Otome Game Review: Cinderella and the 12 O’Clock Bell ~Halloween Wedding~

Odette Scarlet is the only daughter of a rich guy Graham Scarlet whose mother died when she was a baby. Due to this she was raised by servants and her father for most of her life and was pretty much the mistress of the house. One day daddy tells her he wants to remarry and the woman he’s picked is some lady shamed by society because she single handedly raised two daughter on her own. Odette thinks this lady is just a gold digger after her dad’s money but decides to give them a chance. Some time later, her father gets into an accident and dies. To make things worse, he doesn’t leave an inheritance and in fact leaves a LOAN putting Odette, Fatima & her 2 daughters in debt!! (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  They only have a week left to live in this house and after that it has to get foreclosed and they gotta beat it. Fortunately Fatima isn’t an evil stepmother and the daughters aren’t evil stepsisters so they find a small cheap place to live in and ask Odette to come with them. Turns out the house they found is some old beat up haunted mansion that looks like something the Adams family used to live in. 😆 Fortunately life’s not too bad for our Cinderella because she gets to make friends with some hot monster bishies and attend the ball to win over prince charming’s heart.

Roy Diefenthal – Roy is the prince charming of this game and he’s quite the airheaded royalty at that! His fateful meeting with Odette is when she catches him randomly eating a tomato from a shop without paying. Our awesome heroine runs after him telling him he has to pay for this sheit and he’s like “orly?” 😆 As he sneaks out of his castle to see her, she teaches him about various things that non-royalty do and eat things such as weird candy apples. He tries to be a man and treat Odette on their “dates” but he only has the old timey equivalent of $1000 bills and it makes all the shop owners heads spin xD. After a while she eventually invites Roy to her house and excited like a little puppy he agrees to come. He eats her bean soup (which she is so utterly sick of) and thinks its the most delicious thing ever ( ≖‿≖). He’s also very supportive of her situation and is sympathetic to all that she’s been through. He’s so sweet that he even goes as far as to find a lost bracelet for her and then comes to see her by climbing up a tree near her window to give it to her. (*´ω`*) In the meantime Reynald keeps cockblocking in this route trying to get you to admit that you’re a poor worthless Cinderella. And so in the “bad” end Reynald becomes her chat buddy where she gets to talk to him about all her poor person problems :lol:. Anyway during one of their “Dates”, Roy and Odette visit her father’s grave together where Odette says that she regrets being “tricked” by that lawyer out of losing her home. Basically her father’s partner basically screwed him over and put him in “debt”. Since both Odette & Graham trusted him that’s why she lost everything after his death. Roy offers to help her out with his richness & powers saying he could prosecute the guy if necessary.

So since this is a quin rose game, if you act like a weak damsel in distress & rely on his powers, you do get your rich life back but…it’s a lonely one where the closeless of her step family and being able to see Roy is now gone. So anyway since this is a QR game, you need to push him away and although that upsets him, Odette vows to get through this with her own strength. When news comes about a ball full of rich ikemans, Rosalia wants to sneak in but Fatima says that maybe Odette already has someone she likes. That night Odette thinks about what happened with Roy at the cemetary she realizes that she really has fallen for him. The next day Elise runs in freaking out because the 3 of them get invitations to go to the royal ball. ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ!The next day she runs into  Roy after a while of not seeing him and the first thing she does is punch him multiple times :lol:. He then asks her to spill the beans about the ball and says that it’s unfair for her to rely on other mans but not on him. Roy knows that she didn’t become friendly with him to use him and in fact she helped him out when he was lost like a bumbling idiot in amongst the commoners. He then kisses her and says that if she wants to go “hit on the prince at the ball”, she can just have fun!:lol:. Of course for some reason she still hasn’t realized that Roy = Prince ^^;. The two of them then try to think about what to do for her outfit and they go see Mr. Fairy Godfather Sirius to help them out (✧≖‿ゝ≖). He says he can make a dress with magic but for shoes, he tells her to go to Glass the shoemaker to make a pair for her. And so the fairy godfather turns her boring dress into a ball gown and Glass gives her some glass slippers (herp derp.) They take a pumpkin and turn it into a carriage and head for the ball.

