Otome Game Review: Wand of Fortune II ~Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~

Following the normal end of the first game, here’s the sequel to Wand of Fortune. Unfortunately for players of the first game, this game wants you to forget and/or pretend most of the events in the first game never happened. Story is Bilal is on his way back to his country so everyone’s taking a memorial photo together. So then Edgar goes to take the photo with his magnifying glass (which is apparently also a camera) but as usual he screws up and his magnifier goes out of control. Suddenly Lulu finds herself lost in a forest with some guy who sounds like the mask in the Solomon item shop. He names himself Persona and his sleepy friend Solomon help her find the rest of her friends. She meets Fatta Morgana face to face and he explains that they’ve been thrown into the past because of Lulu’s fail magic and Edgar’s magnifier. On top of this, Lulu’s magical wand breaks! Solomon tells them they need to gather memory stones in order to return back to the FORTUNE FUTURE! He gives Lulu a sailor moon prism power makeup compact to use in the meantime until she can gather enough elemental stones. Unfortunately they also find out that they’ve jumped back right before the  start of the Great Latium War.

So to ward of any confusion in the summary here’s a brief rundown of this great war. Basically 350 years ago, the war is Mills Clea vs Lua Corzia. The queen of Lua Corzia, Beatrice, asked Morgana to teach her army magic and he’s like no dude cause you gonna use magic to hurt people. I only teach magic to help people and she’s like GRR HOW DARE U. If I can’t have magic NO ONE CAN so yea they start going at it with lots of innocent Latium people getting caught in between.  Mills Clea is at a disadvantage of course cuase Morgana told its mages not to hurt any humans with magic but of course now you have powerless mages against artillery and weapons. So then comes new guy Mr. Judge Solomon who says “fine I’ll take everyone’s magic away so we can have peace” and now Lulu & friends need to convince everyone that magic is not just there to destroy, but also to protect. Unfortunately not much they can do cause they’re not allowed to change history. More details about this will be described in the respective routes, but first:


Well at least the chibis were cute
Well at least the chibis were cute

Okay so I will admit there’s “less to do” than in WOF1 and it’s a bit more linear but it’s still annoying. You have to visit each area 5 times to get a certain item to drop. Once you have obtained said item you can then use it as sort of a “key” to remove the restrictions to continue scavenging newer areas. When you scavenge items, you will get elemental ORES. 5 ores = 1 elemental stone. 50 elemental stones = GOOD END. I made a mistake and didn’t realize that you have to actually MAKE the stones otherwise you’ll get a bad end. You need to make 50 stones at least by turn 54 or so but I usually do it around turn 50 since that’s where I’d save for the normal/good end split. Regarding normal ends: This whole thing is weird because sometimes I had to do the normal end in order to unlock the hot bed CG with Lulu. However in 4 of the routes I just did the good end and bam it magically unlocked. I don’t know what the deal is with that but  I guess all I can think off the top of my head is – fight every dragon you come across. To fight one it requires 1 elemental stone and when I ran away from some I had to do the normal end. If you’re following La Primavera’s guide, and you sway off her turn count ITS OKAY. As long as you make the items and visit the places and get the key event by turn 50 you’re good. She has you spamming the wooden shack from turns 36 – 50 anyway so in those turns if you’ve swayed off you can make up for lost time. The worst part of this game is YOU CAN ONLY CRAFT 1 STONE AT A TIME. 1 FUCKING STONE AT A TIME. 50 TIMES X 7 CHARACTERS + ANOTHER 80 TIMES IN THE TRUE END YOU GOTTA FUCKING CRAFT 430 STONES 1 AT A TIME OTOMATE ARE YOU HIGH (I probably made like 500 though cause I was too lazy to count orz.)


Ahem. It was annoying. I started playing random sailormoon and benny hill theme songs during my broadcast every time I had to do this. ( ´_ゝ`) Also unlike WOF1 you couldn’t skip the animations which thanks to this probably wasted like an hour of play time each route. Well now that you’re familiar with the b/s I sat through enjoy the summaries! 😆

est01Est – Sorry too lazy to bother with last names this time around 8D.  Since the game reset everything, we have to sit through Est’s bitch fest ONE MORE TIME.  Like wow fucking great, I guess WOF really doesn’t want me to like this character if they want me to deal with his kuudere shit all over again. Solo derps around and removes the seal on Est so that all his bootleg-sage marks are completely visible. Est shits bricks cause he doesn’t want Lulu to see his “shameful true form” and he becomes EVEN BITCHIER THAN BEFORE.  So now Est goes around moping about how he’s a fake sage and how his parents dumped him off to the religious wackos and then all the war shit happens. He then goes on to say how he’s glad that they decided to use him as their experiment monkey and not Lulu since both of them were both without a property. He then starts to wish that there was no magic because then there’d be no war and Solo’s like “you called?” Est then figures well I’m in the past let’s go talk to the original religious cult wackos and find out why the hell they started experimenting on humans! So then this sage dude named Viollakeus is like “yo bro I was against it but this other dudes like nah man lets keep experimenting.” So then they realized they fucked up and to try and stop what’s been done they then experimented some MOAR to give all the people affected the power to “seal off” their power like how Est was able to seal off his powers (until Solo broke it.) So then Est goes to wangst for a while and Lulu doesn’t know what to do so she goes crying in the woods and runs into a bored Lagi. Lagi’s like why don’t the two of you just fuck already and Est just so happens to be there so Lagis like yea my work here is done and he prances off.

