Otome Game Review: Omochabako no Kuni no Alice

This is the 2nd Alice series fandisk after joker. The first half features some original stories with the usual cast in Wonderland, Joker inclusive so that means we still have seasons in various places. The 2nd half is a school parody where the cast of Alice is thrown into the Symphonia Magic Academy from QR’s first game Wizard & Master.  Alice transfers to the Symphonia Academy because her CHILDHOOD FRIEND Peter wants to go to the same school as her…and Alice is looking to get away from her sister out of jealousy, just like in the original story. Starting with this game, Quin Rose ditches the turn based system to give us a relaxed straight VN gameplay.

Peter White – In the original story version, Alice goes to see Peter in his room and he’s just came out of the shower so Alice is like  <●><●>.  When she visits the clover tower Nightmare sends her off into the little mermaid book dream and she turns into a mermaid in the sea. Peter comes after her and demands that Nightmare let her go. Nightmare returns her to her regularly scheduled dream program  shocked that Peter would jump into his “dreamland” for Alice.  She ends up getting sick which keeps her knocked out at the Clover tower the rest of the route.  She has a chance to come back to heart castle for a bit but she’s invisible. Peter can hear her voice though he can’t see her and he asks where she is and touches the area WHERE her hand would be. He then puts a finger where he thinks her lips are and gets it right saying he just knows her well enough to know. (*´ω`*) She kisses him a few times but Peter isn’t sure what she’s doing other than her smell is close to him. Finally she wakes up and leaves clover tower and runs back to Heart Castle where Peter’s waiting for her. Soon as he sees her he jumps on top of her and glomps her. Alice punches him away because his body’s like crushing her. She then says that if he wants to grope her some more she wants to take a bath first..together ;D. The next day they go and see Nightmare at Clover Tower and Nightmare gives her the Little Mermaid book telling her to read it with Peter when they return to the castle. When they return Peter is worried about Alice catching a cold again so he goes on a cleaning frenzy of the bath area to make sure every spot of bacteria is dead. Alice starts reading the little mermaid book and then imagines herself and Peter in the position fo the mermaid and Prince. Peter then asks if she wants to return back home just like how the mermaid princess was told by her sisters to kill the prince and return to them. She then imagines herself swimming like a mermaid holding bunny form peter until she snaps out of it. Alice is happy that she didn’t have to stab Peter that she starts crying and they kiss. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪

Heart Castle End: Alice gets put on trial for  being MIA from Heart Castle too long and pissing off Vivaldi. She’s forgiven though with the requirement to have tea with Vivaldi instead. Meanwhile Ace trolls Peter and they go off fighting each other over some garden fountain. The Little Mermaid End: Alice doesn’t call out to Peter when she goes to visit him. She gets thrown back into her Little Mermaid story dream where her sister tells her to “come home”. Then the mermaids show up asking Alice to kill the prince so she can return home. Peter then shows up and stabs himself apologizing for not being able to make her happy. ლ(இ e இ`。ლ)Joker shows up saying that the entrance to his prison is always open. Joker & Peter both disappear and Alice turns into a mermaid and swims until she comes to a door asking her to open it. Alice tells herself that if she thinks about Peter then by going through the door she should be able to meet him. In the school parody version, Peter is the vice dorm leader and a lot of people are afraid of him. They mention the way he acts in front of Alice is like a 180 degree polar opposite. He shows her around since she’s a new transfer student and takes her to a wishing stone where it’s said to give good luck to couples xD. In the past, Alice had a crush on her teacher but on her graduation day she was asked by him to give a love letter to her sister. She then got crushed and ran off to cry in her secret base where she and Peter played as children. ε-(*´∀`|萌| He then started crying too because he was upset that he wasn’t good enough to comfort her. There’s 2 school events going on the Storm and the Breeze. In the Storm one the guys get to invade the girls dorms to confess to the girl they like. Ace breaks into Alice’s room but Peter  comes and fends him off. In the Breeze one, Alice comes to Peter’s room to reaffirm her confession to him from the day before.

In the Good End,  Alice tells Peter that she has something important to talk to him about. He then bursts out begging her not to throw him away. He starts crying saying it’s ok if she hates him but to let him be by  her side. He thought when she confessed  to him it was one of his illusions and that on the Breeze night she’d dump him. Alice then concludes that maybe eventually he’ll get over his illusions and their relationship will finally progress. Best End: Alice tells Peter that she likes him again and he’s like “…okay”.  Alice pulls his ears and is like WTF WHY NO REACTION BRO. He tells her he kinda figured it out when on the Storm night, she let him hug her. (*´ω`*) But then he says “I know that there’s something WRONG with you, you must be in PANIC mode!” Alice then gets down to business, pushes him down on the bed and kisses him. キタ━ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ━!! Peter’s like “….bacteria” LMFAO. Alice tells him to STFU cause he knows he likes it. He admits he kinda does and she’s the only one he’d let touch him “mouth to mouth” :lol: He then asks to kiss her and takes his gloves off so he can touch her directly. Needless to say they spend the night screwing him in his room ^q^. The next day Ace, who transforms into Peter glomps Alice and she’s like “dafuq Ace get off me ww.”  Peter shows up and is pissed that Ace was walking around in his form. They start battling it out because Peter feels that anyone who hugs Alice deserves death. After they finish fighting Peter and Alice go to a flower field together that Ace tells Alice about. They sit down and talk he says he enrolled in Symphonia so that he’d be away from Alice because he was afraid that she’d find someone else to love. They then talk about where they can have another “secret base” together like they did in their childhood. They figure if they make a tent like Ace does, he’ll come cockblocking so they decide to for now to use the flower field as their “secret base”. 萌工エエェェヾ(*`Д´*)ノェェエエ工工 Oh my god I was like an old man grasping his chest in HNNNG during Peter’s endings ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ. Adding the childhood friend factor just raised his moe level over 9000. Also Alice pushing him down on the bed was a fuck  YEA moment for me. How many other otome game heroines would do that to their man…*crickets chirping*.

Ace – In the original story, there’s a parody at the amusement park where a bunch of actors are acting out Arabians Lost :lol:. Aileen is fighting monsters and then Ace shows up. He threatens to kill her and Aileen’s like GTFO. Ace got some PMS going on so Gowland tells him to GTFO on his own and let Alice be. He agrees but he says her lips are reserved for her or else he’ll punish her.( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ  Alice stays and does some scavenger hunt at the amusement park for her safety. Ace then comes on his white horse to help Alice find stamps so she can get a free passport to the amusement park. He asks her why he was able to come to her so quickly even though he’s always getting lost. He then gets randy and fondles her boob and kisses her neck before taking her back to Heart Castle cause he was told to come get Alice.  It gets late before they arrive so they stop to camp in the forest. They end up falling off his horse and then he puts Alice’s hand on his chest where his heart is, going “Why does it hurt here Alice?” He then kisses her telling her when he kisses her his  chest doesn’t hurt. Oh Ace you so silly with your lack of understanding for love of things other than Julius.  When they finally reach Heart Castle Peter is pissed that Ace took so long to bring Alice ww. They run away from a raging Peter back to Amusement Park. Ace asks if Alice will marry him someday and she’s too terrified to say no to his proposal lol. Suddenly Alice finds herself in Joker’s prison with dejavu scene of her sister in the prison and then Ace shows up and tells Joker to cut it out.  He then makes out with Alice and tells Alice to return as she finds herself waking up in Julius’ room. Ace then tells Julius that he should  be his and Alice’s priest at their future wedding while Julius rolls his eyes.

In the school parody Alice goes on an adventure with Ace after they get attacked by rose vines in the Rose Dorm garden. In the forest he has a bird hes holding by the neck and its like struggling but Alice asks him to let it go. He fries it anyway. He makes a joke that they’re like husband & wife and Alice rages at him. So then Julius shows up and after arguing with Ace they return to the dorms.  The next day Ace asks Alice to “go out with him” and everyone thinks it’s a confession but Alice knows he’s probably dragging her into the woods somewhere. She then drags him to the woods where no one is around asking him what he meant by go out but before he can answer they see Boris fishing. Ace then comes out and tells him to GTFO. Before they continue their conversation, they find more delinquent students growing some mandragora tentacle monster or something. It’s Ace’s job of course to catch these kinds of students since he’s a fuukiin. At the end of the day he asks her to “go out with him” again saying he wants to try out some “love magic” with her. He wants her to cast it on HIM so he can try to fall in love with her and see if he can then in turn make her fall in love with him.  Storm Event: Ace sneaks into Alice’s room despite her locking her door. He’s pissed some other random guy walked into her room before him. Alice gets jealous that Ace may leave her and go to some other girl if she rejects him. He then kisses Alice and she likes it so much she asks him not to leave her even after the event being over. Ace decides to take her ribbon as the item for the event as he leaves. Good End: Alice goes into Ace’s room but of course he isn’t there cause he’s probably lost in the woods somewhere. She decides to at least try to get her ribbon back but she can’t find it. She’s also pissed because she had brought the love potion with her but couldn’t give it to him.  A few days later she finds him and demands  he give her the ribbon back but he refuses. He tells her instead to come shopping with him the following weekend so he can buy her a new one. Ace then takes her hand and they walk together and Alice figures eventually she’ll get him to drink the love potion.

