Otome Game Review: Cinderella and the Midnight Bell ~Halloween Wedding~

The story this time takes place from Rosalia’s point of view. It’s actually parallel to 12ji and all the events like the ball happen simultaneously so it would help to read that review before this one. The difference being this time that instead of being involved with Odette and finding out her lawyer is a liar, we basically spend time with Rosalia and all the guys around her. Rosalia becomes a huge siscon for Odette and thinks she’s a cute little doll. To try and earn money, Rosalia works as a baby sitter for some rich lady and her 2 brats. She has a fiance named Linus but I guess she’s not too interested and now it’s up to us to let her explore “other” opportunities in the game ;).

Feather – I did Feather’s route first because a friend recommended it. The reason being is, Quin Rose just LOVES throwing yuri into their games. Even if it’s not really yuri, any excuse they can get to draw girls kissing they will do it…and that’s why they let Feather be able to change  genders at will. Unlike in Odette’s route last game, he pretty much lets Rosalia know right away that he’s her “female” neighbor as well. He often helps Rosalia with various things like helping to find info about who’s causing bad stuff to the Scarlet name or getting her paints for the brats she’s babysitting.  While they are walking in the rain together one day, they run into Linus and its pretty awkward with Feather getting jelly about it. Feather starts falling in love with Rosalia and asks to kiss her and she’s like wait wut. He tells her that he tried to push his feelings away but when she said he’s a “friend” in front of Linus he went crazy thinking about her. She’s like fine kiss me and when he does she’s like whoaa baby this is hot I think I love u. Sadly when she asks him if he loves her afterwards he’s like WAIT I NEED TO THINK IT OVER ヽ(。_゜)ノ I guess he’s confused on which gender he should be so when he goes on a picnic with Rosalia in his female form and she falls asleep…he takes the opportunity to kiss her in his female form lmao. Sadly it doesn’t last too long cause a wind blows a handkerchief away and Rosalia runs after it to catch it. While they are organizing beans one day he pushes her down on the table. Rosalia thinks she misunderstood Feather’s feelings for her but he says that its not true. He loves her but its been awkward for him since he’s a monster and she has a fiance. Rosalia says all she wanted was to hear his feelings in words and Feather apologizes and says he loves her. He starts moving his hand between her legs saying he wants to screw and Rosalia’s like “its all good but can we not do it on the dining room table with all the beans” xDD He grabs her princess style and brings her to his bedroom. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン

At the ball, she runs into Feather and he asks her to dance so they dance alone by the stairs. The reason is because he’s a monster so he wasn’t invited. He asks for a reward from his princess and starts making out with Rosalia (despite her protests that someone might come & see them.)  Rosalia hears guards coming saying they found an intruder and tells Feather they gotta run for it. Feather gives her a ドヤ顔 and then the pigeons mob all the guards and stop them. He then starts babbling like a yandere saying the guards deserve some PAIN and Rosalia’s like ((゚Д゚;))ガタガタ.  He then continues making out with her for a long time and Rosalia gets tired so she tries to use BEANS to get him to stop. ITS NOT EFFECTIVE cause he loves her more than beans now. She decides to risk it and shoves a bean into his mouth and suddenly he lets go of her and goes all deredere :lol:. They then go home with Rosalia carried by Feather on a path of….feathers. In the Best End, everyone is able to move back into their original house as usual. Feather opens up a Bean Pastry shop and he and Rosalia work in it together. Feather is paid in beans instead of money because Rosalia gives it to him as a “reward” :lol:. He also now has made a habit of being a girl in front Rosalia’s friends and when alone with her he turns into a guy so they can do randy things together. He says eventually he plans to reveal to her family that he’s a dude but for now he wants to have fun with both forms. Right before opening their store one morning, they end up screwing on a couch in the back. (♡´౪`♡) His haraguro tendencies come back when after they close shop one day he asks her what she loves about him but before she can answer he has his face in her boobs. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Needless to say Feather can’t stop humping like…pigeons(?) after that and Rosalia spends more time at his place because she’s too ashamed to return home lol.