At the ball the king decides for it to be a masquerade so his son, the prince, can find himself a wife without knowing anything about her in advance. Luckily enough Roy has an Odette-dar and he picks her out of the crowd. Odette recognizes him as the “prince” but until the clock strikes 12 and his mask accidentally flies off, she never realized the prince = Roy. She’s so pissed and betrayed (well I thought it was rather obvious from his princely outfit but…) that she slaps Roy and runs off raging home. A few days later she runs into Roy in town and he’s pissed that she’s been avoiding him. He tries to get her to listen to him but Odette gets bitchy for no reason and tries to run away. She tells him because she slapped him in front of everyone, she’s shamed him and herself and bids him goodbye. Some time passes and finally Odette tells her sisters about the lawyer who screwed them out of all their money. And then a few days later, one of the royal guards comes around looking for Odette. After the mom & the sisters pretend to be Odette to protect her, Roy who is also there is finally like “Wtf is going on why is everyone pretending to be you!? I don’t care that you slapped me it was just like a married couple fight.” xDD She tells him he should just go back to the castle and find a better person for himself and he’s like “I’m HERE TO ASK YOU TO MARRY ME CAUSE I LOVE YOU.” He then pulls out THE shoe and tells her that it if its, then she is fit to be his waifu. Being a Quin Rose heroine she refuses lmfao but being a Quin Rose HERO he GRABS HER FOOT AND STUFFS IT INTO THE SHOE. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Of course it fits and he immediately claims her as his waifu and takes her to the castle. They spend days in her bedroom getting it on until she finally “accepts” his proposal so they can officially get married XD. If you ignore the  fairy godfather the whole time you end up having no dress and missing the ball. Roy is so upset that he sent out invitations and shit and you didn’t show up! However he still loves Odette like a puppy and the two of them continue their “friendship” without knowing anything about each other’s rich ties. Haha daww Roy was such a cute bastard |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ . I thought he’d be this obnoxious prince character but he was just a darling!!

Feather – Feather’s route is just a short detour you take from Roy’s. He’s basically living in the same apartment building (which just looks like a giant mansion) as Odette and often comes over and has tea & crumpets with her. The thing is, because he’s a monster, he can change shape into either male or female form. By gender he’s probably a male because that’s what he ends up  spending more time as later on but the WHOLE TIME ODETTE THINKS MALE FEATHER IS LIKE FEMALE FEATHER’S LOVER (´⊙艸⊙`;). Needless to say he finally explains to her that he’s as pigeon man and he can change shape anytime he wants to at any given moment. So since you kinda dumped Roy due to your shame of slapping him silly, you end up with Mr. Ikeman Pigeon for a hatoful kareshi ending 😆 Wish there was more to it than that to be honest and wish they had Feather spend more time being a man than having Shimono try to voice a trap :lol:.

Glass Walker – Glass is the snobby shoe store owner responsible for Cinderella’s glass slippers. His motto is if you come into his store you better be a customer or GTFO. When Odette first runs into him, she almost crashes with her groceries because of a stupid shota. Glass sees her torn apart shoes and immediately drags her to his store for repairs 8D. And so she keeps coming by his shoe store after that and sometimes helps him model & sell shoes for the customers. As a thanks he says he’ll give her money for her part time work and in addition asks to see her family so he can fix their shoes too lol. After meeting her  sisters he tells her that he doesn’t have a family but her house felt warm & welcome to him. He then pats her on the head over and over. (*´ω`*) Glass also refuses to make shoes for obnoxious rich snobs and so since Odette is currently a poor bum, she asks Glass to make her the best shoes in the  whole wide world! So then when he hears about her being screwed over by the lawyer he says he wants her to entrust in him and he’ll help “take care” of things. Not trusting him and being worried that he may do something dangerous she secretly asks Roy (who is now her bff) to help her. He sends ball invitations to her and her sisters and then she asks Glass to make her the shoes for it. When Glass hears about her going to hit on some rich dudes to try and get some money, he gets kinda pissed. ^q^ He then kisses her saying there’s no way he’s gonna make her shoes so she can go hit on some other mans when he’s so madly in love with her! (♡´౪`♡)

He eventually does agree to make her shoes with the promise that she’s only going there to try and get “money” and not a “lover”. And so in the Miseban end since I kinda ignored the Fairy Godfather Odette never got a dress & missed the ball. She ended up basically working alongside of Glass instead at his shoe store (and of course he’s like yippie!) And so in the best ending I went to see Sirius which allowed him to make Odette her ball gown. At the ball she runs into the “prince” and he’s like “You have business with me don’t you?” Odette is worried  the prince wants to hit dat sheit in the back room but agrees to go with him anyway. Suddenly the lights go off into the entire ballroom and then Odette is grabbed by a random dude. Suddenly Reynald shows up and is like “Come at me bro” to Glass who then reveals that Reynald is the Dark Lord Halloween!! ヽ(。_゜)ノ They duke it out because apparently Glass wants to take his darling away from the ball (and well I don’t blame him :3). Turns out Glass is a …glass spirit and when he gets a chance he grabs Odette and they run for it (with her of course leaving her glass slipper behind.) To escape from Reynald they jump through a mirror and then come out in his house. He asks if she wants to ask him anything and the first thing she asks is “WHY DID YOU COCKBLOCK!?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He’s like “wait don’t you wanna know about my true identity” and she’s like “nope IDGAF” so he pins her down on the bed and kisses her upset that she don’t give a rat’s ass.

