Otome Game Review: Double Score ~Cosmos x Camellia~

Shinozawa Mai is your average 17 year old high school student who works part time as a shrine maiden and lives with her extremely older cousin Chisato. Her shrine boss, who is a do-S douchebag named Kyouga, tells her to deliver a flower to some salarymans. Little does Mai know that those salarymans will cross over the pedo border and be her future husbandos.

ds01Suo Issei – Issei is 31 years old,  and being a Scorpio he’s extremely SRS and extremely REPRESSED.  He’s also an obvious MUTTSURI SUKEBE (aka closet perv) so while the whole game he babbles about how Mai is a child he really just WANTS TO HIT DAT WAKAI MUSUME. Issei has actually met Mai in the past when he was a college student and she was like 5 or something. He found out that his father has gotten ill and hospitalized and his mother was pregnant with triplets. Since he’s the oldest son in the family and he already had 1 younger brother, he felt pressure to basically take care of his whole family. Breaking from all the pressure he wandered through the woods like a hobo and ran into a loli who gave me a cosmos flower. That loli happened to be Mai and ever since he’s tutored her in school and she was pretty much like a little sister to him. So after they exchange numbers and go on a few dates, she helps him with his work. She starts thinking she’s too immature for him and he thinks he’s too much of a GGE for her. Oh the travesty!  So then Issei’s coworker Nikaido is in a rush to get married before she becomes an old BBA who nobody wants to take. She pretty much forces Issei to become her fiance by guaranteeing him that her father, who is an elite doctor, will do a surgery on Issei’s father to make him get better. Issei has no choice but to agree but Mai and Issei’s friends aren’t gonna just sit back and watch Issei let go of his jailbait! A few days later his friends get him drunk at a bar where he admits that he’s in love with Mai and he had to get away form her before おまわりさん、こっちです was on his ass.

ds02He says that his feelings are wrong because Mai is still a high school girl. After avoiding each other for a while Mai decides she’s gonna go talk to Issei but she runs into his raging fiance (and rightfully so because hey her future husband is being taken away by some 小娘。) Nikaido almost slaps her but Issei stops her and after this incident he becomes depressed cause he doesn’t wanna marry her but has no choice cause he wants her father to do the surgery. Mai then runs off to pick flowers in a lake cause that’s so important and Issei runs after her. He tells her to stop doing pointless things, admits that he’s in love with her and they make out.  Nikaido admits defeat but tells Issei she will still have her father to do the surgery. ( ;∀;) What a nice lady. Future Promise End: Mai gets sick and Issei comes to her house to take care of her. He tells her he plans to marry her after she graduates college and then they make out (cause obviously Issei thinks he’s too cool to catch a cold from a high schooler.) I want to grow up end: Issei dumps Mai cause he has no time for kiddies. To the one I loved end: Mai confesses to Issie that she loves him but he’s like sorry I got a fiance bye. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her to forget about him.  Adult Relationship End: Mai complains that they only kiss and she’s ready for  3rd base and possibly home run 😆 Issei’s like NOOO NOOO…how about more kissing? Lol this was actually my favorite ending! XD Eh Issei was alright. I was hoping that this game would be dummy head mic, which woulda made Tachibana’s voice 12416741 times better…but turns out it wasn’t. Joke’s on me! ▄█▀█●ガーン