Best End: Since Ace isn’t around, Alice is like screw this shit and summons him with magic :lol:. She tells him she was jealous of the idea of him being here with another girl and then gives him the love potion she made. He topples her on his bed telling her there’s only 1 thing a girl does with a guy in his room. He then babbles some senseless shit about her loving him or loving herself and he drinks the medicine and then passes it on to her through a kiss. Alice gets pissed and instead says she hates him. He kisses her again telling her to get lost with him and Alice knows that she can’t resist him \( ^o^)/. Afterwards she runs into a sobbing Peter who’s of course upset that she’s dumped him for Ace. Peter I still love you щ(ಥДಥщ). In class the following day everyone seems to have had success with the love potion except Alice.  She meets Ace in the woods as usual and he tells her to admit that they’re both in love with each other since they both want to posses each other lol. A few months later, at summer break Alice decides to study while she’s out camping with Ace. She says she plans to go back home to her family and Ace is like “lol I’m coming along to let your family know I’m dating their daughter with the prospect of marriage.” Alice is like (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ and decides instead to just journey and travel around with Ace to avoid him meeting her family XD. Ace pretty much tells her that no matter what she’s stuck with him now. So I personally thought that the school parody was much better. The original story had a really weird ending and thumbs down for recycled Cgs and scenes with the prison and Lorina. For the most part Ace always manages to irritate me but then Hirakawa does DAT SEXAAAYYY voice and suddenly all is forgiven. Sometimes I think if they cast I dunno…MORIKAWA for Ace I’d probably have him 100% :lol:.

Blood Dupre – I had intended to do Vivaldi first to finish the Heart Castle group but half of her routes required to finish Blood first so I decided to do him instead. In the original story Alice bitches that Blood is hiding something from her and gets really upset.  It gets worse when it seems like he’s in on to something with Elliot and the maids too but only she’s left out. She slaps him and leaves his room running away to Heart Castle. While there Vivaldi turns herself into a loli by turning her clock backwards so that Alice can play with her like her own “doll”. She asks Alice to  pick a dress for her. After Alice picks one for her, Vivaldi tells her it’s because she wanted to cheer up Alice who was upset after coming from Blood’s place. Blood then comes to pick up Alice dressed as a tailor saying he can get order made  dresses for lolivaldi and Alice. Blood goes to take Alice’s size measurements but she grumbles in her head that he probably already knows her 3 sizes :lol:. He then decides to do a “closer inspection” by rubbing his face all over her skin (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン. After he leaves, Vivaldi complains that Alice should only think about her when she’s with her and to stop thinking about her oniitan. Blood comes back a few days later with the dresses he made for Vivaldi and Alice, both of which are red. The dress looks great on Alice and makes both Blood & Vivaldi’s jaws drop ;). He then drops the tailor costume and turns back to his normal hatter form. Vivaldi of course gets pissed and tells her guards to cut off Blood’s head, but since he’s the mafia boss he’s not going down so easily. He takes out his rifle and with Alice in his arms runs for it. Ace tries to stop them, but Peter helps them escape because he just wants Alice to be happy. щ(ಥДಥщ) Blood & Alice run to the edge of the castle where the only way is to jump down and while holding Alice, Blood jumps down. He carries Alice princess style back to the mansion and kisses her saying if he lets her go she’ll run off somewhere. Deep inside Alice is like “lol like I’d ever run from dis hot piece of man ass”. He notices apparently Vivaldi trivved it up with Alice and gave her a hickey so he gets pissed. He then starts biting & licking the spot saying he’s cleansing her (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.

He then calls Vivaldi a creeper for doing that to Alice and she gets pissed, smushes his foot with her heel and walks off ww.  When she returns to the mansion, everyone’s thrown her a surprise birthday party (does that mean she’s a fall bday so she’s a libra or a scorp?>=DDD). Blood then tells her to go put on the “other dress” he’s prepared for her. Alice feels bad for getting mad at Blood for not telling her about the secret party he was planning for her. He then comes into the room to talk to her and Alice says that he should have asked her more properly for the party. He then bends on his knees and asks if he can escort her for the rest of her life. At this point he’s had enough of beating around the bush and he finally relieves all his sexual frustration that night ^q^. The next day Alice runs off to Vivaldi with Blood’s favorite tea leaves. Blood comes back to get her and he is NOT happy that she took his tea and she’s spending time with his aneki. Needless to say, he takes her home to his room to show her who’s boss :lol:. Parent & Child End: Alice visits the rose garden and loli-valdi is there bitching about how Blood cockblocked their girl time together.  Blood shows up and Vivaldi makes a joke saying that Alice is like her mom since she’s in loli form. She then calls Blood her daddy while Blood rages saying he’d never raise a child like his sister xDDD. After Vivaldi leaves, Blood grabs Alice with plans to make some babies :lol:.  Hatter Mansion End: Everyone just fights for Alice’s attention during her birthday party. In the school parody version, Blood is the Hatter dorm leader who thinks anyone who doesn’t understand the greatness of tea should just die in a fire. During the  Storm night Blood bed intrudes into Alice’s room and grabs her covering her eyes. She decides to stop protesting when she smells tea from him and figures out who it is. So finally when he starts talking Alice gets pissed and bites his hand xDD. He asks why she’s always staring at him and says he’s disappointed that it wasn’t because she’s interested in him but because he reminds her of the guy she used to love. He then tells her he’ll just have to make her only think about him and kisses her. He takes the letter that her old teacher wrote to her sister from her as his item and leaves.

The next day he finds her in the cafeteria and kisses her in front of everyone. He then realizes they’ve gathered a peanut gallery so he drags Alice outta there and back to her room without doing anything. Alice feels disappointed and that night she has a dream saying that she’s jealous of how pretty Lorina is. Lorina gave her a book on how to be a proper lady so she can be ready to fall in love. She recalls herself reading the book and crying because she admits she’s a siscon. The next day Alice goes to have tea with Blood and he gets to the point asking her what the guy she’s confusing him was like. He says how gross this dude must be being all sawayaka and shit lol. Alice is determined to get the letter he took from her on Breeze night. Good End: On the Breeze Night, Alice gets cockblocked by Elliot & the twins as ordered per Blood. She never makes it to him and the next day when she goes to have tea with him he goes “oh my you never came to see me!” 😆 They have some tea together and Alice vows to get the letter back eventually. Best End: Alice manages to jump into his dorm hallway window and land on top of him. Blood hugs her and tells her he’ll let her go if she kisses him and she agrees to do so, shocking him 8D. He then tells her he has no intention of returning her letter, or returning HER :lol:.  He then kisses her saying he can SATISFY her more than that OTHER guy but Alice is like “sigh that other guy didn’t do anything orz.” When Alice tells him that it was all 1 sided and that he was in love with her sister, she describes her sister to Blood. Blood responds saying that it sounds like her sister is boring and he prefers someone like Alice over her any day. He then gets up, and carries her to his room and dumps her on his bed before they proceed to humping. The next day when she goes to visit Blood at the terrace, he wants to ichaicha but Alice says she doesn’t wanna do it in front of everyone. Instead he invites her to his “secret library room” and he continues to refuse to give her the letter back. He adds that he wants to be the one to make her cry and kill the guy who made her cry in the past. He then complains that being with Alice is a pain in the ass and she’s like lol dealwithit.jpg as she kisses him. Alice then realizes that she no longer remembers her first love and Blood has pretty much taken over her heart…and they screw happily ever after. In the epilogue Blood says he wants to visit Alice’s family to introduce himself for the prospect of marrying her. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Alice says before that, she wants to write him a love letter. As always its more sex than love with these 2, but seeing Alice turn the tables on him every once in a while is quite rewarding. ( ≖‿≖)

Vivaldi – Vivaldi had her friend moments with Alice but for the most part I felt like I was falling asleep until Blood showed up to stir things up. (´・ω・`;A)In the original story Alice goes to hang out with Pierce in his house at the amusement park but after she leaves, the medicine he gives her to turn back to normal size is almost out. It doesn’t work so some loli ends up picking her up thinking she’s a doll until Vivaldi saves her. Man-Valdi that is. Since she’s the queen of hearts, she dressed up as a man to sneak into the amusement park. She saves Alice and then when Alice visits the park again to hang out with Pierce once more, she saves Alice again after 2 assholes push into her on purpose and start shit. Afterwards, Vivaldi and Alice walk back to the heart castle with Vivaldi telling Alice that some day she’ll teach her how to paint her nails too. Back at the castle, Vivaldi enjoys her trap look and continues staying in the form of a man. Peter rages that Vivaldi now has Alice sitting her lap while she works and he’s extremely jealous :lol:. So then Vivaldi turns back into her normal lady clothes and kisses Alice so she can smear her lipstick on Alice’s lips. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) So much for bff routes….In the ending Vivaldi & Alice go out on a picnic together and Alice paints Vivaldi’s nails. Rose Garden Brothers End: Well continuing the tradition of weird as hell Rose Garden ends, this time Vivaldi comes dressed as a dude and irritating Blood as always. Vivaldi calls Blood a pansy and tells him to stop hitting on Alice as Alice realizes that they seem almost like 2 brothers ww. Blood tells himself he’s glad Vivaldi is his older sister because if she was a brother he’d never survive ( ゚∀゚)・∵ブハッ!! In the school parody, they do girly things together like go shopping for stuffed animals. Apparently Vivaldi is actually a queen in a foreign country lmao and that her husband was a King lolol (just like in the original!) A bunch of fire ferrets invade the cafeteria so Vivaldi & Alice stop them. Afterwards she brings Alice to her room fulla stuffed animals. Sometimes I think to her Alice is like a stuffed a doll too lol. Bad End: Alice goes into Vivaldi’s room during the Storm night but hears that she’s in there talking to Blood and leaves. After this night Alice and Vivaldi kinda stop talking and ignore each other in the hallways. Feeling awkward Alice decides to change from the Red Rose dorm to the Tower instead and Nightmare tells her that they should make up since it could just be a misunderstanding.