She says she doesn’t care who he is because it doesn’t bother her whether he’s human or monster. He kisses her again and then SHE BITES HIM GOING “U STILL DIDN’T TELL ME Y U COCKBLOCKED” Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒャ!!  He tells her that he saw her getting all ichaicha with another guy and it pisses him off xDDDD. He tells her that if she needs help with her life to rely on him all she wants and they make love all night long (/ρ\)いやーん. The next morning Glass comes with her to her house and says he wants to say hello to her step family and “take responsibility” (✧≖‿ゝ≖). And so in the epilogue she doesn’t make any progress against that lawyer but she kinda enjoys her life with Glass being almost like her husbando ( ≖‿≖). He tells her that since he’s a spirit, he doesn’t have a family as he is like “randomly created”.  Anyway Thanks to Roy, their house problem gets resolved and they can get their life back and the loan they owe has been wiped. They run into Reynald a few days later and he returns Odette the glass slipper that she lost at the ball. When Odette returns to her house she becomes the mistress once more because Fatima’s too used to being a poor single mother to be able to handle aristocratic duties. And so since Glass has his spirit powers, he uses them to basically teleport Odette from her house to his store via mirror xD. She continues to secretly help him with his shoe store and after closing hours they hump happily ever after (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. In the aristocrat shoe end, Odette puts all her trust into Glass to “take care” of her problem. He basically haunts the lawyer until he admits to his crimes and returns the house to Odette. Glass promises to continue making her shoes for her but Odette is too scared to ask him the truth about the “monster” thing because she doesn’t want to ruin their relationship. Ahh Glass was so moe lmfao especially when dealing with our tsuntsun heroine but as usual Sakurai’s sexy voice made me nosebleed to death. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

Sirius Bradlay – I seriously think it should be BradlEy but okay whatever you say Quin Rose 😆 Additionally to get on his route you have to be a “dominating joousama” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ I like where this is going ( ≖‿≖). Though he’s the nice  fairygod father of the story, when Odette first meets him in this route he glomps her but she has no idea who she is so she goes screaming. He then explains that he used to play with Odette when she was a loli as he was apparently a friend of her mother’s. Feather of course hates him because he thinks that Sirius is just a pedobear who Odette’s forgotten about since last time they met she was a baby anyway. When he meets her step family they all think that he’s a candidate for her husband to be. While Odette’s like “lol no” Sirius starts blushing and stuttering like a little school girl. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  He’s really sweet and caring for Odette and when he finds her soaked in the rain without an umbrella he immediately takes her to his store to dry up. That’s when she finds out that he’s a magician and he tells her he meant to keep it a secret. He also informs her that he’s some distant uncle of hers since he’s been alive for like a thousand years….ew. (´・ω・`) I mean I know it’s some distant relative but still….and not only that but he is apparently “cursed” to fall in love with his relatives so he was in love with her mother – and now he’s in love with her! In fact the moment her mom had her, he was like “WHEN THE BAYBAY GROWS UP IMA HIT THAT” ( ≖Д≖;)…..but lol I guess by this time Odette don’t care cause she’s kinda got the hots for him too.

He wants to use his magic powers to try and help her but Odette thinks that he only sees her as a replacement for her mom so she pushes him away. Rejected & upset, Sirius goes and gets piss drunk in his house until Odette finds him lying on the floor. When she tries to wake him up he babbles in drunk stupor about how much he loves her lol. Affterwards she asks him to make her the ball gown cause she needs to go hit on some rich mans to swindle them of their money, he gets annoyed but says as part of the magician rule she needs to give him some kind of a payment. Sooo our quin rose heroine, grabs Sirius and makes out with him and he’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ and then tells her that it’s “sufficient” (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ). And so at the ball, Sirius is pissed at Roy trying to hit on Odette so he comes to take her away. He uses his magic to distract Reynald and the two of them fly off on his magical broom. They go to his house and make lovin’ all night (´^ω^`). He then says he’ll be her future husbando and says he’ll take care of her loan problems for her. A few days later one of the palace guards comes down to inform Odette that she can return to her house because I guess Roy took care of things again. They run into Roy in town and Sirius is all overprotective of Odette  when Roy says that he wants to be able to hang out with her sometime again. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ

Roy then returns Odette her lost glass slipper and tells her to promise to hang out with him again. That’s when  Odette realizes that Roy did everything for her and was the prince. (´;ω;`) And so after Odette moves back to her old house, Sirius is unhappy that he can’t get ichaicha with her there. When one day she comes back to his place to “visit the old town” he pushes her down on the bed saying she hasn’t answered his proposal. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) She says it’s not fair that if she marries him she’ll grow old but because he’s become a magician he’ll always look the same cause he’s been alive for years. He tells her that for once in his boring long life he wants to get married and he wants to spend his life with her. She agrees to marry him on one condition: to knock her up and have his babies OOOOO YEAAAAA! 😆 In the “relative” end, Odette doesn’t reject Sirius’ offer to fix her house problem for her but Odette is upset that she feels he only looks at her the “daughter of the woman he loved”.  I think Sirius was the most moe ossan ever but I guess because of the incest/pedo in this route it’s kinda hard to swallow if you really think about it 😆 “Oh yea you know my sister some 10 generations down had a baby and well now I’ma hit dat sheit.” ( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ If you try to uh forget that factor Sirius is just adorable but yea I guess it’s a wall I have trouble climbing over when it comes down to it xD.

