Otome Game Review: Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

And so this is the fandisk to Oumagatoki but this time  Moegi and Mitsugu get full routes. Some massive OOC and QuinRose rage ahead, you’ve been warned.

tasogare007Tono Atsuro – I started the game with Atsuro because hey I remember him being the cute delinquent and well it’s the Swab. Unfortunately I was met with a complete reset of his relationship with Shizuka. They started this game out as him being in love with her and post confession but Shizuka still being super tsun to him. All this did was bring back nasty flashbacks of Hyakki and how obnoxious the heroine treated all the guys and then in her thoughts was like “wtf is wrong with me.” Indeed what is wrong with you? Atsuro gives her flowers and cuddles her when she turns into a kitty and what does she do? Look at him like a weirdo and punch or kick him. See if she was consistently like this throughout the game I wouldn’t even have minded BUT she ONLY acted this way to Atsuro in his route and that’s why this route sucked. The worst part is, there’s a scene in the game where Hisoka decides he wants to rape Shizuka to show her that she belongs to him. In other routes there was a better transition, but in this one there was NO transition. So here I’m enjoying my happy fun time with Atsuro, 2 seconds later Shizuka’s pinned down on a desk with Hisoka about to rape her. YAY!

tasogare008So all I remember from Atsuro’s route really is when they go on a date to the movies and while there Atsuro decides to see some chick flick for a better mood. Shizuka bitches that its too sappy but Atsuro tells her to shut up and stop spoiling the mood. After she rejects his kiss in the movie theatre, he takes her to the school rooftop to screw instead. A Demon’s Kiss End: Shizuka randomly hugs Atsuro while they’re on a date and then gets embarrassed of what she’s doing. He hugs her back and doesn’t let her go despite her violent protests =_=. Then she feels sick so Atsuro takes her to the nurse’s office for a good fuck though Shizuka uses the “suck my energy” excuse sigh. Fight Friends End: Shizuka and Atsuro slap each other silly like idiots and continue their stupid fighting relationship. ( ´_ゝ`) A Cat’s Blessing End: Shizuka and Atsuro play with some stray baby nukos and then he kisses her claiming the cats are blessing them. So much cute potential with Atsuro and his animal loving and his deredere ness trying to be a better guy for Shizuka…and what does she do? Reject it all and dismiss it as him being too sappy.  Needless to say, I immediately decided to do Moegi next because I knew that he’d probably make her miserable in revenge for this horrid route.

tasogare022Tobiura Moegi – Moegi is kimoi, kimoi as fuck. I’ve heard Yoshino Hiroyuki do many roles but this is the WORST OF THEM. He does the same voice that you see like kimo-otas do in some anime parody while they go buhibuhi my waifu and fap at some 2D anime butts. That’s the kind of voice Moegi does the whole route which was OKAY when he’s just being his dick troll self in Ouma but in this game we’re supposed to…date that. Umm no thanks? So overall I just saw this route as a revenge for Atsuro because the whole time Shizuka’s like “oh god if I try to do anything he’ll just screw me over.” And well did he ever! Remember dat Hisoka raep scene? Well as I mentioned it happens in EVERY route but the reaction from each guy to it is different. What’s Moegi’s reaction? His reaction is to take some popcorn and watch his girlfriend (?) get NTR’ed. Wow was I having Diabolik Lovers flashbacks here! I mean didn’t help that Midorikawa voices both Hisoka and Ayato but yea.  Shizuka finally gives in and tells Moegi to take her so he grabs her and they fly up to the sky to make out =_=. Since she promised to fuck him earlier, he then brings her to the school rooftop to fulfill said promise but she’s suddenly magically fallen in love with him so its OKAY!

tasogare021Shizuka’s friends want to break them up and Hisoka wants to curse him lol. He gives his curse doll to Shizuka even tho she refuses it. When Shizuka & Moegi go on a date, he finds out about the paper doll Hisoka gave her. View In Your Eyes End: Shizuka & Moegi hump in the Ferris wheel. Life of Revenge End: Moegi makes out with Shizuka in front of everyone getting stares from other amusement park visitors. Shizuka figures its ok as she crumbles up the paper doll Hisoka gave her because she vows to take her revenge on him. Sweet Nightmare End: Shizuka finds a sleeping Moegi in the library so she kisses him like some shoujo manga heroine (and then bricks herself for it.) After Moegi wakes up and says he wants to continue his dream so he grabs Shizuka’s hand and starts licking her fingers. I actually liked this ending the most since it didn’t feel like some weird forced coupling. So yea overall Moegi’s route was just like “is he ACTUALLY in love with her? why does he actually want to date her?” And of course the reasoning is “lets get revenge on Hisoka cause I hate him.” Wow that sounds like such a fun and productive relationship, I’m sure that will go quite far for the both of you.  Needless to say I was ( ´_ゝ`) from start to finish with the occasional facepalm (particularly during Hisoka’s NTR.)

tasogare002Shikibu Hisoka – Well getting sick of Hisoka being a rapist 2 routes in a row I decided it was best to just get his stupidity out of the way. They upped his yandere level 10x in this game that before he was kinda like “meh do not want” and now he just became fucking intolerable.   It started with him first being extremely jealous of Moegi when he and Shizuka went flying together. So what does he do? Before Shizuka’s wings can disappear on their own, he starts RIPPING them out of her back and hurting her. And what does Shizuka do? She just sits there and takes it like a little bitch (but yea kicking Atsuro for giving her flowers or wanting to kiss in a movie is so much better.) So then Hisoka keeps having dreams of her past being a human with Hisoka but she can’t remember that it was Hisoka who is with her and he starts getting jealous of his DREAM self thinking she’s dreaming about other guys. 🙄 Some demons attack Shizuka and Mitsugu while they’re chatting in the city but Hisoka saves them. He then takes Shizuka to a flower field and pushes her down into the flowers and then he romantically asks if she wants to be killed here =_=;. He then says he wants her to be his so he starts…strangling her. He then stuffs his head into her boobs saying he loves her and wants to kill her, but he can’t bring himself to do it. After a while they walk around and he asks her to tell him in words that she loves him. She babbles but then after saying it he blushes like a little girl and hugs her.  He then realizes that the man of her dreams is him and gets all dere dere and cuddly with her, but he doesn’t tell her the truth.  Wow that’s odd I thought that in Oumagatoki she remembered everything so wut is this shit?

tasogare003Distant Dream End: Shizuka hears from Moegi that Hisoka killed his own family so she asks Hisoka if this is true. He avoids the question and instead asks Shizuka to punch him. She doesn’t punch him and goes into dere mode and they start making out in the classroom….which as usual leads them to screwing there too.  Sink Into Darkness End: Because Shizuka calls out Mitsugu’s name during the demon attack, Hisoka’s jealousy power levels go over 9000. He chains her up and screws her right in front of Mitsugu to show him that she belongs to him =_=.  Inside the Glass Bottle End: Shizuka gets shrunk trapped in a glass bottle due to a curse that was on it. Hisoka’s yandere-dar goes off and he finds her and decides to keep her as his little bottle fairy.  Another Truth End: This is an extra scenario that opens up once you finish all of the chars endings in the game. It’s Hisoka’s POV of when he first met Shizuka because his intentions were to “get close to her” and then kill her to see if it would feel any different than killing random strangers. 🙄 He kills those who bully Shizuka but she freaks out and tells him not to do that. As she gets older he knows she constantly gets bullied so he tells her to come over to the youkai side. She refuses and says she can’t be with a youkai (but could if he was human) so he gets pissed and is like WTF U MEAN BITCH and starts strangling her.

tasogare014When he sees her crying, he stops himself and then erases her memory of the whole thing which is why it was never mentioned in Oumagatoki. So this cycle continues (and for all I know he could be raping her and erasing her memories too) and Hisoka is pretty much going nuts between his “natural actions as a shinigami” and between his sudden FEELINGS for this human girl who he can’t bring himself to kill.  So then her sister gets bullied to do nasty things to Shizuka so that she won’t get bullied. And that’s when Hisoka wants to kill the bullies but instead he WAITS till Shizuka’s so down and depressed that he can convince her and turn her into a youkai. And so in the end there’s some “cute scene” of Hisoka sleeping in Shizuka’s lap under cherry blossoms like it’s all romantic and shit….how about no? No QuinRose, you don’t turn this guy into a douche, let us see into the “thoughts of a yandere rapist” and then expect us to magically forgive him because he’s just so in WUB with her. Like I said, in Ouma I thought he was wacky tabacky but I was like whatever cause he still had his fun side. Suddenly it’s revealed in here that all along it was an act and he’s really an obsessive controlling psychopath and by Shizuka not dumping everyone for him she gets rape. Great.  No. Go away QR and your stupid new writers.