Good End: Alice comes into Vivaldi’s room but Blood is there and he grabs Alice and muffles her mouth thinking it’s Vivaldi. So then Vivaldi comes in and she’s like wut and Blood realizes he’s on top of Alice \( ^o^)/.  She comes over to them and starts wacking at Blood with her stick :lol:. They then explain to Alice that they are siblings and she promises to keep it a secret. So then Blood & Vivaldi sandwich Alice in bed together because Blood complains that her husband, the king, keeps sending his love letter to Blood’s address. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ The reason is because Vivaldi’s pretty much been ignoring him and cut off contacts with him, so he’s been trying to get to her through her otoutokun. Blood then says “lets take the toys away from the bad girl” and grabs Alice all to himself xD. He says he’ll give Alice back only if Vivaldi picks up all the flowers & letters from the king from Blood’s dorm. Needless to say Vivaldi refuses and Alice spends the night sandwiched between the 2 of them.( ゚∀゚)・∵ブハッ!!  During the Breeze night Alice comes into Vivaldi’s route and they yuri it up in her bed or something ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Best End: On the Breeze night, Vivaldi and Alice fly over to Blood’s room. She sits there having  tea with him while Vivaldi digs through the pile of crap King sent to Blood. The next day her friends tell her there’s a rumor going around that Alice is in a love triangle with Blood and Vivaldi ww.  Alice ignores the silly rumors and then goes off to have tea with Blood and Vivaldi instead. Vivaldi makes a suggestion on how they can clear up the rumor between the 3 of them. They basically make it out that  Alice is “good friends with Blood” but not yet his lover, though Blood seems to be taking that role a bit TOO seriously. Apparently he keeps giving gifts to Alice and when Alice tells this to Vivaldi she just laughs at how soft her brother can get. Vivaldi then tells Alice to marry Blood so she can be her sister in law プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. She says that Alice doesn’t have to love Blood, and it can be a pretend marriage just so they can be sisters! Lol well in the end it seems like without Blood I just got…bored. I don’t hate Vivaldi and I like her as a support character but the yuri vibe stuff just bores me ┐(‘~`;)┌. I never bothered doing Vivaldi’s route in Anniversary but in all the other games she just had some shopping scenes/hanging out with Alice scenes so it wasn’t really that bad. Guess now I’m glad I never wasted my time doing her route in the original game….just not my thing I guess. It wasn’t a total loss though since all the scenes with Blood were pretty funny ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ.

Elliot March – Well Elliot’s route was certainly an improvement upon the last 2 games but I will also give props to Alice for being able to handle his rapist outbursts gracefully. Just like in Blood’s route, they’re planning Alice’s secret bday party and she gets pissed once more that she’s left out of  the loop. Elliot gets upset and stalks her all the way to the amusement park and Boris spots him. She approaches Elliot but he acts like he’s some other Elliot so Alice is like lol fine whtaever and plays along. He then runs off and she goes to spend time with Boris cooking for her instead. At her party he apologizes that he wasn’t able to find an appropriate present for her but says he will because he loves her. Alice is like ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん. She then asks for something she wants “now” and he kisses her. After the party he continues to look for an appropriate gift for Alice.  Eventually after a while Elliot says he can’t figure out what to get her and apologizes. He then jumps on top of Alice on his bed and she tells him that he has something she wants. Elliot says that he wants to think to think of something for her from himself to make her smile. He then kisses her forehead and Alice can’t hold back her moe over him so she grabs and kisses him herself (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Yea the  original story route was pretty anti-climatic and most of the meat in is in the school parody since they gave Elliot 4 endings! So in the school paro, Elliot saves Alice from some delinquent but she’s terrified of him at first. She then goes to the gardening club because she wants to know how to grow carrots for Elliot due to there being not too much carrot food on the menu. Elliot finds out and is moved to tears. They start gardening the carrots together. As they work it starts raining and they start laughing so Elliot says he thought Alice was scared of him. She then grabs his ears and says how cute he is (ノ´∀`*)ノ.

Bad End: Alice has no idea dafuq is going on during Storm Night and when she sees Elliot coming to her room she goes to hide. After that night, Elliot starts avoiding Alice during tea times and in the carrot patch and occupies himself with work. Good End 1: Elliot comes to Alice during Storm night but Alice is curious on what’s going on so she runs outside in her nightgown. When he sees her in her barely dressed he gets embarrassed and covers her up as he explains what Storm is. Ace then takes Alice in his arms and jumps into her room. He then hugs her in silence for a while until he asks if she’s in love with Blood. 🙄 Alice obnoxious says she is, so Elliot pushes her down on the bed saying he’s going to make her his and won’t give her to Blood. He tells her Blood has no feelings for her and Alice is like idgaf because she wants to know what Elliot’s feelings are. He then kisses Alice saying he’ll “comfort” her but after he kisses her she starts crying because she doesn’t wanna just screw him without knowing his feelings for her. He lets her hands go so she then tells him “she can do mean things to him as well” as she grabs & pulls his ears プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. He tells her that if she becomes his, he’ll let her do whatever she wants to him. She then tells him how he’s dumb and that she has no interest in Blood, and Elliot confesses that he loves her. After Alice tells him that she loves him, Elliot explodes into a burst of モエ――――o((*`Д´*))o――――!!  So then someone breaks her window and glass goes flying cutting Alice’s arm. Elliot tells her to forget what happened tonight as he runs out the window. He goes MIA for a while but then comes back and apologizes to Alice. She’s not gonna let him go that easily so she pulls his ears. She then starts biting it and Blood tells the two of them to GTFO so he can drink his tea in peace :lol:.

Good End 2: Blood tells Alice to cheat on Elliot with him but Alice is like no thanks bro. During Breeze night, she runs into Blood and he’s disappointed that she’s not come after him. Turns out Alice is actually after the guy who broke the glass in her window and hurt her on the Storm night. It’s the same guy who started shit with her at the beginning of Elliot’s route. Elliot hears stuff happening in the room and bursts in shocked to see Alice there. Eventually Alice threatens the guy to never do this again as she takes Elliot and leaves the guy’s room. They go to Elliot’s room where he immediately shuts the door behind them and hugs her saying he missed her. He then tells her he wanted to try to get over Alice because he felt unfit for her as a badass while she’s an ojousama. He had intended to catch the glass breaker himself but since he has so many enemies he couldn’t figure out who it could be. They both confess their feelings and have some happy secks that night. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) The next day everyone is terrified of Alice because they think she threatened Elliot into submission and is actually a badass more powerful than him :lol:. It escalates to the point where they think Alice is actually the top of the Hatter dorm. When she runs into Elliot, he gives her the tie she left in his room the night before and then runs off in embarrassment. (♡´౪`♡) Boris & Pierce watch the whole thing and are so impressed and want to call Alice “Boss”. XD Alice and Elliot meet up at their carrot garden because the carrots have finally grown ripe for the picking. They pluck them out together and kiss. Best End: Blood gives Alice a key to a secret room. When she and Elliot pick carrots, he notices the key around her neck and Alice remembers to ask him what the deal is. Elliot agrees to show her the room and grabs her in his arms taking her to it. It’s basically Blood’s secret library room and they end up screwing on that pink couch. The best end felt anti-climatic since the majority of the events happened in the Good Ends but I guess Best End = Sex End \( ^o^)/. Also Blood making fun of Alice and being a wingman was rather entertaining.

