Android Otome Game Review: Love Academy

This is a free android app game where you can purchase credits if you want to read faster. Official site is here with links to download from Google Play. I took interest in the game because I liked the artwork and unlike most mobile games, the heroine actually had a face. The story is about Naomi who is starting her first year of high school at Moulin Academy. Her school is special because only those with talents get in and her talent is singing. She joins the student council and from there her ~happy heartful school life~ begins.

Jyogasaki Takumi – Takumi is Naomi’s childhood friend who got into the academy to become a doctor. He was sick all his life and his younger brother Jun was adopted by his grandparents in France so they were raised separately for like 15 years.  He’s good at cooking and often makes bentos for Naomi as well as Haku. At the summer festival he confesses his feelings to Naomi but she’s like OH NOES BUT URE JUST MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND. The olde childhood friendzone effect. A few days later Naomi agrees to try to look at Takumi as a man.  Since the kaicho bosses her around, Takumi gets pissed and tells him to stop doing so. Due to this, Naomi gets kicked out of the student council and gets pissed at Takumi for not minding his business. They then stop talking and Naomi decides to focus on her singing and joins a band for the school festival.  For her bday she and Takumi are still in a fight and despite him giving her stuff every year he avoids her the whole day….until at the end she finds Baby Breath flowers and a birthday cake set up for her. She goes to Takumi’s house to thank him and he hugs her from behind…until he passes out. His health has actually been deteriorating and turns out that he actually only has until his final year of high school to live. In her 2nd year, Naomi comes back to the student council as an accountant. For the sports festival they make it a prize for the winner of the track race to kiss Naomi. Togo wins but he’s not interested in her so the 2nd place winner, Takumi gets to kiss her instead. So then Maruko, Naomi’s bitch bff, apparently has a crush on Takumi and Naomi lies that Takumi is having homo time with his brother Jun. They go to Takumi’s house where Maruko blurts out her feelings to Takumi but he rejects Maruko and tells Naomi once more that he loves her. Naomi agrees to consider his feelings or  else Maruko will slap her ass silly.

For new years Naomi is supposed to meet up with everyone at the shrine but Takumi bed intrudes into her house cause apparently he has the keys to it. He then jumps on top of her in bed and starts making out though Naomi thinks its a dream at first. She then realizes it’s kinda not and pushes him away in embarrassment lmao. At the shrine Naomi gets a fortune that she will lose an important person meanwhile Takumi gets a fortune saying his disease is incurable. In their final year Jun transfers into their school and despite being 15, he’s already graduated high school in France. He just wants to attend to experience Japanese school life. So then Naomi doesn’t know what to do with her life and so she goes to study abroad for 3 months but before going she gets into a fight with Takumi. When she returns she finds out he’s hospitalized and he refuses to see her. She finally goes to see him by force and finds out about his brain tumor that his mother died from in the past. So then the rich student council pres uses his money to send Takumi to San Francisco to a top American brain surgeon to perform the surgery. He then gives tickets to Naomi to fly over there as well and though she is able to see him before the surgery, he has lost his memories for the most part but he keeps chanting Naomi’s name unconsciously. In the True End, the surgery is a success and even though Takumi ends up staying 1 year back and Naomi graduates, they still become lovers and continue dating. A few years later, Takumi has become a doctor and he does some randy “bed exams” on Naomi イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! Ok so I had to pay 30 koyons to get my affection to 99% for the true end but it was worth it huhu. Didn’t bother paying another 30 to see what the other ends are though >_>.