A Promise to Have Tea End: Feather avoids Rosalina for a while but then lets her come into his room. He tells her that because of his job he’s been out of the house for a while and then gives her material to make a dress to wear to the ball. He says he has to leave again and he’s sad that he won’t be able to see her at the ball with the dress on. He says he has no idea when he’ll be back but says that when he returns to have tea again together. Female…friend!? End: Feather thinks that Rosalia likes him as a girl and wants to yuri it up 😆 A few days later Female Feather and Rosalia are baking together. He then starts getting randy and touching Rosalia’s neck with cream on it going “oh its ok we’re both girls” lololol. Yea okay Feather I know your ulterior motives www. Female Friend End: Instead of yuring it up, Girl-Feather and Rosalia become bffs and go shopping for jewelry together. Waltz End: She runs into feather but he says he feels guilty approaching her because her fiance is here. They end up dancing together after the token Cinderella jokes when Rosalia gets some dust in her  eyes. Downtown Ball End: Feather tells Rosalina to prepare for the ball and that he’ll help her or something ?_?. I’m sincerely not surprised they added all the yuricrap in Feather’s route. I guess they think “well technically he’s a guy too so its not like we put in a yuri route!” or something. Someone in QR staff is either trolling or just wants to make a yuri game but know they can’t so they do this kind of crap. Strangely they didn’t really have this kind of stuff in Grimm. I don’t mind like BFF girl endings but not when they’re just blatantly making out. I guess it’s even dumber since Feather can change genders so knowing that he can also be a dude, when I see him in girl form I just think “trap”. Also man I didn’t know Feather was so randy. He seemed so polite and gentlemanly but get him alone with Rosalia and he becomes a randy hornball ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪.

Linus Rundall – Linus is Rosalia’s airheaded fiance who carries a teddy bear in his pocket (which has been passed down from his mother.) He seems pretty boke and clumsy so when they go to the library together and a bunch of books fall on them so Linus gets on top of Rosalia to protect her. She hurts herself but doesn’t tell him because she feels bad since he tried so hard to protect her with his clumsy self. Since he’s a rich  family heir, he has a lot of money and he always wants to buy things for Rosalia but she doesn’t like to take gifts for no reason. Their marriage was decided by their parents and Rosalia figured eventually they’d just break up the engagement. There’s some awkward moments with Louis who is shocked to find out Linus is her fiance. He says that  Rosalia should refuse if she doesn’t want to marry. Linus owns him and says “but you’re just her FRIEND so it’s none of your business”. Linus uses FRIENDZONE! It’s SUPER EFFECTIVE! One afternoon Linus and Rosalia feed some pigeons and when Feather sees them he gets all excited lol. After Feather leaves and they go feed some fish in the pond Linus says he’s tired and then he sits next to Rosalia & kisses her. He then  asks if he can kiss her the way lovers can. Rosalia doesn’t know what to say because while they are “engaged” they are not lovers. Linus takes her silence as a yes and shoves his tongue in her mouth. After this he wants to try and be like lovers so he asks her out on dates. They go on a nice boat in the river and he asks her to hold his teddy bear while he rows. He then randomly says “hey will you be my waifu? yes I’m proposing to you. But I guess we’re engaged there’s no need huh.” 😆  He says that he doesn’t like how Louis gets too friendly with Rosalia and she gets irritated that Linus just assumes she’ll accept his proposal. He then says he always gets what he wants and says that he’ll wait until Rosalia accepts his proposal.

They go on a date again a few days later and he once again tells her that he doesn’t like her falling in love with any other guy because his love guidebook told him to ww. She rejects him again because she feels if she accepts his propose now she’ll regret it. Before the ball, Linus says he’ll help her pick out a dress for the ball but instead he goes to have her try on wedding dresses xD. He doesn’t like the idea of her going to the ball to try to find a prince since she has him. He doesn’t get why she won’t pick him since he’s rich and he can help with her family’s financial problems. After she tries on the wedding dress he’s like oh btw it costs money to try stuff on at this store and she’s like Wwwhhhat!? lmao.  A few days later Rosalia goes to see Linus in the library and he asks her how she got in but she says she claimed to be his fiance. He’s so shocked that she would actually say such a thing and then admits that he ran away from her. Rosalia realizes she’s now fallen in love with this dork and then he tells her that he’s fallen in love with her and didn’t know what to do with himself. Rosalia realizes they’re both noobs at romance and she tells him to just be natural. He asks her how and she leans over and kisses him. (*´ω`*) She says that him running away from her made her realize his feelings for him. I guess this lights a fire under his ass and he then pushes her down on the ground saying he wants to go further even though it’s time for the library to close. He asks her in such an adorable way that she can’t say no and they end up humping on the library floor (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.  Best End: Rosalia runs into Linus at the ball and he tells her not to dress up this nicely in front of anyone but him. Suddenly a bunch of drunk guys topple against the balcony door which gets dust all over Rosalia. Linus is pissed and demands the drunk idiots apologize to her. They bitch & refuse so Linus pulls out his massive sword and threatens to chop them to pieces. When they push Rosalia and tell her to get out of the way he catches her and unlike him being clumsy like before, he manages to hold his balance. Rosalia is like WOW HE’S A SEXY BEAST NOW and then the trio of drunks realize he’s from the Rundall house.