Tweedle Dee & Dum – Just like in the other routes the twins hide bday surprise from Alice and she gets pissed and runs off to Heart Castle to hang out with Peter. They sneak into heart castle with Dee in adult form acting like a father and Dum in his child form acting like “son”. Alice gets pissed that they’re still hiding stuff from her and drags off to play croquette with Peter again (Who’s so happy Alice gives a fk about him ;;). They come after Alice to the garden while she’s playing with Peter and want to take her back. The 4 of them then play Croquette together. Afterwards they grab Alice princess style and jet back to Hatter. (Or kiss her on the cheek if you’re a shotacon ww) At her bday party they take her off to an isolated area to be alone and as a gift give her …themselves lol. They kiss her hands as she sits on a bench and then screw all night long.  After this they pretty much follow her everywhere, in their adult form, including as far as the bath huhu.<●><●> Needless to say they end up happily 3Ping it ever after xD Peter runs into her a few days later and asks if she’s really ok to be with the twins. Alice tells him that she loves them and she doesn’t plan to leave Wonderland. Peter’s like, “dont worry Alice as long as you’re happy I don’t mind just…watching you” lmfaoo. The twins then show up and fight with Peter over her so he turns into his bunny form crying that he’s being picked on so Alice has to pick between a furry bunny and shotas ww. HER WEAKNESSES. After they bicker they return back to hatter mansion where the shota twins fondle her boobs (≖ლ≖๑ )プッ. Alice is SUCH a shotacon I swear. In the school parody, the twins are causing mischief like waking through walls and they get reprimanded by one of the teachers. Storm Night – everyone is shocked the twins actually love someone enough to go after a girl. They come in their adult form and Alice doesn’t recognize them at first until they whip out their scythes. They then go jump on Alice’s bed and she’s like oh they’re still kids but then they drag her on the bed with them and sandwich her (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ

She tells them they should do these things with the girl they love and they’re like clearly, our feelings have not been portrayed clearly and they start making out with her and kissing her all over <●><●> She tells them she likes them but its not love or some b/s sigh and then Storm ends. The next day she’s terrified of their adult form so they turn back into kids for her. She then asks if she and the twins look like lovers and he’s like SURE YA DO WHATS THE PROBLEM GUURL. She says she can’t pick between them and Blood’s like “and your point is? w” He tells her if she’s worried about rabid fngirls, he will “comfort them” instead :lol:.  Good End: They end up losing to the maids during Breeze night and basically continue being Alice’s shota buddies saying next time they will win and become her lovers. Shota End: The twins defeat the maids and end up going to the their room with Alice.  They cuddle in bed together and say they love her and the Breeze night ends. The twins then show off in class saying Alice is their girlfriend and everyone is jelly that they got an older g/f ww. Afterwards Alice tells the twins she prefers them in shota form and they don’t need to become adults for her. Blood gives her the key to his “secret room” and tells them to go ichaicha away from him. Elliot tells her to “be careful with her body” (๑´ლ`๑)♡.  The twins tell her they won’t do anything since she’s “tired” so the 2 of them just end up sleeping together on the couch there. Adult End: Alice tells the twins she likes their grown up form but it just makes her a bit (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ . It’s the same as the shota end except they’re in their adult forms. Though rather than immediately falling asleep, they kiss her from both sides. I’m kinda disappointed, I was hoping for something randy since they don’t look like kids. Oh well the Storm night CG was randy enough I guess 8D. Still though, I think this game clearly makes it obvious that Alice is a shotacon I mean she preferred their shota forms over their adult forms! They still did the same randy stuff to her but she preferred the shotas over the sexy men sigh…( ´_ゝ`).

Mary Gowland –  In original version, Alice gets pissed at everyone in the amusement park bickering over what the new attraction should be so she runs off to Clover Tower – mainly Julius who’s like GTFO. When Alice comes back to the amusement park with Julius, she finds out that Gowland is with a “woman”. When he goes to see Alice apologizing for keeping her waiting, he’s shaven, and his hair is cut. The perfume from the other woman pisses Alice off. Gowland End: Alice tells Gowland she’s pissed and slaps his hand away. She then goes back to the tower where they start talking about furry animals with Gray 😆 They come back to the amusement park by sneaking in and find Gowland getting close & personal with a random faceless woman. She runs off but he notices her and runs after. He tells the woman that he’s not interested in her and that he has another woman he loves. He then tells her not to see him ever again and to never come to the amusement park anymore. He then grabs  Alice and hugs her in front of the lady who slaps him and calls him a pedo ww. So then Gowland tells Alice he loves her and they make out….while inside Alice wishes he’d go back to being a hairy ossan again. WHY U DO DIS ALICE. So yea Gowland goes back to his hairy self and they make out in his room until Alice tells him while she was at the tower she thought up of a new attraction for the amusment park. And so they screw and a few days later her new attractions is set in place – Bungee Jumping with Gowland being the first to test it out. While she watches from above, the wind blows her down but fortunately Gowland catches her. They then hang upside down while enjoying the upside down view of the park :lol:. Amusement Park End: Alice is still pissed about everyone’s bickering and the resolution is for Gowland to dress as a furry animal while Pierce & Boris dress up in park uniforms. Gowland in his suit to tries to welcome guests to the amusement park but it just scares the kids off. Meanwhile all the kids run after Boris to pull his tail and Pierce complains that he has to wear a skirt :lol:. Meanwhile Alice is dressed in Gowland’s outfit posing as the owner of the amusement park xD.  Gowland & Julius End: Gowland & Alice bring some candy to Julius. The two of them drink and Julius passes out. Gowland then gets pissed that Alice knows Julius’ room a bit TOO well. They start ichaichaing and eating a chocolate together and then Julius wakes up and tells them to go do their ichaicha at the amusement park. The two of them then fall asleep drunk while Alice covers them with a blanket.

In the school parody Gowland is a music teacher who plays the piano well but then grinds horrible noises on his violin. For Storm event Alice isn’t sure dafuq’s going on so she goes to Gowland’s music room. He explains the Storm night event to Alice but he tells her he doesn’t like the idea of any other guys coming into her room. He then says this is why as he makes out with her while Alice tells him he fails as a teacher. She lies to her classmates that nobody went into her room the night before. The next day Boris drills her on where she was Storm night since I guess he came to visit her but she wasn’t in her room. Bad End: When Alice comes to Gowland’s room on Breeze night she expected him to be happy but he just asks her why she’s here. Gowland then tells Alice that he’s too old for her and then he leaves the school. Before departing he tells Alice to continue playing piano even when he’s not there so she goes to the music room to play piano alone.  Best End: Alice asks him why he isn’t happy to see her. He then takes her on the couch and hugs her apologizing for being a jealous ossan. He thought she would be better off with Boris since they were closer in age. He then kisses her saying he won’t give her to anyone. He asks her if it’s alright to screw and of course Alice is like COME AT ME BRO and they hump until morning. She lies to her classmates saying she didn’t participate in the Breeze night. When she goes to see Gowland in the music room, he uses magic to add cat ears to himself so that Alice would like him more than Boris. Boris is like dafuq and he uses magic to set a cloud above Gowland’s head so nobody can see his cat ears ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  The next day they go to see a Centaur being summoned for class but some weird MAndusa is summoned and he starts turning Alice to stone. So then Alice decides the best way to stop the monster is to fry its brain with terrible violin music: ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE. While the monster is weakened, Gowland uses some magical sword and kills it. Sadly since Alice’s stoned body doesn’t fully return, Gowland takes her to Nightmare for help. After Alice recovers, Gowland hugs her and apologizes that now their entire class knows the 2 of them are together. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Fortunately they’re all like “we’re cheering you on yay” instead of telling anyone and getting him fired ww. Not gonna lie, Gowland’s routes in both versions were really sweet and I feel almost like he got so many kissing scenes to make up for all the b/s in the other games xD. I just wish Alice wasn’t such a GGE-con cause thanks to that he never bothered staying shaven & cut щ(ಥДಥщ).

Boris Airay – In the original story Alice gets into a fight with everyone including Boris and runs off the tower as usual. While taking a walk around that area she gets kidnapped by some faceless douchebags who punch her in the face. Fortunately Gray saves her and takes her to a bar to calm down. While they are sitting down a pink striped nuko jumps into Alice’s lap while both Alice & Gray are like ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆ Alice pets the nuko thinking about Boris, but when Gray asks to hold it, it hisses at him xD. After this incident  Gray ends up being her bodyguard when she goes out. They go to the bar again and then Boris-nuko shows up and makes himself comfortable in Alice’s lap until she pets him. He then licks Alice’s cheek before running off as she recalls how Boris asked her to “adopt” him. As Alice and Gray leave the bar, she finds Boris sitting on a bench so she goes to talk to him. He says he was extremely upset because he couldn’t be there for her when she got attacked. They then start peroperoing each other and he begs her to come home to the amusement park. She agrees and when she comes back, she goes to his room where there’s only that pink cat from the bar. She lets the cat sleep on top of her but when she wakes up she has Boris on top of her instead. (*´ω`*)  He then tells her he’s been holding back too much sexual frustration and it’s time to LET IT LOOSE / OOOHHH YEAAA! /At the amusement park the next day Boris kisses Alice drinking the juice she was drinking. Gowland tells him not to do randy things in public and the 2 start shooting at each other. Afterwards Boris and Alice go to the forest together and make out as Boris says if she was a nuko he’d adopt her and never let her out of his sight. School Parody:  Storm Night Alice finds a cat shaped pink radio that keeps meowing. Boris talks through it and then flies into her bedroom and asks her why she thinks he came to see her after he explains how Storm works. Alice is like umm…because you like me? As a reward for her correct answer Boris kisses her. He then asks her if she loves him back and if she’d consider dating him. Alice just nods in agreement cause she’s so overwhelmed but before they get randy the times up whistle blows.

