Tartaros Taiwan Announces End of Service

Well I had a feeling Tartaros was coming to an end, and not just scenario wise but with Tartaros Taiwan shutting down on December 31st, looks like my suspicions were correct. In the last few months there’s been a lack of players on the servers, the events and items were recycled or mediocre. The staff made it so the game was extremely annoying to play forcing people to quit (though makes me wonder if that was intentional.)
Either way I hope before Japan Tartaros shuts down they at least increase the exp. I still want to see the rest of the scenario but if it shuts down on 12/31 in Japan as well, at 1x I will never be able to reach level 75 or 76 lol.  If any news about Tartaros Japan shows up I’ll post here but it’s been a nice ride. I’ll miss Cromodo when the game closes ;_;.


5 thoughts on “Tartaros Taiwan Announces End of Service”

  1. Didn’t PSO2 already launch in NA? I think StarCreator was telling me there was some friend invite campaign going on but I think after Tartaros I’ma lay low off MMOs for a while. Otome games are just too much of a higher priority for me now XD

  2. I don’t even remember how far I got in the scenario, I think I got stuck in Berto or something lmao. Oh well, it was a fun game and I haven’t spent as much time on a MMO as I did on this one since then. When PSO2 launches in NA I might try getting back into it, but who knows.

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