Android Otome App Review: Voice Supplement


So this app’s been out for a while on the Apple app store but it finally made it’s way to Google Play!

Just like Visualworks soine apps, it’s translated into English and you have 4 dudes to pick from all in 1 convenient app (so no need to download 1 app for each guy.) Your man harem:

Kaede, voiced by Kimura Ryohei, whose character design just screams Shuu from Diabolik Lovers to me.
Yuuki, voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa who sounds EXTREMELY HOT AND SENDS MY EARS INTO A FIT OF (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ
Soushirou, voiced by Hatano Wataru who’s like totally a closet perv butler or something, but thanks to GHP I’m all like <●><●>

Ahem. (*´ڡ`●) So anyway, unlike VW other apps, this one doesn’t promise any fancy alarm features and all it really is, is an app to poke hot bishies and have them say lines to you in Dummy Head Mic! The first set of voices for each guy is free and you can buy 2 more sets per dude for a dirt cheap cost of $1.48 (hooray for the yen skyrocketing overnight! :lol:) You can download the entire app from Google Play here.

31 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Voice Supplement


    The first time I heard of this I was like Y U NO ANDROID! щ(ಥДಥщ) but now I can enjoy mah ikemen harem (Hosoyan unf)

    You have just made my day, ma’am *0*

    1. haha enjoy! I was pretty surprised to see it pop up as well 😀
      I’ve never heard dummy head mic hosoyan until now and omfg もっとヤレ(:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ

      1. First “dummy head mic hosoyan-raep”, then? My first time was with Wasurenagusa drama cd series (ドS hosoyan ftw) and I thought I was going to die or something 駄目だよ、アタシ (/ω\) 
        I think you should listen to it!!

        1. Lol I listened to like a part of the first CD (I think the one with Takahashi Naozumi?) and he was like fapping while staring at the (presumably naked) listener lmfao…I was like (・_・;;;) so I haven’t listened beyond that XD

      2. Oh, then you haven’t listened to Wasurenagusa Vol. 4 with Shimono Hiro as Heisuke… HOLY COW… He was literarily fapped by the listener, while I died due to bloodloss… xD But yes, Nao-nii sounded eh… quite ero? LOL

        Hosoyan’s Wasurenagusa is not that erotic, but his husky voice still hits you with all might. ^^

  2. Uwahhhhhh!!! I really want a smartphone right now… I should ask my dad if he’s willing to give up his… xDD And listen to Hosoyan all night! OMG OMG… I can imagine his lethal voice…. ORZ

    Is it just me or do Yuuki and Soushirou look better than the other two? xDD I think I would die if Hosoyan had voiced Soushirou, because he’s totally my type. *nosebleed*

      1. oh they have both iphone & android versions as I mentioned in the beginning of my post 🙂
        I prefer android phones though because they have bigger screens and are more customizable

  3. My top priority in life right now (or at least really close) is a new cell phone charger!! Thanks for bringing this game to my attention. Is it bad that I only recently knew that they had otome game apps? haha

    1. haha not at all 🙂 I hope you find any of my other app reviews worthy and get to poking more hot dudes on your phone ;D

  4. Oh yeah, thank you so much for sharing this! I think I’ll become addicted to this App (*^3^)/~☆

  5. This app is lethal. I’ve been poking it ever since it got released and screamed when Kimura go his own character xDD Now I just need money in my iTunes account D;

    1. lol is kimura your fav? XD I like him in otoge but his dummy head mic wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be? Maybe cause he has a cute happy voice rather than a “deep sexy” one like hosoyan or ono xDD I’m considering buying the other voices just because unlike the soine apps this one doesn’t lag or crash on me x_X

      1. He’s my bias~ I will do anything for him xD Yeah, Kimu-Nii can’t really do those low sexy voiced but DAT ARROGANT VOICE >w<
        Hosoyan and Ono and nice once in a while x3 The Soine Apps are just a repeat of the CDs so I didn't buy a lot of them D; But Voice Supplement is ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

        1. haha I actually really liked him ever since HIgashi no Eden, I even bought the DVDs/BDs of the movies & TV series xDDD I loved him in hotokenser too :3 Are you going to buy Koibana Days too? I wasn’t going to before but now I’m reconsidering 8D

          1. >A< Hotokenser was the first time I realise who he was ww Yeah, I'm still thinking of whether I want the game!! It's so tempting just for him an the rest of the Kiramune Boys xD

  6. Thanks for the app review, I wouldn’t have known about this app without it! You were right about Yuuki, one line from him and I was \(//∇//)\

  7. ….What have you done to meeeeee~ I was still at the sound check and I was already hnngggh /)@//////@(\ Hosoyan’s voice omg \(//∇//)\

    …..I don’t have a credit card so I’ll just stick to these pre-loaded ones creys… ( ;´Д`)
    Thank you for reviewing this! ♪( ´▽`)

  8. I can’t see the subtitles Q.Q can anybody help me please? Or am I just too stupid? ;_;

      1. I have no idea how to contact visualworks because I can’t write japanese and I don’t trust my english-skills… and there’s no update for the firmware. maybe the cause is my phone itself? I also can’t see the date sequences in my bodyguard for gree or the room in any for gree-game. Its a xperia sola. (sorry, if my english is bad ^^”)

        1. sorry I’m not sure what to tell you, probably phone compatibility ^^; I’m using Galaxy S3 and I don’t have any problems.

  9. but the play store says its compatible -.- can’t be helped… well, however thank you…

    1. I have exactly the same problem, I thought it was only my problem u.U’
      My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Mini, and it’s supposed to “be compatible”… but I guess the screen resolution doesn’t. Maybe you have the same problem ;___;

  10. Could you tell me which coloured pill is used to supplement what? I’m sorry, I’m just really stumped.

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