ds03Toudaka Yousuke – Yousuke is a charariman (Charai Salaryman) and he looooves the ladies. Unlike serious Issei, all Yousuke wants to do is have fun , go to a host club and get with some hot wiminz before 2AM.  He constantly flirts with Mai and pisses Issei off but he’s never ever serious about it.  He thinks of Mai as his little sister but he’s still weak to her puppy dog eyes if she wants to ask him to do something. (Though I think he’s just generally weak to any woman’s demands and in his profile he admitted to being an M.) At the coffee shop Mai denies that she has ANY feelings for him aside from helping him with his work and accidentally spills coffee on his hand. He then says that he needs “help” since his hand is injured and so Mai comes over his place and cleans up his disaster of a room. She cleans up for him and cooks for him and when she complains about this to her friend Miki, the response is “is this a marital problem?” 😆 After this he give Mai a spare key to his apartment so she can come over anytime to clean up his shit. One day when it trains she runs to his place to do some cooking and figuring he’s not home from work yet she goes to his bathroom to get a towel. Lo & Behold she runs into a naked man just coming out of the shower! XD Yousuke tells her he took a day off today and since it’s pouring rain he tells her to stay over his place for the night (and for god knows what reason her mom actually allows this.)  It’s around this time that Yousuke’s pedo ways burst out the moment he sees her wearing his oversized shirt.  They argue about who will use the bed but end up sleeping in it together with Mai raging for him not to touch her…until she rolls over and uses him as her own body pillow. Needless to say she wakes up the next morning freaking out and he’s like “hey you grabbed on to me first!” 8D.  So then Mai finds out from one of Yusuke’s ex-ho’s that he gives his spare key to any girl who will clean his apartment and she gets pissed and returns the key to him.

ds04She avoids him for a month and during the time away she realizes she’s fallen in love with him. When she goes to visit his place, the door is opened by some ho he prolly screwed and she tells him that Yousuke’s in the shower and that a high school girl shouldn’t even be here. Mai gets pissed and runs off crying..further avoiding Yousuke again.  The host mans decide to help her and Yousuke get together by using jealousy tactics and pretending to hit dat sheitg. It totally works and Yousuke runs and tells Rio to “not hit on a child” (lol yea like you should talk.)  After this Mai and Yousuke go to the shrine and talk where he admits that her friends threatened to beat him up if he didn’t take Mai seriously. He then tells Mai he’s given up his manwhore ways because he likes the idea of coming home to his young waifu cooking and cleaning for him. He confesses that he loves her and since she says she feels the same way they go and make out in some deserted area of the shrine. Jealousy + Jealousy = ? End: Yousuke is jealous of Mai hanging out with Keigo and Mai is jealous of Yousuke hanging out with his female coworkers. They both agree to calm dafuq down and realize that they only love one another.  Dinner, Bath or M E? End:  All the guys at the bar question Mai’s taste in men but Yousuke grabs her and makes out with her in front of everyone (making Keigo cry tears of blood.) Some days later when Yousuke gets home and Mai’s there cooking dinner, she says “do you want dinner, a bath or me?” because it’s some ossan moe phrase that Takuto taught her. Yousuke shits bricks and grabs Mai princess style saying he’d rather have her right about now :lol:. Mai complains that their dinner will get cold and tells him he can ravage her after he eats actual food /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Lost Love End: Mai never speaks to Yousuke again after finding out about the spare key thing. Feelings I vowed behind you End: Mai never talks to Yousuke again etc. Let’s face it, Yousuke was a fun guy and his route was a lot more interesting to play HOWEVER if I  consider him in real life – NO THANKS MAN LOL. I can’t stand guys who are so messy and careless and well…manwhores lol. For game purposes though, Yousuke really was fun and I think his immaturity is what really helped make the interactions with Mai a lot more interesting.