tasogare005Hibiya Kyougoku – Well not that I got the shit tier routes out of the way I was ready to move on to greener pastures by doing the Hibiya brothers.  Since Shizuka & Kyougoku start out as “secret” lovers, she tells him the reason she gets into fights is because she wants his attention (´^ω^`) She comlains that they’re lovers but he’s busy with his stupid duties and they have to hide their relationship or that would bring shame upon his position. In private though he’s ready to get randaaay!  One day when they’re on a date, they run into Mitsugu and to hide his face, Kyougoku pushes Shizuka against the wall and starts making out with her www. Kyougoku doesn’t want Mitsugu to find out about anything youkai related but he likes to check up on him every once in a while being a caring oniichan.  When one day she finds Kyougoku sick in the nurse’s office she goes to see him and falls asleep next to him being able to see in his dreams. She sees a dream of him and Mitsugu studying together and somehow she’s able to “join” them in the dream. Mitsugu tells her that the 3 of them have been together since forever. After Kyougoku wakes up he says he’s not sick and he was just resting from all the school festival prep.  So then QuinRose brought in their new BDSM writer and decided that Kyougoku loves to handcuff himself to Shizuka so that she doesn’t “run away” from him.

tasogare006At the school festival, he takes Shizuka to an empty classroom where he handcuffs her to himself saying she’s the only one he loves despite his cafe being “manservice” to its customers. A few days later Shizuka passes out due to her fever in the middle of the hallway so they tell Hibiya and he takes her to the nurse’s office to “suck off” her energy.  He carries her like a princess and all the girls start to wonder if they’re actually lovers. In the nurse’s office Shizuka sarcastically says that maybe he does this to other girls too but he’s like nooo youre the only one for meeee. Shizuka’s lol j/k and he tells her he won’t suck her energy out if she jokes around like this but she’s like “lol then ill just help myself” and sucks some of his blood instead. Deciding to prove to her that she’s the only one for him, he sucks her powers out via kiss and then screws her in the nurse offices bed. Because her teasing went too far, she makes a handcuff joke so he actually handcuffs her to the bed before they hump lol. Hisoka tries to raep her part 4. Shizuka calls to Kyougoku for help. He comes to save her and tells Hisoka to GTFO. After this Kyougoku tells her that it’s safer that their relationship be known out in the open so they start calling each other’s name in public. In fact he tells all the other guys that Shizuka’s also his fiance….which later gets upgraded to WAIFU!  Eternal Promise End: Wakako tries to NTR Shizuka from Kyougoku but he’s like NOPE. When Hisoka finds out that Shizuka’s dating Kyougoku, he actually starts crying though claims he’s not.

hibiya03After she tells Kyougoku this he decides to officially create their marriage contract by using the blood from her thumb. He tells her to refer to herself as Hibiya Shizuka starting the next day and says eventually they will have an actual wedding ceremony. They screw in the classroom and he says that from now on even if he can’t ever be with Mitsugu again, Shizuka is his family. I was hoping for er…a more romantic wedding end but okay I guess they’re youkais but…yea….( ´_ゝ`)… Clothes Shopping End: While Shizuka is out shopping one day, she looks at some wedding dresses in a store display. She runs into Kyougoku who thinks that she prefers a western style dress over an eastern one for her wedding ceremony.  When she tells him what kind of dress she prefers, Kyougoku already starts planning it in his head :lol:. He tells her he wants to get married ASAP to make sure that she doesn’t slip away from him but Shizuka takes his hand and is like I ain’t goin nowhere bro. Grim Reaper’s Doll End: Shizuka lets Hisoka screw her on the school desk cause she sees him as a friend and doesn’t hate him enough to resist. ┐(‘~`;)┌  He then uses his power to make her forget every time he rapes her…and he continues doing this over and over but Shizuka never remembers anything…except she has a weird feeling that somehow she’s “cheating” on Kyougaku but doesn’t know why. -_-; Well if I didn’t already dislike this douchebag, he’s pretty much shit tier in the entire game. This ending was such a ruiner that like it almost made me forget what even happened in Kyougoku’s route because I was just so revolted by it. UGH freaking piece of shit character. (Or maybe I should blame this on piece of shit writing by QuinRose.)

tasogare013Nashibatake Wakako – Wakako gets a few scenes hitting on Shizuka in the beginning (though lol Shizuka punches her and goes wtf we’re both girls.)  Shizuka & Wakako go shopping together and when some dudes hit on them Wakako is like WE’RE ON OUR YURI DATE DON’T COCKBLOCK BRAH. Oh well, still better than that horrid ending I just sat through before this. After the dudes run away Shizuka’s like wtf dude I only see you as a friend (ಠ_ಠ). But just then Wakako DROPS THE BOMB and REVEALS that she’s actually a MAN BABY! Turns out that headless youkais are typically women and since WAKA is as dude he had to always be in woman form forced by his parents (kinda like the sensei in Hyakki though he didn’t act like a trap even though he was a Yuki-onna youkai..) Shizuka’s like ( ´゚д゚`)エー but then is like stop screwing around and Wakako’s like lol j/k! She does add that if she was a dude she woulda hit that shit already ror yea okay Quin Rose and your one sided yuri endings. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Would have been fun if her man story was actually true since I would have loved to see man-Wakako lol.

tasogare024Hibiya Mitsugu – Mitsugu was by far the best written route in the game and 2 of his endings made me cry like the Niagara falls. At this point it occurred to me that the original Ouma writer wrote this route but the rest of the routes were written by some 3rd tier staff who didn’t know the characters OR were told to make them OOC and yandere for no fucking reason.  Mitsugu as you remember is Kyougoku’s younger brother but he’s still a human and still alive. The game starts out with Mitsugu starting his first year of university.  Shizuka starts hanging around Mitsugu’s university more often. Mitsugu takes her around his library and cafeteria and afterwards Shizuka reports everything to Kyougoku who’s worried about his otoutokun. Mitsugu finds her sleeping like a hobo in the park and thinks that she ran away from home lol. She tries to give him excuses but he doesn’t buy in any of them and instead invites her over his house. When she comes over she feels a bad spirit presence in his room and is afraid if she leaves him alone something bad will happen so she asks to sleep in his room. He freaks out of course since he has no idea what her intentions are and after arguing they end up sleeping in the same futon anyway XD.  They ichaicha in the morning the next day when she makes him breakfast and then he plucks some rice off her cheek xDDD. Worried about the spirit Shizuka asks if she can stay over at Mitsugu’s place just a bit longer. He wavers at first but then lets her stay and as she spends time with him he says it’s nice to have someone be home since his parents are always at work. As Shizuka spends more time with him, she starts falling for him as well. So then it gets awkward when he decides to stalk her and follow her to school and sees the youkai school festival going on and is like dafuq is this shit. It gets worse when Wakako shows up and takes off her head to look at him closer and he gets horrified.

tasogare023Shizuka tries to tell him that in fact all of what he’s seeing is a dream! He’s like “oh okay well if its a dream lets enjoy the festival” and runs back to the school all excited :lol:. After they see all the festivities, Mitsugu opens a box he got which has a pair of earrings in it. He gives them to Shizuka and even offers to put them on her ears. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) He then says since it’s a dream he doesn’t need to hold back and he confesses that he’s in love with her. He then grabs and kisses her saying ‘its ok this is a dream right’ while Shizuka’s like thinking NOPPEEE.  After this Shizuka can’t stop thinking about what happened and realizes that even after she figures out what the spirit in his house is, she doesn’t really want to leave him. When he comes home from class the next day Shizuka can’t stop thinking about his kiss and starts turning red like a tomato. She lies and says she has a fever so Mitsugu gets worried and carries her up to his room letting her rest in his futon. (♡´౪`♡)  He then helps her wipe the “sweat” off her neck and while doing it she’s like “this feels nice, like I could totally have you touch me some more” and he’s like !? XDDD He gets embarrassed and tells her to do the rest herself.  That night she realizes her energy needs to be emptied out and before she can run away so she doesn’t attack him, he comes near her. Shizuka starts going mm you look so tasty and then bites into his neck like a vampire. He screams her name out and it brings her back to reality and she apologizes in horror. At that point Mitsugu figures out who she is, but doesn’t say anything and that’s when Shizuka realizes that she’s in love with him. The following night Shizuka finally finds the spirit that’s hiding in the Hibiya house in an old empty room.