Gen Togo – Togo is as kuudere pianist who pretty much gave me massive Masato from UtaPri vibes his entire route. He can’t cook and even though he makes dishes that LOOK beautiful, inside they taste like garbage.  Naomi finds a poster asking people to help with the 3/11 earthquake disaster and decides she wants to help by contributing singing songs. When she goes to the recording studio someone has left her a pre-composed song and refers to her as the “after school songstress”. Naomi isn’t sure who it is but decides to sing to the song this person has composed and submit it to the relief. Apparently her song ends up being a hit and she continues singing while the person secretly continues writing songs for her and leaving them in the recording room. The teacher asks Naomi to sing at the Christmas masquerade and she agrees. At the masquerade all the girls have to wear masks but Takumi recognizes Naomi by the necklace she wears. After singing, Togo meets her back stage and as she trips he catches her and thanks her. For New Years, Naomi gets sick and is unable to sing. Despite seeming cold, Togo actually emails her asking her if she’s alright and tells her to get well soon. So then Takumi’s brother Jun returns to Japan and rages at Togo saying that  he only became a famous pianist because of his father. He also has brocon rage because he thinks Togo is taking Naomi away from Takumi. (Also thanks for the homo CG Koyonplete :lol:).  A few weeks later Naomi makes a promise with Togo to go to his concert but unfortunately things don’t go as planned. She gets a call from Jun saying that Takumi’s been hospitalized. She goes to visit him but Takumi tells her to go to Togo’s concert. Unfortunately she’s thinking about Togo so much she ignores train alerts and ends up getting to the concert late due to train problems. (Clearly she must have been riding the LIRR.)

Unfortunately because she’s not there, Togo’s performance goes bad and the audience mumbles that his fame really is just because of his father. When Naomi runs to see him backstage, he tells her to GTFO. The next day Naomi finds out that Togo’s transferred out of Moulin academy to some European music school. A year passes by with Naomi taking care of Takumi but she’s still in love with Togo. At the school onsen trip, the class pres Yota gives her a photo of Togo in front of his orchestra. Apparently he’s won some massive awards and became a famous pianist over there but since he and Yota are childhood friends he sent him a photo to pass to Naomi. Naomi is really happy but unfortunately she drops the photo in front of Takumi who sees it and realizes he’s a 3rd wheel in her heart.  On the way back from the school trip Naomi misses Togo so much she has a randy dream with him stripping her near his piano /(^o^)\. It’s now graduation  ceremony and Naomi hasn’t seen Togo since that day. She was hoping he’d return to at least graduate and lucky for her he has. In fact he has returned to play the piano during the ceremony and Yota pushes Naomi to go and sing. She also then realizes the composer of all her earth quake relief songs was Togo all this time. After she finishes singing, Togo comes up to her and kisses her just as Yota pulls down the curtains. They start making out but he tells them to GTFO off stage so he can pull the curtains back up xD. And so in the true ending, Naomi decides to pursue her singing at a Japanese school while Togo continues his studies in France. Once she graduated, she has moved to France with Togo and is now helping him learn how to cook. Unfortunately for her, the only thing he wants to eat is Naomi and he brings her to the bedroom for some sexytime (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.  WOW THIS GAME IS RANDY FOR A PHONE GAME LMAO. I was sitting there going damn bro, did someone from Quin Rose secretly write this? 😆 Anyway Togo had too much Masato-ing going on in his route for me to fully enjoy it and when he went to Europe I was like grooooaaan.

Ameda Yota – Yota is the ore-sama obnoxious class president. On the first day of school he declares Togo (his childhood friend) and Naomi as members of the student council. He does what he pleases including sleeping in Naomi’s lap in the student council room when he’s tired. When he was little, he was actually an orphan and was often bullied at the orphanage. When he and Naomi visit that orphanage they find a kid getting bullied and point out the bully to save him. Yota was adopted by a rich family and that’s when he met Togo – during one of the rich folk parties his parents attended. He tasted Togo’s nasty food for the first time and vowed to never eat it again. 😆  Yota invites Naomi and Togo to his house who sing & play piano but he gets upset because he feels left out. He stops talking to Naomi much and during a basketball game he’s so pissed he hogs the ball and due to this his team loses. He feels really bummed so he drags Naomi to the broadcasting room one day and announces that he’s resigning as president.  The following day everyone in the school has signed a petition saying that they don’t want him to stop being president so he decides to return to his position. The next day Naomi catches what looks like Togo & Yota yaoing it up in the student council room and gets all excited.  They return to normal a few weeks later and turns out its because they were fighting over a lover letter than Yota meant to give to Naomi. At the school festival bon dance, he dances with Naomi and kisses her. What does our bright heroine do? RUN AWAY ┗(^o^ )┓三. At the school skii trip a few months later, Naomi skiis off the noob  path and injures her ankle.

