Otome Game Review: Custom Drive

Kouda Saya loves hot dudes but she’s allergic to them. The moment they come close to her, give her a sexy look or a sexy line, she blacks out. Unfortunately for her, she gets assigned by the student council to enter 1 guy into the Prince Collection man beauty contest at their school festival. Saya now has to get this guy to have the ideal looks and personality to win without passing out in between. Warning, this game is VERY GRIEF INDUCING so probably rage after the jump. Also please note the CGs in this post may or may not correspond with their personalities cause I just couldn’t be bothered after all the grief I’ve been through. ( ´_ゝ`)

Mayuzumi Ruka

Ruka is a transfer student kouhai. Despite being younger than Saya he still manages to sweep her off her feet (and make her black out) cause his ikemen aura is too strong (also his default personality is a perv xDDD). He also went to the same middle school as Kusakabe-senpai so the two of them go way back.

Puchiero (Slight Perv) – This is his default personality and he basically says randy things in every one of his sentences. He asks why Saya’s always  blacking out but then when she finally tells him, he promises to keep it a secret. He has a talent of being able to walk like a model because his foreigner friend said Japanese people walk like penguins so he decided to try and learn to walk better.  One day Saya sees Ruka walking with an older woman and gets pissed so she starts avoiding him and ignoring his emails. He takes Saya to the roof and tells her that the woman is actually his aunt who’s a model so he asked her for advice. He then agrees to enter PriCole so he can confess his feelings to her. He also says they need to fix her ikemen allergy or they cant ichaicha when they start dating. (。≖ˇ◡◡ˇ≖。) He tells Saya at his last school there was a pedo sensei who hit on his friend and got fired and now the guy tries hitting on Saya until Ruka tells him to GTFO. One of the scenes has them go to a fancy restaurant run by his father’s friend but for some reason the default outfit for that CG is him in his sweatpants and croqs wut.  Some weeks later, Saya  goes to take care of Riito who has a cold, spills cold water on him and goes to strip him. Just then younger bro Satoru & Ruka walk in to see her stripping his clothes. Ruka gets pissed and takes her to her room and strips in front of her going “this is the same situation you cant do those kind of things at this age now.” He forgives her with this personality though. In September he takes her to some rich stay house to spend the day on the agreement that he’d clean it. Says he wanted to spend time with just her together that wasn’t preparing for the contest. He also has an idea thinking that if he spends time with her alone for a while he can figure out a way to cure her ikemen allergy. They start as first walking together holding hands. Next they dress in fancy outfits they borrow and he bends down on his knee promising he will confess his feelings at the prince collection event. PriColle: Ruka wins and confesses to Saya. At night during the end of the festival, Ruka finds Saya slacking off on the roof. He asks for her answer and she says it’s in her heart so he kisses her and finally Saya blurts out that she loves him as well.  In the epilogue Saya says that her allergy has calmed down with Ruka though it sometimes still happens with other guys. They go to a fancy restaurant together to celebrate her birthday, and Ruka says that after this he wants to celebrate each others birthday by humping like rabbits.

Kizokukei (Noble) – Ruka’s noble type is well…noble. He’s polite and speaks in keigo, polite to the point of not telling the truth, very tatemae. He’s very close to the butler type Riito has and appropriately is able to do a job like be a waiter.  He’s very responsible so that when Saya catches a boquet from a bride who’s having a wedding at the park, he babbles about taking responsibility. In the sick Riito scene aftermath, Ruka says he’s upset that even being close to Saya sets off her allergy. He takes her to a hotel bar where some gaijin sets off her allergy lmao. Ruka tells her to say that she’s his waifu so nobody will hit on her. At the PriColle he takes Saya’s hand and runs off stage lol. He takes her to a park and tells her that he loves her and she loves him back, they have his half assed kiss  CG (where only the clothes/bg change). In the epilogue Saya comes over Ruka’s house and looks at his baby pics photo album. Afterwards he says men are simple creatures and he pushes Saya on the bed, gets on top of her and they hump happily ever after.

Charaikei (Valley Boy) – I liked this personality a lot more than I should :lol:. He refers to Saya as SENPAI CHAAAN and has SOUL BURAZASU as his friends. It’s like he just rolled out of Shibuya lol. Apparently he does some part time job in a host club too though since he’s underage he drinks grape juice. For one of their dates he drags Saya to the amusement park and into haunted house so she would confuse the feeling of being scared with the feeling of loving him. Saya catches her bff  Matsuri with Ruka at a cafe and he almost goes to kiss Matsuri but they catch Saya and he explains that he asked Matsuri for advice to buy Saya a present :3 They go shopping at the mall and Riito cockblocks with a phone call so Ruka picks up the phone tells him to STFU before hanging up. They then get separated when she goes to try to get him to buy the right outfit as he took the wrong one to the register. Later, Ruka wins a pair of tickets to an onsen. They go with everyone but Ruka jumps into Saya’s room and sniffs her hair saying it smells good after she’s done bathing. Mayuzumi invites them to his hotel party. After everyone leaves its the 2 of them alone behind a curtain getting all ichaicha with Ruka telling her that she’s the only one he looks at. At the PriColle he confesses that he loves his senpai-chan. Afterwards he apologizes in the classroom for making his confession seem half assed and not serious. He then tells her he loves her and kisses her since she accepts his feelings. In the epilogue, Ruka is working part time as a bartender and Saya comes to visit so he makes a non-alcoholic cocktail just for her.