tasogare010She goes inside and finds a paper doll giving out a curse all over the room and immediately thinks of Hisoka. Suddenly the paper doll runs away and when Shizuka follows it, NO DOUBT it comes back to fucking Hisoka. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)  And as ALWAYS he goes into rape mode saying he’s never thought of Shizuka as a friend and he needs to make her HIS. When Shizuka calls out Mitsugu’s name, knowing that he won’t save her, Hisoka’s like “lol I know how about we bring him here to watch as I rape you lol!” And so Hisoka uses his powers to summon Mitsugu into the classroom and he’s horrified at Shizuka on the desk with half her clothes pulled off. Just then Mitsugu recalls that he might have seen Hisoka somewhere before and Hisoka immediately places a curse on him causing him great pain. Shizuka then starts crying begging Hisoka to stop and he makes her promise him that some day to kill him. He then lets Mitsugu off the curse and disappears. Before Mitsugu can ask her wtf is going on, she tells him that it’s all a dream again because she doesn’t want him to know that she’s a youkai.  That night Mitsugu has a nightmare so Shizuka decides to take a peek to see what’s going on. It’s a dream of when Mitsugu and Kyougoku were kids with Kyougoku being cursed and dying. Just then Hisoka shows up and tells Mitsugu that Kyougoku is like a youkai magnet so even if he survives this, he’ll continue to be attacked by other youkai. Hisoka offers to save him but says that eventually Kyougoku will come to “their side” as a youkai.

tasogare001Hisoka then wipes Mitsugu’s memory of the incident until it’s time to turn Kyougoku into a youkai. This is a complete b/s because it means that Hisoka completely lied about turning the dude into a youkai because he matched Shizuka’s “ideal man” qualifications lol.  Just then Mitsugu wakes up and he stars freaking out seeing Shizuka leaving and is like SHIZUKA Y U LEAVE ME TOO. Shizuka hugs him once again telling him it’s all a dream, including the fact that they even met. Mitsugu gets pissed and pushes her down on the futon telling her he won’t stop unless she stops saying that it’s all a dream. He says that he doesn’t want their time together to just be a dream even though Shizuka loves him but knows that they can’t be together because they’re youkai & human. Shizuka starts crying but Mitsugu says it’s not that he wants to hurt her but he wants to be with her forever, no matter who or what she is. щ(ಥДಥщ) Mitsugu tells her he loves her and says that he means it whether it’s a dream or not and Shizuka knows that it’s not that she can’t run away from him, it’s that she doesn’t want to. (´;ω;`) They end up humping and the next morning Shizuka wakes up finding herself being cuddled in Mitsugu’s arms. ・:*:・(●´Д`●)・:*:・ He wakes up and then says he knows that everything she has said was a dream up until now was actually a reality. He says he knows Shizuka’s not a human, but he doesn’t care because he loves her. He asks her what she is but she refuses to tell him though she admits that she’s in love with him too. After he tells her that without her, he’ll die of loneliness so she finally admits to him that she’s a youkai. He tells her that even though physically she can overpower him and leave anytime, she loves him enough that she won’t leave him and to prove it he starts getting all randy up in the hizouse (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.  Afraid that she’ll leave him, Mitsugu is afraid to go to class but she convinces him that she won’t leave him.  The following day Shizuka tells Kyougoku all about what’s been going on with Mitsugu. He’s like aright cool from now on you’ll be my sister in law!

tasogare011The Limit of Happiness End: Shizuka tells Mitsugu to continue being a human while she’s a youkai and be with her until the end. She tells him she can’t marry him or have babies with him and he will age faster than her. Years pass and Mitsugu is busy working as a salaryman but Shizuka still continues going to her youkai school cause she has nothing better to do though she can graduate anytime. They run into Mitsugu’s old college friends who are like “why the hell are you still in high school” to Shizuka. Mitsugu lies and says that school uniforms turn him on to make it less suspicious lol. Due to this as Mitsugu grows older his parents constantly complain that he’s getting older, and he’s unmarried and there’s rumors of him always hanging out with some high school girl. Mitsugu then asks Shizuka to leave his parents’ house and live alone together. And so many years later, Mitsugu is on his death bed and he thanks Shizuka for being with him all this time and that he loves her. щ(ಥДಥщ) oh my goddd /cries forever.  A Happy Decision End: Shizuka tells Mitsugu that she’s not her brother’s replacement and that eventually they will have to part ways. Mitsugu joins a volunteer group to help some kids at an orphanage and keeps coming home late. Four years later Mitsugu graduates and becomes a salaryman. He tells Shizuka that he’s been relying on her too much but now he’s ready to move on without holding her back with him. Shizuka kisses him goodbye and disappears from his sight as he thanks her for everything. щ(ಥДಥщ) God damn Mitsugu I just finished crying y u do dis again. (ノД`)シクシク

tasogare012The Path You Choose to Live End: Shizuka suggests to bring Mitsugu over to the other side and turn him into a youkai but warns him he’ll lose everything he has as a human. Mitsugu says its ok as long as he can be together with Shizuka. Hibiya finds out what Shizuka plans to do and his logic is like “sure go ahead Shizutan, cause now if you do this, you’d be doing the same thing I did with Kyougoku and then you can’t blame me for doing the same thing! Now we can be BFFS like before yay!” And so Mitsugu becomes a youkai with Shizuka helping him study about youkais and spells etc. Other youkais try to eat him because he smells of human just like Mitsugu but Shizuka’s like DON’T TOUCH MAH MAN. Kyougoku tells Mitsugu that he and Shizuka are dating for the purpose of marriage and should take their relationship very seriously :lol:. Shizuka feels like maybe she’s happy but she still carries the guilt of taking his human life away. The End of the Dream End: Shizuka kisses Mitsugu goodbye and then knocks him out erasing all memory of herself from his mind. Graduation Day End: Shizuka uses her powers to remove herself out of Mitsugu’s life. She then tricks Kyougoku to “graduate” out of youkai land and join Mitsugu back as a human. (Erm isn’t this pretty much the truth end in Ouma? What is the point of this…lol) In the end, Mitsugu never really got a TRUE happy end. By becoming a youkai Shizuka feels guilty for “taking his life” and by staying with him as a human, she feels like she takes away his opportunity to live a “normal” life since he constantly had to hide the fact that he’s lovers with a youkai that never ages. Still though it felt bittersweet and realistic and I still enjoyed it a lot….which is a lot more than I can say for the routes prior to it =_=.

tasogare009Izumi Reiji – Well after all the tears and rage of the previous route, I could finally settle down on some good ol’ tsundere cutie pie fox. This route also starts out with Shizuka not being in a relationship with Reiji, but unlike Atsuro she’s super dere dere for him the moment she sees his furry fox ears. She starts playing with them like Alice and Elliot’s bunny ears so pretty much the route was quite enjoyable. Bored out of her mind Shizuka joins the archery club with Reiji cause she has nothing better to do. When other senpais try to teach her how to shoot, he gets all jelly pushing them away saying he’s gonna teach her ;). Reiji gets sick one day but there’s no cold medicine in the nurse’s office. While Keigo goes to get the medicine Shizuka decides to stay with Reiji so he isn’t all sick and alone. Because he’s sick his fox ears & tail pop out and Shizuka’s like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  and starts playing with them lolol. Since she keeps touching his ears for such a long time, Reiji starts poking Shizuka’s ears too in revenge xD. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  He then admits that he’s interested in Shizuka and since she knows that Keigo likes her too, she’s in a love triangle lol. And what a love triangle it is, cause the next day Keigo is really really jealous. (QuinRose fanfic writing strikes again and they turned Keigo into some jealous yandere this time around sigh.) Reiji says that it doesn’t matter who “liked her first”. He then tells Keigo that it’s his own fault for not taking action if he likes Shizuka and then watching her be taken away by someone else. At the school festival SHizuka visits Reiji’s class which seems to be a butler cafe xD. He doesn’t really serve anyone except for Shizuka of course. After the festival he confesses to Shizuka that he loves her and kisses her on the school rooftop (*´ω`*).