Fortunately Yota saves her but a snow storm hits so he brings her to some abandoned shack where they huddle to keep warm. He takes off all his clothes to put on Naomi and tells her about stories about his past to keep her awake. They start making out and eventually the rescue team comes and saves them but Yota ends up getting frost bite. He stays in the hospital extra long though because of food poisoning from Togo’s “Gifts”. Naomi gets an opportunity to spend the rest of her senior year studying abroad in France. Since Togo gets the same opportunity the two of them go off. Even though Yota is upset he tells Naomi he’ll be waiting for her.  The day before her trip he takes her on a cruise on his private boat and after the party ends, he jumps into the pool with her and they make out in their clothes in the water xD;. When Togo & Naomi return from  France he feels left out once again and he talks to Togo saying he knows that Togo likes Naomi too. They have a competition on who can earn the most “achievements” and that person can then go ahead and confess to Naomi. In the true ending, Yota loses and Togo ends up confessing. Naomi however says she don’t give a fuck about their competition and tells Yota that she loves him and not Togo. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) A few years pass and Yota is now the president of his own company. Naomi is his assistant and when she brings him coffess to take a break, he’s not interested. All he wants to do is get some sexual healing from his new waifu on the couch. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Lol well Yota was your typical ore-sama character and that ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ scenario between him and Yota…it was like watching Masato and Ren all over again augh…

Shirato Haku – Haku seems like the playboy of the bunch and he almost kisses Naomi before her first day of school. He keeps taking her lunch as well as lunch from other girls so he seems like a huge pimp. This guy’s got like a shit ton of drama going on so I’ll just explain it first. Basically Haku is from a rich family and he used to have a twin brother Yuuya who died in a car accident. Yuuya was the only one who understood Haku’s feelings of wanting to play the guitar instead of the violin like his parents desired. Basically Haku was Yuuya’s shadow but once Yuuya died his parents threw a shitfit and expected him to basically be a replacement for their oh so talented son. If that wasn’t bad enough, Yuuya had a girlfriend – Mei. She’s also a rich girl and of course once Yuuya dies, she pretty much sees  Haku as a replacement and uses the excuse of “oh we have our PAIN to hold us together” to cling to him.  After junior high, Haku couldn’t take any of their shit and decided to run away from home to live on his own. Sadly being like 14 or whatnot all he could do was be a hobo. He got into moulin academy because his photo was used on a promo poster so his education was paid for. The reason he ate all the girls’ lunches is because that was the only way he could even afford to eat. (´・ω・`) Of course after meeting Naomi she told him to stop being a pansy ass and to face his fears and his parents and tell them how he REALLY feels. They go to his house together and after he tells his family about his guitar love, his father says “ok but you better show some results of your hard work before graduation.” So basically his dad wants him to debut before graduation but Haku is determined to work hard with Naomi singing by his side (because he fell in love with her voice.)  They sing at the school festival and it’s a big hit. Mei shows up at the concert and once it ends she runs on stage and glomps Haku.