Gilbert Crois – Gilbert is a guard who works for the prince and typically patrolls the town streets. He’s usually the one LOOKING for Roy who prances around downtown for kicks & giggles xD. He has an unfortunate encounter with Odette and thinks that she’s stalking him. Things get even more awkward when he saves her from some potential rapists on her way home. With both of them being pretty strong characters, he tells her she’s loud and obnoxious while she thinks he’s a rude bastard. 😆 Odette’s like “challenge accepted” and she continues amusing herself around him like putting flowers into his hair and forcing him to walk around like that xDD. Gilbert won’t let her have his way so if he can’t get mad he gets even – in which case he puts another flower on her head too. They then get misunderstood as being lovers even though they’re just trolling each other xD. And so as usual at the visiting the father’s grave scene, Gilbert also offers to “help” Odette with her house/loan problem using his influential powers. If you agree to let him do this, Gilbert then asks Odette to become “his~” and grabs her and makes out. Odette is able to return to her house and the loan is gone, but she pretty much becomes his love slave cause she owes him a lot now. Fortunately at least she still has her spunk to keep her from being a total otomate-ish heroine there xDDD.

So then rejecting him and telling him she won’t rely on him, Odette finally runs into him in town a few days later. He finds her looking at dresses for the ball and when he finds out she’s going out to tempt some mans out of their money he gets jealous. He grabs her and makes out with her saying he wanted to take her before another guy does. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) He then tells her that if she wants some rich dude she should just go ahead and aim for the prince, as he’ll be watching carefeully :lol:. He then gives her a light kiss asking her if she wants him to pretty much take her virginity before the prince does. Odette’s like (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ and says NO because in her mind she’s not gonna go whore herself out to the prince. She only wants to get him to be on her side so he can help her with the money problem xD. However since I pretty much avoided Sirius like the plague I ended up at the “lost the best but won the love war” ending since there was decent dress for the ball. In this ending Gilbert’s happy as hell since that means Odette had no luck with her plain looking dress catching any mans. Gilbert however takes a lock of her hair and kisses it saying that “you’ve at least caught one.” (´^ω^`) And so in the best end, Odette visits Sirius to request the dress from him and gets to go to the ball as planned. And just as with the other routes, soon as Roy goes to hit on dat sheit, Gilbert gets rather irritated and takes Odette away!

As always he first has to fight with Reynald, and while he’s distracted, Gilbert grabs Odette like a princess and runs off with 1 of her glass slippers flying off in the process. They jump out of the balcony and somehow land safely on the ground lol. Odette’s all like why the hell did you do that and since she doesn’t seem to get his explanation, he grabs and kisses her. Just then the clock strikes 12 and her dress turns back to her boring apron dress. She’s so exhausted from them making out hard core that he picks her up and takes her to his house but tells her he can’t guarantee that she will get any “rest”. イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! And so she returns home the following day and then one of the other royal guards comes there and tells her that she can get her house back & the loan is gone. She runs into Gilbert in town who tells her he  “punished” the lawyer guy and then he gives her the glass slipper that she lost. And so Odette returns to her house but she continues seeing Gilbert and they go on a raburabu date where they receive a glass of juice with a heart shaped straw \( ^o^)/ . So I dunno why then we get this like REALLY POINTLESSLY LONG dragged out epilogue. She finds him smoking and then he like makes out with her afterwards while admitting that smoking is bad sigh. (ಠ_ಠ)Then he gives her some kind of a pouch which spouts out a bunch of magical flowers and they make out again. I feel like the epilogue was rather bland and while Gilbert had his cute moments overall his character was rather meh. I almost couldn’t find myself caring about him which is a pity as I feel they could have done more “rivalrly” stuff between him and Odette. (´・ω・`) As a friend of mine said “a waste of Koyasu” :lol:.

Chance – Chance is Gilbert’s friend which is apparently why I haven’t seen him in any other routes since I guess the 2 of them are tied together. When picking his route you pick the “upbeat guy” which Feather comments is too “plain” :lol:. Chance is a lizard monster who rides in his pimp pumpkin carriage :cool:. He grabs  Odette by the hand and shows her around downtown to all these hidden places that she may have not discovered on her own. And so like some kind of bakkappuru they end up meeting up in the park a lot and going on these “dates” doing things such as eating crepes together. The fact that he’s so pure and sincere around Odette makes her all flustered because it triggers all sorts of dere in her tsun xDDD.  Sadly their happy time doesn’t last too long when the towns people start leering & pointing fingers at Chance for being a monster (even though he doesn’t really do anything that makes it obvious that he is one.) Thankfully Odette is already used to Feather so she’s like “ain’t no thang!” and in fact thinks of him as a cute puppy lol. Chance’s pimp ride is supposed to be a job to drive people around but unfortunately because he’s a monster people are afraid to do business with him. (´・ω・`) Eventually Odette takes Chance home to meet the family and they’re all totally ok with him being a monster lol. A few days later one night, she has a little lizard bring over a flower to her. Thinking it’s one of Chance’s “friends” she thanks him and tells him to tell Chance thanks as well. 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 (Too bad she has no idea it’s actually Chance’s lizard form.)