tasogare016Shizuka’s powers overflow again and Reiji does some research and finds out that a lot of Shizuka’s powers are similar to the powers Hisoka has. Reiji demands Hisoka tell him the truth but Hisoka just lies and says he doesn’t know but then admits that Shizuka’s a former human. He then concludes that doesn’t matter who Shizuka dates, she still “belongs” to Hisoka. (ಠ_ಠ) He warns Reiji that he better keep Shizuka in line and not make her want to go back to being a human or else he’ll kill him. After this Reiji starts acting distant and cold towards Shizuka. She finally gets tired of it and confronts him directly asking why he’s avoiding her. She thinks he hates her but he hugs her telling her that that’s not the reason and he mumbles to himself it’s basically because of the shit Hisoka told him. Keigo then uses the opportunity to then confess his love to Shizuka. He tells her that if Reiji’s making her upset to then come to him instead. Shizuka of course refuses him becuase she loves Reiji and just then Reiji bursts into the classroom and is like Keigo dafuq are you doing NTRing. Keigo yells at him and says that he better not make her cry and be upset and then he won’t need to NTR. After Keigo leaves, Reiji hugs Shizuka and apologizes going that he doesn’t know whether or not he should dig into the truth or not about her. He then says that if it’s better that way, he will forever “lie” to her about the truth behind her powers and her being a human just as Hisoka said. They make up and smooch in the classroom.  After this Shizuka has an awkward time facing Keigo but he runs into her saying he only confessed to her to light a fire under Reiji’s ass and he wants to continue being friends with her like before. Shizuka knows that he’s lying but for the sake of their friendship pretends to believe it. When Shizuka discusses with Reiji about who the “real” her is, the her now or the her in the past, Reiji uses kagebunshin no jutsu (cause he’s a kyuubi lol) and splits into 2 to show her an example.

tasogare017He then asks Shizuka which one is the real one xDDD. Since she can’t seem to pick between them, Reiji decides now’s a great time to have a 3P with his clone www. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Filled Memory End: Shizuka goes to the aquarium on a date with Reiji and thinks her new lover is a cutie pie (which he is so ;D). Reiji complains about it but then decides to troll her back and gets all ichaicha with her in public.  After Shizuka & Atsuro fight one day so she can release her energy, Reiji offers to tend to her wounds in the nurse’s office. While there Shizuka says that the nurse’s office reminds her of Keigo since he’s always here. Reiji gets jelly and says it’s time to have her think about OTHER things when she’s at the nurse’s office and they hump. \( ^o^)/  Fighting Over You End: Shizuka takes Keigo’s love confession into consideration and due to this he gets his hopes up and starts fighting with Reiji for her affection. (Or for the age in Reiji’s kitsune udon www). Don’t fight guys, there’s more than enough Shizuka for the both of you! I would have preferred like an actual 3P end instead tbh lol. QuinRose hasn’t really done any 3P ends in a while aside from the twins in Alice. Taming the Fox End: Shizuka figures out how to control Reiji with her puppy eyes that he can’t resist ;D. She gets him to whip out his fox ears so she can grab them and play with them. ε-(*´∀`|萌| He then takes revenge on her and bites her ears instead to show her that he’s not just a “cute fox” xDDD. He then kisses her and they decide to have some kinky secks and do it with his ears & tail out lol.  D’awww Reiji was so cute but I really didn’t like what they did to Keigo. He’s a caring childhood friend and he wouldn’t walk around mumbling “I wish you’d die in a fire” to Reiji under his breath wtf honestly =_=.

tasogare018Yurajou Keigo – As you know from my previous post, Keigo is my favorite character in this game. I’m willing to ignore the OOC/fanfic bullshit they stacked on top of him but I still feel that if they hadn’t done this, his route would have been MORE enjoyable. To me Keigo is the fluffy puppy dog character who just wants to cuddle and get randy with Shizuka. Yes she did kind of act like a huge bitch to him in the original game but making him a jealous yandere creeper in this game as a form of revenge? No thanks.  Since Shizuka is living with the Yurajous, they act like a married couple daily and he even asks her to just marry him already but she says maybe after they graduate (which btw is ANY time so…) One day Shizuka is bored so she comes into Keigo’s room and looks at a photo album of him and Reiji as kids. Suddenly she somehow gets sucked into the album and meets shota Reiji & shota Keigo xDDD. Shota Keigo like presses his forehead against Shizuka’s going “pain pain go away”. So here’s where the route took a turn for the worse, as I mentioned QR OOC’ed Keigo and made him jealous of practically ANYTHING. At the school festival when they have to do the school play and Shizuka is kaguya hime with some random dude, Keigo gets jealous and jumps on stage going NO SHES MINE. Shizuka’s like CALM DOWN DUDE ITS A PLAY and punches him making the audience laugh and scolding him afterwards xD. She forgives him and they screw in the nurse’s office while the fireworks blast outside. Did I mention he was jealous of her looking at the fucking fireworks? Wow really?? Firework jealousy.  After Shizuka passes out from the power overflow one day, he finds her and then takes her to the nurse’s office sucking her energy out while she sleeps.

tasogare019When she wakes up she finds him in a doctor uniform and he says he’s wearing it so he can do an “exam” on her to see if he can find a better way to help her deal with her overflow of energy issues. He then tells her to lift her shirt so he can listen to her heart beat lolol. He gets a little bit TOO into it so that Shizuka unconsciously punches him lmao.  So as usual Hisoka goes to rape Shizuka and this time he even goes as far as breaking her wrist when she tries to punch him. Just then Keigo bursts in ready to pretty much smash Hisoka’s face into the ground. Shizuka tells them both to stop and says that she’s not mad at Hisoka because he’s her “friend”……=_= Hisoka then goes lol j/k there’s no way I like Shizuka and then leaves mumbling that he has “eternity” as long as Shizuka’s in the youkai world. =_=  After he leaves, Keigo hugs Shizuka apologizing that he has the sudden urge for some rough secks but she’s like it’s okay baby you can screw me all you want and they end up humping on a desk. Well at least he apologized in advance and not just randomly grabbed & raped her (cause then I’d like throw my PSP out the window.)  Due to her hand injury, Shizuka has trouble with things like eating so Keigo then feeds her himself (*´ω`*).  Later, Hisoka claims that it was all just a joke and that there’s no way he’s in love with Shizuka like Keigo is. Keigo then adds that Hisoka needs to let go of the past and that now Keigo knows her better than him.  Keigo then goes off on a crazy jelly o/c train again being jealous as far as Shizuka even saying she wants to “kill” HIsoka cause that would be giving him attention. She punches Keigo telling him to calm his titties and afterwards he apologizes for going nuts. (;´Д`) Sigh.

tasogare020Together Forever End: After Shizuka’s usual fighting with Atsuro, Keigo gets all jelly and takes her to the nurse’s office. He licks her knee wounds which sets off his horny doggy switch so he escalates from licking only her wounds to licking her all over…. <●><●> Shizuka decides it’s time to turn the tables and pushes him down on the bed having her way with him instead \( ^o^)/. Shizuka asks Keigo what he thinks if maybe in the past Shizuka was a human (though she has no idea why she’s asking him that.) Keigo says it doesn’t matter who she is, where she’s from, what she did as long as you loooveee me. Your Loyal Dog End: Shizuka goes to a pet store and cuddles some puppy there which makes Keigo extremely jealous of course. He then comlains that he’s her only dog and that she should put a leash on him xDDD. Instead though, he ends up putting a leash on her and getting excited on how nice it looks on her www. Family Circle End: Keigo’s older brothers decide to make their family life more exciting so he goes and licks Shizuka’s cheek. Keigo comes running and he’s fucking pissed off but in the end they all end up running around playing with the rest of the siblings. Overall it wasn’t a BAD route but I had such high expectations for a cute wanko route that the stacked on jealousy and general haraguro stupidity was just like a rain on my parade. On one hand, his jealousy helped when it came to warding off Hisoka the Rapist, but on the other hand, I really just wish it wasn’t there at all. So strangely, I ended up enjoying Reiji’s route more than Keigo’s though I still think Keigo is ultimately the best guy for Shizuka because he gives her a “family” again. The  biggest  eyebrow raising thing in Keigo’s route for me was when he was in his big dog form and he pushed Shizuka on to the ground and she’s like “hehe it’s like you’re on top of me~” and I’m like DEAR GOD PLEASE DON’T INSINUATE BESTIALITY ASHFLKJASF.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t, but even if they did I’m going to forever deny it because EW Quin Rose you do NOT go there.(# ゚溢゚)