In fact Mei turns into a super nasty bitch and starts doing horrible shit to Naomi like putting nails into her shoes.  Then stuff starts getting really bad when Naomi and Haku are interviewed for a magazine but only Haku’s part of the interview is printed. Before one of their concerts, a staff member tells Naomi she has to prepare chocolates for every attendee and she’s like WWWHHAT!? Fortunately her loyal childhood friend Takumi saves her butt and helps her make all the chocolates the day before. Naomi is upset feeling like Haku is using her to gain fame. After the concert she follows Mei and Haku into an alley quietly and hears him reject Mei saying he has no feelings for her. When Mei runs off bitching, Naomi reveals herself and gives Haku a hug. He then tells her the truth that he’s been doing just as Mei says in order to 1. stop her from hurting Naomi and 2. get them chances to be interviewed by magazines etc because she’s filthy rich.  He then kisses Naomi and tells her that he loves her and not Mei and they make a promise to do a concert together under Tokyo Tower after graduation. Sadly things don’t go as planned when Mei the  Wonder Bitch doesn’t give up and sends poisoned chocolates to Naomi after one of their concerts. Fortunately for Naomi, Haku is the one who eats it first and it has some weird chemical on it which does horrid damage to his vocal cords. In fact the doctor says he may never be able to talk or sing again until Mei bursts into the hospital room saying It’s NAOMI’S fault that SHE didn’t eat the poison chocolate. Wow jesus christ you fucking bitch, you send poison chocolates and you blame NAOMI for not eating them? Please get hit by a bus you little piece of shit! Lol god I hate jealous bitches in otome games I want to stab them with a spork.

So needless to say, ONCE AGAIN Miss Queen of Bitches tells Naomi if she stays the fuck away from Haku, she will pay for his surgery with a special expensive doctor who is guaranteed to replace his vocal cords so that they work again. Naomi refuses at first but then  goes running back with tail between legs begging Mei to heal Haku. Mei then adds on top of it that “you must transfer out of Moulin Academy”. She’s nice enough to pay for the transfer to a pretty decent high school for Naomi but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s still a dirty little cunt. In the True End, 2 years pass and Naomi graduates from her current high school. Haku’s recovered from his surgery and he’s become a famous singer/song writer as he graduates from Moulin. She sees an interview with him on TV saying he’s going to see his lover under Tokyo Tower  and then she cries while buying groceries at the supermarket as she sees him on TV. Suddenly she hears Haku going “please feed this stray kitty” and he’s right there next to her. The paparazzi appears and he grabs Naomi and runs off with her to her house. When they get there they catch up on the 2 years they’ve been apart and he says that Mei finally grew the fuck up and let go of him. He then says he wants to sing with her again and he wants to hear her voice! Though he then starts kissing her chest and he gets to her uh..another kind of voice from her :lol:. And so some months later, Naomi & Haku’s duo group top the Oricon charts. I had some koyons left so I did the Normal ending in which Naomi meets Haku under Tokyo Tower but he just tells her good luck with her singing career and runs off. Glad I never wasted my koyons on any of the other characters Normal endings lol. Ahhh yea I wrote a novel for Haku but so many things in this route irritated me, though mostly Mei. JFC everytime she showed up I wanted to kick her in the faceeeee fucking biatch lmao.

Half-Assed Walkthrough

Please note I ended up having to pay 30 koyons each time in order to get the true ending. Only the true ending has a CG so doing the other endings isn’t worth the koyons I think? I hope at least my choices serve as a guide of maybe what NOT to pick ? XD; However if you are interested in other endings you can always pay  another 30koyon to see whatever ending you haven’t seen yet (I didn’t bother though.)

Takumi choices: Togo choices:
because you’re smart? i’m okay…i guess?
will takumi be happy as well? j-pop
answer honestly. i want to see him soon
i need to apologize too please let me try my best at the masquerade
takumi. of course!
i am eager to find out what takumi’s answer will be what should i do….
donate 500 yen there is nothing i could say (this only gave me 1% so pick something else lol)
nodded at me i will go to france with you togo!
86% + 30 Koyon = 99% True End
74% total + 30Koyon = 99% True End
Yota choices: Haku choices:
Nod helplessly
The president
 Cover her eyes
Tell him the truth
 I’m waiting for someone
I’m looking forward to it!
 Believe in him
Stop him no matter what
 To hurt me?
Agree  Feed him
I’m kinda shy…
 I understand
Yota will win
 I should go
73% + 30 Koyon = 99% True End
 76% (or so) + 30 Koyon = True End

┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ

Ok yea I don’t know why there was so much gay in this game lmao. Even though it’s an otome game, there was at least 1 CG/scene in each route that could constitute for a BL scenario. Like I know in the above picture Takumi is just trying to take Haku’s temperature but the way it’s drawn……. (ಠ_ಠ). Not only that but in the CG pack, there’s like 6 CGs of Jun being an uke to the doctor in the hospital which was NOT in ANY of the routes what the fuck XDXD. Or are those the results of bad don’t end up with the guy so they yaoi it up?? Lol IDK but I’m just like WHY. Like man Koyonplete if you wanna make a BL game just..make a BL game stop throwing this shit into my otome games lmao. 😆 BL aside, the game was actually really enjoyable. The entire thing is translated into English, the stories are pretty interesting and it’s not expensive. I only spent $6.50 on this game and I managed to finish every character in about a month. I sorta took my time and played about 5-6 chapters every morning after buying koyons. You still get free koyons even if you buy koyons and I guess the way I spread it out I was able to play every character and I still had about 80 koyons left to spare. The 30 koyons to get true end was really nice too. I’d hate it if I bought koyons and I got a normal or bad end and then I’d have to start over and waste even more koyons to try and attempt to get a good end. No idea why the hell I only did decently in Takumi’s route, I guess I’m good with Childhood Friends? 😆 Anyway if you have an android phone I highly recommend this game. Even if you don’t want to pay money you can still play it for free (it will just take longer.) I recommend throwing in a few bucks though because I think it was worth it. The biggest complaint I have  is the constant system crashing. Everytime I loaded the game it would crash AT LEAST once. Additionally as of this post they never even bothered adding the gallery feature which is annoying if you want to go back and view your CGs. I heard they will be porting this to iOS soon so those of you with Crapple products please wait a bit longer ;).


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  1. It’s funny for Haku’s part I didn’t know you had this until I was looking for Koyon Coupons and stumbled upon this. I had 63% after the last choice I had to do was ‘I understand’ of course I ended the game with 100% and getting the true ending without paying the 30 Koyon. I do think your walkthrough is VERY helpful, plus the stories you wrote of what happens, I find enjoyable. Thank you!

  2. nice review 😀 …
    I didn’t bought the koyon , just changed my ipad time to 4;00 AM and it restored up to 20 koyons . I know , sounds like cheating .

    I’m totally into Yota and Togo.
    ah , this game also has the BL version . but, I never play it , not into yaoi.

  3. Wow 2 thumbs up for you
    About the panel, did you have any chance to completed all panel after completed 4 stories?

  4. I’m on Yota’s progress now after completed Takumi’s chapter. I always wandering which part that I already took after “Fin” word appeared. After I read your review, I’m sure that I got true story 😀
    But I wanna see another ending on Takumi’s part, such as Normal ending. Would Takumi become paralize after the surgeon? Or on Sad Ending, I think the result would be the surgeon was failed and Naomi felt depresed (lol).
    Oh yeah about CG, when I press the image collection on Yota, there is a note “Image Collection coming soon”. Oh God why??!! Does that mean this game not up to date or I must replay Yota’s part so I could see the CG?

  5. Eeeeh, I loved your review and I’ll maybe use your walkthrough to get my AHEMnexthusbandsAHEM.
    But for some random reason, I didn’t enjoy the game..Well, I only did Togo’s route, but I didn’t have any Dokidoki moment, I found his route kinda flat.. and didn’t feel any chemistry between MC and Togo. I mean sure, MC stalked him,played piano with him andcooked with him… And that’s it ! I expected to be more of that cuz the transition between “cold” and “sweet” Togo was kinda abrupt.
    Sooo, is it worth to go for the other guys ?_?

  6. you use the 30 koyon once and then you automatically see the true ending. if you want to see the OTHER endings you will have to pay 30 koyon for each (but they have no CGs so there’s no point unless you have koyons left over)

  7. Heeeeeey
    I loved this walktrough xD Helped a lot, thanks!!
    Btw, I wanted to ask you something: Like, in the end, we need 30 koyon to see the true ending, right? So, will you use those 30 only once, or it will open a new chapter and I need 30 for each story? Will it be replenished?
    Thanks again!! *-*

  8. That actually happened to me a couple times. I’m not sure why but I have a feeling that after you download some apps, it restarts the chapter. (That’s what happened to me)

  9. Hey, i played chapter 7 and my i ran out of koyons, then, i opened the game again and accidentally pressed play, it plays chapter 7-1 eventhough i dont have anymore koyon and i have finished chapter 7. So i end up playing that chapter again and dat sucks, do you know whats up with this?

