Otome Game Review: Shinobazu 7 -01. Subaru-

Fujishima Nanako has lost her parents and brother in an accident when she was younger. She was taken in by her aunt & uncle but wanting to recall memories of her past, she asked to move back alone into her house as she attends high school. She has a lot of sad memories but she figures living in this house will make it easier to face them. One day she wakes up with a naked dude in her bed who says he’s bought her house and if she wants it back, she has 2 weeks to make him fall in love with her.

Lol talk about template! Okay so yea this is the 1 character route per “game” disk. Fortunately I was able to play this thanks to a friend because it’s absurd how much you need to pay to play all the routes. So anyway, Subaru, the naked guy in her bed, announces that he’s purchased her house and now it belongs to him.  Nanako then gets a phone call from her aunt who says they had a hard time with finances so they figured this would be a sweet deal. Subaru is a half American/half Japanese dude from NYC who’s come to Japan to find his yamato nadeshiko! (In other words he’s a huge weaboo.) His father is a manwhore  who’s had like 12 wives so Subaru actually has 12  sisters all from different moms except 1. His one sister Yumiko, who is from the same mom, is a fucking crazy ass brocon so when she finds out her sweet otouto kun fled to Japan she runs after him….with a Bazooka. At first Subaru demands that Nanako be his maid and take him sight seeing etc. He then meets her friends, all who were once part of a little group they made called Shinobazu 7. Unfortunately after Nanako’s brother (whose name is also Subaru) died, their group broke up since their 7 was now a 6. Fortunately half-gaijin Subaru is now here to take his place and soon as one of the members, Taiga, hears him singing at Karaoke, he’s instantly accepted. 😆  So now he’s accepted along with Taiga, Miki, Genki, Seijirou and Taku. Because of them helping out some sentai show in town, dressing up as power rangers, Subaru gets inspired and says he wants t o do a sentai show at the school festival. In the meantime Nanako keeps trying to woo him by dressing up as a maid but it does nothing to him since he was raised by maids his whole life.

One night when they fall on top of each other on the floor and make out, they hear some fire sirens. Nanako looks outside and there’s a fire coming from Genki’s house. She runs there and he’s bawling saying his grandma is in there. So then GENIUS Nanako runs in to SAVE granny (like she can do anything) and needless to say passes out from the smoke. Fortunately Subaru runs in there and saves her and turns out that grandma wasn’t home to begin with. Just then Subaru’s brocon sister shows up with her Bazooka and blows the fire, and Genki’s entire house away. She orders her bodyguards to abduct Subaru but he grabs Nanako and runs for it. They end up toppling into some river and after he explains that granny is safe, they kiss. When they get home that night, Subaru comes into Nanako’s room saying he’s fallen in love with her and she’s won the “game”. Nanako thinks that if she won it means Subaru is going to leave her and she’s fallen in love with him now as well. Subaru tells her that he don’t care about the game anymore, he just wants to screw OOOHHH YEAAAA.wav. (And then Tachibana raeped my ears via dummy mic (๑´ლ`๑)♡イヤン) The next day Genki tells everyone he’s gonna move to India with his parents since well his house is gone. Taiga tells Genki he can stay at his place until he graduates but Genki says he’s tired of this friendship bs. Subaru then rages saying that Nanako trying to save his grandma must be b/s too and tells everyone to stfu and do his sentai show at the school festival. After this Nanako and Subaru hump many times and he asks her to go to the amusement park with him.

At the end of the night they go on the ferris wheel where Subaru tells Nanako that his dream was to be a script writer/actor and not follow in his father’s footsteps. He was pressured to because he’s the only son the guy has since all the other kids are girls. So then his wacko sister steals his credit card but he’s able to get it back thanks to Taku’s pro hacking skillz. At the school festival, the crazy bitch shows up raging with her bazooka saying she wants Subaru to come back to America. Subaru says he’s not a child anymore, he has his own money and in fact he apparently owns a paper company in Hong Kong 😆 wut. He then has a 1 on 1 battle with her, Bazooka vs Replica Japanese Sword! He beats Yumiko with 1 hit KO but when she falls down her bazooka goes off and blasts their sentai stage to bits. Fortunately she uses daddy’s money to have a brand new stage delivered in the next moment. The school festival performances begin but then Taiga destroys the audience with his horrid singing. It’s now up to Subaru to save the day with his better(?) song lol. In the Best End, the night before Subaru plans to go back to NY he and Nanako have some goodbye secks. They reminisce about his 2 weeks in Japan and all the things that happened. He then admits he was in love with her from the start but he didn’t want to just push himself on to her so he pretended to turn the whole thing into a game.  Nanako asks him not to leave because she’ll be lonely but he tells her to wait for him as he goes to face his family. And so time passes and finally Subaru returns to Nanako one day after school. He tells her that he’s going to attend school for a year for “experience” (since he’s already graduated from hs in America) and then the following year he’ll be going to Hollywood with Nanako to pursue his acting/scriptwriting career. In the good ending, it’s been 4 years and Nanako’s in college without seeing Subaru since he left. Her aunt & uncle ask her to do an omiai and as a thanks for all their help she figures she’ll politely go. Turns out the omiai partner is Subaru and she’s like ( ・`ω・´)ナン…ダト!? Subaru asks her to start over and this time he’ll be the one to make her fall in love with him. For some odd reason I like this ending more than the best end xD. In the bad end, Subaru returns the house to Nanako and returns to America taking over his father’s position. A few years later Nanako sees him on TV and recollects how they were part of Shinobazu 7 and that he was her first love.

