Otome Game Review: Mother Goose no Himitsu no Yakata

Erica Fleur is a lazy bum who hasn’t read a book in years. As a punishment, she gets transported to Mother Goose’s secret shack in another world and forced to read nursery rhymes random British poems. The good news is, she has 5 hot dudes to give her some rewards for your her efforts.

Bacchus Moore – I started on Suwabe’s character cause I missed Stuart from Arabians Lost :lol:. Bacchus is the house cook and he often gives Erica various food as a reward for her rhyming efforts. Aside from working as a cook at Mother Goose’s house, he’s also a bartender and he gives Erica root beer to drink which she thinks is gross and tastes like medicine. (This is also why she thought the licorice candy he gave her was nasty too.) He tells her that the reason his cooking is so good, despite British food being nasty, is that it’s filled with LOVE! 😆 As one of the rewards Erica offers to bake a bread for Bacchus but he warns her that if it’s not good enough it will crush her standing as a woman. Erica bakes it anyway and successfully it pleases his taste buds. As you reached the end, Bacchus makes her some coffee with some sexy mood lighting privately in his closed bar….and then he kisses her ( ● ´ д ` ● )ポッ. After Erica successfully gets all 10 quizzes right, Bacchus proclaims his love to her and asks her to marry him by giving her candies that husbands & wives give to each other when they can’t afford a fancy wedding ceremony. Erica’s all like “but wait what about me going back to my world” and he’s like “lol gurl screw dat sheit, you got a hot dude here proposing to you” and they make out and live happily ever after. Lol yea it was ridiculous at the end there but IT WAS CUTE xDDD Even if ridiculous, as a player it was a nice reward hehe.

Vincent Noble – Vincent is a douchey prep school butthole who thinks Erica is an uncultured swine because she don’t read no books. He’s like a do-S tsundere but since Erica isn’t a doormat, you pretty much got an explosive relationship going on here. 😆 One of the rewards he gives Erica  is taking her for a walk in the forest. Since Erica’s got heels on, she ends up tripping and falling on top of him. Suddenly Vincent has a revelation that women are light and “soft” (๑´ლ`๑)♡. Suddenly he goes from extremely tsun to extremely dere around her. He takes her to see Romeo & Juliet which leaves her bawwing. He then says Juliet’s lines and tells her “why must you be from another world Erica?” (♡´౪`♡) Since he loves reading books he takes Erica to the mother goose library and he lifts her up to get a book that’s up high ;D. Eventually as they go out he keeps holding her hand and when Erica completes all 10 quizzes he takes her to the forest again. He starts babbling about various tree superstitions and then he’s like “but screw dat shit all that matters is I want to be with you!” He then says that he plans to go to her world using Mother Goose’s powers and he might eventually return to his but he’ll see what happens. Lol I guess it’s a bit less responsible but since he’s supposed to be the younger student guy it fits him? I liked Yasumoto in this role and I loved the guy’s design but I just don’t feel that Yasumoto fit this kind of role. I think he’s better off doing more down to earth/sexy older characters rather than tsunderes lol.

Eric Burrell – Eric and Erica! So anyway Eric is basically like a freeter and he does a bunch of various part time jobs throughout the town as well as at the Mother Goose shack. He’s totally broke so he often can’t really take Erica on fancy dates as rewards and the best he can do is show her around town. He takes her to eat gelato and tells her about worker strikes. He then takes her to a field full of honeybees where Erica then tells him a story about how bumble bees are so fat they shouldn’t be able to fly. The reason that they can fly is because they have a high desire to fly (though this is an old wive’s tale.) Eric used to work as a jeweler’s assistant so he goes and carves a pendant design for Erica. The pendant has a design of Erica with honeybees and clovers all around her face. His final gift to Erica is that he asks her to come pick out a new pair of expensive shoes for him. It pretty much eats up most of the money he has but he says he can just earn it right back. I guess the jinx is that the shoes will take him where he wants and he wants to go with Erica to her world because he loves her. He kisses her and hopefully they return to her world & live happily ever after :D. Eric was pretty cute and had a bit of a koakuma type to him so he made me -(*´゚∀゚`*)→ キュンッ several times xD.

Arthur Lindgren – Arthur is THE ULTIMATE BRITISH GENTLEMAN. In fact he’s so gentlemanly he gives us a history of how dudes back in the day were too manly to use umbrellas because they were associated with women using them to protect themselves from the sun. His route is mostly tl;dr British history crap until we get to Quiz 6 and suddenly he’s like “lol screw this gentleman crap I got me a hot WAKAI MUSUME” and starts making out with Erica. 😆 He tells her the story of British unpasturized milk and how he loves milk tea. He then tells her that if she married him he’d cook for her and Erica’s like lawl you can’t cook. Arthur tells her that it’s true he can’t but he’d try to learn. Aww ain’t that sweet. He then tells her the various places of the faces where if you kiss them they have a different meaning. He then kisses her on the lips saying he loves her and doesn’t want her to leave him. In the ending, he brings her to a church dressed like a fine British gentleman and tells her he wants to marry her and go to her world. He also tells her he’ll need to return back to this world every once in a while because apparently he’s a count and inheritor of his family’s estate. Erica’s like alright no problem I get to bring a husband home ww. I actually found Arthur’s route to be rather boring…XD He was just a boring ossan to me but for some reason he got more kiss CGs than anyone else!