Yandere (Obsessive Creeper) – Ok yea I know I’m just making up translations for these personalities but HE WAS SERIOUSLY A CREEPER LOL. Everytime he would talk it would be some kind of hint to “I love stalking you” followd by  a stream of フフフフフフ…ಠ_ಠ Even Matsuri is like “wow guurl  u sure about dis creeper?” He’s obsessed with Saya, wants her to only look at him and loves it when she praises him or wants his attention.  They go to a butler cafe together. He dresses up as a maid just for her and she blacks out LMAOOOOO SAYA LIKES TRAPS. `;:゙`;:゙;`(;゚;ж;゚; )ブッ One day Ruka invites her over to his house to show her his pet goldfish. When they start talking about summer festivals, Saya mentions how she used to go to the festival with Riito and he gets EXTREMELY JELLY. Says if she don’t stop looking at other dudes he’ll lock her up and make her his pet  lmao. The next day Saya gets sick an while sensei takes care of her, Ruka walks in raging that how dare she be in the nurse’s office alone with another man! Saya hurts her foot at the beach this time so Ruka asks to resign from the volleyball match. They go to the beach later with the student council for a break and he jumps into the water with Saya so that only he will see her and no one else. Um sorry bro I don’t wanna drown with you. After the sick Riito event, Ruka bawws and says HIS HEART IS BROKEN. He then strips and tells her to come over here and take his clothes off. She starts blacking out and he says if this happens again he’ll BREAK her! ( ´_ゝ`) They go camping in September and she almost falls off a cliff but he manages to grab on to her and pull her up. At PriColle he doesn’t confess and instead tells her his love on the school rooftop again. In the epilogue, he acts like her butler lol. Also in this personality, Saya had a dream where Ruka went psycho and started strangling her in the forest while going “let’s die together”. Sigh. ಠ_ಠ

Soshokukei (Asexual Shota) – When I think of a vegetarian man I don’t necessarily think of someone who’s like a boku shota homete homete type of guy. I think of some salary man who’s interested in his job more than dating women. He also asks Saya to cut his hair at a friend’s salon so I guess he really puts his trust into her in this persona. He takes  a day off school to play an RPG game so when Saya & Satoru visit to check on him, he’s like lol I can’t say that I took a day off for games…and so Satoru and Ruka end up playing a racing game together while Saya watches. He doesn’t really care about PriColle and they kyakya ufufu on the beach as they shoot off fireworks together. When they get wet in the rain, he tells her to strip their clothes so to not catch a cold and she’s like “aren’t you embarrassed???” and he’s like lol nope im asexual. They end up stripping but not facing the same direction until the rain stops. I guess it’s not until Shion starts hitting on her does it light a fire under his ass. They go to amusement park and on the ferris wheel where Saya looks nervous, though it looked extra funny cause Ruka looked like a pimp the way I dressed him up xD. He then says he’s actually afraid of heights and asks if he can sit close to her. Somehow she doesn’t black out. After PriCole he tells her that he feels sad that she didn’t respond to his feelings but she says she was just shy and decided to accept them all. In the epilogue they lie on the grass & watch the stars together.

So I think out of all the Ruka personas I liked the default puchiero and the charaikei the most. A lot of the others felt like they blended in or were too creepy (yandere). Also Ruka had so many terrible hair styles I often used the one where his hair was cut instead of be some weird arrangement.

Touma Riito

Riito is the childhood friend. Like all childhood friends he’s had a crush on Saya for ever and ever but she always just saw him as a friend. Since he never set off her ikemen allergy he assumed she doesn’t see him as an ikeman so he kept his feelings hidden. Riito’s father has died so he lives with his younger brother Satoru, their dog Den & their mother. Due to this his dream is to have a big family.

Genki Kei (Upbeat) – Genki is Riito’s default personality and I noticed when switching between Oresama and this he’d be like “THANK GOD” :lol:. He’s very helpful, and tries to help everyone like saving girls from nanpa or helping an old grandma. He sets off her ikemen allergy even though she tries to hide it, because he normally never used to set it off. She’s too embarrassed to admit it to him. Saya gets jealous when Rito starts getting all popular and getting love letters. She says that  maybe he just wants a harem of girls but he gets pissed because he’s entering the Pricolle  to confess to her. They get in a fight and avoid each other for a week. A few days later she overhears Riito telling Satoru that the reason he was entering was because he knows Saya loves hot dudes but she’s allergic to them so he figured he’d become a hot dude to help her get over her allergy. Saya feels like an asshat and apologizes to him. He does a lot of various part time jobs because he wants to buy a motorcyle so he can have Saya riding behind him on it (✧≖‿ゝ≖). All their friends think that Saya is dating Riito. At the camping trip it begins to rain and she’s terrified of lightning so Riito runs after her and hugs her as she bawws. Satoru also tells Saya that she’s his first love but now he sees her as family..daww poor shota ;3;.  One day Saya runs into Ruka at the arcade and plays some racing games with him. He beats her so he asks as a reward to take a purikura with her and asks her to kiss him. Of course she can’t be having that so he offers to kiss her instead but it only makes things worse and her allergy is set off. Just then Riito accidentally walks into the booth with both of them and Ruka of course trolls him telling him that he almost walked in on their kiss scene. Riito gets pissed and drags Saya out of the arcade but says he doesn’t know why he did it. He then says if Saya’s ikemen allergy is cured, she’ll be able to get all ichaicha with other guys besides him, so he says he’ll withdraw from PriColle.  In September they go looking for a time capsule they buried when they were kids. He finally finds it and inside is a ring that he won, but back then it was too big. Now he puts it on Saya’s hand and it fits perfectly. He says that once PriColle ends,  to bury something else in the time capsule and open it when they’re old and wrinkly. At the PriColle, Riito wins and confesses that he loves Saya. They meet up to walk home together and Saya still hasn’t gotten it through her skull that Riito loves her beyond childhood friends. He then confesses to her one more time and Saya returns the feelings. (*´ω`*) In the epilogue, Saya’s allergy is magically cured as usual with only Riito and he suggests they take a trip somewhere. They take a ride on his bike and watch the ocean together.