The morons apologize and run away with Rosalia telling Linus to let the dumb-asses go. He then gets Rosalia’s fallen shoe and presents it to her saying she is his princess. She then tells Linus she loves him and he’s like yea well I LOVE YOU MORE and they make out. A few days later they go shopping into a stuffed toy store where Linus gets all sparkly eyed at the teddy bears. He tells her that when she saved his bear out of the fountain, he instantly realized that he’s madly in love with her. \( ^o^)/ He asks her to choose between 3 bears to buy and THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME lmao. She comes over his place where he starts making out with her behind the curtains and then she realizes it’s possible those 3 drunks at the ball…he had them “taken care of” because one of them went missing according to rumors. He starts getting randy and slipping his hand into her skirt and all her thoughts get blown away as she just gets caught in his pace xD.  They tell poor Louis that they aren’t going to be cancelling their engagement and the guy gets friendzoned part 2. When in a carriage a few days later, Linus admits he has no confidence if he can make Rosalina happy because he knows she’s strong enough to make herself happy. He once again asks her to marry him and Rosalina accepts for real. Insect Cage End: Rosalia realizes she’s in love with Linus and can’t resist his cute charm (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Yea I don’t get the title of this ending or what it has to do with the ending. Gold Digger End: Rosalia accepts Linus’ proposal to marry. He loves buying stuff for her and keeps showering her with clothes & jewelry. Engagement Retraction End: One day Rosalia receives a letter from Linus saying he wants to retract their engagement saying he wants to start over without the engagement being the thing holding them down. Masquerade Ball End: Rosalia runs into Linus at the ball on the balcony where he pours a bag of cinder all over her head so he can make that stupid cinderella joke. ( ´_ゝ`) He puts a mask on his face as well and they go off to dance together. Daww Linus was so cute with all his stuffed animals and his boke attitude lol. Oh guess what it’s another otome game where Yusa Kouji doesn’t voice a rapist or a pedo.

Oswell Savale – Oswell is basically like Sirius from the first game but he’s less of a do-M ;). He’s more of a tsundere instead hehe.  He tells Rosalia she doesn’t need to worry about the broken lantern because that stuff is only affecting Odette and not her or  the rest of her family. Rosalia gets pissed and throws the juice she was drinking in his face for insulting her cute  step-imouto like that.  As they hang out more together, they get extremely tsundere for each other and start seeing each other beyond friends.  At one point Oswell was supposed to come to her house but they get into a fight because he thought Rosalia invited him to meet her family as her lover. Rosalia gets pissed and tells him to not bother coming and runs off. He finds her and explains that in the past when he was brought to “meet the family” they’d pressure him into marrying the girl and it’s hard to refuse so he tries to avoid those situations. After hearing this they make up and decide for him to come to Rosalia’s house anyway now that he’s confirmed she isn’t like the others. He realizes how close Rosalia is to her sisters and apologizes for his words against Odette. As a thanks, a few days later he takes her to a restaurant where he gives her a gift. He then invites her to his house which is at the top of a tower. They talk and watch the town from the top and as they head down she trips and he catches her on the steps. Suddenly they stare at each other like deer at headlights until Oswell leans down and kisses her. Rosalia visits Oswell’s room again a few days later whree there’s a  blue jack o lantern. When she touches it, it goes out of control spilling candy all over so Oswell gets on top of her to protect her. All Rosalia can think about is the fact that he’s on top of her and remembers the kiss from the day earlier.

