Tartaros Online Japan Announces End of Service


Welp not that I didn’t know it was coming but…





Game’s shutting down on February 25, 2012 but at this point anyone playing is probably just trying to catch up levels to see the final depressing scenario. Looks like the game is going to pretty much die along with all the other characters leaving things unresolved. What a shame this really was a good game and while I did feel this coming, I hoped in the back of my head that they’d bring out something new and prove me wrong. Sadly this was not the case. The least they could do is make the exp like 100x or something to let people watch the final scenario bits sheesh 2x is cheap lol.

I never did get to see the last chapter of the scenario except vaguely from a video from the Tartaros Taiwan server but pretty much a lot of characters ended up dying  so it wasn’t a happy end anyway. (´・ω・`) Also in case you didn’t hear Tinierme is shutting down as well but lol that crap shoulda been shut down years ago :lol:.

Edit: They announced that from December 13~ closure they will make it 30x exp and they are considering posting the entire scenario from beginning to end in video form. I kinda wanna reinstall the client and try to level up to see the last few scenarios but I’m not sure if I can login as I’ve had activeX issues the entire time (;´Д`).  Turns out it’s a gaijin block – I tried loading the site through a Japanese proxy and loaded totally fine. Lol Fuck You MK this is what you get for blocking people who actually spent money on your shitty game. Hoping they will post the final scenario online!


7 thoughts on “Tartaros Online Japan Announces End of Service”

  1. unlikely but even if it was picked up I imagine it being like Bright Shadow or Prius Online – picked up only to chug money and then shut down within a year

  2. whats stupider of course is this was only put in place around August or september? 3 months before they announce server closure so what the hell is even the point MK lol. Oh well whatever. I could just use a proxy to launch the client since im pretty sure its only a web block, rather than an ingame one, but meh screw it. /uses time to clear otome game backlog instead

  3. Is there anything more idiotic than region locks?

    Of course, Japan and the US are kind of pushing for such things lately, so I can’t say I’m really happy with either of them right now.

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