Do-S Kei – Well what else am I gonna say, extremely sadistic I guess. To the point that he gives Saya rape fantasies `;:゙`;:゙;`(;゚;ж;゚; )ブッ. The most fun part about this route was Saya having some pretty cheeky responses to him but her resistance only makes his pe–/bricked.  He’s a complete asshole douchebag, calls Saya a hentai for liking hot men and bosses her around. Fortunately most of the time she ignores his bossing and focuses on moving on with PriColle prep.  He comes to her place to study and says he knows where everything in her room. He then makes a joke that where she once kept candy, she now keeps her pantsu and hes surprised how grown up she is with pantsu in “that color” (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;ブッ Saya also bumps into some rapists in this route but Riito shows up and threatens to beat them up so they run off… but he then tells her she wasted his time cause he had to come and SAVE her! They go to the  amusement park together where they both wear cat ears and bunny ears on their heads.  When they go for a ride on his new bike in this personality they end up sleeping by a tree instead of getting lost. One afternoon Riito catches Saya coming out of a public bath and mentions her having a mole somewhere (on her butt probably) so she blacks out. He lets her sleep in his lap on a park bench till she wakes up. In the Ruka photobooth scene, Riito drags her away and tries to give her a hickey on her neck to prove she’s “his” but she blacks out. He comes over her house and they watch a scary movie so she jumps on him but doesn’t black out. Afterwards she’s terrified and her parents aren’t coming home that night so she tries to get Riito to stay over lol. He tells her if she kisses him he’ll stay but the thought of it makes her black out. So…Riito ends up staying the night and sleeping in bed with her …naked cause its hot lolol. When she wakes up next to a hot naked osananajimi the next morning she freaks out :lol:. The next day Ruka & Satoru stop by and only Ruka gets that Riito “spent the night” ww. They also notice the hickey he gave Saya but Ruka says “doesn’t matter if she only sees you as a childhood friend so have fun with that”.  PriColle: He tells Saya to come up to the stage and confess her love TO HIM  instead!  Afterwards on the school rooftop at night he tells her he accepts her love and kisses her.  In the epilogue, the two of them are dating and it’s Valentine’s Day so he comes to CLAIM his chocolate. He then starts licking her fingers and tells her to be quiet and let him ENJOY her <●><●>…haha I can’t resist do-S types even if they piss me off most of the time. Though to be honest Riito’s va felt like he was forcing himself way too much so it sounded unnatural most of the time. If you don’t win the Pricolle you get the Hasegawa ending where Riito loses, and Hasegawa’s like “can you make me your ikemen for next year’s pricolle”.

Ore-sama Kei (Selfish Douchebag) – Ok not gonna lie, I really don’t see the difference between a do-S and and Ore-sama. Usually they go hand in hand so splitting them like this seemed weird. The only visible difference was that Do-S had a brain while Ore-sama was a loud idiot. He’s also more demanding I guess since one day he tells her to come to his place to make him lunch cause his relatives are out. Like in other routes, Riito invites her to go to a “pool” but its just a kiddy pool in the backyard 😆  She leaves his house and calls her friend Matsuri to hang out instead. XD  Saya goes to Karaoke with him a few days later but he ends up singing everything himself for an hour. While he goes to the bathroom, Saya orders too much food so he tells her to call someone else to help them finish it. He sings a song where he goes “I’ll never let you go, I love you” and  Saya blacks out. Just then Matsuri & Satoru show up and they think that Riito killed her ww. They go to the beach together but Saya starts blacking out at seeing hot ikemans in swimsuits so Riito gets pissed and walks off. She runs after him and somehow falls into the ocean and starts drowning. Riito saves her and almost gives her mouth to mouth but she wakes up and punches him away. One day after school Saya finds Shion passed out and dying so she takes him home to let him rest. Riito barges in telling Shion to gtfo saying saya belongs to him.  After going home in Sept ember from an outing with friends, they go up to the school roooftop  and watch the stars while holding hands and lying down. Then accidentally he falls on top of her and they kiss…but LOLOL NO CG LOL of course D3p of course.  PriColle: He refuses to confess part deux. Afterwards as they are walking home Riito tells Saya  he’ll make her “understand” his love with the recycled kiss cg. In the epilogue, Riito and Saya have to take care of a baby for some relatives and it just keeps bawwing. They then imagine themselves in a few years with Saya preggo with Riito’s baby lol. The fact that they didn’t get a kiss cg for that rooftop scene was probably the most memorable thing from this route, and maybe that ridiculous backyard pool event. Otherwise I couldn’t wait for do-S Riito to shut the fuck up.

Hakushikikei (The brainy bookworm) – This is probably my favorite Riito personality. I mean genki was ok but here he’s actually smart and intelligent which to me is a lot more attractive. He’s a lot more caring of the heroine just a bit more down to earth than genki. In July they go look at some baby chicks that Satoru helped raise (*´ω`*) They then start ruffling Riito’s hair cause it reminds them of the chicks lol. They made a promise to go shopping but he sends her a mail saying SOS. When she comes to his place he’s got a massive cold and his parents are out to a relative’s wedding so Saya takes care of him.  While he’s sleeping she goes to wake him up to take his medicine but in his sleep he grabs her and pulls her in to use her as a body pillow. She blacks out and sleeps with him and when he wakes up his cold is magically gone. 😉 In the purikura scene with Ruka, Riito hussles Ruka away and asks to take a purikura with Saya. When its  time to take the picture, he kisses her on the forehead (๑´ლ`๑)♡.  In September they go on a zoo date,  he starts wondering if he’s just a childhood friend and is upset  that she doesn’t get allergic to him (even tho she does.) PriColle:  Riito tells Saya to come up and calls her My Honey www. The kiss and confess their love on the playground. In the epilogue Riito says he’ll make dinner for her.  In this route I also did the sub-chara end and Seki ended up making it to the finals but both he & Riito lose the Pricolle contest.  Saya gives him advice to ask Kanna to help him next year even though she’ll have graduated. Anyway I really do like intelligent Riito, he wasn’t stupid, obnoxious or idiotic like with the other personalities. I almost wish this was his default.