When the pumpkin finally stop spitting candy they take some of it and feed it to each other..until Oswell starts licking Rosalia’s fingers and eventually makes his way to her mouth. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Sadly their hot love scene is cockblocked by the god damn teapot and then Oswell changes the subject telling Rosalia “good luck and snagging a man” at the ball. Rosalia is disappointed that he isn’t jealous about it but it’s just cause he’s being tsuntsun ;).  Rosalia runs into him while shopping the next day and decides to tell him straight on that she likes him, not as a friend but as a man. He’s so stunned, he petrifies and turns red like a tomato in embarrassment xD. He then takes her to an alley behind a building and admits that he’s a magician just like Sirius. He then says that “but since I’m a mage, I’ll outlive my wife & son because magic isn’t passed on, is that ok??” Rosalia’s like “Idgaf, what do you think about me???” Oswell bursts out laughing at how she treats his worry like it’s nothing and admits that he loves her too. He then kisses her to prove it and says he’s not as “experienced” as she thinks he is and once again as proof he starts fondling her boobies. キャ━☆.:゚+。(ノ∀\*)゚+。:.☆━!!!  Unfortunately they get cockblocked by the 12’Oclock bell. They go back to his room to hump instead and afterwards he gives her a magical needle to help sew her dress for the ball.  Best End:  At the ball Oswell sees Rosalia talking to Linus and gets extremely jealous demanding she tell him what they talked about. He’s also extremely drunk and extremely pissed even though Rosalia’s like “umm you’re the one I like wtf bro.” He then admits defeat when she says they talked about random pointless shit that she forgot most of it. He says that she’s a witch for breaking his pride xD;;; and then they dance together to the music they hear from the ballroom.

As they walk home after the ball, a bunch of dudes in mask come after them saying they will kill Rosalia because she’s from the Scarlet family (thinking she’s Odette.) Fortunately Oswell uses his magic to protect her and then a few days later he asks Rosalia to go traveling around with him. She says she got nothing holding her back now that her family’s moved back into Odette’s house again so she agrees to go. The night before they go, they end up humping while he tells her that he pretty much fell in love at first sight with Rosalia. They get to a different country not too soon after and there they have to keep their magic a secret though Oswell has some mage friends. He buys Rosalia a ring as a present and says if she’s ever in danger, the ring will guide her to him so he can always protect her. Left Behind End: Oswell goes off leaving Rosalia behind without notice. Sirius End: Rosalia comes to Sirius’ magic shop and gets her hand stuck to his back because of a golden duck he’s holding. She comes to his place a few days later and he gives her a hairpin and says her hair is pretty. They both blush like idiots as he tries to put it into her hair. Dance with the Wizard End: At the ball, Oswell shows up and asks her to dance. He then takes her out on the balcony , grabs her by the arm and kisses her. He’s drunk as hell and asks her to come spend the night in his room and “free” him, as he starts kissing her neck. ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん Teacher & Student End: Rosalia agrees to be his magic pupil. Proposal End: Oswell asks Rosalia to marry him and stop running around chasing after “rich mans” ;). Daww Oswell had so many cute moments and his blushing face is so ε-(*´∀`|萌|. He was a little less gross than Sirius since he wasn’t hitting on some relative of his and wasn’t in love with her when she was a loli ww.

Louis Read – Louis is the forever friendzoned childhood friend who works as one of the castle guards. He’s loved Rosalia a long time but of course she just sees him as an old childhood friend. Everyone around them knows he loves her except thickhead Rosalia ww. He saves her from some idiots who attack her in the back alley and after that he’s very watchful and asks her to never go out without him. He tries to get her to notice his feelings by inviting her out on a date but she only thinks of them just going out as friends, poor guy.  They get into a fight because she goes off alone to the magic shop and he’s mad that she didn’t bring him along and might be in danger. She feels bad since he is partially right after she got attacked, so she bakes him some cookies as an apology. When he gets them and hears they were just for him he freaks out and starts eating all of them. His coworkers walk by and start making fun of him asking if they can have some. He takes the entire basket and says he will eat them all and not give them to anyone 😆 A few days later Rosalia and the kids she babysits write love letters for fun. Rosalia decides to write one for Louis but she thinks of it as just a friendly letter. When he receives it he freaks out again and then while talking he blabs out that he loves her. Without realizing what he said he takes the letter and goes home leaving a confused Rosalia to wonder whether his confession was for love or friendship. Elise tells Rosalia that she’s the only thickheaded one and that he’s liked her for a while so she tells her to wait and see what happens. A few days  later she meets Louis in the park and they drink stuff and he starts blushing like a little girl when he thinks about having an indirect kiss with Rosalia xD. She says she doesn’t really mind and he almost babbles that he likes her again but holds himself back and drinks the juice out of his cup instead. Rosalia starts taking all his actions seriously now that she knows he likes her so she expects him to confess at any moment and it makes her antsy. Suddenly they see a wedding event going on and they plan to have a bouquet toss and ask if any ladies want to participate to catch. Louis suggests Rosalia go but she doesn’t want to get into the crowd. To make it easier for her to catch and see it, Louis lifts her up making everyone around them think they’re lovers 8D. Thanks to this, Rosalia  manages to catch the bouquet and then they run off to get away from all the attention of people thinking they’re lovers x3. He then asks if she wants to be his waifu and says he’s always loved her – though Rosalia’s like “yea I know” (´;ω;`) Poor guy lol.