The image below pretty much summarizes my thoughts on all the characters:


Thank you Quin Rose for turning Hisoka into a crazy rapist. That was such a well thought out plot device! Thank you for totally ruining Atsuro’s route for any Atsuro fans. Thank you for turning Keigo into a jealous yandere. Thank you for wasting my time with Moegi’s NTR fetishes. NOT. The best thing about the game is probably Reiji’s fluffy ears and Mitsugu’s entire route (except for the stupid ending that was basically a rehash of the truth end in Oumagatoki.) It’s like the game is based around Shizuka pretty much CHEATING on Hisoka by going to other mans and whenever he gets dumped, we’re supposed to feel bad for him…and how he’s like this huge rapist in every route to be like LOOK WOMAN I LOOVEE UU BUT U GO TO OTHER MAANNSSS WRYYY. Yet in his own route its like…nothing actually happens and he babbles yandere nonsense. I’ve been able to stomach most of QuinRose’s dark shit and up until now the “worst” of it was Bremen from Grimm BUT the 死神の人形 end just made me SO DISGUSTED. It pretty much surpassed any disgust I had from Grimm and I think it’s made Hisoka the most hateful QuinRose character I’ve ever encountered.  They got lazy with drawing faceless side characters so instead we got feet! Like in Armen Noir. Cause you know when I talk to someone, I’m looking at their…feet. I mean at that point I’m just like don’t draw anything or don’t give them a sprite but don’t give me feet.


I really don’t like the direction QR is taking their games. They’re trying to make them “darker” but it doesn’t work when you already have a set cast and suddenly you completely rewrite them to make them WORSE than they were. I didn’t really hate Hisoka as much before but this game nailed it in. Keigo was tainted and Kyougoku’s weird SM fetish was really not necessary. It’s as if the game was just made for Mitsugu and they decide to just screw around with the other characters for shits & giggles. At that point I just wanna be like “don’t even bother with this fandisk. Don’t ‘remake’ the game you originally wrote when people LIKED the original sigh.” On the topic of rewriting, I heard that UtaPri All Star they totally rewrote the personalities of the senpais to *gasp* not be complete assholes. With that in mind, I think I will be adding it to my backlog.  I guess sometimes rewriting can be good, but certainly not in this game. Now that I know that there’s a chance QR will warp personalities of the characters, I’m really wary of buying the School Wars fandisk and I don’t think I will even be bothering with the Hyakki one. If they can’t keep a consistency of the original reason I enjoyed a game, then there’s no point in bothering. I want to keep my thoughts “positive” of the game I enjoyed, and not have a sequel or fandisk come and shit all over them.  What a disappointment. ヽ(´Д`;)ノアゥア…

P.S. The Animate tokuten drama CD features a scenario of Moegi torturing a cat. FUCKING LOVELY.

42 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

  1. ∑(O_O;) Really Quinrose, WTF are u doing, did you change your writers or something?
    Now I’m extremely worried about Diamond mirror ಥ⌣ಥ
    After 2 shitty games, hopefully desert kingdom’ll be good so your mood can get better
    good luck ◕ ‿ ◕

    1. lol thank you ;_; I’m in a mood for something better so I really hope Desert Kingdom delivers orz
      I think Diamond Alice FD will be ok (maybe) but yea Hyakki and School Wars hmmmmmmm…….not so sure anymore

      1. Yeah, i hope so, after all Alice is their most popular game.
        I’m even looking forward to Ouji’s route, but now… so sad ;_;

  2. This is making me really, really worried about Arabians Doubt…

    I wonder if Quinrose has different teams working on different “series” or in rotation? I also wonder if the shift in quality is to cater more to the “consumer”s wish… as the FD has a higher rating than the original on Amazon. (I didn’t read the reviews though…)
    I wonder what’s the general opinion is, from the Japanese players… if they rate this FD highly, then… I guess QR was just pandering to the audience…?

    1. I’m not even sure anymore I get the feeling a lot of their original staff quit because they tend to overwork them….

      And no, both this game and the original game are Cero C, the rating has not changed. You might be mixing it up with Hyakki which is Cero D but honestly the pr0n level between them felt the same to me so I really don’t know wtf the difference is that pushes one into D over the other.

      It’s weird, on Amazon the reviews vary wildly. Some praise but others say that it’s kinda bad…all I know is the kaidan romance games all have lower reviews than like School Wars, Alice and and Arabians Lost. I think maybe their KR team is just…yea. Well I’m done with Kaidan Romance, at least from a buying perspective as this is clearly not worth spending money on.

      1. Ah, sorry, when I said “rating” I meant “review rating”, not the Cero rating.
        Here’s hoping School Wars FD and Arabians FD will be ok…

  3. I think they should have like saved us all the crap in Atsuro’s route and start from his good ending instead of the bad one (mind you Shizuka is consistently an ass to him in all the routes, so just because she is not an ass to everyone doesn’t mind is not consistent she has different relationships with different characters)

    I liked Kyougoku’s route and don’t think there was anything bad with the handcuffs especially considering that everytime he used them it was either to calm down the Tsun in Shizuka (because it gets tiring after a while) or because she dared him, it was never in bad spirits which is why it’s ok (especially when Hisoka showed when and how it was bad to use handcuffs the son of a bitch)

    Mitsugu’s route made me cry one river after the other because seriously they could have saved us the grief on Shizuka for turning him youkai (since it was his choice this time) or the reality of they staying togueter as human and youkai (I could have concluded it myself no need to show me that instead of the happy times they surely had QR!) the only ending I liked 100% from him was the second one because it was beutifull and gave closure to they both… still pain TT_TT I don’t think the memory about taking kyougoku later cancels the, spiriting him away for being “Shizuka’s perfect man”, for all we know he could have forgotten all about that (think how much fun he would have screwing with mitusgu’s mind making him believe his bro is to be taken away at any time, since he is that much of an asshole) and just remebered when he needed a man to fit Shizuka’s taste, and lo and behold turns out the kid he saved back then actually is all that!

    While this game sucesfully turned Hisoka in a bigger bastard than he already was he still ranks better in my books than Bremen by virtue that at least I now know how the hell he got so screwed up while Bremen is still a shady creeper with no background who is an evil bastad for the lulz. Plus I’m ashamed to admit that I actually think the scene when he named all the things Shizuka loves was really romantic… and well he was already in the shit tier from the pits of hell so I kind of center in the true ends since they feel more canon to me than the bad ones and improved my opinion of him (like him crying when Shizuka told him that yes, she now was really happy with Kyougoku since he cried from happiness for being able to make her happy at least, or at least that’s my interpretation so as to not hate him any more than necessary) and learning that he kiled his family to be even with Shizuka well 2 wrongs don’t make a right but it was interesting in a sense… still think he is an unforgivavble bastard but yeah happy to at least being able to undertand what the hell was going on his head.

    well I’m pretty torn about this game on one side there was tons of stuff hat they should have saved us but they wanted to pander to the yandere audience (which is probably the sole reason this series exists to begin with so no wonder is so full of crap), on the other when they made fun scenes I actually LOLed at them, my favourite being Reiji’s imitations of all the dudes XD. I just wish QR doesn’t make a Shinigami fd or any other kaidan game after Hiaku monogatari because this series sucks, they need to go back to the continent series and the under garden games where they don’t screw up… or if they do is not this badly.

    1. Look I mean I see your reasoning, yes Hisoka had his reasons BUT! I don’t forgive him for what he’s done.
      I’m sure every robber/murderer/rapist in the world had his reasons too but that doesn’t make it a justification to be “ok” to rape.
      It reminds me of this movie I saw (i forgot the name) back in the 90s about a woman who spends the whole movie discussing with a rapist/murderer on what he did and why he did it. In the end, he still gets the death penalty because despite his stupid reasoning, it’s still a fact that he raped and killed someone.
      Same with Hisoka. He may have his “I plead insanity cause I’m a shinigami” reasoning but in the end, he still tried to kill Shizuka. He raped her, he messed up with her mind and just because he might have “saved her” from the bullies it only makes him the “lesser” evil but evil none the less.