Shinshikei (Gentleman) – This is more like Saya’s Butler personality. He’s more proper and polite but more stiff than the brainy one and he speaks like he’s 10 years older than her. In fact Saya actually grows balls in this route yet Riito oppositely becomes a do-M pansy who bawws instead. This route, Saya has a dream that Riito gets lots of fangirls giving him fan letters. He tells her he wants to quit cause he’s getting more fangirls than he can handle. He’s so ikemanly that he saves Kanna from being hit by broken glass and she almost falls for him, but then gathers herself and runs off with Seki. They go to the shrine and meet some granny & granpa who were also childhood friends before they became lovers & got married. They then ask Saya to wear a kimono and take pictures with Riito. Ruka purikura event:  When Riito sees them, like the do-M he is, he apologizes and runs away. Saya the ikeman excuses herself and runs after him.  Later he throws a dramatic shitfit at the beach because he’s in love with Saya but his FEEELINGS will just KOMARASERUUU her. 🙄 PriColle: Riito confesses to Saya as usual and they are in the classroom where he says he’ll love her forever & ever. In the epilogue, he takes her to a small rose garden and then babbles if he can kiss her so Saya’s like “alright calm down yo my body is ready |D”. They then kiss ala recycled kiss CG and live happily ever after. Honestly I was kinda bored with this personality because the best parts where Saya would be awesome and he’d be a pansy, were actually few & far between. A lot of it was almost identical to what he did in Hakushiki so too much overlap really killed this route for me.

So overall I guess Hakushiki was my favorite and do-S had some GOOD scenes (“GOOD” that is.) Otherwise Riito’s route caused we may more grief that necessary. He had really strict requirements to unlock his do-S bousou event and when I finally unlocked it I’m like “great, Saya has rape fantasies just what I wasted my time for.” A lot of the CG requirements on theD3P site were wrong too saying “you can use this hair” when in fact that hair would trigger a DIFFERENT scene and I was stuck scratching my head and reloading saves 3-4 times until I rage quit to move on. In the end, being a d3P do-M I ended up fully completing Riito anyway orz.

Kannagi Shion

Shion is the student council president but he was kinda pressured into it so he doesn’t really like his job. He gets nervous that he has to enter in  the Pricolle as the “final ikemen” and he’s never had a g/f his whole life. To take out his stress he goes to the park to talk to some stray nuko since he loves dem nekochans. A final ikemen is like the last trump card decided by the student council. A lot of people are afraid of his persona thinking he’s a kichiku megane but the poor guy is just misunderstood.

Charisma – Charisma is Shion’s default personality but he doesn’t feel very charismatic, in fact most people are terrified of him. When he finds out about Saya’s secret the Shinnosuke tells him its good that he found out because this way he has some kind of responsibility to uphold, by keeping it secret. He asks Saya to push him further to be the final ikemen in PriColle since he didn’t want to do it in the first place. Since he overworks himself like a typical seitokaicho, he gets sick so she takes him to the nurse’s office and tries to wipe off his sweat.  She wants to strip his clothes but is afraid her allergy will go off but she can’t stop thinking about his hawt ikemen body so she ends up blacking out anyway. They go on an aquarium date together but as always Saya blacks out when he takes her hand. They go to a matsuri and go goldfish scooping. He’s a pro gold fish scooper and scoops like a bunch of them lmao. xDDD He says that he’s starting to think that he enjoys this “relationship” with her beyond just working for the pricolle. He asks her to come over his house so he can have her see him playing the violin as an added bonus for the contest. He says he thinks he sucks and has no confidence in his skills even though he’s actually really good. One day Ruka asks to eat some of Saya’s lunch and asks her to aa~n feed him on the school roof top.  He says he wants to marry Saya and asks if he has a chance since he’s younger than her. Shion then comes and says it’s time for class and to GTFO. When Ruka leaves he asks if Saya likes Ruka and that she’s too nice to him. He warns her that she’s the only one who may think of Ruka as a “friend”. Saya gets pissed that he tells her who she should “love” and she’s like “so then should I Love you instead?” and he’s like “….do what you want”so Saya blacks out. In September she comes over his house to study and ends up falling asleep. He carries her and lets her sleep on his bed while she mumbles “lets do our best at PriColle”.  PriColle:  Seki is the final candidate until Shion comes out as the final ikeman and he wins. He confesses to Saya but afterwards says he thinks he’s unfit to be her boyfriend. In the epilogue Saya’s allergy is gone as always, and she and Shion are celebrating their first Christmas together. They go dancing to a Christmas ball together since apparently Shion can dance but Saya keeps stepping on his toes.

Happy-Kei (Two Faced Happy Liar) – You know I quite enjoyed Ruka’s charai kei but Shion’s Happy persona made me want to puke rainbows to be honest. It was so kimoi and horrible I really couldn’t wait for this route to end and then I had to do it  MULTIPLE TIMES because of a bunch of missing items and events. He calls himself Ore-chan  and refers to puppies as Baby-chan.  When the two of them go to a bar together they run into Masato who starts hitting on Saya. Shion won’t be having any of this and his happy kei turns into HARAGURO KEI LOOOL. He grabs Masato’s shoulder, squeezes it until Masato runs off crying lol. This personality reveals that Shion is actually jealous of Shinnosuke saying that he’s better than him as a guy. In June, Saya tries to get him to take a rest because he works too hard and he starts almost falling over. She takes him to his house  but no one else is home so she takes care of him since he has a fever. He then asks her to spoon feed him the food and the medicine but of course you can’t feed someone medicine without making them choke 😆 (No idea how he can be sick and still act happy…) She comes over his place again a few days later and he makes a lunch for her.  Apparently he’s a really good cook and as a thanks for it, Saya lets him lie down in her lap. Sadly her patience yoga failed and she ended up blacking out. Riito invites Saya to go play pool with him. When he tries to show her how to hold the stick, Masato runs in telling him to stop touching his honey. Shion shows up and while Riito and Masato are busy fighting each other, Shion says he’ll show Saya how to play pool instead. He then decides to just grab Saya & run out. He then asks Saya to go to the summer festival. When she gets there he’s babbling about how it’s too crowded and they won’t have a good time and how he wants her to realize his feelings. He then tells her he has something to say to her at PriColle and tells her to wait. Ruka Bento Scene: He says that only she’s allowed to be ichaicha with him. He then starts nuzzling against her and she blacks out..again.  In September, Saya and Masato were supposed to be volunteers at some show but Masato got sick so Shion jumped in his place instead. They’re both forced to get inside some box or something together.  Eventually they escape through a hole and into another box. Her allergy doesn’t seem to go off until at the end he offers to give her a flower.  PriColle: Afterwards he wonders why everyone is shocked that they were already dating. He then says since they’re lovers they don’t ichaicha enough so asks for a “reward” and they kiss. In the epilogue, Shion decided to take that cat and dog who he bawwed all his problems to, and make it his pet. Saya then visits his house to see his new pets. Well this personality was certainly like listening to nails on chalkboard for 6 hours. Also somewhere along they became “officially boyfriend & girlfriend” according to him but it musta flew over my head.