est02Est bitches how he’s sick of being shoved around by both Solo and Lulu and hes like WHAT DO U WANT FROM MEEEEE. So then he hugs Lulu going I WANT U BABE and she’s like “well you can have me for like a while man took you long enough”. He then grabs and kisses her and her magical lips seal off all the old sage powers and remove the marking off his face. So then Solo shows up and like u done good son, now u can return back to the future and then the loli Eira cries that Est is leaving so they hug her and put her to sleep so she thinks the whole thing is a dream.  (Sorry I kinda ignored the whole loli plot cause if Est’s whining wasn’t enough the last thing I needed to pay attention to was an annoying clingy child.) Best End: Lulu and co. return to the future and Est is all like I ain’t holdin back my sexual frustration no more guuurl. And so 3 years later Est is a fucking sexy beast and no longer the cute shota  that Lulu can push around. IN fact he very much takes advantage of this now and is giving her the run around instead xDDD The scenario ends with them making out in the library with Lulu giving into her smexy boyfriend. Normal End: Est decides to leave Mills Clea and go back to the religious wackos who experimented on him. (ಠ_ಠ) Hah I realized my summary for Est was pretty pathetic compared to like..Alvaro or something but I guess his bitchiness just stood out so much I kinda ignored the entire plot with Lat being stabbed by the religious cult for being a traitor and constantly having all sorts of weird seals branded on him like a farm cow.  In the end the whole thing was just Est being sick of being a “good boy” and taking everyone’s shit and pretty much just wanting to bone Lulu the whole time. Kinda wish he pulled that stick out of his ass earlier on so I could actually pay attention an enjoy the route. Well at least his ending was a savior to the boring ass route cause damn dat 17 year old Est is (◉◞౪◟◉ ).

bilal01Bilal – If Est’s route wasn’t awful enough, here comes BILAL with his international intrigue over oil & wealth water dragons. Bilal starts the route with his dumb gaijin accent back cause of the reset, but since he gains his water spirit early in the route, the accent goes away quickly. Sadly this wasn’t enough to save his route cause Bilal decided that Lulu’s not a good enough heroine for him and all he wants is just some doormat who will sit there quietly and smile and nod and not know what the fuck is actually going on. So they run into this extremely butthurt water dragon named ZESU (who I’ll refer to Zeus cause this route is ridiculous).  Turns out that Shamus, some distant relative of Bilal’s, beat him up or some shit so he put a curse on all of Bilal’s family → which in turn affects the country the family’s in. Lagi’s like yo wtf bro just cause of your 350 year grudge, doesn’t mean that everyone in the present has to suffer calm yo’ tits! Bilal’s like hey dude I wanna save my country, and Zeus says that if Bilal’s family leaves Faranbald the country will no longer be dried but the curse will continue on the family line. That means no matter where Bilal’s family is, that country will become all dried up. Zeusy agrees to lift the curse if 1. they return his dragon scales to him 2. they calm his rage and Bilal’s like ILL KILL MYSELF IF U WANT BRAH. Lagi gets pissed and Bilal goes to whine leaving Lulu confused on what to do.So then they get ambushed by some guards in the war and Lulu almost gets hurt with Bilal saving her in the nick of time. Lulu hears him babbling how he thought he almost got a heart attack realizing he might lose her  so she pretends to be asleep in his arms so she can finally hear his true feelings. Cause well the entire time she asks Bilal how she can help him appease the dude’s rage and he’s like WOMAN NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A SAMMICH. Lulu wakes up alone in some Zeus cave with Lian asking if she loves Bilal. Lulu’s like YEP I DO and Lian’s like “yea you guys are both in love with each other but he doesn’t want you to get hurt so he’s hiding it all”. YEA LIAN I KNOW.

bilal02So then Bilal ends up emoing the rest of the route and figuring out how to appease Zeus’s anger while Lulu’s like “but I want to help” and Bilal just says NO WOMAN and basically he destroys any chance Lulu has to shine in this route. He tells Lulu that no matter what happens to him that he wants her to never change and stay the same. Lulu’s like wtf man if you’re gonna change I want to change as well, don’t be a douche. He babbles about how Solo wants to destroy all magic because magic is what caused the war but then Solos like oh ok I guess that wouldn’t solve anything, back to the future you go! All he does is make her upset and not tell her anything to the point where even Lagi’s like a total bro and yells at Bilal for being a huge dick. He tells Lulu at this point she’s the only one who can change his mind about returning to Faranbald but Lulu’s like “er no I tried so…” When Lulu hears tha Bilal’s on this way back home she and Lagi find him and she’s like “newsflash: Falambard won’t die without you.” Realizing how awesome Lulu is he can’t deal with her shoving the truth in his face so he grabs and kisses her to shut her up ww. He finally gives in and realizes he really just wants to stick around and bang Lulu.  He then decides to break the curse of his family by saying he will abandon his “pride” as one of the royal Faranbald’s and become a common man as a “payment” to appease Zeus’s anger. Suddenly he sees water FLOW into Faranbald and the curse is broken. And so 3 years later Lulu’s graduated from the academy and she’s visiting it for old times sake  because she’s been spending her time in Faranbald. She’s visiting together with Bilal and his bro, who is now king, Laseed.  They stay in Latium for a while while Laseed does his kingly duties and they go to the lake to make out meh. Normal End: Bilal returns home without Lulu and Ami comforts her as her bff. Lol man good riddance to this route and all the wasted potential on Lulu being an awesome heroine. It’s like if Lagi didn’t act like an awesome wingman, there would have been no progress at all. Bilal was this closet perv dude in the first game who became a sexy beast in the end but suddenly INTERNATIONAL FAMILY PROBLEMS SORRY LULU U AREN’T PART OF THIS. Honestly if I was Lulu I’d dump Bilal and go for Lagi instead. (Okay well I am biased to Lagi but still, Bilal sucked.)