He asks if she wants to grow old with him together and he’ll help the Scarlet house financial problems. Rosalia refuses his marriage proposal though she says she likes him too but she’s not ready to get married.They go to the library a few days later and run into Linus accidentally. Louis gets pissy at him telling him not to touch Rosalia. After they head home, Louis is pissed that Rosalia won’t cancel her engagement with Linus. He made a promise to himself he won’t lay a hand on her until marriage and Rosalia calls him old fashioned. He says he can’t take it anymore so he asks to hug her and when she lets him, he goes in for the kiss too. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Rosalia’s like damn about time we acted like lovers lol.  Rosalia then goes out to a restaurant with Linus to discuss cancelling their engagement, and upon hearing this Louis is relieved. She keeps working all day and night on her dress and instead gets sick. Louis takes care of her and brings her medicine but since she’s too weak to get up and drink it, he mouth feeds it to her. (♡´౪`♡)  The combination of her looking vulnerable and the thoughts of jealousy for Linus make Louis jump on top of Rosalia saying he’ll take her cold from her. He says shit man I don’t think I can stop, and Rosalia tells him that he can keep going until she tells him to stop (though she knows AINT NO STOPPIN THE MATTRESS MAMBO YEAAAA.) Needless to say, the next day Rosalia’s fever magically goes down.  Best End:  At the ball, Rosalia accepts Louis’ marriage proposal. He takes her outside to a garden fountain and they dance inside the fountain together  when suddenly the fountain lights up.  Afterwards  Louis takes Rosalia princess style and runs away from other guards. Unfortunately they get caught and the guard’s like “what the hell are you doing here instead of doing your duties as a guard?!”  The guard thinks that Louis kidnapped one of the princes’ “Bride candidates” and the 2 of them start fighting. After the ball Rosalia doesn’t see Louis for a while and when she visits his mother she finds out he has to stay at the castle for a while.  Eventually he comes to see her and she cries because she was worried about him but he wipes her tears away and apologizes. He comes in and wants to ichaicha but she tells him not in front of her family so they go and smooch behind some building in town.

They run into Linus afterwards and he asks if they can at least still be friends since their fathers were friends.  Linus then goes into haraguro mode and is like “What you’re afraid to let her go or something? I don’t think you guys will last long. I’ll be watching you CAREFULLY as a “FRIEND” lolol. Louis then brings Rosalia a the pair of shoes left at the castle during the ball. He then kisses her foot and she acts like a jousama and says “I give you permission” and I guess this s&m play turns him on :lol:.  He then starts licking her foot and says that he doesn’t mind her dominating him…if she can bwahaha (and he syas that as he slowly moves his peroperoing up her thigh (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン). Not wanting to fall off the chair, Louis brings her to the bed and promises to do his best to give her a happy future with him as he slips his hand under her dress (*´∀`)むふ♪. Our Differences End: Louis stops visiting Rosalia for a while and Elise asks if they’re in a fight. She runs into his guard coworkers a few days later saying he’s been busy with work. Moonlight Kiss End: At the ball, when Louis brings her outside and she accepts his proposal he grabs  & kisses her. He says he needs go back on his guard duty but before going he wants to smooch a little bit longer. (*´ω`*) Rapid Development End: Rosalia accepts Louis’ marriage proposal right away and suddenly the  ceremony planning begins  but it’s more than Louis thought it would be.Posponement End:  They end up postponing their wedding plans until later. Spencer End: Spencer hits on Rosalia all this time but she finally gives him the time of day. They hold hands and depending on your choice she squeezes it like they’re arm wrestling プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. DAWWW LOUIS WAS SUCH A CUTIE PIEEEE. I’m not a huge fan of childhood friend routes because so much friend zoning is going on but Louis was so adorableeee |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . I thought before playing that Feather would be my favorite but Louis is my no.1 for real. Though in unfortunate news, Louis’ route made me kinda dislike Linus. ( ´_ゝ`)

