Android Otome App Review: Boyfriend Maker


This has been out for iphone for a while but they finally released an Android version.

Sadly from what I’ve seen in screenshot form, the iphone version is better and funnier.

Dafuq dude

First of all the text is bloody hard to read. No seriously I can barely fucking see what is even being said. I have to like shove the phone up to my face to even be able to read anything. Secondly I don’t know why the iphone version seems like it’s better but the android version has a terrible programmed response. It’s like the iOS and Android systems use different databases.

You can say something other than "I don't know what to say"
You can say something other than “I don’t know what to say”

Then there’s the whole weird kiddy filter. I saw some pretty outrageous stuff on tumblr being said but here I am saying something basic and I get:

How is asking about English classes a bad word??
How is asking about English classes a bad word??

So yea now you got this crappy word filter. I can kinda understand using swear words on this guy or anything sexual and he gets pissy but…how is this a bad thing? I’ll never know. This happens pretty often and can really get irritating and kill the fun of the app. While you can spend money to get coins to buy him clothes and stuff, you can earn them pretty easily just by talking with him or doing that heart poke thing so I’ve bought everything I wanted for free. Anyway needless to say unless they get this app to be like the iPhone version, I’m probably going to uninstall it. I took one of the iphone versions screenshots and attempted to emulate a similar conversation:


They better do an update and get this to be like the iphone version cause otherwise yea I’m uninstalling. Seems like the Android version of the Boyfriend Maker has some personality issues.


6 thoughts on “Android Otome App Review: Boyfriend Maker”

  1. Actually the Iphone version is deleted by apple because of the expicit reactions the guys sometimes give, kinda sad since I did want to try this xD.

  2. lol yea its pretty awful but I think it’s worse on the android version. at least the iphone gives you ridiculous responses lol.

  3. Hahah the word recognition system only seems about as good as that of the Starship Titanic game, which came out in the late 90’s. Way to take us into the future with this app guys

  4. oh bummer! yea android can be finicky depending on your phone model and system version but iOS is mostly the same except their yearly upgrade so I guess thats why its easier for makers to make apps over there. IOS version seems more fun so I hope you find some funny phrases lol

  5. oh my god, what the hell is up with some of those responses lol my android force closes the game on me so I’m just going to try it on my ipod touch instead. i completely forgot there was a version on iOS and it looks like the iphone version is “smarter” haha and way more hilarious anyways xD lol

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