lagi01Lagi – Since Bilal and Lagi shared a lot of common scenes (aka the route was totally biased to Bilal’s stupid dragon problems) I decided to do his route next. Also since we’re still in the normal end mode, he’s still got his fruits basket syndrome and turns into a chibi dragon when hugged. So then Lagi finds out his dad is the reason all his dragony powers have been sealed.  Zeus then removes the seal and Lagi turns into his dragon form.  Well that was easy! He asks to hug Lulu to test to see if he will turn into a chibi dragon since his powers have been released xD. He bumbles like a tsundere then finally hugs her cause lulu’s like щ(゚д゚щ)カモーン and he doesn’t turn into a chibi dragon 😉 Just like everyone else in this game, Lagi has to wangst cause he’s afraid that he won’t be able to control his emotions and will hurt Lulu with his dragony powers. In other words: I CANT CONTROL MY TSUNDERE. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  So during one of the battles with the local army, Lulu gets stabbed in the back which causes Lagi’s emotions to go berserk.  Lulu tells him to control himself or she’ll “hate him” sigh :(.  This helps calm him down from using his dragon powers fully but enough to get all the guys outta there.  They then get a dying Lulu to Zeus who says he will save her. While she heals inside Zeus’ water bubble Lagi starts crying and babbling his love and feelings to her. Lulu hears everything and wakes up and kisses him though the water wall sadly its in the way. She also then says in her thoughts that she loves him and asks him to be by her side forever. She comes out of the water bubble all naked and he freaks out telling her to put some clothes on xD. Lagi then asks Solo not to take away Lulu’s magic cause he wants to see her make her magical dream come true. So then they return back to the future, and Lulu and Lagi are on edge cause oh noes he has no reason to remain at Mills Claire now that he has his dragon powers all in check.  One night Lulu goes to bed with a dream catcher that Lagi gave her. She then has a dream where she sees Lagi’s tsundere dad getting pwned by his future mom. xDDD His mom said that she knew she was gonna die before having Lagi but she didn’t care. Lulu wakes up crying from the dream realizing that she and Lagi must continue the love that ended for his parents.

lagi02The following day Lagi and Lulu say goodbye to Bilal as he’s on his way home. After this she takes Lagi to the garden where she then admits that she heard everything he had said while she was in the water bubble. Since she wanted to tell him that its not his fault but she couldn’t move all she could do is gather the will go move her body to kiss him xD. Lulu then confesses that she loves him and says she knows that her feelings will probably sway his decision but she don’t care cause she LOOOVES HIM. Lagi’s like WAIT GUURL I GOTTA TALK TO SOMEONE BEFORE I ANSWER YOH FEELINGS, and that SOMEONE  is his HOT DAD Kada that Lulu gets to meet that night! Lagi then asks daddy why the hell he abandoned them after Lagi was born. Kada says that HE was the one who was abandoned. Lagi then tells daddy that Lulu is his lover and he plans to live with her as a human. Daddy is so happy he glomps Lagi and his new waifu calling Lulu his new “daughter in law”. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Kada also gives Chibi to Lagi as his “servant” because all salamanders are apparently all servants of dragons. Kada says his goodbye and leaves but Lagi’s relieved that he got to see his dad one last time. And so 3 years later, Lagi’s been gone to his grandparents’ home cause he was worried about them, and Lulu’s getting sad and lonely. He hasn’t even been responding to her mails and she’s worried about him but believes he will return to her. And so he sends her a message that he’s waiting for her at the arrival gate but when she gets there he’s so manly now that she thinks that it’s his dad XDDD. He’s like U STUPID LULU ITS ME XD When Lulu realizes its her hot bf she jumps on him crying and screaming that she loves him. He then tells her he wanted to write her a letter but he didn’t know what to write. Lagi pls. After they have dinner and stuff together Lulu gets sad cause she admits she’s so shocked that he’s so manly she just can’t handle it xDDD. Lagi then proposes to her and then after she agrees, he lifts her over his shoulder to take her to the nearest inn to make up for all the lost time not humping うへへへ(◉◞౪◟◉ ). Normal End: Lagi confesses that he loves Lulu but says that he’s afraid that he’ll hurt her if she’s with him so he leaves her and returns  to his grandparents. Blushing manly Lagi is moe in a completely new way for me.  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;;p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q  Well I’m glad Lagi never lets me down cause after Est & Bilal I had all but abandoned hope for this game lol.

jul01Julius – Julius’ route was great because unlike the other routes which either stayed the same or got worse, Julius’ actually GOT BETTER! I was telling myself before starting that this route can go either 2 ways: 1) Focus on Julius magic obsession and ignore Lulu like in the first game. 2) Focus on Julius discovering that he’s really a horn dog and he wants to hit dat hot sheit Lulu in front of him. Fortunately Otomate picked no 2 and that made this route extremely awesome. 😆 So basically turns out Julius is like a huge perv but he doesn’t quite realize it just yet. When he sees Lulu in her new outfit his immediate thought is “おへそぺろぺろ(´^ω^`)” but that’s only in his subconscious and so he just brushes it off as “Oh Lulu you’re so cold let me warn you up” by fondling his hands all over her while he hugs her as they “read a magic book together” xD.  He then realizes what kind of position he got himself in and gets extremely hetare and embarrassed and this kind of thing pretty much goes on the whole route! He keeps staying up late seraching about the Latium war and so when Lulu goes to wake him up one morning he’s like a zombie and the 2 of them end up falling with him planting his face right into her boobs xDDD He unconsciously hugs her even tighter and continues to stuff his face in them. Just then Lily and the sisters walk in and see that and shit bricks. Suddenly everyone else walks in and is shocked seeing them in this position www.  So then Alvaro’s like “oh btw Julius is awake” and Julius is like “….sorry hehe” XDDDDDDD So really, he’s starting to be quite aware that he wants to bang her.  They try to help out during the war to save villagers but of course they can’t do shit and while Julius accepts it, Noel is thrown into a fit of despair the moment he accidentally kills a soldier. So then Solo comes in with his ima take your magic bitches and of course magic lovin’ Julius and Noel are like NOOOOOO but then Noel whines into agreeing to lose his magic cause hes guilty for killing peeps.

