes, it good much better (in my opinion).

    If you can, avoid starting with Itsuki for example as his route is focused on romance mainly (I started with him and honestly didn’t understand anything of the background story haha).

    Waiting for your review 🙂

    1. Glad it gets better later on, I’m starting with Seiri actually. A friend recommended me a basic play order so I’m pretty much following that/going down the line of the guide!

  7. I read the Amazon reviews too but after experiencing the game myself, the game is pretty good. in fact, I like it. The romance isn’t too much and there’s a dark story including and the power…..well, just like what I wanted. So the game doesn’t stray away from what I expected them to be before the game was released.

    but then again, this is just my opinion. and the otome games I played doesn’t even reached 10 unlike that badass who played 30 games over there xD

    1. Oh, I totally agree with your comment. The fact that the characters are not either bad or good is what makes it interesting. And like you said, I found the romance to be just enough (without being too cliché).

      I feel a bit sorry that this game is getting bad reviews ‘because of a lack of scenario’ 😦

      1. I’m glad there’s someone actually agreed with me 8D

        and yeah, I feel a bit sorry too. I hope as time goes by there are more people that accept this game >_<

    2. I guess people wanted a game to “romance hot dudes” but it turns out its a story based game (like black wolves saga). I had no expectations for this game so I’m willing to take anything as long as it’s interesting at this point!

  8. Oh I pretty much ignored the review from amazon and I must said after playing by myself it’s not that bad www Glad your package has arrive mine just arrived this morning ^-^/ Can’t wait what to see your impression about this game~

    1. haha enjoy playing it =D i’m stlil waiting for tiny x machinegun too but since I’m busy with Norn9 now not in too much of a hurry

  9. You bought it *o*
    You ordered DiaLov’s manga too *o*
    ehehehe I like Subaru too!!
    30 otome games? XD I only played around 4 and I love them all XDDDD
    Yeah, just ignore the reviews. We have to play it for ourselves 😉

    1. I really ended up liking the whole thing even Ayato lol so I am actually thinking about getting the one with Shu/Reiji/Kanato in my next order XD

  10. I like your fingernails! (even though i can only see three lol) So cute ❤
    Oh and I also love Shuu (from Diabolik lovers) 🙂

    1. lol thank you, doing nails is a hobby of mine ;D
      I’m actually considering getting the book with Shu/Reiji/Kanato because I ended up liking even Ayato and god forbid, Laito, in this one lol

  11. Wow! The limited edition looks very nice and beautiful! I think the only reason I played the game was because the artwork is AMAZING OTL. (The opening movie and the ending movie seemed really well done for an otome game o_o!!!) I still have around 2 routes left to complete (there’s an entire skip button for the routes so you can just fly by them if you’re only collecting CG scenes like me…*cough*) I can’t wait to see your review for it 😀

    And omg, SUBARU ; A ; !! The only character I actually cared about in Diabloik Lovers OTL.

    1. yea I really love the music in the game. the overall scenery and layout is very impressive too.
      lol so you’re just playing for the CGs xD;; It’ll take me a while since I’m playing the regular way and taking notes but hopefully aiming to be done by middle of June!

      Subaru’s chapter was really sweet ♥

  12. Hello
    I can’t wait for my copy of Norn 9 to arrive! X3
    I have a question, so I will be going to Japan in around a few months and I would like to know of places to go to buy otome games or where otome gamers are likely to go and was wondering if you could give me some information? 😀

  13. Game reviews are like movie reviews. Despite rave/disappointing reviews, most stuff I give it a chance. With the exception of the entire twilight series. That was obviously aimed at a particular demographic. (hides in bunker.)

    At the end of the day, it is your own personal review that matters to yourself. Much like how the stuff I like gets panned in ann reviews and how the stuff they rave about I find crap. Personal preference comes down to it.

    1. I don’t buy based on reviews since I often pre-order but I’ve often found myself disagreeing 90% of the time with Japanese players so sometimes if I see negative reviews I start to think the game will actually be good lol

  14. Normally I am just a silent reader on your blog, but this time I just have to post since some reviews of the game just upsetted me. >_> (normally, I pretty much agree with most opinions of the Japanese otogamers…)
    I already have finished the game, and personally I think it’s been a while since I had so much fun, and my theory is that some just cannot stand the fact that there are “other” heroines beside yourself, lol².
    I believe someone even wrote that the game is for men. I mean, c’mon? Okay, maybe Mikoto’s voice is not that beautiful. But turns out she’s even my fav. girl character!
    Luckily, the ratings are getting higher. There might be some things that make no sense – like the chicken, and the (thin) story is not that well explained either, but I love ALL the characters. They have quirks, and their love “their” girl. I love the game, that’s why I am so upsetted about the unfair reviews.
    Sorry about my rage post. I hope you have fun with the game. 😀

    1. I’ve only finished 1 route so far (Senri) and based on that alone I can see where some of the bad reviews are coming from. The plot is choppy, the conflict is balls and the resolution is deus ex machina. Also yes its hard to see from Koharu’s point of view so you’re basically just watching 2 chars go at it rather than being able to mary sue yourself. Fortunately this doesn’t bother me so I’m like lol ok, in fact most of us were laughing our butts off in my broadcast last night at how ridiculous it was lol.