Tsundere – I was extremely disappointed with the tsundere because he was more tsun than dere and didn’t have enough blushing moments to justify it being the kind of tsundere I like. In fact it felt more like his charisma personality except it was SLIGHTLY more tsun. In the game center Saya finds him trying to get a stuffed cat out of a crane machine. He fails so Saya offers to try and help him get it. A few days later Saya was supposed to go to Karaoke with Satoru, Riito & Ruka but Satoru’s out with a cold so they invite Shion instead. Shion apparently sings some karaoke song that’s cursed and any guys who sing it will have all girls hate them. Riito and Ruka runs away saying that only guys are affected so Saya ends up staying. Shinnosuke asks if Saya can take Shion to the rose garden, cause he wants to go so badly but he’s too tsun to ask her. They go together and she’s too busy fiddling with her camera she ends up tripping and falling on top of Shion. Then his long hair gets stuck in all the rose bushes lol. After she gets him out he still has rose petals in his hair but Saya keeps quiet about it cause he looks like a shoujo manga bishie to her.  They go into the forest in July and Saya starts passing out for whatever stupid reason so Shion cuddles her (in his swimsuit ww) until she wakes up. In August Saya passes out in the middle of a student council meeting so Shion carries her to the nurse’s office. Apparently she’s been on a diet so she hasn’t been eating. Shion tells her she has like no fat and she’s fine the way she is.  When they go to the summer festival together  Saya hurts her feet with her new shoes and is unable to walk. Shion ends up piggy back riding her home while she apologizes.  Ruka bento scene: she trips down the stairs like an idiot after they leave the roof and he picks her up to carry her but she blacks out so he brings her to the nurse’s office AGAIN (jfc woman why are you so ill this route).  PriColle: Shion refuses to say the name of the girl he wants to confess to. Afterwards in the student council office he tells Saya that he likes her and he only wants her to know.  In the epilogue, Shion appoints Saya as the next student council president.  They have a lot of work to do but they both realize they can’t focus after a long day so they take a break and make out. Saya was like super anemic in this route I lost count of how many times the plot revolved around her PASSING out.

Nikushoku-kei (Carnivorous) –  Like with Ruka, in my head Nikushoku kei is a horny perv who just want to screw some ladies. D3P of course takes this LITERALLY and makes him a wild meat-eating badass instead. Unfortunately he just comes off as boring dull & bitchy. When they get trapped in a gym equipment shed together, he puts her on his shoulders so she can reach the window and get signal on her phone to get help. Normally a NIKUSHOKU guy trapped in an equipment shed with a girl would do OTHER things so yea..this whole personality is fail. A few days later Shinnosuke asks Saya to deliver some paperwork to Shion in the student council office but warns her that he’s in a bad mood and ignore him if he says anything harsh. The reason is because while he fell asleep some theater actors went and gelled his hair in an all back fashion. So then Ruka walks in to see Shinnosuke and sees Shion’s all back and starts loling. When he and Saya have late night dinner together and he tells her to call his mother. Is this really nikushoku ?_?_? He’s even polite enough to take Saya home and impress her mother! When he overworks himself again, Saya brings him home and he ends up collapsing on the bed taking her down with him. While she tries to get loose from his death grip she ends up blacking out and sleeping with him. Saya gets up early one morning to make a bento but she gets anemic and passes out in front of the school gates so Shion ONCE AGAIN carries her to the nurse’s office. They go to a zoo date together, but when he sees a lion in the cage he’s like “He wants to fight me, where’s the cage entrance!?” Saya has to hold back her meathead boyfriend. They instead go to the small animal petting area and he starts playing with bunnehs so Saya almost blacks out from the moe aura. A few days later Riito begs Saya to let him copy her notes so she does but when Shion sees it he says he doesn’t condone cheating like this. The next day Riito runs into her classroom and begs once more to copy her notes.  When Shion shows up he overhears Riito babbling about how he found an old photo album and how they used to make childhood promises about marrying each other, gets jelly. The following day Riito runs to her to borrow her atlas and hugs her as a thanks before running off to soccer practice. Shion walks telling them to stop hugging in the class room and after Riito leaves he hugs Saya saying she’s too naive and how she was all over Riito. He then tries to teach her self defense to fend off men lmao. Saya blacks out and he tells her to never let any men besides him touch her. PriColle: He refuses to confess in public saying that he’d rather tell it to the person directly, then goes “Right Saya?” lool. Then he’s like “oops I said it.”  Afterwards in the classroom he says “let’s dance” but tricks her and kisses her instead…they make out in the classroom as the fireworks outside go off. In the epilogue, they go to the shrine for New Year’s together and pull fortunes. He gets a bad fortune and Saya gets one saying “you have someone else coming into your life”. He gets pissed going “but you have me already”. Disappointing route just like with Tsundere.

Mujakikei (Innocent Troublemaker) -Mujaki was even worse than Happy because he acted like he’s some innocent shota and it was so immature it felt like you were dating some 10 year old boku. Also this personality gave me grief because of all the Cgs that I had trouble getting in it. When they go to the game center together and take a purikura where he kisses her on the cheek but at least we get a CG for once. One day Saya comes over his house and he wants to see if she’s made improvements with her allergy so he gets close to her going “you don’t look ill to me” even though her face looks like it’s turning blue. He gets jealous like an immature child of her talking to Seki and says that maybe he should spill the beans about her allergy to everyone. At the matsuri Saya gets hit on by some losers while Shion is getting a drink. Shion comes back and somehow threatens them away in his boku shota voice. They watch some movie about a nuko in September and he bawwss afterwards. Saya hugs him to make him feel better. PriColle: He refuses to confess as always and when the judge forces him to say the name, he ends up running away. He grabs Saya and runs with her and everyone wants to see their confession so they run after them. In the epilogue, it’s Shion’s graduation and he says that he’ll leave his weekends open for Saya. She says she’ll try to make it into his university but he says there’s a better way for them to be together. He then tells her to become his waifu and kisses her as he proposes to her properly this time. Sorry this is short  I spent most of this route raging about all the CGs I was missing and why events weren’t triggering to pay attention -_-. Also this entire game pretty much bastardized and made me hate Kimura Ryohei’s voice. I miss his voice from Eden of the East and not ONCE did he use that voice in this game (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻.