jul02So then Julius and Noel get into a fight over whether magic is good and bad and Julius comes bawwing to Lulu about how he doesn’t know what to do with himself. And well one thing leads to another and they end up screwing キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.☆━!!! See, he really did just subconsciously want to bang her. The next day she wakes up all alone and has no idea how to face Julius after this event 😆 Turns out he ran off in the morning cause he got embarrassed and went smashing his head into his own room pillow lolol. He then promises that “next time” he’ll stay with her the whole time and Lulu’s like next..time!? www Then he’s like “ok fine when all of this time travel is over we’ll do it right baby” (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン So after this Julius and Noel argue but then they make up with Lulu’s help (my OT3!!) And so when they return back to the future, Julius, Noel and Lulu vow together to pursue their magical dreams (though Lulu’s is pretty lame to continue LOVING AND BELIEVING IN MAGIC). After Noel leaves, Julius and Lulu realize how what they did in the past was awkward and Julius tells Lulu that he really loves her and Lulu says the same and  they hug. 3 years later Julius is working in the magical lab and he’s a SEXY MEGANE BEAST YEAAAA. He then slips a ring on Lulu’s finger and asks her to marry him. He tells her that he’s got enough money to support her and for some reason Lulu suddenly shits bricks. Julius acts all smooth and tells her he wanted to finally give her some physical proof of his love instead of always just drowning her in his emotions 8D. Lulu of course has no choice but to say yes! Lol yea I don’t know why Lulu suddenly freaked out about the marriage proposal but was totally okay with them screwing circa 350 years ago! Either way, Julius route was so adorable and it was a huge improvement over his routes in the previous games. It definitely made me like him a lot more as a character.

noel01Noel – While Julius and Noel share a common story, sadly Noel got the short end of the stick this time. While his route was a cute hetare dork who fell for As Seen on TV commercials, this route pretty much made him look like a sad and pathetic weakling. It’s obvious that even near the beginning, Noel’s got a crush on Lulu and those kind of moments were cute but the moment that Noel  & Julius find out about the war things kinda went downhill. Elvin (some clone of Elbert) becomes all evil and says he’s taking Lulu for a ride on a nice boat to see Beatrice.He basically wants Lulu and Co. to not get in the way of their evil plans against Morgana. Fortunately Noel saves her and they report everything to Morgana. So yea once Noel sees people die in front of him he just mentally breaks down. When Lulu agrees to go with Noel to “get rid of her magic” Julius gets really pissed cause he’s like wtf this is all you’ve worked so hard for!? They go along with Solo and are stuck in some ghetto shack near a war camp for a while but start to regret their decision cause their magic powers are sealed. Noel then goes crazy because he says no matter how much he washes his hands they just smell of blood and he just has horrible PTSD from the whole event as it keeps replaying in his head. Lulu takes his hand and even tho he’s like NO DONT TOUCH ME U’LL GET DIRTY and she’s like calm down dude I’m here for ya. So then Noel, and Lulu come to the conclusion that not all magic is bad and that it’s not all used to only “hurt” people. They talk to Julius but then EL-LOSE shows up bitching that his army and Mills Clea are at war and claims Lulu and Noel better not spread any spy info about them. So while Noel and Lulu are fumbling around the camp one day Alvaro shows up and takes Lulu hostage saying he’s working for Beatrice now. Noel begs him to let her go even tho Alvaro threatens to slit her throat. He then calls Noel pathetic when Noel says he’ll do ANYTHING so Alvaro’s like ror turn around 3 times and bark ┗(^o^ )┓三. He asks why they didn’t use their magic and they explain cause their powers were sealed off so they could experience the war being “plain ol humans”.

noel02After Alvaro prances off, Noel realizes that in fact magic powers aren’t just for destruction but for protection and had this been anyone else, if Noel had magic he could have saved her.The next day Noel tells Solo that he wants his magic back and Solo’s like “kay brah” and immediately returns it. The next day Julius and Noel meet up and make up and become bffs again with Lulu. Sadly Elwin’s already gone off to send his army on the offense while Solo’s derping around. Turns out that the whole thing is a revenge plot by El-Lose so he can start a war and make Morgana feel all sad and miserable. He don’t care who he sacrifices, even his own body and when Noel & Lulu tell him to calm his tits, he starts shooting lightning bolts at them. Lulu & Noel use their magical power of love to stop him and after this event, the 2 finally confess their feelings and smooch at night. The following day, Solo babbles about how he’s learned that getting rid of magic doesn’t solve anything and sends them back to the future. After they return, Julius and Noel make that magic promise with Lulu and Noel says he wants to try to learn magic without relying on his insect amber. He says he wants to try to discipline himself to be able to resist things he likes. Lulu’s like YO ASS BETTER NOT BE RESISTING ME HONEY. Noel’s like YES MAAAMM and hugs her. (*´ω`*) And so 3 years later, Noel has grown his hair long enough to tie in a ponytail.  He’s still trying to be at the top of the class list but is busy blowing things up. To help him be less nervous Lulu clings on to him saying she’ll be there for him. I really feel bad for Noel because unlike Bilal’s international issues, the guy who’s got these I’ma be a pokemon magic master dreams suddenly sees people dying right in front of his eyes and he just can’t handle it. I guess seeing him work his best to get over this and rely on Lulu was so much better than how Bilal and Est both kept rejecting and ignoring her. Well true at first Noel tried to push her away but eventually he let her help him out and support him which is why I liked the way this route was written a lot more. I guess the idea of the guys completely rejecting the heroine’s help and ignoring her pisses me off a lot more since hey as a player, that means we’re being kicked out of the scene too! Still I feel bad and I don’t think Noel deserved it. I hope he gets a happy ending and some sweet time in the fandisk.

al01Alvaro – While I kept zoning out in most of the routes and surfing the web, I was paying attention to Alvaro’s route like a hawk. NOT BIASED I SWEAR. LAGI IS MY FAVORITE. There’s something about Alvaro. Perhaps because the game writers were biased too cause they gave him his own individual story since he pretty much refused to partner up with anyone but Lulu. Or perhaps it’s because out of fucking nowhere, Alvaro’s like hey Lulu I just met you and this is crazy but we’ve been thrown into the past so date me maybe? And so Lulu’s like um okay? And they become “pseudo lovers” though Lulu continues to claim that she’s only got her foot into the door but not all the way into this relationship. She doesn’t understand what love is and well the whole time she’s suspicious of Alvaro’s true intentions, AS WAS I. One night Alvaro tells Lulu he was an orphan raised by random ladies. He was never lonely though because it felt like “the norm” there to him at the time. He was at the orphanage until he was 12 when he had a choice of either “staying in his haven” or “becoming free and going out in the world with the chance to die.” He chose to be “free” which is why he is the way he is. He says that now he doesn’t feel like he’s in “hell” because he has Lulu with him and he cuddles her on the rooftop. He then tells her that she needs to hurry up and fall in love with him (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Alvaro stahp. He then complains that she doesn’t see him “special” and that she treats him as equally as all of her other male harem friends. They run into what looks like an ill version of Ivan sensei lying beside a tree. He wakes up saying his name is Linus and he’s worried about being punished by his mom. Turns out he’s the 3rd prince of Lua Corzia, and the son of Beatrice. He wanted to see Latium for himself so he secretly ran away from his mom but got lost. So even though Lulu’s best efforts to know Alvaro’s true intentions she just can’t seem to dig them out. He continues to complain that he tells her he loves her but she won’t say the same thing back. Getting tired of being Mr. Nice guy he comes to Lulu’s room at night pushes her on the bed and makes out with her claiming he’s going for the gold tonight. Lulu cries and asks what he actually wants and that it’s not actually her, and it’s just a “desire” to HAVE something (especially since she’s got all them elements in herself now). He kisses her 1 more time and says that their “love” is over because he’s lost the bet since she got him all figured out!