She gets into a fight with Boris who gets mad that Alice goes to a museum with some random dude instead of him. He tells Alice straight out that he wants her all to himself and he doesn’t go hanging out with other girls. He says that she’s never told him she loves him and he isn’t satisfied with their current relationship. They part awkwardly and then Gowland finds a depressed Alice and tells them to enjoy their youth and stop fighting over trivial things. Alice decides she’ll make up with Boris during the Breeze night. Good End: Alice goes to Boris’ room but when she knocks on it, he doesn’t open the door. She just apologizes and leaves and the night ends. The next day in the cafeteria, Boris comes up to her and apologizes. The reason he didn’t open the door was because he was afraid that she’d take her ribbon back and that would be the end of their relationship. Alice is relieved to hear that Boris doesn’t hate her and apparently HE thought she hated him. /(^o^)\ Boris hugs her and they make up, with her classmates cheering them on. He then says he loves her and asks to kiss her but Alice tells him only when in private. 😉 Best End: When Alice comes to Boris’ room and he doesn’t open the door, she’s like fuck dis sheit and breaks it open :lol:.  Boris inside is like (  Д ) ゚ ゚. He then starts babbling that she wanted to take the ribbon cause she hates him but Alice grabs his necktie and kisses him to shut him up. ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! Boris is shocked but he’s like now you dunnit and grabs her and they make out some more. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Alice tries to apologize to him and tell him her feelings but he starts kissing her all over and she can’t think straight. He gets on top of her on the bed telling her he loves her and when Alice says she loves him back, he’s so moved he hugs her almost in tears. ε-(*´∀`|萌| Before they hump, Boris uses his magic to fix the broken door so they can get some privacy XD. The next day Boris says in the cafeteria that he wants to meet Alice’s family and all the girls kyaakyaa because he’s “SERIOUS ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP” xDD. As the summer approaches, one day Alice goes inside the dorm building and finds Boris blowing gigantic bubbles to help make people feel refreshed. When people  pop the bubbles they feel a refreshing breeze but when Pierce pops one he gets soaked :lol:. Boris purposely made the yellow ones splash a ton of water since he knows that’s Pierce’s favorite color XD. Afterwards Boris & Alice get some alone time in her room and she knows it’ll be bad if they get caught but she’s like whatever as they proceed to have some sexy time. Guhh Boris was so |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  in both original and the parody. I kinda zoned out at the beginning of his parody route but it got great later on. Also Boris nuko form is so cute ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ.

Pierce Villiers – In the original story after Alice gets mad at everyone to try and make Alice in a better mood, Pierce fills the entire hallway outside her room with cheese.  He doesn’t even know that Alice was mad and Boris tries to stop him before he makes things worse…but it’s too late. Alice rages and runs off to hatter mansion. While there she watches as the twins jump around a trampoline. Pierce comes to try to get Alice to come back but the twins threaten to cut him up and he’s like nooo don’t hurt me wah. He runs away in fear and when Alice returns to Hatter without him she can’t stop thinking about him.  The next day the twins bring Alice to the amusement park to play and she’s like wow guys I ran away from this place this is awkward?? She lies to them by saying she will play hide and seek but when they run off she instead goes to look for Pierce. She finds him in a different outfit but he’s covered in blood because he has to clean up some dead bodies. He then bawws that he came to see Alice multiple times but the twins refused to let him inside the Hatter mansion. He then asks if she now belongs to the twins and says he wants to bury her underground so nobody else can have her. Alice is like dafuq I don’t wanna be underground and then the twins show up swinging their scythes at Pierce.  Alice breaks up their fight and punches them all in the head. Alice then tells them she’s returning back to the amusement park and Pierce is so happy he kisses her. Zoo End: Gowland takes Pierce’s idea and the newest attraction to the amusement park is a petting zoo. Sadly Pierce’s plan backfires when a bunch of nukos start jumping all over him :lol:. When Pierce sees bunny form Peter being held by Alice, he runs to him and kisses his ears. Peter rages, turns back into his human form and starts shooting at Pierce /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Pierce starts to think maybe his zoo idea wasn’t such a great one after all.

Pierce End: Blood, Vivaldi & the king get invited to the amusement park for Gowland’s newest attraction. It involves Pierce chasing a bunch of cheese in order to win permanent amusement park passes. Pierce loses to the twins, but Alice gives him a kiss as a consolation prize. Pierce is like yay I’m glad I was 3rd and continues kissing her.  School Parody:  Alice loses her school ID and Pierce has his mice friends help find it in the garbage. As a thanks Alice asks Pierce to have dinner with her. Gowland asks Alice to help Pierce study because he’s stupid and his grades are horrid. She tries to tutor him but he’s really REALLY dumb and he doesn’t even know the basics. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Alice goes to Gowland asking him to teach her how to summon stuff like how Pierce summons his mice. Gowland says he can’t teach her that because Pierce is ONE with the mouse!  Storm Night: Pierce comes to visit Alice and she’s confused as to why he’s here since nobody told her about Storm. She lets him in and then he professes his love to her. Before Alice’s head can process what the hell just happened, he pushes her down on the bed and starts kissing her. Alice is like….well daymn this boy’s sexxxaayy and they end up making out until the whistle for Storm night blows. After this event Alice tries to teach Pierce how to summon stuff but he doesn’t seem to have much luck. Breeze Night: A maid runs after Alice on Breeze night and thanks to Pierce’s mice Alice manages to find him. Unfortunately the maid catches them and she summons a tiger to stop the mice. Good End: Alice gives up because she’s afraid of the giant kitty cat.

They fail to escape and afterwards the next day Pierce manages to summon a giant mouse in hopes next time he can defeat the giant tiger.  Pierce claims it’s not a mouse and then he demands Alice kiss him as a reward for his successful summon. Unfortunately Pierce’s giant beast mouse does exactly what Pierce says and for fear of her life Alice agrees to kiss him. Alice gives him a kiss on the cheek saying that while she promised to kiss him, she didn’t promise to do it on the lips.  Best End: Alice doesn’t give up when the maid comes after them. She then kisses Pierce lightly on the lips and tells him that if he can summon something to defeat the tiger, she’ll give him more kisses as a reward. Pierce ends up summoning a giant dragon and he and Alice fly off on it 😆 He then asks for his reward and Alice agrees so they smooch while flying atop the dragon XD. Pierce says that he wants to do more than just kiss her and they end up kissing (and possibly screwing) on top of the dragon. Oh my god …( .;´;_ゝ;`:,);゙;`;:゙;`;:ヤメテヨ. I feel sorry for the dragon ww.  So because Pierce has awesome summoning skills now, and they need to find Boris, he uses his magic and summons Boris instead. He realizes he can pretty much summon anyone and anything and he summons Alice to his room without her getting caught by any of the dorm staff. Alice realizes he’s an idiot savant and a creeper cause he says that no matter what he’ll always summon her whenever he wants ww. Alice tells him she loves him though inside she’s terrified of his yandere tendencies and says he’s scarier than a cat.  She then suddenly regrets ever teaching Pierce summoning magic :lol:.  I feel like with every game Pierce gets dumber AND creepier. When he was shoving his knife into Alice’s face I was like oh my goddd stoppp. Also before I wasn’t sure if Pierce was a yandere or not but this game pretty much solidified it with his “even if you hate me I’ll still summon you – you can’t get away.” If that’s not a yandere template line I don’t know what is. ((((´・ω・;`))))

Julius Monrey – Julius’ entire office gets set on fire because Nightmare is running away from Gray so Alice decides to run off to Heart  castle where she hangs out with Ace. When they get to the forest he wants to get randy and pushes Alice down on the ground…until Julius shows up in a weird suit and hat. He throws a rock at Ace but says he was just…taking a walk ww. Julius End: Ace attacks Julius but Julius is like dafuq and then returns to the tower. Ace says that he just wants to 3P it up with Alice and Julius and he has no loyalty to the heart castle. When Alice returns to the tower Julius is pissed that she got hurt while he bandages her hand. When Alice returns to heart castle the next day Ace gives her some earrings he made. He then decides to pierce a hole in her ears HIMSELF using a knife while Alice begs him to stop. (|||❛︵❛.) Fortunately Julius shoots at him and saves her getting into a sword vs wrench fight with Ace. Ace then says Alice should move into the heart castle so that Julius would actually get out of his room once in a while. Julius grabs & hugs Alice and is like fuck dat and tells her to come back to Clover tower. Just then the Heart guards + Peter come after Julius and so Alice and Julius beat it back to Clover tower. They ichaicha in his room and she says she’s like part of him now. Julius says he doesn’t need her to be “part” of him, but to be WITH him. He then puts his head on Alice’s chest saying he wanted to hear her heartbeat because unlike with clocks, if it stops, it can’t be fixed. The next day Ace stops by the tower telling Alice that Vivaldi & Peter are pissed that she left and are taking it out on him. He then asks Alice to take care of Julius. The next evening when Julius is working, Alice gives him some coffee to drink and then he gives her a mug he bought for her. He gives her some tsuntsun excuses but Alice accepts it and starts giggling while both of them blush. (*´ω`*) They then kiss while Julius says that the mug he gave her is more fitting to her image than the earrings Ace tried to give her. Tower End: Julius Gray and Nightmare make Teppanyaki. This of course can’t lead to anything good since Gray can’t cook, Nightmare just gets grease splashed on him and Julius is like get out of my kitchen ww. Eventually they finish and invite Alice to eat with them.