      However since you finished the game, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and be like well if everything else makes sense then its ok to have a few ridiculous routes. I feel like even if there’s an overall resolution, routes shouldn’t be dependent on it and still be able to hold strong on their own BUT seeing how there’s just so many characters, there’s bound to be a few crappy ones lol. Either way I’ll be playing the whole thing before making my final judgement and I think a lot of the amazon reviews didn’t play more than 2-3 routes before raging 1 stars

  15. OMG congratulate you with so nice box!!! *O* Believe me, Norn 9 is awesome! I just finish passing Kakeru’s, Heishi’s and Akito’s routes and IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!! The game isn’t boring at all!! It’s interesting and full of different secretes game! (*T▽T*)/ Music, cast, plot and routes are very nice and give you a desire to play more and more – to find out ALL SECRETS about this world~~~////
    The heroines are also awesome// I dunno why people say that this game is boring/// (◎-◎;) As for me.. I haven’t play such awesome game for a long time (the last one was Ozmafia beta). Still waiting for the full ver.

    1. I’ve only done Senri’s route and there’s a lot of plot holes and ridiculous resolutions but I guess I’ll play the whole thing before making my decision XD
      Glad you like it a lot though, I do recall there was an interview where the director thought this would appeal for foreign fans!

      1. I didn’t like Senri before having passed Akito’s route/// Now I’m really thinking about Senri’s route either because of one fact XD I’m also really excited to know all story in details!!
        And hope thatthere will be no anime for this game >__< I just want to see it in a good view. Not as Arcana Famiglia one .___.
        AWw the interview with director?? Interesting~~ *still waiting my June's magazine of BSLOG with Norn 9 on the cover*
        It looked so nice that I ordered it immediately! XD

      2. Anyway, I love how looks your wall now *O* Heishi is my fav during that time, but I need to play more characters and also make one big decision about routes~~~

        1. lol one of these days I will take photos of all my walls I’m starting to run out of empty space for this stuff ;D

  16. Hurray! Hinano had already gotten Norn9 box. Now time to stalk (no, I mean wait and will read) her reviews afterward. I really can’t wait for it. I’ve heard about the recent news and spoilers about how Japanese gamers aren’t really satisfied with Norn9 … I haven’t received my share of fun and hopefully their bad reviews are coming from doesn’t make me actually be disappointed with Norn9. I really expect a lot from this game.

    1. Well I finished 1 route last night and from that 1 route alone all I can say is lower your expectations lol. But maybe the overall game will be better!

      1. I have seen some CGs and I think they are great, but seeing you said that and also a couple of others, I am not that sure. ;-; oh well! I will look forward on playing it my own!

        1. its been a rollercoaster for me so far. Senri’s route was wtfbbq but then Akito’s route was amazing so I think it’s definitely best to play and judge on your own ^^

          1. Yeah, I am waiting to see anyone playing Tooya / Itsuki / Ron ‘s routes since they are my favorites! ;=; hope their routes don’t screw up ^^;

  17. Well. With all the promotion I might have developed some sort of expectation…boo. I might have been brain washed reading the review first, but I agreed with some of the reviews on amazon. I love the characters, designs, music, the idea about the story …but they didnt elaborate on it. Once you choose your “partner” for some reason the dude is already into you immidiately. Too many flash backs of what we just saw a couple mins ago.
    But i liked the 3 heroine idea. Im not the type that places myself into the heroine and pretend its me. Im all for the moe lol I like how there was 3 different types of personalities you could take on the story. Still worth playing for the art, music and voice acting. Thats enough for me. Ill play all of the characters.

    1. Yea I agree with the flashbacks like hey I know what just happened I don’t need to see it! Lol
      I also agree with you I don’t self insert but I guess a lot of otome gamers do so since you really can’t in this game, that pisses them off 😛

  18. Hi~ I’ve been a long time lurker here but I have never really had the courage to comment.
    I’ve been liking Norn9 so far, one big reason is because it’s almost completely voiced so I rarely have to read and I can do other things while “playing” xD May I ask on what order your friend recommended playing the routes? So far I’ve completed Koharu’s routes (not sure if that was good decision but oh well) but I’m not sure with whom to continue 😡 Any suggestions would greatly help.
    Oh, keep up with the good work! I really like reading your posts 😀 Haha, please don’t mind my bad english since I’m not a native speaker.