al02The following day Alvaro says he’s still Lulu’s partner even if no longer her lover. So then the war begins and Lilly, Sally and Marie get involved in one of the forest explosions protecting some egg.  Lulu tries to save them after the explosion but they are too injured to survive. (´・ω・`). Sally and Marie turns into ducks ヽ(。_゜)ノ as they die so Lulu tells Lilly to come with her so they can run off to safety. Lilly gives Lulu some kind of egg to take back to Morgana and then another attack happens and kills Lilly as well. Alvaro protects Lulu and gets her out of the attack area asap. He tells her to return to the castle and help the injured while he looks around the area. Suddenly Solo wanders in and after Alvaro leaves, Lulu finds out from Solo that Alvaro plans to pretty much stay in the past and never return to the future. Lulu freaks out and runs after Alvaro again but they get surrounded by the enemy army. Alvaro has no fucks to give and kills them all on his own and tells them he don’t care what Latium does, he can use his magic whenever he wants. This is when Lulu basically finds out that Alvaro’s not your average bear. He tells her it would have been better if Lulu was property-less and she’s like “why so you could treat me like I don’t know anything and hide stuff from me?” The supporting army comes and Alvaro and Lulu give in and get taken as prisoners to Beatrice. She offers Alvaro to “contract” with her and basically work for her. Alvaro says he’ll only agree if they release Lulu. Lulu’s like NOO HES MY LOVER I DONT WANNA BE SEPARATED and Alvaro bursts out laughing saying she’s a good actress lol. Beatrice tells Lulu if she doesn’t want to be “freed” then she needs to be useful to her. Just then Linus comes out asking his mother to spare them because they had saved him in the past. Beatrice then assigns Lulu to be Linus’ babysitter.  Just then attacks come from Solo, Elwin and Noel and when Noel finds Lulu he’s like wut are you doing here and she’s liek “just chillin with the Lua Corzia prince.” Anyway after they leave, Lulu goes to stay in the castle with Linus because it’s getting too dangerous near the camp. She asks Beatrice if she can let Linus play outside like a normal kid and the moms like NO HES NOT A NORMAL KID HES GONNA BE EMPEROR YO.

al03So then some days later Alvaro returns to “his” room which is basically the room Lulu’s staying in. This is where he tells her about how he was in the assassin guild and how he was not a regular school kid (the stuff we heard in the first game.) And basically Beatrice has been sending Alvaro on assassination tasks. He then tells her he’s just bored to tears and any fun memories in him just vanish immediately after the moment is over. So basically he wanted to use Lulu to “be in love” so after he dumped her that “feeling” would last in his mind forever. He says that he thought maybe Lulu could be the one to “cure his booooreeedom forever” but Lulu didn’t fall for his shit so nothing went just as keikaku! He tells her that he’s gonna return her to Mills Clea and that’s where they will say goodbye forever. Also the reason he’s taking all those assassination jobs, is to get Lulu’s compact back. Meanwhile Linus begs Lulu to “free” him because he’s tired of constantly following orders and he wants to be “normal”. Lulu tells him he can’t, and he says that Alvaro will never love her. He says he doesn’t want to become like Alvaro and that he’s still young enough that he can be “saved”. Lulu meets Linus that night and gets her compact back and he pulls her hand as they run into the forest from the castle. Alvaro of course catches up to them and holds Lulu back while Linus cries and runs off. That night Alvaro tells Lulu that Linus isn’t Beatrice’s real son. It’s just an assassin put there to take over the position because the REAL Linus has been killed a long time ago.  Beatrice figured this out a while ago but as long as she has someone to take over the heir position she don’t care but if Linus were to run away and abandon it, it’s Alvaro’s job to kill him. Basically he’s in the same position as Alvaro was as a child where if he had “stayed in his safety haven” he’d be safe but the moment he becomes “free” he has a chance to die. Lulu then tells Alvaro that he’s an insatiable whore and no matter what “desire” he gets his hands on, he’ll get tired of it and move on to something else and he’ll never change. They find Linus the next day and he’s crying saying he just wants to be a normal kid and Lulu hugs him crying like why dafuq can’t everyone’s wishes come true. Suddenly some golden bird comes flying in called Somniala which is the egg that Lulu was holding from Lilly. As always, Solo comes derping in going “yay everything worked out after all.”