      I’m fin with this shit being in Hisoka’s route but the fact that he came with his baggage to ruin every route in this FANdisk (what kind of fandisk RUINS routes!?) is just unforgivable.

      As far as Atsuro, yea I know Shizuka and him were always like that BUT she started out as non-lovers with Reiji and his route was adorable so if they’re gonna fucking rewrite her personality anyway, why is it only Atsuro’s route that stays “in character” with her bitchy personality? Why does she still take shit from Moegi or completely moederedere over Reiji? Yea completely unfair.

      Bremen is gross and yes we never find out why he’s gross other than he’s just gross so yea he’s still bad BUT something about NTR just rubs me the wrong way and Bremen didn’t go around every route cockblocking Lisa and/or raping her and messing up with her mind ….so no in my head, Hisoka is worse lol.

      And yes I really wish they’d do more under garden games…Now that Cinderella series is gonna be over the only UG game left is Alice….I think QR is gonna need to really step it up in 2014 but 2013 I’ll just turn my back on them and focus on releases from Otomate and Rejet.

      1. I would side eye so much someone who would forgive Hisoka after this game, I just say that I was happy to be able to see where he was coming from.


        well next release seem promising as in IS NOT THE KAIDAN SERIES which is an instant plus in my book… Romeo vs Juliet… the theme seems interesting but I’m a little worried since it’s most likely going to be depressing… ah whatever so long as I get a ending other than the original “Lack of communication got us killed” I will be ok also LOL vampires Quinrose why? XD

        1. yea I just saw the announcement on 2ch this morning.
          I’m so happy! it sounds like grimm the bounty hunter except with a heroine who hunts vampires instead of Grimm characters 😆 I’m not sure what the Romeo & Juliet concept has to do with this but maybe its Juliet going after her romeos? Anyway it’s a refresher from all the fandisks and kaidan romance crap. I just hope we don’t see yet another Bremen…

      2. I’m already getting ahead of myself thinking who will be the capturable characters so far and if QR is keeping their 5 guys template I’m guessing Romeo, Paris, Mercutio, Tybalt & Scalus or Benvolio… though I don’t know how all that would work. It’s just so nice knowing they will at least have a brand new game this year!

        1. lol I so don’t remember anyone from R&J so what you said seems legit? I’m sure Romeo will be the main guy though I hope they don’t make him some weird yandere weirdo like Hisoka who cockblocks Juliet in every route just because she’s not picking him or something omfg x_x

      3. Nah I’m hoping he will be some kind of ore-sama or something (I’m not taking yandere out due to the vampire theme but nothing quite as extreme as Hisoka… and hopefully only in the bad endings) but I’m actually expecting something like Roy, I fear that the haraguro yandere most likely will end up being Paris, since well the unwanted Fiance, of course that will turn ugly, but I’m I will wait till at least having character designs to keep making assumptions, who knows and QR ends up changing the names for more stylish ones save for Romeo and Juliet; or probably mixing some other thing in there probably another Shakespeare play XD since they are at it.

  4. Wow that was really bad. I was hopefully this one would actually be good since Ouma was a good starting point. Kind of like how the Alice games are still good (to some extent). But sadly it seems they just went way too far with the dark shit. Makes me wonder what they’ll be doing in the new series what with all the BDMS shit they’ve shown already!

    1. I was hoping it would be good as well, I mean I was so excited when they announced it.
      Now I’m just cringing at any sequel/FD QR announces 😐

  5. 1. You see someone as a friend and don’t want to hurt his feelings.
    2. You don’t mind him raping you. All the time.
    3. Find the flaw in this reasoning, kids!

    I guess there’s a bit of a demand for an NTR end (no, really) and if they’re going to do it in any significant setsunai way it’s got to be in Kyougoku’s route but WHAT IS THAT LOGIC. So…..pretty much Ouma was Kyougoku’s game and Tasogare is Mitsugu’s game plus yanderes and good god a game has more than one route, QuinRose.

    This is on my eternal backburner anyway, since I just played the most wonderful thing ever and am quite busy with it. But still. This is getting sadder and sadder, because these series *were* such good ideas back then.

    1. 1. You see someone as a friend and don’t want to hurt his feelings.
      2. You don’t mind him raping you. All the time.
      3. Find the flaw in this reasoning, kids!

      Sad part is the “kids” won’t actually see this flaw or it will be “forgiven” because of see no. 1 sigh. (And then I get yelled at for hating on rapists and kink shaming or whatever nonsense lolol)
      You’re right Ouma was Kyougoku’s and Tasogare Mitsugu’s and Hisoka is just this giant cockblock that gets in the way. But he especially gets in the way in Tasogare cause then he gets in the way in EVERYONE’S routes not just a few lol.

      Strangely when capping CGs I went back to the gallery and was like “wow you know out of context the CGs look really sweet” but then I start recalling the dialogue in the scene and I’m like ▄█▀█●ガーン So what wonderful thing did you play I’m curious? 😀

      1. Haha, well, I can see the point of the kink-shaming complainers, actually. Your squick is somebody’s kink and your kink is somebody’s squick and so on and so forth, and I don’t actually mind rape and mindfuckery in games. It takes quite a bit to squick me. However, I don’t really like how they sometimes say you should just stay out of their fences and play tame games, either. Plus. How QUITE A FEW are missing the point when they say things along the lines of ‘can’t you let people with rape kinks enjoy and stop complaining’, in that the otome game industry is sort of NORMALIZING the rape kink and making it seems like it’s the PROPER THING to want as a female gamer who likes romance games. And that. Is. Not. A. Good. Thing. Ever. Kink is kink, but making your kink the ONLY PROPER KINK is not good, especially when it’s SUCH a sensitive, potentially dangerous territory. Guro is a kink and w/e whoever likes it, but I’d be pretty disturbed if eroge suddenly starts producing guro games in droves. And that’s sort of what is happening with here, because seriously guro is not that much better than rape on the Real Life Crime And Trauma Scale.


        That wonderful thing isn’t something you’d be interested in because it’s a BL game. I really wish it wasn’t though, because it really is literate, smart and awesome and totally deserve to be in an ippan genre and if otome games has this kind of protag more often I’d complain about the genre less. However, the writing team’s starting a new otome game which looks like it’ll have a similarly high-agency, act-rather-than-react in-control protagonist, so I’ll keep you posted if it ends up sounding interesting. It’s kind of worrying because it’s an R-18 game and the writer’s kind of awkward with R18 scenes, but eh, I’ll bite that bullet for you.

        1. oh I see not into BL but sounds like you’re playing Dramatical Murder or Mebiusline? I don’t know of any other prominent BL games with good stories (the rest seem like nukige/rape marathons but idk)

          However, I don’t really like how they sometimes say you should just stay out of their fences and play tame games, either. Plus. How QUITE A FEW are missing the point when they say things along the lines of ‘can’t you let people with rape kinks enjoy and stop complaining’, in that the otome game industry is sort of NORMALIZING the rape kink and making it seems like it’s the PROPER THING to want as a female gamer who likes romance games. And that. Is. Not. A. Good. Thing. Ever. Kink is kink, but making your kink the ONLY PROPER KINK is not good, especially when it’s SUCH a sensitive, potentially dangerous territory.

          I wish more otome game fans would actually understand this exact concept. With eroge there’s so many to choose from that you can easily avoid the ones that are clearly serving to kinks not up your alley (milfs/prengnancy/rape etc) but with otome, it’s like they’re so desperate to sell they shove EVERY possible kink inside so say you’re into I dunno seeing them do it in the bathtub or something but you’re not into seeing a heroine who looks 12 and the guy after her looking like he’s 40. So there you have this dissonance where “hey I like this one guy in the game he’s hot but why they shove this pedo bear in here. Why should I Not play a game because it has 1 bad scene in it? I’m allowed to complain if I enjoyed everything in the game except XYZ”. Ah well overall if anyone comes to a personal blog to complain about that kind of thing I just laugh heartily and slowclap.gif lol

      2. Yeah, Mebiusline. That shit is more meaningful/thoughtful than some Naoki prize winners I’ve read. I like DMMd a lot and it’s very good, but it’s not good enough for me to go into a raves and rants mode. There’s quite a few BL games with great stories, though, like every other genre. (And like every other genre, 99% of it is crap, though it seems to be getting better recently) They’re probably just not as notorious as the porn ones unless you’re an insider—-there are actually pretty few BL nukige these days, actually,but the ones that get made get noticed. To give you an idea, my ranking of awesomeness tends to be like this : The best of the crop for BL > The best of the crop for otome > Average otome > Average BL > Shitty otome >>>>>>Uncrossable wall>>>>> Shitty BL. So it’s a somewhat shitty genre to be in in general, but when they hit the magic home run and you get the highs, the highs are excellent.