And so at the grave visit scene  as always if you let Chance “take care” of your house/loan problem for you you get the separation ending. As usual Odette returns to her house and all her problems are solved but she’s lonely without Chance. When she sees his carriage ride by her house she calls out to him but he ignores her. (´;ω;`) So anyway to avoid this from happening once again I had Odette push him away telling him she won’t rely on him to solve her problems. I tried to get all the other endings in this stupid route but Quin Rose comes PLOWING AT ME WITH THEIR SHITTY SYSTEM ONCE AGAIN and making me end up at Feather’s end twice in a row. Yea this pissed me off beyond belief and reminded me why I had stopped playing Quin Rose games in the first place. Finally after like 3 different guides I managed to get out of the stupid pigeon ending loop and head for Chance’s best ending. (ಠ_ಠ)Soo anyway during a shopping day in town, Chance finds out that Odette intends to go snag the prince for his money at the ball and gets upset. (I mean all the guys in this game get upset, who wouldn’t!?) She gives him a kiss thanking him for the gifts he bought for her and dthen says to herself that it’s more than just a thank you kiss…but right now she has to SNAG SOME MONEY FIRST before she can go being raburabu with Chance. (´^ω^`) And so when the ball night comes, instead of turning a pumpkin into their carriage, this time Chance comes to pick them up in his pimp ride xD. At the ball, Chance turns into a lizard and starts cockblocking when Roy starts hitting on Odette. Chance agrees to leave being an uninvited guest but of course he takes Odette as his consolation prize.

When they get into the forest, he goes into the carriage with her and tells her that he was ok with her going after the prince at first but…….NOT SO MUCH NOW. He grabs and kisses her and she’s all like yea I didn’t wanna marry the guy either, it was all for money :lol:. And like it was pretty hot the moment he started moving his hands up her dress UNTIL he like pulls out his knife and starts RIPPING HER DRESS OFF. While he’s doing it he’s like “you don’t need this dress that you wore to TEMPT other men”.  And then he goes into this horny yandere mode of “I won’t stop and I won’t give you to anyone else.” ヽ(ヽ゚ロ゚)ヒイィィィ!!! And so they have sex in his pimp car all night long 😆 The next morning he brings her back home and decides to apologize to her step family for uh…having her with him all night lol. Like with the other routes, he ends up helping out with various household duties and says he’ll help her pay off the loan. Not to soon after, the guard comes down from the castle informing them the loan is gone & they can move back into their house. Eventually Chance admits that he was the lizard who came to visit her because they were in a fight and he didn’t know how else to see her xD. Gilbert then shows up and returns her the glass slipper that she lost. After Odette moves back, some time later Chance shows up to properly propose to her this time giving her a ring. Since she has nothing to give to him, she bites his neck and gives him a hickey. Chance is like “REVENGE!” and gives her one on her neck too. As they get ready to do the couch hump a thon  Odette wonders that if they ever have babies will she…have eggs like a lizard? LMFAO. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ I actually burst out laughing lol but seriously Chance we didn’t need those stupid yandere lines of yours sigh. I really wanted to like Chance cause he was cute but then he’d say some stupid posessive yandere line and like totally ruin it for me.

Quin Rose sure loves cut & paste! In fact I am so sure I heard the dialogue lines from the mom & sisters at least 4 times in the endings because I couldn’t skip through them and the only thing that changed was the guy whose route I was on. As seen with Oumagatoki, QR also C&P’s their programming so I was forced to play most of the time with my PSP looking like this:

That really got annoying when I was broadcasting and had to knot it around all the cords are seen above. (ಠ_ಠ) Automode would randomly shut off between scene switches so I’d constantly find myself pressing the triangle button over & over. As with Ouma, the sprite lazyness prevailed when AT THE BALL SHE HAD THE SAME SPRITE AS HER OLD DRESS. Like COME ON the BIG THING about Cinderella is her BALL GOWN. AT LEAST DRAW HER 1 MORE SPRITE FOR THE DAMN BALL GOWN ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Sigh. There were I think 4 separate ending credit movies which would NOT let me skip through them until I saw each one at least once and they ALL LOOKED THE SAME TO ME. Seriously I was like “what is different about this credit sequence it looks and sounds the same.” Gilbert & Chance felt like they were shoved in last minute. Whether they existed in this game or not made absolutely no difference when you were doing Roy, Glass or Sirius. At least Roy is the prince, Glass is the shoe guy and Sirius is your dress maker but Chance & Gilbert? Who cares about them! Their routes were sort of self contained within one another and well frankly I didn’t really like them either. The two of them both felt weirdly possessive, almost to the point of rapist if this were an R-18 game. The good news being that at least the heroine knew how to handle them but as with Hisoka in Ouma, I was like donotwant. Also those two’s epilogues felt extra long and stretched out while I actually enjoyed epilogues for Roy, Glass & Sirius.