Julius & Ace End: Ace comes to Julius and Alice in a suit being a troll as usual. Alice tells Ace to return to his regular clothes or she’ll stop being his friend. He changes back to his red suit and gives Alice that earring. He tells Alice that it got bent when he dropped it earlier and asks Julius to fix it before he gives it to Alice again :lol:. He then makes homo jokes about Julius and almost gets him to blurt out his love for Alice xD. He then dumps a giant rock on Julius’ desk asking him to make an some kind of jewelry for Alice. Julius tries to lift the rock but has trouble doing so and he says Alice must think he’s pathetic. Alice says it’s not true and that Ace is just a beefcake to be able to carry it on one shoulder. Meh I was kinda disappointed since in my head Julius & Ace = 3P end like in the other games. Oh well.  In the school Parody, Julius is shrunk into 15cm height by the twins and fortunately found by Alice (though she kinda steps on him.) She tries to use magic to  turn him large but instead she gives him bunny ears xDDD Eventually the magic wears off and he’s able to return back to normal. He then shows Alice how he works on fixing various clocks and says he enjoys doing it. Blood stops by Julius’ office and tries hitting on Alice since Julius is being tsun saying he has no interest in her. He only does it to troll the 2 of them so that they’d stop beating around the bush and get together already. (Blood is such a wingman.)  Storm Night: Alice finds out what the deal is from a classmate but she plans to refuse any guy because she only has the hots for Julius. Alice sees a bunch of guys heading for the girls’ dorms and when she opens the window Julius is there. He asks her if she was going to participate in the event and she tells him that she was waiting for him. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Julius then grabs her and kisses her telling her that if some other guy would come into her room, then he’d rather it be him. Before the whistle blows he tells Alice to cover up a bit more since she’s in just her nightgown. Good End: Alice comes to Julius’ room on Breeze night and knocks on his door but there’s no answer. In fact it seems like he’s not around.

She waits for a bit but he never responds and the event ends. Upset, she stops coming to his office for a while and focuses on her studies – though she can’t focus too much because she’s hurt. Suddenly one day he finds her spacing out in the cafeteria and he apologizes saying he completely forgot about Breeze since he never participated in the past. He then says he realized how much he misses her when she stopped coming to him and asks her to forgive him. He then promises that he’ll give her better tasting coffee than this sewage water from the cafeteria. Best End: Alice doesn’t give up and barges into his room and he is there. He then knows why she’s come so since he’s supposed to be on patrol he calls and says he has a sick female student that he is taking care of in his room and gives Alice’s name. This of course is a lie so that he and Alice can make lovin’ all night even past the whistle blow ⊂((〃/⊥\〃))⊃いやーん She feels kinda guilty about it the next day cause people ask how her condition is but she’s totally fine of course huhu. After they become a couple, Julius buys her a mug to pour coffee into since she’s the only one that ever comes to his office. (*´ω`*) A few days later they notice a giant Elliot walking around campus because the twins have played a prank on him and made HIM giant.  They run into the twins and before they can scold them, the twins use a magic item that make Alice & Julius speak the opposite of what they think. This lasts for 3 hours and as the twins run off, hilarity ensues between Julius and Alice. They return back to his office to wait for the effect to wear off as they sit there drinking “Alice’s terrible coffee” while saying “I hate you” to each other and kissing. ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ  I like completely burst out laughing when Julius said “Let’s stop” and she’s like “I guess this means continue” in her head. Then to that she replied “sure as long as the door is open” and inside her head she goes “dafuq am I some exhibitionist” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵sdhgskjdghjklds DAHAHAHAHA oh my god I was laughing to tears. I can certainly say this is one of the better endings in the game www. Also this ending made me realize even without Peter, as long as I have Julius, Diamond Alice will be awwwwright.

Gray Ringmarc – In original story Alice says she wants to alternate break times with her and Gray so that either of them can be with Nightmare at all times since he’s such a wreck on his own (after the fire incident.) Gray understands but is extremely upset about it, especially when Alice goes off to Hatter mansion on her break. At hatter, Blood then takes her to a casino. I guess Gray can’t stand being away from his darling so he comes to the casino dressed like a sexy beast surprising Alice ;-). He is NOT pleased with random faceless dudes hitting on Alice and tells them to get lost. His old persona comes out and while Alice gets a bit scared it makes her HEART RACE! (✧≖‿ゝ≖)  She also tells him not to be jelly of random faceless dudes and he’s the only one she looks at. Gray then asks Alice to return to the tower because he doesn’t like her being in a place like this. They return to the casino a few days later and Blood has Gray do some knife throwing in order to get some exercise since all he does is desk work all day now. Alice even holds on to his little lizard so that he can’t rely on it to see. To get Gray more “motivated” Blood trolls him lying that he did stuff to Alice while she was at the Hatter. Needless to say this motivates him a lot and he starts fighting with Blood directly.  Afterwards Alice agrees to return to the Clover Tower together with Gray. He tells her that he almost went crazy without her and they kiss in the forest. When Alice talks to Nightmare he’s relieved she’s back because apparently Gray was PISSED while she was gone. Gray then comes around and asks her to come into his room where he says that he was a pain in everyone’s ass while she was gone. Alice apologizes for leaving him like that and he asks her to take back her word about swapping break times with him. As an apology Alice also gives him an ash tray and says she wants to put it in her room so he has a place to smoke after the fire incident and all. He’s happy and they kiss (and maybe hump) on his bed.

A few days later they get invited to go to the casino by Blood and Gray agrees to go. They all play pool along with Elliot and the twins and thanks to Gray’s guidance, Alice wins. Afterwards Gray is so jelly of Blood nad his trolling he gets randy with Alice and strips her dress kissing her back. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)ハァハァ He says he won’t give her to anyone and they do the mattress mambo (♡´౪`♡).  The next day Nightmare asks Alice to be by Gray’s side an she comes to see him smoking a cigarette using her pouch gift that she gave him.  In the school parody, Gray is looking for nightmare but he doesn’t want to use his magic so Alice decides to come along and get a tour of the campus while they’re at it. She continues visiting the nurse’s office (as Nightmare is the school nurse) and trying to get Nightmare to actually do his job along with Gray. When she’s studying, Gray sends her a cute little blob which is like a message machine telling her goodnight and good luck with her studies. Every morning the little blob disappears but every night a maid brings it over again along with some hot cocoa for Alice to drink. Storm Night: Ace comes to Alice’s dorm despite the event being for you to only go within your dorms (so Ace shoulda only gone into the girls dorm at the Red Rose.) Fortunately Gray is there to stop him and they fight outside. Fortunately Julius shows up and gets Ace to return to his dorm (since Ace is ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ for Julius ww). Gray takes Alice back to her room and he’s extremely jealous of  Ace so Alice is like why u mad bro and he’s like ….cause I like you I think. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) He then kisses Alice and is like oh shit…now I’ve done it.

Alice is surprised but she doesn’t mind so they kiss again. Good End: Gray doesn’t show up for their first date and Alice is kinda pissed. After that Alice is busy with her school work so she stops coming to the nurse’s office and Gray is not there much anymore either. After a while Gray finally shows up at the nurse’s office and Nightmare leaves them alone to kiss & make up. Gray hugs Alice and since he notices she’s tired, he puts her on the couch and lets her sleep in his lap.  Best End: Alice says she’s not mad and tells herself she needs to grow up and be mature about the whole thing when Gray doesn’t show up for their date. Alice then goes fishing with Nightmare instea where he gives her some advice about Gray. Nightmare ends up catching a dolphin with a unicorn horn 😆 During Breeze Alice comes into Gray’s room and he apologizes for avoiding her. When she tells him how she was with Nightmare he gets all jelly, pushes her down on the bed and bites her neck. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Alice asks him that even if she grows up will he still spoil her and he says as long as its only with him. (*´ω`*) They have some sexy times and the next day Alice notices Gray’s bite mark is clearly visible on her neck ww. The next day in Nightmare’s office he makes fun of Gray saying he was jelly because while he had to do a mountain of work Nightmare & Alice were out playing. Nightmare then catches on that Gray did something naughty to Alice’s neck :lol:.  A few days later they decide to revenge their lost date and try one more time. He takes her to his favorite cute item store and he can’t hold himself back when Alice decides to pick out a bird item for him. He kisses her right in front of everyone at the store before they head to the register to buy it. Daww Gray’s route was cute and randy at the same time huhu. He’s such a moe GGE I have often trouble deciding between him and Julius though I guess I’d pick Julius over the fact that he isn’t a chain smoker :lol:.

Nightmare Gottschalk – Nightmare feels guilty that he burned a bit of Alice’s hair so he tells her to go outside the tower and relax for a bit. She goes to hatter where Elliot takes her bike riding to a cafe. At the cafe he eats his favorite carrot parfait but what shocks Alice is Nightmare works as a waiter there :lol:.  A bunch of dudes attack them but Nightmare protects her and kicks their asses. He then tells Alice that he hasn’t been reading her thoughts since she left the tower. He said the reason is because he was afraid he’d read her inner thoughts about wanting to leave the tower and stay at the Hatter. He said he couldn’t ignore her voice despite this which is why he came for her since Alice missed him a lot. They kiss and return back to the tower where Alice gives him a little gift as an apology for             abandoning him while he’s sick in bed. It’s a cute stuffed Nightmare doll that Alice made for him and he’s so happy he kisses it. (*´ω`*) He then goes on to babble how he refuses to go to the hospital and proceeds to kiss Alice. A few days pass and Nightmare’s health has improved but Gray is confused as to why since he hasn’t taken his medicine. Nightmare then requests to go on a date with Alice to that restaurant he worked at but this time he wants to actually physically walk with her (even though it tires him out.) When they get there Nightmare dresses up and acts as Alice’s personal waiter to thank her for the doll she made for him. He gives her a special pudding parfait that he made for her and gets all deredere when Alice tells him it’s delicious. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) He then whips out his doll and says it’s all thanks to this but Alice tells him if he carries it around too much it’ll break…and just then the doll’s arm falls off. 😆  Nightmare is upset about it but he says that that even withou it, as long as he has Alice it’s awwwright.