ds05Double Endings – Basically this mini route kind of allows you to be with Yousuke and Issei at the same time?  They were assigned to do a project to have a high school girl experience “adulthoot” by being an OL intern at their company. Unfortunately all the girls kept falling in love with them and had to quit because they got rejected. Instead they decide to ask Mai for help since they figure oh we know her she won’t fall in love with us. Well they didn’t figure that instead they would…fall in love with her! Unfortunately like all OL’s in Japan ever, Mai is attacked by a disgusting eroGGE (prolly older than both Issei and Yousuke)  but when Issei and Yousuke save her, they also spread around that he’s a pedophile and pretty much ruin his reputation. The pedo GGE then finds Mai one day and tries to raep her in a dark alley but fortunately Yousuke and Issei save her again (prolly cause they’re creepers who stalk her 24/7 too lolol.) Unreachable Goal End: Both Yousuke and Issei confess their love to Mai and she’s like “lol no” so they go get drunk at Kyoga’s shrine and baww their eyes out.  Adult & Child End: Mai refuses to do the OL internship and loses touch with both Yousuke and Issei. Shrine Priests’s Laughter: When Kyouga finds out about the ero GGE who attacked Mai, he gives him all sorts of hell that the GGE runs to Mai begging for forgiveness. Left & Right Words of Love End: Two old mans fighting over jailbait end. Issei & Yousuke take turns ichaichaing with Mai cause she can’t pick 1 over the other. Well pretty much 3P hand holding end which is completely unrealistic and ridiculous but still funny to see :lol:.  The completion bonus is a wedding CG with both guys and a look through the “24 hour day” and what each one of them does. Thanks to that I’ve concluded that while Yousuke is the guy you want to have fun with, Issei is the only marriage material 8D. さすがさそり座♡

final thoughts

ds06First I want to clear up a few misconceptions I had when going into this game. First one is: This game is a prequel to the CDs. Therefore if you listened to the CDs and went “ooh yea that was hot” when you play the game ITS A DIFFERENT WORLD. We’re starting off with Mai having no feelings for any of the guys, let alone knowing who they are and ending with “now we’re a couple.” That means most of the game is LOL OSSANS with a little bit of romantic scenario at the end. Secondly there is NO dummy head mic in the game. Because of my wrong assumptions, I’m actually a lot more disappointed with the game then maybe other people. I bought this assuming I’d have Tachibana Shinnosuke raeping my ears but NOPE! Additionally he was SOOO randy in his CDs so seeing him be all tightass in the game was such a disappointment! It’s like if the game was just a BIT longer we would have seen his randy side. So pretty much the game almost feels like an “advertisement” for the CDs and since I’m more of a game person than a CD person I feel extremely disappointed by this factor. As far as the age gap thing…at first I was like “well whatever these guys’ age gap with me is like less than 5 years so I’ll just pretend I’m the heroine! Nope not happening. Mai is a high school girl, she will be treated like a child DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE ACTS PRETTY MATURE FOR HER AGE. Here’s where I’m like banging my head against the wall. Mai is a GREAT heroine and despite being 17, she acts like she could be in her 20s. She can cook, she can clean, she’s patient, polite and is overall a great girl…but because they need DRAAAMAAA they made her 17.

pedobearsThe drama is pretty lame too because the issue is “oh noes I’m hitting on a high school girl!” but nobody ever goes “oh noes I could go to jail for this.” It’s like the series isn’t sure if it wants to be like “age gaps? minor laws? fuck dat sheit” or “oh this is bad, this is wrong, you shouldn’t do this.” To pour further salt on the wound, the childhood friend Keigo who is the same age as Mai, is SUCH A GREAT GUY but he will never have a route because he’s not twice her age Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン.  So all of this was pretty frustrating to me and while I was able to enjoy the game for its comedy (and extremely appealing food) and hot dudes who are finally my own age…the entire point of the game of “relationship gap” just kinda flew past me.  Now I’m not sure if I want to buy let alone play any other DS games. I’m interested in the relationship AFTER they get together more than seeing old men try to give themselves excuses as to why they need to hit on a 17 year old (;^ω^).  As far as everything else, art, music, system it was totally fine. The resolution is large and crisp and the only other thing I might have asked for was maybe more in-game extras? The ones with the other guys’ povs were just not interesting to me… The volume in this game was pretty decent for a 2 character game and it’s nowhere near the shortness level of Shinobazu7 so you’re getting a pretty decent chunk of gaming for your money.  Anyway it will be some time before the next DS release so I’ll have to think about whether I want to bother with the rest of the series because ultimately, I came for the dummy head romance but instead I’m getting a delicious cuisine comedy :lol:.