Cezary Fritchy – Cezary is a greek mythology book man and he often tells Erica various stories about the greek gods. He pretty much tells her that when they see a pretty lady, they do anything to get her which makes the female gods jealous and all sorts of hell pretty much breaks loose. He’s often doing some kind of experiments in his laboratory so maybe he’s a greek physics book I dunno. As the end approaches, he takes her to a forest where he kisses her saying that he’ll have to part with her soon. He also takes her to a place where he used to live downtown and tells her a bout children who had to do physical labor in his neighborhood. (This must be where they make ipads.) In the ending, he tells her about the zodiac and wishing upon a stars with all the greek gods. He then confesses his love to Erica and shes like I gotta go home bro. He then says no problem! I’m coming with you! They then wish upon a star to have a happy ending for the both of them. Cezary sadly was mostly tl;dr Morikawa and while he did have ONE cute moment, sadly he was mostly greek mythology babble and I found his as dull as Arthur, but without the GGE jokes.

Other Scenario: Eric and Vincent find a can of some disgusting canned fish which apparently isn’t sterilized before it’s canned. They decide to open it outside because if you open it indoors it’ll make your house smell like shit. Erica quietly walks away from them as she hears them screaming, especially Eric who apparently gets some of the fish juice in his eye orz. Arthur & Bacchus – They discuss about drunkards in their world vs. Erica’s. Arthur tells her that the pub Bachhus runs is actually owned by him. Unfortunately Arthur then gets extremely drunk and demands more alcohol while Bacchus then goes to make some beer for him. Arthur & Vincent – Arthur teases Vincent who gets tsuntsun about it. He then teaches  Erica & Vincent about the various types of uses for different wine glasses. Vincent then tsuntsuns that it’s not like he’s learning about wines for Erica or anything….(✧≖‿ゝ≖) Cezary & Bacchus – Erica walks in on Cezary drinking beer with Bacchus. They then discuss about experimenting with alcohol and if it’s flammable. Erica watches the 2 of them argue while being completely drunk. She then says she doesn’t want their shit beer and Bacchus is like “gasp! a lady shouldn’t says such dirty words!” 😆 Cezary & Eric – They talk about taking your shoes off when entering a stranger’s house in Japan. Eric adds how a house he delivered stuff to that day he was forced to take his shoes off but it wasn’t some east asian household. Cezary says it’s probably just because the house owners don’t want people stomping in their home in dirty shoes. (Yea that’s pretty much how I feel when anyone comes into my house haha.) Harem End: All the dudes hit on Erica once you finish everyone’s quizzes.  They then argue on who is more appropriately fit for her as a husbando. So then Erica demands a reward for finishing them all, and asks to see Mother Goose. Everyone tells her that Mother Goose doesn’t actually exist. They explain that Mother Goose rhymes are made up by multiple people as “rhymes for kids” under one name.

I walked into this game going “Oh noes \(^o^)/” the moment I realized there’s no save button. However the system is pretty simple and you don’t actually have to know the nursery rhymes because during each question you can cheat and look at the rhyme itself to get the answer. The only real challenge is sometimes the questions are in Japanese so if you read the rhyme in English you now have to mentally translate that into what the Japanese question is asking. Sometimes the rhyme is so short that the question is just TOO specific and I find myself scratching my head and getting the wrong answer. The challenge is to get 10 questions right in a row, 10 times per guy to complete all his scenes. Rather than thinking of it as an Otome Game, just think of it like UtaPri music where you play mini games and get some hot mans scenarios as a reward. The annoyance of course is since you can’t save, if you’re in the middle of a scenario reward after you completed a quiz you better finish watching it because otherwise the system won’t auto-save it. Basically it’s a great game to play when you need to kill a few minutes in between other things which is why I picked it up when I decided to switch to the PC version of Joker Alice. Some of the BGMs in the game were remixes of BGMs in Alice and I think I spotted an Angry Bird in Erica’s room :lol:. My favorites were Bacchus, Eric and Vincent (though I wish they swapped his & Arthur’s VAs.) I think if they made this game a regular VN using the jump-into-book storyline it would have actually been a lot of fun since the characters have fun distinct personalities (as well as Erica being a forward QR heroine as always.) Anyway overall it was a nice game to play in between games and it was a LOT LESS stressful than the disaster I posted a review for earlier today. If you need a quick game to play on the side or really want to brush up on your Japanese/kanji reading, then I recommend this game a lot. Though sometimes it can be very educational and you can learn a bunch of new things. 😆


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  1. its a continuation in a series of all the other alice games so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you played all the games prior to it.