School Parody: Alice finds Nightmare hanging from the ceiling hiding from Gray. She then tries to avoid him during the school physicals because she thinks he’ll make fun of her weight. She then has a dream about the teacher she liked and her sister but she hears Nightmare’s voice and is able to calm down. Storm Night: Nightmare tries to get into her room but her door’s locked and when she opens it he goes flying down on his butt. He tries to explain what it is to her but she already heard from her classmates and she asks why he’s in her room since he’s not a student. He says he doesn’t give a crap and he wants to have fun like everyone else too :lol:. Since Alice had a nightmare the night before, he said if she’s with him she won’t have nightmares anymore because he has special powers to control dreams. Due to this he can’t use regular magic that everyone else can use. He gets into her bed and goes “come on in” and Alice gets pissed and beats him up. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ She says that he’s a creeper bed intruding into her room but he says he’s just a doctor who cares for the welfare of his students ;). After complaining about how kimoi he is, Alice gets into bed with him and he starts using his dream magic powers on her. She manages to fall into a relaxing sleep but is able to vaguely feel Nightmare kissing her before she doses off into REM. Good End: Alice goes to see Nightmare on Breeze night but she runs into Gray who tells her Nightmare’s passed out sick. The night ends and she doesn’t end up seeing him. She goes to visit him the next day and Gray tells her that his fever’s gone down. Nightmare complains that he doesn’t want to see her but Alice rages & breaks down the door ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ.

The reason he didn’t want to see her is because he feels bad for falling sick and ruining her Breeze night. She sits by his bedside and he says he’ll reserve her Breeze night next year. Best End: Alice comes into Nightmare’s room but he’s in a suit and has a dining table by the window prepared just for her xD. He tells her that he loves her and that he’s trying to win her over. (*´ω`*) They drink champagne and eat cherries. Alice mentions that if you can tie a cherry stem with your tongue you’re a good kisser.  They both try to do it but fail and Nightmare  asks Alice to kiss her to prove that despite him not tying the cherry stem, he can still kiss well. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン After he kisses her asks how it feels and Alice goes “Hmm I’m not sure yet, let’s keep going” HELL YEA ALICE (`ゝω・)vィェィ. Nightmare tells her he loves her and Alice inside her thoughts says the same thing and says that he can probably read her feelings despite her not saying them out loud. They have a happy sexy time night and the next morning she runs into Gray. She freaks out thinking she’s in trouble but Gray’s like “lol plz” ( ´_ゝ`). A few days later Alice gets sick so Nightmare sleeps with her while nursing her back to health. He says it’s good she woke up cause he was about to resort to a suppository プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  He then gives her 1 man shirt to wear to change into since her nightgown is sweaty. She’s like dafuq and he’s like IF U STAY AT UR LOVERS PLACE THIS IS WHAT YOU WEAR. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then hugs her and says that he’s already caught her cold so it doesn’t matter anymore. Needless to say, Alice gets better while Nightmare gets worse and Gray rages the next day about taking his medicine. Man I wish I had a Nightmare to make me have a peaceful sleep. I mean just the other day I had a dream that I was at a B’z concert and Koshi & Tak were iceskating like Johnny’s idols while rock’n’rolling on their guitars orz. He made me ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ during his Breeze night event, so adorkable ;).

Joker – Running away from the Hatter mansion, Alice comes to the circus but Joker tells her that circus is now closed and gives her a candy. Jokers let Alice try and train on various parts of the circus. Alice tries to balance on the giant ball on her own but isn’t able to and almost falls until Joker catches her. She then tries to do all sorts of other circus acts with joker & his loli/shota assistants. He even gives her an outfit that’s similar to the jokers.  Journey End: Finally at the circus performance day Alice is terrified of walking on top of the giant ball in front of a lion, and decides to jump off. Fortunately Joker manages to grab her and take her on the swing with him. The performance is a success and then Joker packs up his circus to travel elsewhere. They go through a door in the forest, and before going all the way in Joker asks if Alice wants to come with them since nobody seems to have given a fk about the fact that she hasn’t returned to the hatter mansion.  He kisses Alice passing another candy to her saying it has the same effect as her flask. They go through the door and Joker tells her she’s one of them now.  Return Home End: Alice says despite Hatter not giving a fk about her, she wants to return there anyway. Just then Boris, Blood, Nightmare & Peter come shooting at Joker telling him to let go of Alice. Alice’s harem is not to be messed with. Joker doesn’t wanna deal with all her mans so he busts a jet outta there. All of them then fight asking where Alice wants to return but she takes Nightmare’s hand because she intends to go home to her world. Confinement End: Dee & Dum in their adult forms come to get Alice away from Joker. Elliot and Blood show up and start shooting at him saying they’re takin Alice back. Joker’s like whatever and disappears through the forest door.  The twins apparently cut off the nerves to her legs so she’s unable to walk or ever run away from the mansion. Blood says he’ll close her in his mansion and take “good” care of her. AUGH…/barf. What a horrible ending. I never thought QR would go there (|||❛︵❛.)

Imprisonment End: Alice goes through the forest door with Jokers and ends up in the prison where she sees her sister imprisoned again. Alice gets imprisoned and chained and Joker says it’s because inside she feels guilty and she brought this on herself. School Parody: Alice brings her own lunch and goes to eat under a tree outside. This is when Joker finds her, introduces himself and helps himself to her sandwiches. A few days later Joker shows her a door that leads to an underground prison. During Storm Night, Alice sees her sister running but is confused on why she’d be there. She follows her and instead runs into 2 Jokers. While they stand there bickering, storm ends and they complain that it’s Alice’s fault they didn’t get to participate. Joker the other Joker to to a body check on Alice and one holds her back while the other gropes Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ. They take her ribbon & hairbrush as victory items for storm night and run off. Before Breeze night, Alice goes around asking everyone information about where she can find Joker. She also decides to refer them as Black-san and White-san though honestly the only way I can tell them apart is because the “black” one wears a black hat. They give Alice a key to their room but their room. And so for the Breeze night,  Alice comes to see the Jokers and depending on your choice you will end up with either Black or White. In Black Joker’s route Alice ends up in what looks like a study with Black Joker waiting for her on the couch :lol:. He then grabs Alice and hugs her on the couch with him and as Alice thinks of the sister she saw that day, she comes to the conclusion it was just an illusion. Black Joker tells her if she misses her sister so badly to just write her a letter. With White Joker all she can think about is Lorina…again.  He then tells her that she picked him over “paradise”. He tells her that this entire world is just a Toybox and no matter where she goes Joker will always lock her up. They end up in the prison cell and Alice is all like YAY AS LONG AS I HAVE JOKER ITS OK IF IM IN A PRISON. _ノ乙(、ン、)_ ……yea….great….(ಠ_ಠ). It’s like Joker’s entire route was a Truth End 4th Wall. That Confinement end with the twins…ruined the twins for me augh. I haven’t been this disgusted since Bremen’s route in Grimm the Bounty Hunter. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。  That was certainly an anti-climatic way to end the game.

Best characters ;_;

Yay after 3 weeks I’m finally done. It felt like forever but that’s because I started playing Wii Fit and my otome game time was like cut in half during the week. As I’m writing my final thoughts here it’s a really odd feeling for me. Overall I actually enjoyed the game. A lot of routes were really cute and sweet and ☆゚+‡。萌:.゚(○´ω`○) ゚.萌:。‡+゚ ☆…..HOWEVER that Joker route felt like it came and shat on my parade. il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。  I guess Joker’s route was supposed to be like the “Truth” end in this game but since it’s a fandisk I would have preferred they didn’t include some of the ends that they did. I didn’t even feel this unpleasant after Joker no Kuni but yea this time QR I am disappoint. Here’s what I was generally sick of: Alice’s siscon with Lorina. Yea after like 4 games I was able to put up with it but this time I was like OMG STOP BRO. Main reason being because they kept reusing the same prison scene/CG as in Joker Alice and I was like omgg STOPPU give me something new. Like make Lorina some BDSM badass and have her whip Alice’s old teacher or something. ENTERTAIN ME! I was sick of hearing the same copypasta lines from the side characters. “IT’S BREEZE NIGHT LADIES!” Yes I heard this set of lines 13 times. Seeing the dream of Alice dreaming about her former teacher another 13 times….going through dorm orientation 13 times because I had to pick different choices to get certain friend events…yea you get the picture. Other than the repetition (and I guess it was extra bad since..13 times for anything really) and Joker’s route the game was fun. The turn system is completely gone starting with this game so it was just a simple straight VN.  I didn’t have to whip out my excel sheet or plan on how many friend events I can capture in 1 run. Though seeing the recent QR trend of these really 微妙 yandere endings (Ouma, Grimm, and this) I’m a bit worried for Diamond. What I always liked about Quin Rose is even if the guys were crazy yanderes, they never really hurt the heroine that badly…but with the recent games they’ve started to add these endings and they really do leave a bad taste in my mouth. (´・ω・`; ) Oh well all I can recommend is if you don’t want to leave a bad taste in your mouth just…don’t do Joker’s route. If you’re curious, just prepare yourself and consider all the other characters as “done with the game” and the Joker as some bad end omake or something =_=;.  At least I can still enjoy my Clover Tower group, they are now my favorite of the gang since Peter will be gone in Diamond. Now I can finally move on to 24 hour Cinderella!