Not being able to do a proper route for Feather was a huge downer since I think I would have preferred to do his route than Chance’s… The biggest downer for me though was the random friend event system. They would randomly pop up and if you missed even one, it would derail your entire route. This also means most people who posted guides posted guides based on what random event THEY got but that’s not necessarily which event I would get so I had to just use common sense & logic to try & make my way through. I almost rage quit at Chance’s route because I couldn’t get his best end, but since he was the last route of the game I started from the beginning and manged to get it. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Also I have no idea what the point of Reynald even was. I mean I can see the point as far as Roy is concerned but it pretty much made him feel like Mr. Plot Device in every other route lol. Well anyway complaints aside the game was fairly entertaining. It was probably entertaining because Odette was a hilarious tsuntsun Quin Rose heroine and despite some of the fallbacks, she kept everything amusing. The step family was great too and Gilbert & Chance aside, all the other guys had enjoyable routes. At this point I’d say Glass is my #1 with Roy being not too far behind. There will be a sequel (spinoff?) game coming out later this year with Rosalina being the heroine and she was pretty funny herself so I imagine that will be  entertaining too. I just hope for that game they stop with this random friend event shit and perhaps give Feather a real route……yet knowing how Quin Rose loves reusing templates & copy pasta I guess my hopes aren’t that high.

Also I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the system annoyance of this game has put a temporary halt in my QR marathon…

12 ji no kane to Cinderela Halloween Wedding Deluxe Edition / Game 12 ji no kane to Cinderela Halloween Wedding Regular Edition / Game


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  1. Though Odette’s personalities are nice, her chara design is just…..
    What’s with that plain long blondie?? QR could make her hair prettier with little curl or shaggy style.
    I love Rozalia the most, thank GOD QR made her as the heroine ^^b
    I hope that Elize would be the next heroine!

  2. oh I’m glad you liked it :)))
    Yes all Quin Rose heroines are like this ALL of them lol so you should definitely play more!
    The rubber band thing – yea its annoying I actually carry one in my PSP case now lol.
    Good news is grimm the bounty hunter has an auto skip system which means its gonna be rubberband free 😀

  3. Hey~ I finally tried Quin Rose and this one is the first I could go through until the end of the game. ◕▽◕

    I got Feather from the first play (I do like him!) but I just felt like, ‘What? I thought I was on Roy’s route. Where is my prince?’ XD Well, I just had to start over (and over) until I could grasp how the game’s system works that I could be back on the track.

    I was after only Roy (with Feather attached) so I don’t know how others’ routes are. Roy is sooooo cute. He’s a ‘darling’ as you said. So good to have this route first.

    Another thing that this game was such a joy for me is Odette. You know, I just expected her to be an annoying weakling, but she’s just beyond any expectation. She got humors and is strong. I laughed like mad at how she became after learning the truth about that attorney from Feather. LOL (Poor Feather.) And just when Roy proposed to her, the first thing she had in mind is なんなの このバカ with large font. XDDDDDDDDD

    Most dialogues are also funny. I enjoyed playing the game so much. :3 Thanks for introducing me to Quin Rose world.

    Oh, about the skip button, it exhausted my finger to death too. ღー。-’’

  4. I just got my hands on this game! ^^ but I can’t find the walkthrough in the sidebar you posted @@ which web did you find it in? Oh, I really like Roy and Chance btw. I can’t wait to play their route ><

  5. i love your post! damn its so funny! I used a rubber band when my hand started to hurt pressing the R button…

  6. oh thanks for the heads up! I tend to usually ignore drama CDs or listen to them while i’m cleaning the house or something since they’re usually “guy talking to himself for an hour” or something xD

  7. You probably should hear the drama CD’s they are just full of humor, especially the one with Roy, Gilbert Glass and Reginald (the one you get if you buy the deluxe edition), the downside is that they don’t feature Odette… well the one with Sirius, Feather, Chance and Glass (the one you get for the regular edition) sort of does.

    QuinRose drama CD’s are one of the best things they have and leave you with a good after taste when you finish the game.

  8. A few friends on twitter have been playing Lucian Bee’s…lol I’ll get to it eventually (if I ever find it e_e;)

  9. I guess your firmware version should be okay then, judging from the replies below too. Pocketbiscuit told me previously that the game would freeze on her a few times during the OP/END. Twentyninenights too, and then she went to update her firmware in order to play it smoothly.

    Lool. If you’ve time I recommend Lucian Bee’s. The heroine’s not as awesome as QR heroines but at least she’s better than Otomate’s ones any day; and it’s definitely entertaining. Good to play for laughs pfft.

  10. This is late, but I’d like to chime in that I had no problems with Peter Pan, either. IIRC I was on 6.3-6.4 when I did that.

  11. oh ok thanks for the heads up! I’m really looking fwd to it right now because Starry Sky has reached the ultimate level of rage for me this evening..

  12. i think i’m on the same firmware you are and i did not have any problems playing peter pan.

    yeah, peter pan. i remember getting so excited for it to be released on pc, then they changed their mind 6 months (or so) after it was announced and decide to make it a psp game instead.

  13. well having a save data also means ill have no idea which parts I’ve played and which ones I haven’t so :S What firmware did you play Peter Pan on? I am curious. If its so buggy to the point of unplayable in regards to the freezing/crashing then I will just not play it. You’re the first person who’s told me they have issues though – someone else on my twitter who was playing with 6.60 (?) I think had no problems so maybe its just older firmware? I’m on 6.39 though.