  2. I’ve pretty much enjoyed all of them but I guess the ones that stuck out to me are Peter Pan, School Wars and Oumagatoki Kaidan Romance

  3. Lol, too bad that Arthur and Cezary ended up being the most boring since they are the most good looking to me. And Eric’s design… Without the hat his design kind of resembles Ace’s (from the Kuni no Alice series).
    Also I think I would like Bacchus the best, when I get to playing the game!

  4. Just make sure you get this game when its on sale cause the original price is NOT worth it lmao, fortunately I think most places have it 30-40% off by now 😆
    The art is done by Fujiimaru Mamenosuke who also is doing the art for Diamond Alice ;D

  5. Oh, I love nursery rhymes and everything related to fairy tales and of course QuinRose heroines and their smooth dudes. I definitely have to get this game next year along with Kannou MukashiBanashi. (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪

    I dunno, is it just me or do the CG’s and sprites seem kind of “nicer” than in other QR games? And Erica is really beautiful, no wonder the guys won’t let her go back to her own world. 8D I would do the same if I were one of them, I mean it’s WAY better than getting a faceless bride. xDD

  6. I honestly do think that part of it is because QR’s yanderes are dorkier than yanderes usually are. Half of it is played for funnies, while elsewhere it’s kind of like DEAD SERIOUS playing it straight lol.

  7. lmao I actually love the flirty types xDDD so funny you don’t like them yet somehow the QR guys win you over.
    I do notice that QR yanderes are more charming to me than yanderes in any other otome games.
    the QR ones as you said respect the heroine and they never try to directly harm her, while as the other game ones just treat her like some object of theirs.

  8. I’m the yuutousei type. Answering quizzes is relaxing, whereas other things would make me go えっこれ全然意味ないじゃん. Which is not as convenient as it sounds (though it might be if I could stay a student forever).

    I HATE smooth types actually lol. I hate flirts. Sometimes I wonder why I even play otome games! HOWEVER, Quinrose’s smooth dudes have this…..SOMETHING to them that makes their smoothery endearing, I don’t even know. Maybe it’s how the heroine always does a good job tsukkomi-ing them instead of swooning. Maybe it’s because the majority of them actually RESPECTS the heroine instead of treating her like this ‘cute/nice office tea-serving lady you might decide to date in a goukon’ and it shows…..

    ….come to think of it, that doesn’t happen often enough in otome games, certainly!

  9. oh i didn’t forget but I guess I didn’t bother writing it in for some reason lmao. XD;
    QR guys ARE smooth which is why I oddly enjoyed this game more than custom grief lol

    i couldn’t play this game before bed cause my brain would be too tired to answer quizzes but yes the nursery rhyme reading is an interesting concept. though for me, I just use an android app that makes rain sounds and turns automatically off after 30 minutes XD

  10. The Not-For-Children Mother Goose’s Fairy Tales. Also coming to you, the Hans Christian Ande*R*son and the Grimm Yaoi-Brother Tales. Erica did not read enough ero-hon so this is her punishment.

    Unrelatedly, somehow I was typing breastmasterlee.com today.

  11. レビュー乙!This is the one of QR game that i haven’t play Including (Oumagatoki which i play now XD)Maybe i will play this after oumagatoki Since i think i would love Eric since im also fond of koakuma chara XD

  12. You forgot that part where Bacchus actually made her do the ‘wedding announcement’ thing before he told her what it was. I lol’ed at that. When Quinrose guys are smooth they really ARE smooth, damn.

    That said, it’s a great game to play at sleepytimes or when you’re too tired to actually follow plots. When I have trouble sleeping, I just put it on Gallery mode, Japanese voices, and listen to the dudes nursery-rhyme me to sleep. Great if you’re allergic to soine cds.

  13. ‘a can of some disgusting canned fish which apparently isn’t sterilized before it’s canned.”

    Surströmming? hxxp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surstr%C3%B6mming

  14. the reward scenarios were otome enough that I was able to enjoy them. I just see the quiz part as like mini games like I said with Uta Pri – instead of playing songs and irritating my wrists I just answer some questions 😛

  15. Gotta wonder why they made this game.. Like, what was the target audience? Otome fans would probably be bothered by the quizzes and if you want to know more about nursery rhymes well, there are easier ways xD Oh well, it looks really cute

  16. I guess this makes it the shortest QR game to date? I liked seeing how they all picked on Vincent all the time since he is the tsundere.

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