al04He gives the info dump that when a lot of wishes happen this thing is born and tells Lulu to wish on the birdie. Lulu wishes for everyone’s happiness like the magical girl that she is xD. Alvaro then loses his marbles and starts laughing like an idiot so Lulu grasps the opportunity, kisses him and tells him she loves him. She tells him to come back to the future with her, and he’s like but I might get bored with you and she’s like IMA GIVE U A GOOD TIME, I GUARANTEE IT BABE. After they return, Alvaro babbles that he’ll be “gone soon anyway” so Lulu rushes to find out what the dilly is. He says he’s already learned all he needs to from Mills Clea and has no dreams to become a mage like she does. She’s like but we promised to be in love~ and he’s like “you forgot I’m also an assassin.”  She says she cant forgive him for being a murderer but instead she’ll learn more magic and get stronger so she can stop him from being forced to kill and protect him lol. He’s like uh okay you do that Luluchan XD. She asks if he will be with her and when he gives her an honest answer that he’ll stay just for her she glomps him and says she loves him. He says he loves her but says he can’t promise he’ll be with her forever and she’s like THATS OKAY. And this is why it’s okay: 3 years later, Alvaro dyes his hair back to brown and lets it down. He’s been away for a while but finally returns to Lulu. He asks Lulu why she isn’t worried about what he might have been done while he’s away and she’s like I can tell with my super elemental powers that you haven’t done anything 8D. She then tells him the truth that she basically put a GPS spell on him and knows everything he’s doing when he’s away (◉◞౪◟◉ ) HAHAHAHA xDDDDD. She asks him to stay a bit longer this time with her and he’s like I’ll think about it and they make out behind some building xD. Haha Lulu pwned his ass, if he thinks he’s the only one who can troll, he got another thought coming and that thought is Maji Lulu 1000% \( ^o^)/. Lol sorry for the massive text dump but I guess I enjoyed this route a lot simply because of all the Lulu x guy interaction which wasn’t as prominent in the other routs cause they were busy focusing on war or whatever other random shit. Alvaro’s felt like it focused on basically his and Lulu’s relationship and I guess that’s pretty much what always matters to me in an otome game.

solo01Solomon – Ok I know Otomate writes his name as SALO MON but it’s like Elick in riddle garden and well screw their shitty romanization, Solomon it is! As I mentioned in the intro paragraph, Solo is indeed the owner of the Solomon’s magic shop that we had to deal with in the first game. And the mask voice is indeed his friend Pel (Persona). Solo pretty much has no reason to go on living, and who can blame him, he’s been alive for thousands of years. He’s one of the oldest surviving Sages and since he can’t die, he doesn’t give enough fucks to bother to live. He will often forget to eat and just randomly pass out from starvation. Fortunately kind folks in Latium have taken him in, given him food and when he met Pel, the guy’s been taking care of him as well being the last survivor of the dwarf race. Lulu asks if she can see Solomon after she goes back to the future and he says lol no so she starts crying.  He’s like sorry babe, I’m just not that into you. When the war starts, Mira’s tower gets caught on fire. Mira’s powers go out of control and when the tower starts crumbling, Lulu runs to save her but she’s like afraid of humans so she’s like noo don’t come near me and starts shooting off magic. Despite this Lulu comes over to her and hugs her trying to calm her down so she stops zapping everyone.  She realizes it’s Lulu and starts bawwing that her powers hurt humans which is why humans are afraid of her and treat her like a monster. She calms down and falls asleep so fortunately the tower doesn’t crumble and Solo’s like whoa good job guurl. When they regroup with Est and Lat, some crazy ho from the Origin church comes and stabs Lat for being a “traitor” to them. Unfortunately because the knife had poison on it, Lat’s recovery takes a long time. The next day Lulu visits Mira who tells her that she wears those handcuff chains on herself so that she can be “bound” to a place cause she’s always on the run from humans before. She got some BDSM chain fetish going on now after constantly being chained up and locked away. (´・ω・`;A)

solo02Solomon didn’t really “save” her but he was just derping by randomly like he always is and went “aaayyee guurl if you want I’ll let you out” when she was captured by humans. So then Morgana bursts in saying Solo’s MIA and asks Lulu to help look for him. Lulu goes out alone into the ruins of Latium to look for him and finds Pel in the forest. She talks to him and he asks her to “save” Solo cause the dude has no desire to live. Wandering around the forest at night she finds a past memory of Morgana and the old sages, including Solo. All the sages tell Morgana to stop being friendly with Cornelius – a human (Julius’ distant relative.)  Cornelius basically told Morgana that magic is really fucking cool and that he wants humans to be able to learn it as well. Morgana then set the task of being the mediator between sages and humans on Solo because he didn’t have a “property”. Lulu finally finds Solo and he basically tells her how he’s outlived all of his friends and eventually he’ll just die alone. Also apparently sages can’t really have babies so he can’t like start a family or anything so he’s kinda given up “living” and doesn’t give a fuck about anything. He’s tried to kill himself and tried to die but NOPE CAN’T DIE BRAH. So then he’s like well now that I met you guys I can finally finish off my duties and die peacefully. His duties of course being that sending Lulu & Co. back to the past uses up so much of his magic that it’s lethal – aka everytime he sends you back to the future HE DIES. щ(ಥДಥщ) Lulu’s like  noo man I LOOVEEE YOU and he’s like sorry nothing I can do ┐(‘~`;)┌. Even though Mira finally opened her heart to Lulu and sees her as a friend, unfortunately Lulu’s feelings cannot reach Solo, including her attempt to kiss him. Solo tells Morgana he’s decided not to take away anyone’s magic cause Lulu & Co. love their magic too much.  So then suddenly Lulu’s compact and Solo’s element combine with the power of love~ and create that Miltonia crystal 8D.

solo03Mira explains that basically Lulu’s feelings have reached Solo’s heart. Lulu tells Solo that he isn’t empty and elementless like he thought he was. He adds that perhaps by being with Lulu he will gradually begin to change but unfortunately they can’t ever meet again after she returns to the future cause he will pretty much die. Morgana tells Lulu that just like Cornelius was able to change him, Lulu was able to reinstill emotions into Solo’s heart as well.  After forcing Solo to be the mediator for so long he decides to give the guy a break and assist him with casting the spell to send Lulu & Co. back to the future.   On the day of the departure back to the future, Lulu asks Solo to live on so she can meet him in the future. He’s like no way dude that’s too long for me to live forever alone!  Lulu’s like fuck dat shit, you gonna live on and we gonna meet up in the future and make hot lovin’ forever and ever. After Solo babbles that he can’t, and Pel tells him that he wasn’t lonely even if his whole dwarf family was killed…cause he always had Solo by his side. He then pushes Solo and tells him that “if you’re lonely then you need to make the move and not just wait for destiny to solve things for you”. Aww Pel (´;ω;`). Solo finally realizes aww shit I’m about to lose Lulu nooo and Lulu’s like LIVE ON AND MEET ME IN 350 YEARS BABE.  So because Morgana & Mira help with the time warp magic, Solo doesn’t die. Time passes, Morgana makes peace with Beatrice and more students enroll in Mills Clea. Morgana then asks Solo to be Mills Clea new caretaker cause he needs to seal himself into that statue to protect over everything. 50 years pass and Pel gets too old to take care of Solo but because he’s decided to “live on” he’s able to take care of himself now. Since Pel’s close to dying, he gives Solo a mask and asks Solo to use a magic to move his soul from his current body into this mask.  This is the mask that talks in Solomon’s magic shop in the first game. (ಥ_ಥ) Solo transfers his soul and Pel dies. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 うえええん