This game was a lot more entertaining than I expected. I really got to know the characters well because while it was focusing on Subaru, all the other characters played a fairly significant role. It makes me so upset that it’s like they took an entire game and just chopped it into 6 chunks. I might have even considered buying it had it  been at least half the price or was a full game. The programming of the game is great. It’s a huge resolution (takes up 75% of my 25″ monitor) and there’s a feature called Cinema mode where you can watch the game go on without the text actually being on screen. There’s dummy head mic features in a lot of the romantic scenes (so cue Tachibana prpr (๑´ლ`๑)♡). While the bgms were no big deal, the opening theme was very catchy. I realize Hitsujigumo is a drama CD maker not an otome game maker, but I sincerely hope they consider making a full game next time or at least slash the price of their releases. Come on we’re only getting ONE route which takes approximately 6 hours to play….I can’t vouch for it to be worth $35! Also the art wasn’t that great. In most of the CGs Nanako’s faced looked oddly skewed. It’s like the artist isn’t good at drawing anything except direct front expressions. Well needless to say now that I’m on this bandwagon, I’ll figure how to play & review the other characters one way or another!

Edit: Looks like you can now buy the android version of the full game for only $6! Now this is what I call a worthwhile deal! (though phone rooting will be required)


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  1. Nvm i saw android on this page – half asleep fangirl logic =_= find something good and your fingers go before your brain ~

  2. Sorry if you already covered this on your blog somewhere (I found this on the hitsugumo site looking up info on amemakura) but they released a 178 mb app for this series. I don’t have the original to compare (nor the brain cells awake to read kanji) but it maybe a full route of some kind on android and iphone. It was under six dollars, sleepy dummy head Mic related, and had the appearance of a vn so I didn’t blink before buying it. Just wanted to let you know if you didn’t already (sorry if its spam >_<)

  3. Lol what’s with Japan and weird ass siscons/brocons?
    Also I agree that the good end was better than the best end… The best end was kind of bs and not really credible.

  4. im sure kurokin will just be some pr0n ova 😆
    well this game does have a lot of implied secks and Subaru always sleeps naked lmao so its implied porn? XD

  5. I saw the OP vid link on this and immediately thought it was some porno game lol. I’m surprised this actually turned out to be decent – figured it’d just be some money milking rip off scheme.

    LOL KUROKIN ANIMU? this cannot bode well.

  6. yea definitely try the android version, it seems like so much of a better deal tbh. the drama CD that comes with the PC game isn’t even worth the $35 lol

  7. I was considering playing this, because my friend was like, “Shinobazu! Shinobazu!” but after I learnt that it was a segmented game I’d changed my mind. It seems pretty fun 😀 But I would probably buy only one or two of the games. (No way I can afford all of them D’:) It seems really cute though so I want to play it now. My phone’s already rooted XD So I’ll just by the android version.

    About the Kuro to Kin anime: This morning I was daydreaming in class and thinking about how it would be like if it got an anime. And after I come home, it said that it was listed as an anime. I was so shocked it was ridiculous. :/ Not sure if I’m happy or sad, just portray Ikuto well, and you’re good. I’m not too sure about the studio either, Prime Time has always done BL and their animation is not bad, but it’s not amazing like SHAFT or IG, or Brain’s Base or KyoAni or anything.

  8. yep I stuffed it into my magazine news draft for this month. waiting for B’s Log to come out so I can add the rest before publishing.
    i was LOL at first then i realized ANN forgot to mention its just an OVA like any random eroge based hentai ova so w/e honestly lol

  9. LOL I’m curious about that sister comment now…. xDDDDD I guess I’ll have to wait for your review~ ^-^
    Yeah the only logical thing to buying this expensive of games is to go around and look at all the final thoughts kind of reviews to decide which ones would interest one the most…. lol cause I don’t want to end up “liking” a character only to buy the game and then want to throw it in a fire alongside my wallet LOL ^p^;;;;;

  10. yea the art is a bit derpy but it was still fun to play. I started Taiga’s route last night and I was getting kinda bored until his sister showed up LOLOL.
    Hoping to finish that up tonight and post a review (unless cleaning the shit outta my kitchen takes me all night to do orz)

    Since the games are expensive i think its worth only buying the characters you REALLY like.

  11. Oohhh yay! So glad you reviewed this, I was considering playing it but because it was one chara per route I didn’t know whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing so I was unsure as to whether or not I should touch this… Lol but it seems like it wasn’t that bad of a thing, since that just means they can give more to character development (which it looks like they did judging from your final thoughts ^^) I suppose I’ll try the game out for size lol and the second chapter as well~
    The art does look a bit strange, but I suppose I can put that aside for the character development and amusement the game gives me LOL xD;;
    Although, six games, one chara each…. that’s…. ridiculously expensive. >_> like why? look what you’ve done moneybee!

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