Damien – Damien is like the entire “backbone” of the ongoing story in the game so he is best left for last. Damien is a mouse monster who can play the violin and is BFFs with feather. He meets Rosalia because she ends up rescuing him when he’s in mouse form and gets trapped by some kids. He doesn’t like humans and thinks Feather’s attempts to blend in with them is stupid and a waste of time. The mouse on his hat looks like a stuff animal but it’s wild and rabid and bites Rosalia’s fingers when she tries to poke it. To make up for the scary broken pumpkin lantern event, he then instead puts on a show for Rosalia & her family full of fireworks from the pumpkins. He then tries to teach her how to play the violin as well but he still acts like he doesn’t care about Rosalia. This pisses off Louis and he tells Rosalia she should pick her men better (like him lolol oh Louis.) After this incident, Damien admits that he gets jealous when Rosalia talks to other guys, and it’s the first time a human has made him feel this way. He also then gets jealous if Rosalia plays with other mice but eventually lets her get friendly with his hat mouse again. He admits that he’s the one who broke the pumpkin lanterns but says he’s telling Rosalia this because he’s fallen in love with her. He comes into her room that night through her window in his mouse form and says he wanted to apologize once more. Rosalia forgives him since he was just working for the king of monsters (Reynald) to do stuff against the Scarlet family. Suddely they hear Elise coming into Rosalia’s room so she drags Damien with her under the covers and once Elise confirms everything is “ok” she leaves. Just then Damien comes out from under the covers asking what Rosalia thinks of him, and when she says she loves him, he kisses her. Suddenly he jumps out of bed going “omg if I don’t leave I won’t be able to stop” :lol:. He then says he’ll go tell the Reynald that he will no longer cause harm to the Odette and her family and he will tell him that he’s also now dating Rosalia.

A few days later Damien returns to Rosalia telling her that he spoke to Reynald and the guy was like “lol do whatever you want” and Rosalia glomps him saying she was worried about him. He takes advantage of this position and starts making out with her sliding his hand up her skirt (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. Rosalia asks him to “continue” in her bedroom cause she don’t wanna screw on the kitchen floor :lol:.  Best End: At the ball Rosalia finds Damien under one of the dining tables. He says he came to check on her because he was worried, but he can’t show himself at the ball since he’s not an invited guest. They end up kissing under the table, and after that Rosalia keeps going in & out of the table cloth to visit him the rest of the night. She then changes into a maid outfit and carries a rolling table of food with Chase hiding inside of it instead. She manages to roll him out of the ball room without anyone noticing…though honestly I don’t get why he didn’t just TURN INTO A MOUSE. Would that be too logical? 😆 So then they eventually run outside but are intercepted by a really pissed Oswell saying he had to clean up the mess Damien caused. Rosalia doesn’t want him to get hurt so she gets in the way to protect him but I guess this stops Oswell from attacking and he changes Rosalia’s dress from the maid outfit back to her ball gown. Afterwards Damien yells at her saying it’s more painful for him if she’s hurt than him taking some magic damage and asks her to never “protect him” again. After they move back to their old house, Rosalia goes to visit the apartment for old time’s sake where Damien says he misses her. In her old room he pushes her down on the bed and starts making out with her saying he wants to “relieve his memories with her here”.