    After taking a break from QR games suddenly all other game heroines get on my nerves with their stupidity and prudeness so maybe I’m willing to suffer through a bad system just to get some entertainment 😆

  14. Hahaha do take a short break from QR. 8D It’s like 6 guys is the number for them recently so they had to add the other guys or something lol. Lengthy epilogues…yeah that’s totally the QR I know haha.

    If you start on Peter Pan, I recommend getting a full save data file. Idk if it was buggy for everyone but it would freeze for me every time I hit the OP/END; and sometimes when I take screenshots. So with a full save data file at least you can skip through the OP/END immediately without having to sit through them hoping that it won’t freeze on you. Of course, having a full save data means you got all the CGs/extras already so you just have to avoid looking over before you’re done if you don’t want to be spoiled. 8DD”

  15. こんちゃ! いえいえコメントは英語でも日本語でもいつでもどうぞ!

  16. Hinanoさん、こんにちは~(*^_^*)ひとりだけ日本語ですみません(>_<")「12時の鐘とシンデレラ」お疲れさまでした!私はグラスとロイが好きです♪それにしても…HinanoさんのRボタン長押しの方法、すごいですね(*゜Q゜*)ビックリしました!

  17. awesome sounds great. ive seen plenty of japanese blogs complain that the heroines of Ouma & Cinderella were too strong and obnoxious. LIKE THATS A BAD THING! cause lol obviously doormat heroines and mary sues are the ideal! yea lol honestly quin rose if they just stopped with the shit systems they would have the perfect games. still I think I will buy Grimm the Bounty hunter as they seem to have learned from past mistakes of making kusoge systems and even tho cinderella’s system annoyed me, its still not nearly as bad as Crimson lol.

  18. The good point about QR’s games is that they almost always make logical sense even if they’re about a topic which should not have made sense at all, and the heroine is almost always a logical realist kind of person, even if they’re romantic about certain aspects of life. (It’s kind of hilarious to see reviews in Japan warn potential buyers that ‘the heroine is a realist, YMMV, acquired taste’, although it’s also kind of sad what that says about the majority of otome players.) So yes, the yandere in Alice makes sense, there’s a lot of ‘not quite right in the head’ in the game and some in rather fun ways, I quite enjoyed it actually.

  19. well as long as nobody’s getting whipped or branded (like in Battered Wife Syndrome) then I can probably take anything really lol. I don’t mind dark games I guess I just hate random abuse/violence/rape for like no justified reason and from what you are telling me it sounds justified?

    I guess I’ll try my luck with Anniversary on the PSP and see how it goes (at some point www) Then we’ll go from there in regards to Clover, Joker but Omochabox I suppose I have no alternative haha 8D.

    Mahoutsukai is like one of those games I MIGHT play but not a huge priority I guess? I ragequit crimson empire for PC so I don’t think I’d ever bother with it on the PSP unless they made the system easier (and I don’t think they changed anything unless I’m wrong.)

  20. Oh, also, if you play the game on PSP in ISO/CSO format (for load times at least), use ISO for Mahoutsukai. It doesn’t like CSO. Unlike Otomate’s games where the sound just kind of pops as a CSO, Mahoutsukai sometimes feature whole chunks of missing voice-acting when loaded as a CSO. Also, load times, you want to reduce as much of that as you can. This last goes for the Alice series, too.

  21. Well, their PC quality control really improved when they made Crimson Empire (and they’d BETTER, because hardcore simulation games and bugs make very ragey fans), and Mahoutsukai Remake was made after that. What’s wrong with the PSP version? Keeping the system in mind and the fact that if you want to arrange things so that you can access all six of a guy’s ending in one go (you’d want Best A and Good A, at least, sometimes the Good >>>>> Best endings) you’d have to rely on *random events* for a bit—–load times. It’s not long, but it’s about 1.5 seconds longer than the PC version—this on the PSP’s overclocked mode, and getting to/out of the save/load screen takes about 6 button pushes (minus the amount of pushes needed to get to the correct save) versus the PC’s 3, and it can drive a person somewhat mad. If you need to save/load for a random event 20 times—yeah. Also, the skip mode in the PC version is really smooth, while the PSP’s skip response is somewhat slow and seldom kick in until you’re halfway through a sentence—you’ve played PSP QR before, you know this. And you can’t just keep the skip button down because of how the game works, you have to choose locations. Also, it takes more clicks to choose a location in PSP than PC.

    I kind of tolerated this stuff for the Alice series, but Mahoutsukai was QR’s first game, you know, and it shows. The frustration pays off considerably less in term of event interestingness, even though it’s still a good game, and it’s enough to make me opt for the PC version. Your mileage might very, though. I don’t play games on the commute because mine is 15 minutes on-campus walk; the fact that you do alone may be enough to offset any time-related frustration I mentioned with the game.

