Android Otome Game Review: Zettai Star

This appeared on Google Play about a week or 2 ago and it does require phone root (or installation via rooted phone on the same gmail account.) The story is, you’re a new idol manager and you have to train some idol to do live performances and eventually become a superstar within the span of 1 year.

The system is pretty easy. You basically pick either Work or Lesson and depending on each you will get either idol exp points or money  you will need to do live concerts.

Each “task” has a time limit on it so you can say pick the “lesson” that takes 5 hours while you go do other things etc. The time ranges from 30 minutes – 6 hours depending on what you pick.

Once you’ve reached enough exp or whatever, you can now do a live concert. The live concert is basically like project diva where the guy sings the same song every time while you “tap” the appropriately colored stars on screen.

If you get a high score you will earn “fans” and I guess the more fans you earn the better.

My Thoughts: Not gonna lie, this game’s a drag. The only reason to play it is if you want to hear the voice acting. The game is partially voiced and while it has a lot of seiyuu noobs, it also has actors like Midorikawa Hikaru and Shimono Hiro. It’s not fully voiced but enough that it stands out from completely mute otome games your typically find on a phone. It’s not the “wait 5 hours” thing that’s a drag, its the rewards. The entire game is in 3D and the 3D models sincerely just creep me out. Their mouths move like some ventriloquist dummy and despite the original illustration being done by Iwamoto Tatsurou, none of his illustrations were used in anything except loading screens and splash screens. There’s no indicator of whether or not you’re getting affection with your guy, there’s no events except brief events before each “task” you do. In the end, I failed of course and it was just like “oh you didn’t become a top star the end.” No CGs nothing.

Needless to say after I got this weird ending I quit. The first guy, Tsukasa, you can play for free but the rest of the guys you have to pay for. Additionally you can BUY items to avoid waiting time for the missions but that’s already a rip off in its own way. Since the free route didn’t really tickle my fancy, I figured it’s not worth spending money on any of the others. If you get a chance, try the free route and if you like it or you just wanna hear your favorite seiyuu in any context, it might be a good game for you.

10 thoughts on “Android Otome Game Review: Zettai Star

  1. I know it’s a mobile game and all, but it seems really cheap. I’d rather companies just put more time and resources into creating a full game that doesn’t cop out so much. /wishfulthinking

    1. it just feels like they post most of their effort into visuals, layout, the 3D modeling and voice acting/music.
      i guess they forgot the important part of like interacting that otome games typically require.

  2. When I saw the art ->ah looks good, then I scrolled down your post and saw the 3D image, I was like->scary and weird lol. Maybe it will look better if they stick with 2D and otome element. ^0^/

  3. The whole raise your own idol concept got me interested, and I personally think the models look fine. Unfortunately I don’t have the android to play this nor the money to unlock any of the other characters…

  4. Hm, is this a try of revival from the Web Kare people? I mean, the design of the title and the art is quite … the same?

    1. lol it looks nothing like webkare to me. anyway these kinds of games are pretty common nowdays so i doubt it has anything to do with that anymore.

  5. What were they on when they decided to make 3D characters? People play otome games for the hot 2D anime men not characters that resemble real people.

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