3rd Time’s a Charm: Ragnarok Online 2 North American open beta


So after the fail that was the SEA launch, Gravity finally launched their version for the North American players.  They claim to have banned SEA, Brazil, Philippines Japan and Korea but I’ve seen Japanese players tweet about their gameplay. Could be possible they haven’t put the ban in place to use the illegal players to stress test but for now it seems to be open to everyone? Anyway after Tartaros died, I missed my favorite daimahoushi so I’ve made a mage 8D.

For a beta launch I think it went pretty well? I had problems because I didn’t have some Nvidia driver installed (even though I have an ATI card (´・ω・`;))  but once I updated everything I was able to get in. Lag wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and really the only issues I ran into were:

  • The English voices are uncanny. Not the character ones but the NPC ones. You have some young looking NPC guy but the voice that comes out sounds like a 56 year old burly man 😆
  • The damn trees always get in the way. In RO1 if a tree was in the way it would become transparent but here the tree blocks your whole camera and you can’t see crap ( ≖Д≖;)
  • Camera rotation is really weird. Your character is always with their backs facing you which feels weird since I’m used to Tartaros camera rotations.
  • GUI takes up way too much space and I haven’t yet found a way to shrink it (if there is a way.)
  • No instance like in Tartaros so you’re forced to camp out mini bosses/bosses and hope you’re the first person to attack it before someone else does :S.
  • Kill stealers blah. At least the looting is taken care of by the game but sadly sometimes people KS by accident cause it’s really hard to see.
  • I kinda miss the cute designs of Gate of World as well as the catchy Yoko Kanno BGMs.

Now the fun stuff:

  • Jumping! Whee! I kinda missed doing that.
  • Characters customizable from eye type to voice which is fun.
  • You pick your class in the character creation screen so no need to waste time being a noob.
  • Nerf on monster grinding seems to be within 2 levels so if you start fighting stuff 3 levels higher than yourself you start to lose exp.
  • A variety of mounts that help you run faster but they are cash shop (and after so many games closing on me I’m planning to play for free for a while.)
  • Swimming! I kinda missed doing that too lol.
  • Auto-run! Yea just pressing num lock and your character runs in 1 direction. So useful honestly. Because of this my hand doesn’t hurt when playing RO like it did when I played Tartaros.
  • Variety of emotions:


So overall I’m enjoying MMO playing again and I’m actually enjoying it more than otome gaming right now lol. I think with all the new otome game releases I’m just having a burn out. If my reviews slow down I apologize but I think I’m in need for a slow down with all the otome game floods this year. ┐(‘~`;)┌


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  1. Haha, rite! And I don’t think I’ll try and make an account for the NA server since I’m running out of interest in this game anyway. I’m going back to my otome gaming after I finish Digimon Adventures and Gintama no Sugoroku.

    Btw, wish you a happy gaming time in NA server’s RO2: LoTS!!

  2. oh damn I shoulda made a wizard named Lagi shouldn’t I! But Lagi is more a swordsman than a wizard I guess? XDDD
    Actually NA “claims” to have banned all other countries but I’ve seen Phillippine and Brazillian players on the server. I think they only put a registration block but the server doesn’t have a block but yea not sure how long that’s gonna last.

  3. Ohh~~(Btw, the picture is cute ♥) Wizard specializes in Fire skills only, and Dragonology(If I spelled correctly) is one decent buff you have (When I first saw the job and the skills, Lagi and Natsu flashed through my mind xD. Kakki’s dragon duo ♥v♥). I prefer Sorc tho, but I’m too lazy to solo lvl another character again seeing the decrease of the number of players in the SEA server. I actually wanted to play the NA server but we’re banned unfortunately… It’s SEA’s fault in the first place anyway, for being so idiotic and money-faced…

  4. Yea. It seems they are going to release the Noel race soon. I might go back and try it out after my mid-year exams. And, no prob for the end game equip pics, since I stumbled upon it when I was lurking at the forums months ago. Btw, which job are you going? Wiz or Sorc?

  5. ugh that sounds terrible!! I’m sorry that SEA is handling RO as shitty as usual.
    Also thanks for the link those outfits are FABULOUS 😆

  6. P2W? = Pay to WIN…。゚+(。ノдヽ。)゚+。

    They nerfed the Ressurection skill of our priests from 3/4/5mins to 30/40/50 mins and even our sorcs(Coz they think that Hybrid Sorcs are overpowered?(ノ ̄Д ̄)ノ彡┻┻) So far, I’ve seen a Khara Quest which requires the player to have 3 superlarge bags which can only be purchased through the Cash Shop(or at the Auction if you’re lucky). ヽ(`Д´#)ノ ムキー!! My patience is running thin with this SEA server, I didn’t touched it since a few weeks ago, after I change jobs into Ranger and FS Priest. And, worst spam bots everywhere… There are tons of other bad stuffs over at the SEA server but I’ll stop here, or it’ll get longer and longer…_| ̄|○

    I see, so the above pic is your male mage? Okay, no offense but I hope you’re prepared for this: http://forums.playpark.net/index.php?/topic/207990-lv50-epic-armor-sets/
    Feel free to scroll down and click on the links to see some end game armor for your wiz-to-be or sorc-to-be and do tell me your thoughts( ̄ー+ ̄)

  7. Hiya~! Happy to know that you’re playing NA RO2. Our SEA server is basically dying due to the stupid P2W system… Anyways, just curious, did you start your mage as a male?

  8. well you always have your nerfed SEA server 😆
    actually last I saw they haven’t actually banned anyone? people from JP and PH are playing freely lol

  9. yea I knew about the free mount but I think the cash ones are faster right? well either way a mount is better than no mount since I don’t feel like gambling a million dollars just to be able to run faster lol.

    yea the jumping/death thing was back there since Gate of World. I always found that funny though I guess it wasn’t funny when I couldn’t figure out how to save my respawn point until last night lol. and yea I didn’t expect all the weird voices. at one point yesterday I just muted all sounds and play Ro1 bgms xD

  10. Once you get to level 15, you can buy a Peco Peco mount for 10zeny in Prontera (at least that was the case during the beta weekend, but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t changed).

    I think the thing I like the most about RO2 so far is being able to jump onto the mountain peaks, then jumping off… and accidentally dying from fall damage LOL. It’s also pretty satisfying finding fences that you can jump over because I can’t pilot my character through tiny entrances for the life of me. 😡

    and ermergerd i was not expecting that one girl to have a croaky voice back in the tutorial

  11. 1) IIRC there are instances but since we’re still in tutorial land we haven’t encountered them yet

    2) I think whoever attacks the thing first gets the stuff. I’ve killed peoples’ enemies before and not gotten any XP or loot. Note that you CAN harvest materials from enemies that other people kill which happens a lot if the enemy drops materials that the killer’s class doesn’t use.

    3) I think the monster XP is a cap.

    4) Variety of emotions such as asshole licking (wtf is this shit, Akazukin Online?)

    5) Union costumes: http://www.iamfurfer.com/2013/03/ro2-union-system.html

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