    Re Yandere : I should point out that they’re more yandere and less dorky than their usual in the Alice series, since you’re interested in that. HOWEVER, the theme of the game is madness, kinda, it does make sense. And Alice herself is an S (unsure whether to stick a do’ in front of it), so it actually works out quite well. Just figure I should put that up front.

  22. p.s. I assume that you’re knowledge about the Alice series. I posted a bunch of questions at the LJ community http://t.co/BuCLFMO so if you can answer any of them for me I’d love to hear your input. I’m so confused about the whole thing!

  23. I heard some of their older PC games were buggy (Clover Alice?) though hmm.
    I wanted to play Mahoutsukai’s port again for the portability options. No idea who Selas is but I’ll keep that in mind lol.
    What’s wrong with the PSP version? lol

    Yea I mean I don’t like yanderes but QR’s yanderes are you’re right – massive dorks – and not like disgustingly offensive like the crap you get from Otomate or Rejet

  24. It’s kind of a shame that QR stopped making PC games, their skip system works great there. I just think they haven’t figured out that people use PC and PSP differently. I remember getting Mahoutsukai to Goshuujinsama (which I’d recommend you play just for Selas. Just. Selas. Owner of the funniest self-cockblock line in history, even if the rest of the game can’t be said to have….aged well, and I’m talking the remake version) and on my second time through, almost throwing my PSP at the wall before I grabbed an ISO of the PC version off the net. Much, much better experience then. Very smooth load times, skipping works without a hitch, mouse >>>>>> keypad when it comes to navigating the system, the ability to NAME YOUR SAVES, etc.

    IMO, before they step up their programming, they need to find somebody else who knows how to DESIGN the freaking system. It’s not like it’s difficult, man, it’s only the system other five bajillion visual novels use! Though I guess QR kind of prides itself on being semi-doujin sometimes…

    P.S. Yandere is the new kichiku megane, isn’t it? QR usually errs on the side of dorkitude, even when they’re writing about mass murderers, but I guess they have to make some concessions to the times.

  25. I think I heard about the family problems thing. That MIGHT have been an issue in Ouma too but it didn’t stick out so much to the point of annoying me? So maybe QR’s been toning it down lately? I haven’t played Peter PAn or Alice so I can’t comment on that though. I won’t be playing Crimson Empire ever again btw 😆

  26. just because you don’t like the art you shouldn’t give up on a game…its a lot better than most ” well drawn ” crap otomate poops out lately lol

  27. Another game where characters look like in Alice. I’m not into this style x( But I liked Chance, he looks cute, that’s a pity he ruined your opinion about him. And Sirius Bradlay looks ok comparing with others..But why the hell her name is Odette? Did QR mess things up? xDD Than they should have made a story about swan-princess LOL

  28. Blergh, I didn’t mean yandere, I meant possessive. Sorry, but one of the guys I mentioned is a yandere and I was thinking about him while I wrote that. The other one is also possessive and forward, but not a yandere at all.

  29. Oh and I’m amazed that Odette got along with her family. With Alice and Peter Pan, both heroines have issues with their families and you get to hear about it all the time. It’s interesting in the first Alice game, by the time you get to the last game you want to strangle her anytime she talks about it. Wendy only had one game, but she still managed to be annoying about it to the point I wanted to strangle her too. So it’s nice to see that they avoided that here, even though the original story spoon feed this favourite cliche of theirs. On the other hand, maybe that’s why they didn’t do it, it’d be too obvious.

  30. Yeah, I think you better take a break before your psp breaks. Their PC games have a normal skip system, press skip and it keeps skipping till you get to parts you haven’t seen yet. Too bad you have compatibility problems, don’t you have a PC that can emulate windows XP?

    I was thinking of playing this, but then I remember how annoying it was to skip in the Alice FD and Peter Pan and I give up. I don’t know why they do this with their psp games. As for the yanderes, yeah, I’m not surprised. Alice also has two that feel like borderline rapists in the first game, but they get better, plus there’s so many other characters that it doesn’t put a damper on things. At least the yanderes aren’t boring, like all the guys in Crimson Empire are. If you intend to continue your Quinrose marathon after Starry Sky and Miyako, I recommend that game last besides mother goose, which isn’t really an otome game anyways.

  31. Wow, Roy’s the first prince I heard of that doesn’t have an obnoxious character. I think I’ll check this game out~. Thank you very much for reviewing this game! ❤

  32. I saw Feather listed but I have trouble believing he’s getting a route because his profile lists him as “being interested in Odette” rather than Rosalina… ?_? We’ll see I guess. I’m not sure why they brought Sirius back other than his magic will be necessary for something.

  33. Yea I thought Roy would be an obnoxious prince but he was so 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌
    Lol I thought the lizard was cute but then again I am also used to Toge from Vitamin X series xD

  34. Wow you finished the game? Ha2 I am so glad the heroine is not typical heroine again, she has a pretty strong mind. And Roy.. I think he is a darling. I really thought he will be an annoying prince/ typical princely type. But turned out I was wrong xD And I think I will not touch Chance’s route lol, I am afraid of lizard, even it is animated I still can’t bear to look at it (T▽T)

    Ha2 I like your idea about the rubber band lol (^▽^)

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