solo04130 years later, Solo asks Ivan and Vania to be the new caretakers of Mills Clea because they are the last miraculously born children of an ancient sage. After leaving Mills Clea to them, Solo just sits around waiting for time to pass until he meet Lulu but he starts to worry that what if he dies before he can meet her again because he has no idea how long he has left to live. He starts crying and saying he wants to see her щ(ಥДಥщ). So after Lulu returns to the future, the first place she goes to is Solomon’s magic shop where she talks to Pel now in mask form as he has finally awakened. He explains he had to have his soul moved to another object so he could be by Solo’s side forever. When asking where Solo is, Pel says that he left the store to him but then hasn’t returned in years. But just as happy endings would have it, Solo walks through the door and gives Lulu a big ol reunion hug ;). Pel tells them to stop ichaichaing in front of the entrance cause people who want to buy stuff can’t come in xDDD. And so 3 years pass, Solo asks for Lulu to move in and live at his store with him but since she’s still a Mills Clea student she has to live in the dorms until she graduates. Solo offers to celebrate her final exam results with Pel at their store. Lulu starts to wonder how long Solo has to live with her and then gets upset thinking that he’ll look the same even when she gets older and becomes a wrinkly grandma. Solo tells her that if it bothers her, he can change his outer appearance and look like an old grandpa when Lulu looks like a granny XD. He tells her he loves her and they live happily ever after. Baww I cried so much at the end of Solo’s route (ಥ_ಥ) so much that I got a headache lol. Solo’s route began as really boring since it shared common events with…Est (ﺧ益ﺨ)  but I’m glad near the end it got way better and I’m glad he got to have a happy ending.

luluTrue End – In this one, we see events that go on in the present while Lulu & co. are in the past.  Ami manages to run a spell to contact Lulu and asks if she’s doing okay in the past. Once Lulu manages to make over 80 elemental stones (or rather cause I fucking made 90 ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)) she goes through flashbacks of all the dudes “problems” in their routes. So since Lulu’s power level is over 9000 again, she combines her magic with Solo’s to warp everyone back to the future.  I guess due to this Solo didn’t die, and he shows up explaining that the magnifying glass he originally made for Lulu! Though he dropped like a dumbass and forgot about it and that’s when Edgar found it. Unfortunately for Edgar, that magnifier can’t be used by anyone except someone with all elements in them – aka Lulu. That’s why when Lulu touched the magnifying glass, it reacted and send them all back to the past! Since Edgar found the magnifier when he was “propertyless” the glass basically took on to Edgar as his owner and has pretty much molded on as his magical tool. And so 3 years pass and Lulu’s graduated and is returning home for a bit but she’s a kickass mage now.



There’s so many good things and so many bad things but I think in the end the game was worth playing. Let’s start with the bad: DAT SHITTY SYSTEM Wtf Otomate. The stat raising in the first game at least felt like it had a purpose?  I actually enjoyed going to all the guys rooms and studying with them etc. Here it was really dull and boring scavenger hunt time so that I would pretty much zone out until I got into the “final stretch” of the route. The only route I paid attention from beginning to end is…Alvaro /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. The game was buggy in a sense where the volume kept disappearing. To fix this you had to constantly go into the options and make any kind of volume adjustment and it would fix itself. A friend confirmed having this issue so it’s clearly a global thing. The whole war shit….felt really pointless because in the end, it’s not like any of the kids can make changes to history so the whole time you have them derping around going “oh noes WAR but there’s NOTHING WE CAN DO!” I guess they needed to be thrown into chaos to mentally grow up and mature in a way (especially for Noel and Est) but that also meant we as the player have to suffer through this orz lol. My route ranking this time is Alvaro > Lagi > Julius > Solomon >  Noel > Est > Great wall of China > Bilal. Holy fuck did Bilal’s route annoy the fuck out of me lmao I will be sure to do his route first in the FD and get him out of my hair ugh. Lagi is still my favorite but I ranked Alvaro’s route higher because Lagi got caught in Bilal’s stupid route problems ( ´_ゝ`). There’s no particular play order but I’d recommend leaving Alvaro and Solo for last. Anyway I guess I’ll be moving on to the fandisk next and complete my Wand of Fortune adventures. (´^ω^`)

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  1. I have PSP3000 since most otome games are made strictly for the PSP.
    I wouldn’t bother with Vita or PSPGo since there’s practically no games for them.
    You can get a PSP on Amazon for like $120 nowdays, hope this helps!

  2. Hello! I’ve read some of your reviews since I’ve been wanting to play some games (specifically PSP) myself. I was wondering which PSP model is good for playing these games. I’ve been looking around, but I’m not familiar with any of the PSP systems. Thank you for all the awesome reviews! 😀

  3. lol well unfortunately edit buttons are only available if you have your own wp hosting/plugins (which in my case causes DDOS attacks on the server so I stick to wp.com XD)
    A friend told me if I liked SoraYume I’d like Shinigami to Shoujo so it’s in my backlog….to get to eventually. I mean Kaerubatake had its seriousness too (the whole story with Chigira senpai) which I enjoyed and well Sorayume was uh….yea definitely spitting coffee through your nose for different reasons.