        But back to otome. Sorry for that, BTW. It’s considered rude to talk these things to a non-fujoshi and I know you don’t like the genre, but I figure that one should be cleared up a bit.

        Otome games engage in misleading advertising a bit more than eroge, too. With eroge, unless you’re going for a story game and the story wants to screw with you (a depressing SF romp masquerading as a lighthearted highschool love comedy, for example, and that’s more within-genre of what you’re likely to find interesting as a story gamer, since ‘depressing’ in eroge means ‘sad girls in the snow’ rather than ‘omg rape trauma’) you know exactly what you get. With otome games it’s like……I’m being told this is a cute, lighthearted love story between a girl and dudes, and suddenly RAPETIMEZ. BECAUSE HE LOVEZ YOU. Because all girls have a secret rape kink and damn you for not having one! Fall in line and be a nice girl and admit into your desire to be possessed like an object because that is TRUE LOVE!

        This is normalizing. This is not a good thing. You may say that harlequins do the same thing with the rape kink, but that’s not true. Harlequin novels never hide what they are. Otome do. And in doing so they’re passing it off as NORMAL and forcing it down everybody else’s throats. And they have the right to complain about it if it happens in a game that they like otherwise.

        1. Nah I’m up for any civil discussion tbh! You’re one of the few fujoshi that actually presents it in a calm & civilized manner rather than running at me with a pitch fork and calling me a witch 😆 So nah I’m totally okay with discussing a BL game genre (to the best of my knowledge of it anyway) as long as its done in a civil manner.

          And I actually like the nakige/sad girls in snow eroges lmao. That’s why I cried like a mofo in Kanon, Air and Clannad. I also have Tapestry in my backlog to shed some tears for later XD Those are the kind of games I prefer yes and I always found it weird how in these there was liek “actual romantic sex” like “its ok if its you oniichan” but in otome games it alwasy seems to end up in some form of rape in at least 1 route.

          Yea sadly because the rape is getting normalized (and I’m someone who almost never follows the norm) I’m still complaining and I’m being yelled at for ‘not understanding’ when in fact its the youngins who don’t understand. (´・ω・`;A) Oh well what can I do, it’s sad but I tend to think that anyone who normalizes rape will probably have issues in real life…but well that’s just how things are I guess. Nothing I can do about it but coming to my blog and complaining about it is silly! I think what bothers me the most isn’t how in the Harlequinn the guy like “TAKES HER” but its ok because well she wanted a hot dude to screw her anyway. What bothers me is how in the otome games its “YOUR FAULT” for making the wrong decision and therefore YOU deserve to be punished for HIS problems and your punishment is always rape (or rape + murder.) It becomes a form of “humiliation and degradation” rather than “oh I just wanted some guy to grab me and screw me against the office window rowr” or something.

          P.S. Hadaka Shitsuji is terrible. I watched a friend play it on twitter and I was laughing and being grossed out at the same time. 😆

    2. This: “This is normalizing. This is not a good thing. You may say that harlequins do the same thing with the rape kink, but that’s not true. Harlequin novels never hide what they are. Otome do. And in doing so they’re passing it off as NORMAL and forcing it down everybody else’s throats.”

      THIS. Thank you.
      I’ve had the thought that the whole raep=love was similar to the ones in Harlequin novels, but at the same time wondered where they were different, but couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was that made them different… and you put it there in a sentence, plain and simple 😀

    3. If that’s so, it’s probably because until like three years ago I HATED everything BL as much as you do, if not more, so I understand where you come from quite well. XD; I’d surmise that most fujoshi started to like BL quite early, and at least didn’t hate it for most of their lives! And really, Hadaka Shitsuji is an outlier. Most BL nukige are very much NOT like that, and it’s pretty clear that (since it’s made by a fudanshi) it’s partly a spoof of eroge’s nukige subgenre that happens to have dudes because the author likes dudes on dudes. It also clearly INTENDED to make fun of BL subtropes, the author’s friends with the person who made Gakuen Handsome, after all, and it appeared to suppose to be ‘so terribad it’s awesome ネタゲ’, but along the way………..the focus shifted, and we get what we get. Which is not to say that BL nukige are great. They aren’t. (See also : Gakuen Sodom. My impression of it was ‘WTF did I just read????’) But Hadaka Shitsuji really, really is quite QUITE different from how the porny section of BL handles porn, and part of its notoriety comes from that fact.

      That said, I’m quite glad for its existence, though. It does let the market see that the jouseimuke market HAS a place for clear expression of strong deviant sexual kinks without having to be ‘standard female 受け身’ about it. That the protagonist in jouseimuke genres CAN have active desire and interest in the other party. In the long run, this could be a good thing. Even if the game is reeeeeeeeeeally skeevy.

      Because part of the reason why you tend to have ‘sex as humiliation and/or forced romantic development’ instead of ‘I want a hot guy to screw me by the window!’ is because in games, it’s still outlandish to have a woman *want* sex actively. Because culture. And if a woman character can’t *want* sex actively or risk alienating the player but the *player* wants to see sex, then the sex has to be forced. On the other hand, in eroge, it’s assumed that while the player wants the character to be as pure as possible, he also wants her to be ‘if it’s you it’s okay’ for *him/main character he identifies with* only, to show how special it all is. Therefore you get loving sex. Contrast that to how the heroine has to be super innocent in otome games in order to be a ‘good person enough to be a heroine’. Starting from changing what the industry’s perception of the main character’s sexual behaviour range COULD be might lead to something new.

      Porn aside, mainline BL tends to lead the trend in this aspect for shoujo/otome by a couple of years. Seeing what mainline BL manga does now, maybe there’ll be change in a few years’ time. That was true for the 90’s and the 00’s, I’ll have to see whether it remains true in this decade. It’s starting to diverge a bit, so….

      1. Yea I did hear that it was made by a fudanshi. I don’t even like BL but damn I just felt SO BAD for all the guys the protag abused (so that when the protag got killed in a bad end I was like VICTORY IS MINE – and this is coming from someone just watching someone else play the game lmao)

        Though for some odd reason I’d love to see a Hadaka Shitsuji version with a FEMALE protag. I guess I’m being sexist but when the girl abuses the dudes in revenge for all the raep it somehow feels gloriously satisfying lmao. (Though from what I remember the guys in HS weren’t the hateful ones )

        I agree with you on the totally unfairness of otome game vs eroge where otoge = no must not want sex and eroge = oh its ok you’re still my pure waifu because I take your virginity first. Sometimes I wish there was an R-18 otome game which was basically just….an eroge with reverse genders. I mean hey sure you can have your rape otome games but can I get at least a romantic consentual love sex otome game? Only one I can think off the top of my head that fits this category is Dessert Love (which sadly suffers from old as fuck QUALITY art)

      2. The only hateful guy in HS is the protagonist…..and his [spoiler bleep], but seriously.

        And you know what, I really won’t mind a Hadaka Shitsuji…..or better, a Kichiku Megane…with a female protagonist, either. It won’t be a great game, but my god will it be REFRESHING. And actually it doesn’t have to be rape. Just. Something where the girl controls where and when and how the sex is going to happen, and the guy goes ‘welp, really? okay. ;_; ……actually this is pretty good?’ with it, you know? Have something that happens to her body being dictated by her, for once? QR games used to come close to this, but lately it’s….er…..

        (I’m pretty sure that SOME of the popularity of BL comes from chicks wanting to see dudes writhing and moaning in sex they can’t control, but it’s INAPPROPRIATE to have girls do it, so they replace themselves with other dudes. Obviously that’s not all of the matter, but that’s certainly SOME.)

        1. Have something that happens to her body being dictated by her, for once? QR games used to come close to this, but lately it’s….er…..