She then tells him if he’s really lonely he should visit her in his human form not his mouse form. He thinks that she’s proposing to him but she doesn’t want him just moving in just yet…so she gives him a little doll house to live in as a mouse with her instead xDD. He complains he can just live in the house as a mouse but she says if he does, one of the servants will catch him in a trap thinking he’s a pest ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ . They win tickets to see a play but he’s more focused on Rosalia instead. Afterwards they bump into some kids and Damien handles it well to which he says that Rosalia should have his babies cause he’d make a good dad ;D.  Kindly Neighbor End: Damien moves into the same apartment as Rosalia & co. and they become neighbors. Bean Soup End: Damien comes over Rosalia’s place for dinner where they all eat bean soup together. Damien brings over some cheese for a change from all the bean soup they always have. Orchestra End: Damien’s band members ask Rosalia to help out the band by being a manager and helping them with planning & scheduling to earn a little extra money aside from her babysitter job. Rosalia agrees but Damien is like NOOO NOOO MINEE and tells her not to be too hasty. Disappearance End: After Damien’s confession he disappears from Rosalia’s sight. Feather says that he hasn’t seen Damien in a while either and has been looking for him as well. Damien did mention in his ending that Rosalia has bad luck ending up with a mouse instead of a prince. I have to kinda agree with him because overall I feel like she got the short end of the stick compared to Odette. As a character at first Damien kind of annoyed me with his “idgaf about you” attitude but after he got a little more deredere he couldn’t get his hands off Rosalia ;).
Wow well that was certainly quick! Not sure if it was quick due to lack of content or quick because of the extremely awesome “skip to next scene/choice” feature Quin Rose added in this game. I  didn’t use the auto-skip feature a single time because of this and skipping through routes to get every ending became extremely easy. Let’s be honest, Odette is Cinderella. Rosalia is just Odette’s not so evil step sister.  All those things that felt like “Cinderella” were in the last game. Here it was just kinda like “well here’s whats going on with Odette and now Rosalia’s on the boat because she happens to be her step sister.” The other thing of course is that if you didn’t play the first game you’d have no fucking idea what’s going on. It’s clear a lot of the events and plot in this game heavily depend on 12ji so this is not a stand alone game. Unlike Odette who was so magical with her cooking and visiting the town, Rosalia had to work her ass of babysitting a bunch of brats. She is also a lot more mature than Odette but unfortunately that also made interactions with the guys almost predictable because a normal mature person would do like Rosalia did…rather than become a tsundere otome game heroine like Odette. I also preferred the CG style coloring of the first game better. It had more depth I guess? A lot of the Cgs in this game felt really flat – the same style as Arabians Lost (though for AL I think it worked better.) I guess the biggest WOW in this game was the system for me. The screenshot capturing was quick and smooth, the jump to next choice was amazing and finally after a million games Quin Rose decides to bunch up their CG instances. That means in the gallery you have 3 pages per character of CGs instead of like 10 pages because there’s like 4-5 instances of each CG.  While each route started out rather slow & dull, by the end it was cute and made me (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ so I’m not too bitter. I would have liked more OOMPH out of this game but I almost feel like they were busy trying to revamp their game system rather than focus on a cohesive plot. So for that I really can’t hate them, I know they’re trying to improve so maybe once they get finished improving their system kinks, they will return to focusing on more engaging story writing. (They should stop focusing on the kuso mini games cause seriously I never get them.) Or maybe it’s just the fact that Cinderella really didn’t need a continuation. I like Rosalia and all and I love Louis the most but I don’t feel like this game was necessarily…necessary lol. In fact it really raised my eyebrows about characters like Feather…like was he always this  O/C or did they need to make him O/C for the sake of this game? Despite what my friends feel, I don’t think they should make a 3rd game for Elise. Unless they can think of something epic, (doubtfully if they want to stick to the same plot) making a 3rd game would just be grasping for straws. Anyway if you do like QR game styles and you played the first game then I would definitely recommend playing this one. Just don’t expect any kind of amazing plot because it pretty much lives in the shadow of the first game.


18 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Cinderella and the Midnight Bell ~Halloween Wedding~”

  1. It is! >_< It's too bad this game is thinner than the prequel T^T We could know immediately from the game size. Huff….But appearently, japanese girls like this game (story and heroine) more than the prequel. I'm glad though ^^

  2. since it wasnt really romantic or deep I didn’t feel like I had any thoughts lol; the whole game’s story/plot was rather thin so…

  3. Yes, I know, I read on your summary. I mean, I thought that you would give some opinions about Sirius x Rosalia, or Spencer x Rosalia, maybe? Like, “Why bother give him an ending?” or “I think Sirius suits Rosalia better than with Odette.” Something like that. You know, just wanna know how’s your thoght ^^

  4. well in the end he kinda became a creeper so I guess not all fluff? His character in oumagatoki was a lot cuter (a cute tsundere kaicho :))

  5. Wow Yusa actually voiced a Teddy bear loving sweetie this time? What has this world come to?
    And yeah personally I think that he is strangely better at pulling off creepy and cunning roles better cuz he already has a reputation for voicing rapists and villains galore. He also voiced Gin Ichimaru from Bleach who is also creepy.