    I didn’t bother with the Nun game but I felt like it slipped under everyone’s radar? The cast & art looked great so I guess it’s a pity to be honest. (Well I could say the same for isshoni gohan but we know how that turned out =_=)

  4. P.S.2. Dear God I Want An Edit Button Edition :

    Shinigami to Shoujo is a good game. It’s got an extremely well-thought out story and themes that are actually literary, though if you don’t enjoy spending your Romance Game Time analyzing motifs instead of actually going through romances, it might not be your cup of tea. (I love to do so, and games that allow me to are rare.) That’s one of the things that make me feel like it’s got a certain kind of Takuyo-ness even though it’s serious as fuck. Takuyo games always had this 硬派 undertone to them even if they were being extremely silly. This thing just ripped the silly out and just take the 硬派-ness and run with it.

    Not making excuses for the nun game, though. That one was. Like. Not bad, not good, but completely mediocre in a completely forgettable way, though it DID try.

    /runs away now

  5. PS. Not sure I’m looking forward to Rakuen Danshi, though. I really like the art, it’s a great throwback to the old times where a game can just be a silly gakuen love comedy with a tsundere heroine instead of some pretty angsty fantasy story, but it’s a spinoff of an existing manga……..and spinoff ADV games are rarely ever good. I do hope they prove me wrong. At least it’s doesn’t look like, say, the shiet Otomate made spinoffs for.

  6. ………But they only have one released game after Shinigami to Shoujo, so I’m not sure whether to call that a ‘direction’ or if it’s just temporary insanity? IDK, I liked Shinigami to Shoujo just fine. It’s not as silly as their old stuff, but I value ‘interesting story’ just as highly as ‘stuff that makes me spurt coffee through my nose’. Heroine’s not always likable, but she’s…..an UNUSUAL form of not always likable. Freshness is something I value. Too many good, nice ごく普通な女の子 these days.

    I guess I’m not always looking for ‘core Takuyo feeling’, though I’m their fan. Nice if it’s there, but a company branching out isn’t a bad thing to me…..? Better to see them try new things as long as they turn out decent, than have them trying to repeat a formula over and over. /traumatized PC gamer mode

  7. I used to like Takuyo for their silly games (like panic palette/himehibi) but I”m not sure if I’m liking their direction after shinigami to shojo? I haven’t played that game but I’m still scratching my chin about the whole premise. Same goes for that nun game of theirs and their newest taisho game. They all look really pretty but that CORE TAKUYO FEELING that I had with their older games just isn’t there? Also they have some new game coming out called Rakuen Danshi. THAT looks kinda like Hoshiiro no Okurimono (i think from the same comic magazine) so I’m actually looking forward to that instead XD

  8. There’s a few post-PSP heroines that I thought was okay, too. Maybe they aren’t ideal, but they don’t make me want to throw stuff at the dudes. Musketeer team games are okay. Hanayaka nari, KimiKami…..still, the batting average seems to be lower than before to me. And I’m pretty sure Hanayaka didn’t start development as a PSP title.

    ATM it’s Takuyo, I guess? They have like ONE post-shift-to-otome game I consider to be a miss right now, and I like their somewhat low sugar content. IDK if that’d change once the new game is released, though—–even if I’m in a mood where where it’d be really hard to screw up my enjoyment if your game is set in THAT PERIOD. (Why would I talk about my favourite BL companies in an otoge blog, anyway???)

  9. hm yea that’s true. come to think of it Nadeshiko from Clock Zero and Genjou from SYK were also PS2 time and they were both great as well. I guess out of all the “new” heroines the GHP one was pretty decent. She had her funny moments but most of their other games are a blur to me. Well LGS heroine was alright I suppose and I don’t know if Brothers Conflict counts since its based on the novels.

    What company is your favorite now? (not BL but otome wise at least) I was all for QuinRose but yea lately I’m getting sick of them cutting things short lol

  10. The thing with Lulu and Aspasia though, is that they’re both from PS2 ports. Otomate seemed to err on the side of fun protagonists back then until they realized everybody preferred Chizuru.

    They still DO produce interesting games every once in a while, anyway. I think of Otomate as that one company where the batting average is kind of low, but they do hit home runs when they they actually hit.

  11. ah glad to hear that it’s a good game. The WOF FD is really short, I’m able to finish 1 guy per day so I’ll be done with it by the end of the week.

  12. To be honest, I was really disappointed by this (sniffs) but I liked Alvaro’s route, too. Anyway, since I can’t comment on your latest post about Hatsukare, I’ll just say it here: I’m so excited for your review about the game! I’ve finished Mizuki-sensei’s, Kakeru’s and Yuuji’s route. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m having a good time so far.\(>w<)/ ❤

  13. Yes I would like more Lulus and Aspasias in any future otome games. I actually now prefer them over any QuinRose heroines. Lol man I’m really falling out of QR land, I guess I’m packing my bags and taking the next bus out cause they aren’t putting in the effort they used to.


    I’m very happy about the current variety in otoge, though! Now, if protagonists-with-brains would start catching on….

  15. haha lmfao XD Well at least there will always be those types of characters for you as well since so many otome games being released nowdays. See you can easily find games you like based on the characters I don’t like! 😆

  16. I actually liked Julius’ “MAGICMAGICMAGICMAGICMAGIC okay boobs I guess if I must” thing better, though I do like his new mutsuri(?) cuteness.

    Otome games : I’ve been doing it wrong, apparently.

  17. He is definitely the image of a “bishounen” 8D And he never ages appearance wise! Forever hot.
    Good luck if you ever try this 🙂

  18. Hahahahahaha CCS XD
    Solomon is so cute *3*
    I love white haired guys *^*
    1 stone at a time .-. urgh
    I’ll try that one later XD
    Thanks for the review!!!

  19. Good review again! Saw your broadcast for Lagi, he was plenty of adorbs <333 I also wanted to see Noel, Alvaro and Julius but I missed them…good thing they seem to have good routes though. Aaah Noel I believe in you in the FD!!

  20. Omg i really need to catch up with you, I kinda lost interest with ghp, maybe I’ll just put that game aside and resume wof xD Alvaroooo, ehem sorry I’m so biased, but brown haired alvaro is totally bishie fufufu. And lagi… you are so grown up xD Èrrr so the sequel has more shitty system?

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