    1. Thanks for coming out of lurker mode to comment! It’s always nice to see long time readers share their thoughts so don’t be shy 😉

      I’ve only done Senri so far but she recommended first 5 be everyone else, then 6 = kakeru, 7 = ron, 8 = masamune, 9 = natsuhiko.
      At the moment, after Senri, someone else yesterday told me to play Akito so I’ve started on Akito’s route next xD

      Koharu is alright but I love Nanami and her guy team the most XD

      1. That’s interesting… I would have said to start with Kakeru or Sakuya (Natsuhiko after you unlock him too) first since you get to understand a bit more things about “世界” and all. (I did Senri last as I didn’t really like his character and route ;( )

        1. i think her recommendation is based on the “unraveling” of the story and well Senri’s route has like nothing going on in it so it was almost a good route to do first since nothing is revealed so you can get it out of the way quickly 😀

      2. Haha, thank you a lot c: That sounds pretty good order considering the plot line and the different endings. I guess Masamune’s and Kakeru’s engings would have probably made a lot more sense If I had saved them for later. I just wanted to get Koharu out of the way since my first impression of her wasn’t that good but I got kind of fond of her towards the end. Nanami is my favorite out of the Norn9 heroined too, I’m currently doing Heiji and I’m loving it so far 😀

  19. I’ve finished all of Koharu’s and I kinda agree that the plot is a little all over the place, but the characters are very likable that’s a +1 to me already

    1. I think they should have split the game into 2 (like Brothers Conflict) so that they didn’t cram stuff into 1 single game. The voiced heroines helps of you’re not that good in Japanese yet :p

      1. If they’re gonna have to split the game I’d rather they just have less characters in the first place. I think this game would have been fine with the usual 1 heroine 6 guy standard honestly. The 3 heroines is cool but out of the 3 of them I only really like Nanami (so far anyway) and I could do without the other 2.

  20. The LE looks so nice~

    I’m liking the game so far. The visuals and music are gorgeous. I can’t speak about the story yet but I hope it will turn out good.

    Have you played the Ozmafia demo? If so what are your thoughts on it?

    1. i haven’t played the Ozmafia demo but I preordered the game (and apparently already paid for it lol)
      I never have time to play demos but I also don’t put in the effort to make time just so that I can be “surprised” when the full game comes out XD
      hopefully it won’t be an unpleasant surprise 😆

  21. I was pretty interested in this since the synopses sounded good & the art is gorgeous but ahh no money QAQ
    Ah well, looking forward to your review! 😀

    1. im sure in a few weeks there will be plenty of cheap used copies since a lot of Japanese people don’t like this game

      1. But why Japanese people don’t like it? Yesterday I just finish Senri’s route and it was pretty likeable/// Anyway, now I’m going to take the 5th character because I love this game SOO MUCH >WW<
        Why???? It means Diabolik Lovers which has creepy plot is ok for Japanese people, and Norn9 which has a strong plot isn't good//// Japan, are you kidding me??????ಠ_ಠ Have never understood them~~~~~

        1. well to be honest I just finished my 4th character and the ones I’ve done there’s no plot. The characters and the relationships with the heroines are great though so I don’t agree with those who gave this game a 1 star at all. If anything the characters, voice actors and music itself should be a 3 star already. Hopefully as I do more characters the story will become clearer.

          btw Amazon gave Diabolik Lovers bad reviews too XD

  22. Don’t know if you’ve listened to the bonus cds but some of them are quite funny 🙂

    Finally finished the whole game and one thing I’m still wondering about is….was the boy (can’ t remember his name…Sorata ?) really necessary,? 90% of the routes, he just disappears after the first two chapters haha

    1. Yup, I agree with you about Sorata/// The route with him just shows us the better beginning for the game and.. no more I think// I just saw art with him and Aion on the Pixiv, so I really excited to know the reason for this art///

      1. Oh that’s because you have a small ‘route’ for him if you decide not to follow any of the heroines at the beginning of the game 🙂 but yeah other than that and seeing him from time to time in a Hyoko’s pyjama suit….he just vanishes who knows where (does he even go back to his era? )

  23. ahhhh..I finished it~~ I felt that they either should have gone more in depth or not added soratas story….but overall an ok game. I’m kinda sad over the reviews cuz it honestly wasn’t that bad, it was good. Oh well I await your review Hinano-san! I always visit your blog yet this is my first time commenting…^^;. Thanks for all the awesome reviews!!

    1. thanks for the comment! 😀
      I’m almost done as well and I really like the characters the most.
      Yea the story is a little thin but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the game. I’ve played a lot worse crap this year (lol isshoni gohan & amnesia crowd) so I think Japan is just over-reacting lol

  24. Those posters! (are you by any chance going to sell them later? 3_3)
    And where did you get that penguin from Mawaru Penguin Drum? I’d love to buy it too!
    I also read comments on Amazon. Actually I thought that since this game is promoted so much, then it has to be crap. But in the end, I’ve already finished one route and I loved it. It’s not as complex and sophisticated as, say, Shinigami to Shoujo, but it really is enjoyable :3 What are your impressions?

    1. Sorry I never sell posters like that lol, I actually never really sell anything except some stuff from B’s Log once in a while!
      I got the penguin at last year Otakon that I attended. I dunno where the seller got it from, it’s probably some bootleg lol.
      As far as my impressions – they’re at the bottom of my review! 😛

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