Wow this is possibly the most horrible programmed game I’ve played since like…Last Escort? Which LOL WAS ALSO BY D3P. They must have clearly hired the same progammer. I’ll just get to the point and tell you why you shouldn’t play this game:

  • There’s no universal save data file. That means every time you finish a route, you must SAVE, then LOAD that save to start your next route so you can CARRY OVER ALL YOUR HAIR/CLOTHES. You may think “who cares I didn’t really like those clothes anyway.” Well if you wanna get a CG you better have them LOL. Which brings me to my next point:
  • You thought this was a fun dressup game? WRONG. If you want to see certain Cgs you must have the EXACT required hair style and clothing on and god forbid you put on a hat or take of glasses. NOPE NO CG FOR YOU. The scene will still play and you’ll have no idea you’re missing a CG unless you are sitting there following D3p’s CG guide like a hawk.
  • Think there’s an easy way out by downloading someone’s save file eh? OOPS can’t see any of the scenes then cause there’s NO SCENE REPLAY.
  • Think that just because you made a wrong choice you’ll just start over & skip your way through? Have fun wasting an hour because the skip function is so slow I can read the text as it skips.
  • Think you met all the CG requirements for the dream events? Oops you have ONE too many personality changes HAVE FUN STARTING OVER m9(^Д^)プギャーーーッ
  • Think you met all the CG requirements based on the D3P guide? NOPE CAUSE APPARENTLY YOU JUST TRIGGER A DIFFERENT EVENT.
  • Think all the personalities are lots fun? Have fun as Kimura Ryohei grates your ears with his disgusting high pitched voice and Toyonaga sounds like he’s trying to impersonate barry white as an Oresama but failing miserably.
  • Think that the heroine is strong? LOL. Have fun watching her pass out 200 times in Shion’s routes and then pretty much be invisible air most of the other times.
  • Think that the personalities are different in each route? Have fun as all the side characters lines are EXACTLY the same and only the guy’s “tone of voice” is the difference in the scene. In fact some personalities feel like they overlap I mean what the fuck ORE-sama and do-S are different? Lol how about no.
  • D3p has no fucking idea what “Vegetarian” and “Carnivore” mean sexually as far as human personalities. Vegetarian isn’t a shota who wants to be praised and a carnivore isn’t someone who wants to eat burgers and wrestle lions k?
  • Love all the side characters? Well too fucking bad they don’t have real routes or decent endings, instead enjoy as Kimura grates your ears 200 times BO-FUCKING-KUUU.
  • Enjoying a cute scene with your dude? TOO BAD IT ONLY LASTS 2 MINUTES LOL. Enjoying a kiss CG? Too bad its a whole 10 seconds long. Oh you’ll be lucky if your guy actually gets a lip touching kiss CG.
  • Think all the CGs are cute because of B’s log or DGS? Lol how about dat CG of a zoomed in sprite with a slightly zoomed in/blurry background. YEAA QUALITY MAN.

Needless to say GOOD RIDDANCE. I got NIGHTMARES from the stress of playing this stupid game. I must be some crazy do-M though since I managed to 100% COMPLETE ALL THE CGS.  All I can say at this point is I’D LIKE THOSE 52 HOURS OF MY LIFE BACK D3PUBLISHER. Even if the CGs were cute, none of the scenes lasted long enough to leave an impression on me to be able to enjoy the game. Apparently the game is programmed in some way too where it’s impossible to rip the Cgs from it directly so you either need to find a full save file or tank through it on your own. The requirements page on d3p’s site is fulla shit and it doesn’t tell you how you need to wear a certain hair/outfit to get a scene that gives you a certain hair (which of course is required for a CERTAIN CG.) The worst part is IT WASN’T WORTH IT. I tanked my ass through all the Alice games but in the end they had some really cute romantic events that it was still worth it in the end. NONE OF THIS SUFFERING WAS WORTH IT. This is NOT a fun dressup game this is a grueling torture クソゲー.

I’m so glad I’m done. I guess Storm Lover was a fluke and was D3p’s BEST programmed game. All their other games are programmed by someone with their heads up their asshole. Guess I will continue only spending money on Quin Rose games cause d3P can now join Otomate, Honeybee and Sanctuary in my deep dark blackhole of my backlog. If you don’t care about getting Cgs, then this could be a fun dressup game, but if you want cute romantic moments and a decent story without stress, STAY DAFUQ AWAY. Ruka’s puchi-ero and charai-kei were probably the only memorable personalities that I sincerely enjoyed anyway, the rest were mediocre or just complete shit.


72 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Custom Drive”

  1. Thanks so much for all the great table flipping gifs. (^u^) Those things are great.

    As always thanks for all the reviews! Sometimes I read them just to see your reaction at the end. w

  2. i’m sorry I don’t remember since once I finished the game I blew all traces of it out of my head. I vaguely recall it had to be 8 or less? If you can find a guide and follow it EXACTLY I would do that. I recall doing that myself and that’s how it finally showed up.

  3. Uwah… How can I get the do-S bousou event for Riito?? I can’t seem to get it, even though the requirements should be okay… ಥ⌣ಥ Ugh…
    Since you mentioned that you can’t have to many character switches… What is the max. number? Do you still know that?

    Seriously… I wished there were a routes with the sub characters… I mean look at Hasegawa.. xDD

  4. D: Is that so? DX No quick load/save is such a pain in the ass >.> Thanks for the reply! 😀 It’s fun to watch you rate the otome games XD

  5. you can’t switch personalities until you’ve unlocked that personality. to unlock it you have to pick enough of the choices for that personality.