  10. “Normal ending in which Naomi meets Haku under Tokyo Tower but he just tells her good luck with her singing career and runs off”
    Bahaha. Nice Haku. That’s definitely going to get you a girlfriend.

  11. That was some hilarious and good review! I mean I love how you go “Damn bro, did someone from Quin Rose secretly write this?!”
    Haha! I started playing just yesterday and it crashed and stuff but I still love it! And Haku is so cute! Just wish Mei wasn’t in it too 😛 hate her so much and I actually thought she was a guy at first? Lol. Yeah anyways love your review and thanks for the walkthrough and the funny comments haha

  12. that sounds like a bug to me…
    When I bought my Koyon, I got it immediately 😐 I’d keep trying to contact the company if they dont respond after a few days. Worst case is you can try to report them to google for fraud.

  13. So, I bought Koyon an hour ago & it still hasn’t replenished & I’m not hearing a response back from the company e.e

    Does it usually take a long time?

    & good job on your review! I just downloaded the game & got so into it already!

  14. i tried it on bluestacks when it was incompatible with my phone but it crashed so much I gave up and waited for them to make it compatible lol.

    your rendition sounds fun! XD woulda been better than the stupid bitch plot lol

  15. Thanks for posting this! I don’t have an Android phone, plus this game won’t pass chapter 3 when I use Bluestacks (already told Koyonplete). I’m tired of the jealous bitches cliché too; that could be the limited sources of drama in high school romance games. I would instead have the MC + guy go on a volunteer relief trip to the disaster area, and they get entangled in some crime and have to hide from the yakuza and police. But, they save the day anyway. At the end, the MC gives a concert to the victims, and the yakuza donates money/supplies to charities after Takumi saves the members from an injury.
    I’m thinking too much into this. :/

  16. no problem I hate them too. it used to be that the token female friend is like the nice girl for the heroine but now im always weary she’ll be some man stealing bitch 😆

  17. OmG I hate annoying jealous chicks in games too! In fact even those in dramas and mangas and stuff are annoying as well. They all have recycled personalities that I’m tired of seeing. Sorry for being random but this was a chance to rage at those characters.

  18. I THINK it’s not compatible with tablets but recently they made it compatible with HD Devices. Have you checked again? At first it wasn’t compatible with my Galaxy S3 but a month ago or so they made it compatible.

  19. OK, I was like…VERY happy to have an opportunity to play this game on my phone/tablet WHATEVER. But, FUCK, it says
    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”
    What?.. What’s wrong with my devices, huh? I didn’t get it, really. I have Android 4.0 on my SonyEricsson, and the same bullshit with my tablet…

  20. Whoa! I’m not fond of Android, but I’ve always wanted to play the games that are specifically on Android. /sobs Anyway, I would totally go of Yota first. I’m a sucker for ore-sama chara. xD It’s a relief that they’re porting to iOS. Hope it doesn’t take long. (´∀`)ワクワク

  21. Hi – I would appreciate if you didn’t honestly. A lot of these reviews are not just the game plot but they also include my wording and opinion of the game. If I translate something directly (like the Laito CD) I don’t mind others translating that into another language but if people want to translate my reviews into another language then that’s what I have google translate links for. (´・ω・`) I hope you understand. My reviews have way too much bias/opinion in them that I don’t really want someone translating them into another language ^^;. Sorry (´・ω・`;).

  22. Hey 🙂
    I reeeeaally love ur reviews about otome games ❤ I'm from germany and there are some otomegame-player but don't "share" it with other otakus like u 😀 and i wanted to ask u if i could translate the reviews to my blog? of course i will write u in the credits :))

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