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  1. I got it from ComiComi Studios, they seem to ship overseas via EMS
    The game isn’t bad just not really what I expected so it was a disappointment to me personally ^^

  2. Great review! (⌒▽⌒)
    After reading this its a shame that the game isn’t all like I expected it would be. (NO DUMMY HEAD MIC?! ´д` ; )
    Still, I think I’d like to play this. May I ask where you ordered the game from?

  3. See they can’t have an ending like that or that would kill the entire purpose of their series! lmao
    Though apparently even being 13 years old in legal in Japan so I guess they wouldn’t end up in jail even if they hit on a middle schooler x_X;

  4. so….
    there isn’t an ending where these pedo ossan end up in jail?
    I am sooooooo disappoint i was looking forward to some hilarious”mmmm ima tap that youuungggg freeesshhhhh ass oops i’m in jail now fml” endings but what a shame, what a shame. I’ll prolly still end up playing this since it seems funny as balls haha

    “he really just WANTS TO HIT DAT WAKAI MUSUME” <— LOL i choked on my coffee here. brill stuff as usual :p

  5. Yea that 46 year old route is revolting. I don’t even want to know what the hell the reasoning for that is. I mean age gap aside, why in the world would a 17 year old pick some old wrinkled ossan over some hot dude her age. Hell even Kyouga is a sexy beast, I’d pick him over dat old man any day lol.

    nah I’m skipping all star. I mean I heard it has less homo but I never really liked the senpais and I know if I go play it for RIngo and Ryuuya I’ll end up being a coalitionist idiot and wanting to play the other routes ;_;….and well lately the games I’ve been playing have been disappointing & mediocre so I don’t think I can handle another crap in the face at this time ww

  6. ” First one is: This game is a prequel to the CDs.” badjgljaeilgal WHAT THE FUCK. Are you seriious!? D: !!! I was looking forawrd to seeing how they would make it but NOOOOOOOS! My dreams….ruined….ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ Anyways, pretty nice route. Issei was definitely my favourite out of the 2 since I’m not that big on playboy characters :/ They urk me in a way. Also I think they should’ve made her at least 20 or older AT LEAST. I mean GURD DAMN, I can take a 10 year age gap but a 30ish gap is way to much (referring to Ninomiya, how the heck does one simply make a path of a 46 year old hitting on a 17 year old without going to jail or mistaking him as her father?) Seemed like an overall good game to play, will you be playing the rest of the series? And oh…Hinano sempai will you be playing UTAPRI ALL STAR !?!?!? (◕‿◕✿) (haha just kidding….or am I?)

  7. it was made in like the ancient days where girls would marry at age 14 or something and Japan hates change of any kind so they never…bothered lol.

    lol you mean that “asian aging cycle” meme image? XD I love that thing hahaha

  8. 13?! Are you serious! :-O Who made that law?! Some Pedo? LOL And I dont know if closet Pedos are any better lol

    Looking young is a good thing (as other people will always try to tell you), but I understand what you mean. I get it as well at time esp when youre at work and people think youre still a student…and when you tell them youre not they are like “How long have you been working, when did you graduate, how old are you if you dont mind me asking”. :-s

    Im asian, so I always say im cursed with the asian aging process gag. We look like we are in our 20s, until we finally hit menopause then BOOM we are like those little asian grannies we see at the asian grocery store or something. Theres no “middle” transition Haha

  9. nothing illegal except from POVs of other less pedophilic nations!

    You mean all the “higher and mighter nations” that are actually closet paedophiles…

  10. That I cannot understand… Why would women want games where women get raped? I would have thought it would be the other way around… ie. Women raeping men.

  11. Toudaka is more fun I think so I recommend playing his route XD. I agree with you the whole “courting” part is kinda dull cause you’re just watching old ossans do their daily life (which at this age isn’t really that interesting) so only when drama hits does it get interesting..which is why I wish the game wasn’t all “PRE” CDs.