          Quin Rose is like going backwards and trying to follow the stupid yandere trend and I think it’s alienating their base audience and since their art is still kinda crappy they can’t quite “catch a new audience” either……so yea they’re like driving themselves off a cliff. Btw I listened to the Tasogare drama CDs today and they totally cut out the seiyuu bonus talks in ALL of them. Even though those were 2 minute briefs it was still nice to hear but now…totally gone. Also the CDs used to be funny but they’re not even funny anymore and they’re really boring. They also used to be like “if you haven’t played the game stop listening to the CD now!” and be all funny about it but now they just dive into the scenario and bam over. AND THE PRICE OF THEIR GAMES REMAINS THE SAME. Yea I’m like losing motivation to spend money on any QR games…starting to rethink about even buying School Wars fandisk. If they basterdize Itsuki to be some crazy yandere or something I might chuck my PSP out the window.

  6. *sighs* Well doesn’t this lovely review give me so much hope for the new Alice game that I won’t even bother to buy.

    I’d tell QR to stop trying to copy Rejet’s current direction, but TBH, even in Rejet’s “worse” game in terms of painful content, DiaLo (IMO), didn’t have a guy trying to rape you in every route. Actually, the Hisoka thing reminds me of Rapist of the Opera, where in every route Phatom sings by to rape Christine, and then his own route was meh. So congrats on sinking to Mirai’s level QR!

    Reiji’s ears look adorable, but since he doesn’t have them on all the time, it’s not enough to trigger my animal people fetish, so I think I can skip this game. Good luck with all the other FD, you’ll need it!

    Speaking of UtaPri, I saw the results of the Degenki’s pool and was so disappointed. Another year full of starry sky and utapri, even though the last utapri game you reviewed was crap, and the last starry sky games were lame at best. The most awful thing was that Debut won the “game who moved you to tears the most”. Seriously, who could have possibly cried so much with Debut? Just goes to show obsessive fangirls voted for it in every category, which is bad because it means nothing else will ever get a chance.

    1. I’ll buy the new Alice game just for Julius and Boris ;_; But yea I can completely sympathize with you on that one.

      Lmao oh my god I completely forgot about rapist of the opera. Yea this was exactly that except I guess since Mirai’s game is R-18 he got away with the rape but in this game he only got away with it in 1 route’s bad end but still, it was unnecessary.

      I think Otoya’s route about his mother was probably the only tear jerker. Everything else was blah or rage inducing lmao. I heard All Star was totally rewritten and the chars act differently than in Debut so maybe I’ll give it a chance lol

  7. Oh dear. When I read your review on Ouma I thought that it was good and I should give it a try, but after seeing this QR should just stick to making the main games – I know FDs are called “fan”disks for a reason, but this is really awful. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ Otomate and Rejet are capable of making decent FDs sometimes but QR…now they make me cringe with their so-called “dark” shit. =__= I don’t think I’m gonna play this game because the Heroine here feels more bitchy that the one in Hyakki. A waste of my time. Like you I’m also wary about the upcoming School Wars FD.

    I don’t understand Japanese girls nowadays – they really adore these yandere/sadist-kind of guy (Alvaro in WoF, Toma in Amnesia, etc) while the rest of us are like -__- “Oh-kay… I just can’t wait to see the Heroine kicks that SM dude’s ass and trolls him fufufu :D”.

    If the otoge market keeps churning more of such bull games I think the spark inside me that propelled me to play these games is gonna die out soon… Currently I only have three games on my must-get list: Shinigami Kaidan Romance (Nakai Kazuya in an otoge? XD I’m curious how the voice actor of One Piece Zoro and xxxHolic Doumeki is gonna rape my ears in the game lol), Amnesia Crowd and NORN9.

    P.S. While I’m slowly getting fed up with otome games, I’m completely addicted to FF Type-0 after beating the final BOSS. (≖‿≖)v

    1. Umm if you like Nakai Kazuya, Shinigami Kagyou should be the last game you should be playing and instead I recommend playing any of the Alice series (starting with Clover since he wasn’t in Anniversary/heart.)
      Shinigami Kagyo looks like its gonna be full of Hisokas so just a warning, don’t get your hopes up too high and expect yandere heaven 😆

      Btw I like Alvaro but in a sense where Lulu kicks his ass but in this fandisk, Shizuka just took Hisoka’s shit and allowed him to do whatever he wanted which sucked majorly lol. Fortunately I haven’t gotten fed up with otome games but I’m getting kinda fed up with otome MOBILE games (mostly due to the whole play 5 chapters a day b/s and only getting half covered up CGs as a reward)

      1. Nah I don’t exactly like him (he’s awesome in One Piece and xxxHolic) but I was surprised that he actually took up otoge roles (I didn’t even know that he’s in the Alice series OTL). I shall take up your advice ^^; *edits my playing list* seems to me that after Ouma the rest of the KR series are b/s. *roll eyes*

        Yea I only like yandere routes only if the heroine is awesome enough to troll him like what Lulu did to Alvaro 😀 but if the girl just sucks up whatever crap that sadist dude chucks at her like a super-masochist bitch… (ノ≧Д≦)ノ︵ ┻━┻ WTF?

        I don’t have iPhone or Android, so I can’t play mobage – one of my friends does and she showed me a few. I don’t really care about mobage cuz everything felt really cheap: bad CG art, trying to rob money out of gamers with all the purchase shit etc (there’s only this one mobage I want to try but not worth getting an Android just for that one game). I’m content with PSP otoge, but I really wish that the new releases stop making me rage at the terrible character development (like this Ouma FD you’ve reviewed).

  8. Hi 🙂

    I’ve read tons of your reviews and I really enjoy them.

    Anyways, I was wondering.. you know how you (clearly) understand Japanese? Would you be willing to make an english patch of any great japanese otome game? If it’s too difficult for you to make the patch, there’s this (sorta new) thing called visual novel reader. I’m not sure if you’ve already heard of it, but here’s the link: http://sakimichi.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/how-to-translate-visual-novels-without-hacking/

    Please consider my request, it would mean the world to me, since I really love japanese otome games and can’t really play them lol
    Thanks so much ❤

    1. Hi, I will never make an English patch because
      1. You’d have to pay me to translate anything of that mass and since I have a real job I’m not in the position to accept anything of that extent anyway.
      2. I am against English patch making because it promotes piracy and requires you to hack games (since 90% of otome games are for the PSP rather than the PC.)

      Sorry please ask elsewhere.

      1. That’s why I inquired about that visual novel reader, which is NOT an english patch. It tell one how to translate visual novels WITHOUT hacking games. Moreover, I, for one, wouldn’t pirate any games, since otome gaming is such a small industry and I’d want to support it instead. Well whatever thks anyways

  9. Wow QR… First you put up the idea of Otomate’s uguu cage of love for Hyaku and Shinigami and now Rejet’s yanderes. I personally think Hisoka is worse than Bremen. His yandere increase for harming Shizuka in my opinion. I hope Diamond Mirror is gonna be praising since Boris, Julius, Gray and Nightmare are a nice guys. I would brawl my eyes If they ruin their characteristics 😦

    Finally a NEW game from QR since School Wars. It’s been a long time since they announced School Wars in June, May, or April last year? Princess in the Battlefield would be better, but Romeo vs Juliet? I’m fine with it 🙂 There is a possibility QR will include a yandere in the game (hey look at Ace, Bremen, Hisoka and Chance), but who knows what will QR do about the characters.

    This is my first time comment on your site. I love reading your reviews and most of the things you say make me laughed. 🙂

    1. Lol I’m glad you agree with me about Hisoka and Bremen xDDD I’ve forgotten about Princess in the Battlefield..I’m under impression they probably don’t intend to bother with it anymore (or maybe the original writer quit etc)
      I’m sure they will include a yandere BUT I hope it’s more like Chance or Ace rather than Hisoka or Bremen 😐

      Thanks for commenting and reading as always! 🙂

  10. Excuse me. um Hinano may I ask you something? can you tell me how to port the cg of Quinrose Kaidan romance game?

    1. I’m not sure what you are asking but you can screencap the CGs inside the game as you play. I forgot the commands but they are written in the booklet that comes with the game case.

  11. Sorry my bad, I mean the screencaps. You see I’ve thrown away the case so can you tell me the command please. It’s okay if you don’t want to and thank you :D.

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