Omocha hako no kuni no Alice Wonderful Wonder World Regular Edition / Game


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  1. if you mean the BGM gallery, no they don’t include the OP and ED themes…just a few BGMs inside the game. a lot of old Alice games are really hard to get any OP/EDs for

  2. Hello again.

    This is a general question for all the Alice games, but it seems that the games (at least the newest release) includes a sound test. Does such a thing include the openings and endings of the games? I still haven’t found the OP for Toybox…

  3. Oh. Ok. Thanks for the reply… I’ll definitely look into it when I can.

    It looks to me like that game has been kinda forgotten by Quinrose… to an extent. The ending song is on one of their recent MIXes… but I can’t even find the title of the opening song! Guess that makes it harder to search for, huh?

    But anyways, thanks again.

  4. I tend to buy everything from CD Japan and I often put up links to new releases at the bottom of my side bar of this blog. Try looking there? If CD Japan doesn’t have it, your best bet is to find a buying proxy to get these games from places like Amazon Japan. You can also try Playasia for older releases.

    I’m not sure if the full version of the OP exists? Maybe? I wasn’t a fan of the omochabako OST so I never bothered looking for it.

  5. Very good review. I have been interested in this series for some time and am wondering where is the best place to buy these games… I’m American and am unable to buy them from the usual stores, of course.

    Also, a weird question, but is there a soundtest or the like in these games with the music, including openings and endings? It seems that there never was a CD released for this game, and I really liked the OP… Is there any chance that a full version of this song actually exists?

    Keep reviewing! And, hopefully, the next main installment in this series will turn out beautifully!

  6. I’m definitely going to have to get it /o/ your review for sure solidified it. I need as much Peter as I can get before he disappears Q____Q if they don’t bring him back after Diamond I’m going to have some sort of crazy breakdown and it’ll just be this ugly downward spiral into mental illness…. LOL and yeah I’m deeeefinitely going to skip over that trauma that’s for sure xD

  7. I hope they bring Peter back honestly…;_; and yea the Joker route endings freaked me out orz;; good thing I have 2 months to get over the trauma before diamond T_T Other than Joker’s route though the game was enjoyable so I hope you get a chance to play it 🙂

    Regardless, great review lol I had a fun time reading your review xDD I wanted to get this game originally but since I haven’t had any time I’ve decided to put it off cause I didn’t want to get it then… not ever play it ^w^;; but seeing this review… well it basically means I kind of have to get it LOL. I need my dose of Peter before he goes away in Diamond Q_Q but Julius and Blood are my other two favorites so if those two are in it… I think I’ll be okay LOL I’LL STILL BE ABLE TO GO ON щ(ಥДಥщ) arghhhh. I wonder if after Diamond they’re gonna bring Peter back? >.< guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh? 😡
    And dat Joker route…. WTF QR LOL if this was R-18 we would have had a cage of love scene like something out of kuro to kin LOL…..

  9. since its a fandisk it just starts off in the other world thats all 🙂 theres no connection other than a joke here & there (though its kinda revealed in joker’s route)

  10. Oooh, I get it now! Kind of. At least the terms I understand. The worlds with all the alternate universes is confusing. How does it work in the story anyway?

  11. GGE-con? icha icha? Whut do those mean? D:
    I fail at terms, LOL.

    It’s sounds so confusing. What’s with all the alternate universes? :O

  12. I’ll be disappointed in QR if they ruin their Alice franchise with heroine-maiming. D’: I’ve got so much respect for these guys, they have the best games (just my opinion though)

  13. “it’s more sex than love with these 2” couldn’t have said it better than that!

  14. Do I have like dyslexia or something? I swear, every time I read Blood Dupre’s name, it looks like Blood Durpe (-snicker- Derp XD I know lame joke /shot)

    HNNNHHHHH BORIISSSS~~ FLD:FSK:FS I always think his route is the best. :’D

    As much as I don’t want too many, um, creative bad endings, I’m fine with it as long as it isn’t as disturbing as the ones in Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi.

  15. well Pierce was kinda ruined for me since Joker so doesn’t matter 😆
    and yea you’re right they always made empty threats but never actually hurt Alice until now….dafuq
    Well I guess unless you count the ends where they kill her but that for some reason seems less horrible to me than this.

    Yea I was thinking of what if Blood is like this in Diamond argh 😦
    And no problem about the rant – it left me with a bad taste too. I hope I can temporarily block it before Diamond (as long as I don’t look at the CG of Alice with her leg bleeding orz)

  16. That confinement ruined the mafia dudes for me except for Pierce, since Blood and Elliot clearly agreed with the whole thing. It’s part of why I’m not that happy with Jericho being a mafia dude too, and just wishing that he was the cemetery/museum caretaker. On one hand they are criminals so stuff like this should be expected, but on the other hand they were never as bad in the other games, so WTH?

    And also, interesting thing about this ending, remember how much I ranted about Blood in the manga being an asshole? Well, in the beginning of the manga he says this to Alice, and I quote ” I would never let go of a woman with such passion in her eyes. I would cut off both of her legs if she tried to leave me. And she could tear out my heart if I ever tried to stray.” Sounds familiar? That was meant to be romantic. I kept seeing manga Blood all over that ending, even though his personality was nothing like him through the rest of the game. But like I’ve said before, I have the feeling that “more Do-S” means “more like manga Blood”, so I’m very worried for his route in Diamond.

    I could let go of this ending, if not for the fact that each character in diamond will have 3-5 endings. With that many you know each one of them has at least one bad ending besides the games other general bad ends, something we haven’t had to deal with in this series before. This makes their crazy quirks not so funny anymore, and the mafia guys have the worst potential. I can see Boris having a rapey version of his handcuffing end in the original end, but I see few characters actually physically harming her. Not even the Jokers. But I see most of the mafia guys doing that, Blood with his possessiveness and sadistic tendencies, Elliot’s rape urges and willingness to go with whatever Blood says (not to mention he’s more ‘badass’ now..), the twins utter disregard for her body (remember about them wanting to cut her in half because she was taller then them in the original?) can make for such awful bad endings. Consider the fact that the confinement end happened in a world where they loved her, and that she had been with them for 4 games, and then think about them hating her in Diamond and yeah….I hope this was a one time thing for QR and they keep the bad endings light.

    Argh, sorry for such a lengthy rant, but that ending left me with such a bad taste and no one seems to mention. Otherwise the game was really enjoyable, if repetitive. At least it was short so the repetitive stuff wasn’t as granting as it would have been in a canon game.

  17. i want the game!!! where u get all the game and can i still play it on my ps2 or psp system? or do i really need 2 get the international one? GAAAAAHHHHH I O SOOO LOVE THIS MANGA AND I WANNNA PLAY IT SOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!! R THEY GOING 2 HAVE IT TRANSLATED IT SOOON?~~~~~~~~

  18. it was really no different copypasta wise than Joker. in fact Joker might have been MORE copypasta lol so it shouldn’t be an issue for you!

  19. Yea I was pretty shocked. I always thought they were just empty threats but yea this was kinda revolting :/
    I heard Sugita voice shotas before he doesn’t sound too different tbh lol. Installing Cinderella now looking fwd to it :33

  20. The twins??? The twins did that?? Omg they’ve been mentioning about cutting her legs in the previous games but I never thought they’d actually do something to harm her! :/
    Clovertower gang is my favourite too XD I’m still disappointed that Nightmare is gonna be a shota in Diamond…tho I’m curious how Sugita is voicing him..’v’ Sort of glad Pierce isn’t in it but I’ll miss Peter!! Not sure if I’ll like Sidney as much. Have fun with 24ji~ It’s really good! and..hot (●´艸`)ヾ

  21. I don’t know why QR didn’t give any Joker’s real good ending. Can I hope that it will be in Diamond. lol
    Alice is a real shotacon and their endings are 3P FOREVER. It’s good fact xD.

  22. I started playing this game yesterday, again.
    My bother fixed my pc and had to delete some stuff. I like Peter White, he’s my favorite =3
    And Julius too =3
    I don’t like Joker too 😐

  23. Wow, sounds like a big ‘CopyPasta’ party is in the ‘ToyBox’.
    I seriously doubt that I will enjoy a game like that! I mean, I liked ‘Joker no Kuni no Alice’ but I like that diffrent routs will have different content and/or CG. But I think I will give it a shot 🙂
    Anyways, I hope that is Cinderella 24 is good, love!

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