  12. Japan updating laws that has nothing to do with making everyone conform to a mold? Haha AS IF.

    Lol yea pretty much though such an ancient law is absurd….then again seeing how they treat women in the workplace, seems legit.

    In America its like 18 for sex but only if 1 person is over 18. I don’t think anyone gives a crap if like 2 17 year olds screw. I guess that’s why I’m like ew wtf pedos xD

  13. I only finished Issei though so I don’t know how Todaka’s story is but I heard he is pretty cute xD Anyway I gotta admit as much I like this game but I was bored in Issei’s story up until his fiance is popped out lol Their story is pretty much slow-paced and Issei is the cute blushing ossan lmao.

    I feel bad too about Mori, because he is such a great guy *A* and somehow I’m kinda interested with Kyouga lmao.

    PS: The date in amusement park is so funny xDD

  14. Japan just hasn’t updated their age of consent since the Meiji-Taisho eras, where 13 actually made sense from a cultural perspective because people married really young. Now, WHEN they’ll actually update it……..Japan updating laws that has nothing to do with making everyone conform to a mold? Haha AS IF.

    That said, our age of consent for sex over here is 17 and marriage is 20, so the IDEA itself isn’t automatically squick for me. It was kind of weird when I lived in America, tbh.

  15. Well according to the previous commenter, the legal consent age in Japan is 13 so nothing illegal except from POVs of other less pedophilic nations! 😆
    Yea none of the guys look old but then again I often get mistaken for a high schooler/college student and I’m closer to their age so maybe it’s not too far off from reality 😆

    The CDs are really different from the game cause they just feel like a regular lover couple but the game makes it feel like you need to go through this kindergarten of courting someone who is half your age 😐

  16. I did an extensive search and everywhere it does indeed say the consent age is 13 though most prefectures change it to 16.
    Still, I find that disgusting. I also find it odd how its ok to fuck a 13 year old but it’s not ok to smoke or drink under the age of 20.
    Common sense where japan? 🙄

    I guess in my head I kept thinking you have to be at least 18 or 20 (Since that is typically how it is in America) so hearing that 13 is OK~ in some places in Japan is just shocking (and revolting.)

    But yea I think I would have preferred the after courtship part more since in the end it seems like it will be the same ol “why should I hit on this little girl” thing unless they can somehow differentiate it up in the next games.

  17. I dont know why they had to make the main heroine 17 or something. I mean cmon, you can at least make her a college student or a newly grad….22 or something. This 10+ gap/GAG promotes illegal motives lol. Or on the other hand make the dudes 26 or something. Sheesh, Issei doesnt look 31 :-/ his voice is awesome thanks to Tachibana but it does sound a bit young still.

    Although its heaven (or hell) that you get to have 2 guys in the 3P end, if you think about it, they are two loli ossans after this barely legal kid. Like you said jailbait.

    Now despite all that, I think this game still worth a try, but for now I should check out the CDs, at leasts I got the visuals in my head now.

    Thanks for the review!

  18. They probably didn’t go “I could go to jail for this!” simply because they *won’t*. The general age of consent in Japan is 13, so their relations with Mai wouldn’t be illegal. It depends on which prefecture the game is set in.

    I do agree with the drama sounding lame, though- especially if every guy had the same/similar issue. That’s lazy as! Maybe one guy shouldn’t really care, and the other does. I don’t know. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind the idea of a Keigo route, but from what I’ve been reading, the major appeal of the game is the older-guy-with-younger-lady thing, so I can see why he wasn’t included. For some of its fans, it would be the near-equivalent of adding a girl-on-girl route in an otome game.

    I agree even more about how it would be more interesting if they focussed on the after rather than the “courtship” part. If it really does emphasise excuses like you said, the writing sounds so subpar. /end big post, sorry for length.

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