  6. I did, if you read my summary I included their endings from the route they branched off of. they only have 1 small ending which was not worth its own paragraph.

  7. The characters are just cute! LOVE 24-ji no kane! LOVE Rosalia!
    Wish for Elize as the next heroine! With Reynald as one of the guys!
    Anyway, why you didn’t make Sirius and Spencer as you could get their endings too?

  8. Well the ending of Louis’ route kinda ruined Yusa’s “non rapist” image for me….like he became this haraguro and suddenly FLASHBACKS 😯
    But I liked him a lot in Oumagatoki almost to the point I’d forget its Yusa voicing the guy lol.

    Rosalia was cool, I did like her but like I said you are right, it does feel rather bland. Like for example Louis is the childhood friend, can you imagine all the flashback possibilities they coulda had??? It seems like they just wanted to stick to the original game’s template story rather than branch out more about Rosalia & her mans.

  9. Haha, your concerns match the ones longtime fans had with 12ji and Ouma so closely it’s funny. IDK, I find myself rather entertained by Rosalia, but it seems that her guys are just….somewhat bland? I’m pretty sure you can write an interesting story that goes alongside 12ji, QR just seems to want this to be a low-key relaxing series or something.

    BTW, it really seems like Yusa’s trying to turn his professional image around! Good for him. I like his voice when he’s voicing tsunderes/cracky WTF person a lot more than his rapist voice. Perhaps it’s because rapist voice lines have to be the most boring lines on the planet, and Yusa’s already kind of one-note for that role. He can’t change his voice like nearly everyone else; it’d suck for his career if he gets stuck in a typecast.

  10. lol yea ye’olde rubber band for quin rose games pre Grimm xD;;
    if you haven’t played 12ji this game would really confuse you I think!
    and yes peter is |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑

  11. Awesome review (≧∇≦)/
    Glad that QR’s system in this game is so much better, Alice was pretty much torture for me.
    I haven’t really decided if I should buy this game or not since I haven’t played 12ji (´・_・`)
    On another note, i really love your display picture.. Peter is just 萌えww

  12. Thanks for reviewing this, wasn’t sure about this cos only just finished the first Cinderella game but kinda want to give this shot — but can I ask how you activate the new skip to next choice function? My finger is dying from holding down the trigger button and am only done with one of Louis’ routes! Unless you meant just the one choice right up front where you can skip the intro? Have been trying to no avail, though not sure what I’m missing!!

  13. Thank you so much for such a splendid review!!! But where did you find a CG guide for this game? I’ve been searching for one since forever and had no luck at all T.T so please share XD

  14. if you compare the CGs from 1 game to the other you will see the slight gradient change.
    yea it sucks we saw nothing about Louis’s childhood but its little things like this I wish they would have expanded on. there was the potential to add more stuff in than just “oh noes lets save Odette” the whole time.

    oh and thanks for the heads up about my summary im usually writin these when im tired x)

  15. I liked this game a lot, I don’t think the coloring style changed a lot from the previous game.

    I expected the yuri thing in feather’s but not that it will be so ON YOU FACE thing
    and also I’m starting to think that Japanese people think that pigeons are evil or something because that haraguroness certainly came out of nowhere especially considering how cute was the rest of the route.
    I also liked the ball with Oswell and how he went from calling Rosalia witch to call her queen.
    But obviously the best guy was Louis, after seeing one of the tokutens I expected there to be a flashback to their childhood but it didn’t happen T-T .

    I would like a 3rd game only if one of the route choices is Reynald since I’m pretty sure that could make for some plot.

    P.S. in Oswell’s you switched Odette and Rosalia’s name in the part about the ring, and also the guys that appeared to kill Rosalia did it because they tough that her dance with Oswell shamed Linus since she is his fiancee.

    Well now QR will get time to deepen their plots now that their system is getting so smooth.

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