  6. Uh, im just wondering how to switch the characters when it was notified at the right hand corner. all I got was ????? 1 17. The character doesn’t seem to be unlocked. How do I select, Ruka, for instance, from Puchiero to Nishokukei?

  7. Maybe they just wanna make a REAL adventure game with love sims for their games so that people won’t get bored just by reading and reading and reading again?
    Well, you know….somehow they stucked and think that what they created WOULD be good =_=
    Btw, have you played Crimson Empire by QR? It’s AWESOME! Well….it’s RPG though, same like Arabians Lost, but uh….people LOVE that game, I think more than Arabians.

  8. Oh no….I was interested in this game and would like to try it, but….if you said so.
    I think it’s better to be raped on otoge than playing this game huh? ^^;

    Well, I think d3P has given us much difference and such with simple storylines. Well, just like Otomate, not all the games are great, but I still have some fonds for d3P games.
    I think you really should play Bakumatsu Renka (2 series, 1 for DS and 1 for PS2).
    I also love Signal, because it’s simple with varies personalities, while the heroine’s personalities are different based on the guys route that you may be raged when she became a bitch.

  9. I figured that there might be a chance we’d have to play the same thing over again and I wouldn’t have minded if the CGs and scenarios were a lot less painful to obtain. The combination of repetition + system frustration is really what made the game go down the crapper for me

  10. lol I dont know but Shion’s were the WORST. I could deal with some of Riitos nad Ruka’s but naw Shion…I wanted to stab his mouth ww

  11. The TL;DR : A pain in the ass 😉

    I can’t believe you completed it o_o! You took one for the team, and we thank you for it \(T u T)/

    At first I thought it was going to be 3 characters/routes and by doing that each route would somehow be really good. Until I saw there was multiple routes for 1 character. Wtf, BS. T_T My expectations went straight down to the ground 😥

  12. This game was a pain in the arse for me too… What posessed them to make a game with 3-4 annoying personalities per character? At least they could have used the extra space for the side characters. I wish the vice prez guy had a route T_T

  13. I see. no wonder this game takes so long to finish. and I was thinking this’d be fast coz there are only 3 dudes with 5 personalities for some spices but…
    thanks anyway 😀

  14. haha you can always screw around with it but never take it seriously – or just play it as a side game. it’s never a game to be played in 1 sitting like me orz

  15. I better stay away from this game, I heard a lot of complain about the system orz. Too bad multiple personas are very interesting though \(>o<)/

    Thank you for the great review ≧∇≦, at least I can know what is the story about from your post without playing this crappy system ( ̄~ ̄;)

  16. yea if you haven’t unlocked a personality then no you can’t use it. You need 32 points to unlock a personality so I usually tried to unlock 2 personalities during the default run this way I’d always have a new personality to start with. remember the bousou event personalities require you to ONLY be on that 1 personality, so if you change by trying to get another personality, you won’t get the bousou event CG….

  17. by the way, when starting a new playthrough (to play a different personality) from the old save, can’t we change to the personality we want or must stick with his first personality for a while? example for Ruka, I’m trying to go for his kizoku but I can’t choose it yet so I must stick with his puchiero first while choosing all kizoku personality triggered event?

  18. i had high hopes since Storm Lover Kai was so much fun but yea they were crushed so hard.
    indeed its not you customizing the guy, its the game forcing you to customize based on what is required so yea the fun is killed :s

  19. and I thought the CG supposed to CHANGE with whatever the guy’s wearing, not the other way. I guess it only works in the extra? bahhh. and I suddenly wish I can date Riito’s little bro lol or Kusakabe-senpai

    and I thought this game’s gonna be great since I have high hopes for D3P since I’ve been reading bad reviews about otomate and their delaying dates ugh

  20. thanks for reading ^^
    It’s not that the concept of the game is bad but its the bad system that overshadows anything GOOD in the game for me lol
    So yea the idea of different personalities/dressup is fun until you start ripping your hair out as to why a certain CG/scene isn’t showing up :/

  21. it’s my first time commenting on your blog though I’ve been following it for quite a long time
    I’m still on my first route with Ruka’s puchiero and I thought it’s still a fun game.
    after you pointed out some minus point (specially the CG specified clothes orz) somehow this will be finished for a long time. also, Shion’s tsundere D:
    and yes, the no scene replay is annoying as hell ==
    great review as usual 😀

  22. Yep I did cause something in the back of my head told me “OH YOU HAVENT TRIED THIS YET YOU SILLY Do-M” and so I kept trying various stuff (thanks to 2ch thread) and managed to get them all OTL
    yea I wish the customization didn’t affect CGs. i think that’s what really killed it for me. if iim not wearing the right clothes then just put me into the default clothes or something god yea not to happy.

    Quin rose is improving with each game they release so by the time diamond is out I imagine it will be a nice “Skip to next choice” system with no more rubber banding ;D

  23. You did manage to get 100% CGs? Congrats, you win your “otoge tanker” gold medal of awesome, because this game is ass. I doubt we’ll ever get a CG pack. I can’t rip QR CGs because I can’t convert GIMs to a viewable image file due to encryption making my tools hiccup, but I can at least see the file structure and get the GIMs themselves. With this game all I got was a mess of BIN files, I have no idea how this was programmed.

    You know, even if LH AND Diamond completely suck, which would be devastating to me, I’d still nominate this for worst otoge of the year. Because if Diamond and LH fail, it’ll be due to the writing and maybe some programming issues (glitches with otomate, not having the new skip system with Quinrose). But this game, it failed on such a fundamental level. The programming is the most awful thing I’ve seen. The system is awful (no replay with other save files? BOOO!!). The art is meh at best. The writing is repetitive. Nothing of this game is worth if you want to play more than one route/personality for each guy. This is the most fail otoge I’ve ever played, and this includes all the r-18 crap.

    And it was such an easy concept. Customization games are so easy to sell. Just give us clothing and hair, let us change it when we want and the game proceeds as normal. That’s it. Maybe have us do some work to unlock the options, but don’t make the options requirements for so many events! And yet, D3P screws it up with this mess.

  24. sorry I missed your reply
    Last Escort I recommend reading my final thoughts and you’ll see what I mean about not having the global save being so much grief for me lmao

  25. oops I missed your comment apparently.
    i also wanted to keep my dudes in certain hair outfits but then i was forced to make them wear ugly hair to get scenes/cgs lmao

  26. though it wasn’t a total loss as this game made me like his voice a lot more and now I am interested in other games he’s acted in XD
    and no, omochabako alice is a total joy to play in comparison ;D

  27. I dropped this after seeing all the CG requirements and realizing that it had a slow ass skip function, and thank god I did. Props to you for plowing through. What a shame, Hosoya’s voice was wasted on this piece of crap ;_;

    Hope the next game you play won’t be causing you so much grief lol

  28. I’m happy I didn’t play this game for real. I just tried it and realizes there’s some CG which didn’t appear in my album. Then I decided to stop playing.. Thank you for your review & the points of so many bad things in the game.

  29. again my opinion is just my opinion and by no means you need to follow it.
    its probably best for you to try this game on your own, because maybe you will like it.
    for me the point of a game is to enjoy the romance/event CGs and since the game lacks in romance and gives you grief for the CGs, it pretty much defeats the purpose for me.
    though in my defense, I didn’t think all the personalities were all the different. I think if they just did 3 personalities each and then instead gave the side characters some extra routes it would have been better and less tedious.

  30. i haven’t played this game nut i do plan to get it so ill see if the quality is really that bad but in the game’s defense i believe the producers were aiming to make sure that most players weren’t trying to complete the game in terms of the main story but to just make a game interactive and allow the player to explore and just go through the game to have fun with the various customizable content.
    i wont start ranting so dont do the same to this comment either please. but obviously Hinao-san has more experience with otome gaming so i wont argue…. but what little i know, this game’s concepts sounds fun a original

  31. Thanks bro ;_;
    Yea stress free is like the polar opposite of this game orz
    I’m still waiting for your review of dicks or alice xDDD

  32. yea my first route of playing Ruka I used a walkthrough but I assumed the CGs would just….show up lmfao GUESS NOT
    I got one CG with his bousou event where all i could see was part of Saya’s face and I’m like dafuq ?_?_? I thought my game was bugged lmao

  33. I doubt I will manage to plow through Custom Drive. I want to play it solely for Ruka’s red hair/Hosoya, so I will probably play through it once or twice or something. Or one and a half time, lol. And obviously in like 10 years when I don’t remember how like everyone was tortured by it, lmao.

    I laughed while reading about yandere!Ruka. Maybe because of how you wrote it, maybe because I’m a creep myself, I don’t know.

    Good job getting through this game.

  34. lol. I played riito’s route without using any walkthroughs on my first round. And geez I wasn’t able to get any of the CGs…(´・д・`) You know the CG where riito got sick (seen in the trailer). I was like oh oh I finally got one, but I guess I didn’t have enough points for the personality thing or something? And like it ended without uncovering the whole CG kinda pitch black-ish with like a bit uncovered…I’m like what the…0_0 I WAS planning to go back to the game, but wanted to take a break b/c I saw the hints on the official website and the stupid personality point thing was REALLY troublesome. But now that I read your afterthoughts…OMG I don’t think I can pull through (ι´Д`)ノ I don’t know how you finished it…haha Thanks for the review ^^b

  35. Truedat! With all the bs pc otome games have especially R-18 ones, I have to take breaks from them ‘coz I think I’ll end up not playing any otome game at all if I get too fed up. Sadly, I do prefer playing otoge on the pc simply ‘coz of the difference in size. My Japanese aint so good, too so playing on PSP tend to bore me faster than when I play otome games on pc. I do enjoy playing some of Quinrose’s games, though, the ones they just released recently (^^)

  36. rofl omg I rage quit this game not even halfway in through riito’s route cuz like everyone else, I thought it’d be a cute dress up STRESS FREE game but there was so much shit to do I just stopped lol. You may be a huuuge do-M for actually willingly let this game rape you but you’re a do-M who has earned my respect _(_ _)_ Good job man

  37. lol Shion i think was the worst one….i started on Ruka which was the best one (cause his VA could actually do different voices.)
    I don’t blame you for giving up but for some dumb reason I kept going orz

    and yep heroine is air, though in Riito’s she had somewhat of a presence especially during his oresama/do-s routes lol

  38. Yeah I was so excited for this game, it felt so promising BUT NO. I started with Shion’s route, and never finished it. I got bored halfway through. The story was so meh repetitive and I absolutely hated the heroine (oh he’s looking at me I’m going to faint save me).
    Plus I had the impression you could really customize the guys to your heart’s desire, but the whole customizing system just felt… boring.
    I thought this was going to be the same quality as Storm Lover Kai, D3P y u disappoint ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  39. Cinderella…..? OH WAIT so that’s what they meant by ‘new system’! I didn’t click on that link because I preferred to keep these things a surprise for QR. Mostly because explanations of their old games can be gigantic TL;DRs, but….well it’s about DAMNED TIME QUINROSE. >:] Hope it’s not too much to wish the same thing to be in Hyakki Yakou, sigh, the yonkoma are adorable already….

    But I am digressing. Custom drive. I guess I have a very, very longstanding habit of save archival, so those things don’t bother me that much? Lack of scene replay was REALLY SHITTY, sure, but it’s hardly the contender for Worst System I’ve Had To Trudge Through This Year…although, yeah, for a visual novel it’s kinda far from the best. *rolleyes*

  40. The turtle skip only made it more painful to think about the fact that “oh god I fucked up now I have to start ALL OVER and TURTLE SKIP my way to this scene again arghhhh┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)” lmao.

    Quin Rose is adding “skip to next choice” as of Cinderella so you can’t include them in this list anymore 😆

    It totally did get wrong press. Everyone i know thought it was a “dress up your boyfriend” game including me. I mean I knew there would be different personalities but some of them blended in way too much into each other that I felt like I was seeing the same thing 2 or 3 times. The lack of scene replay and global save is a real shit in the face though. I know there’s some really fun scenes with puchi-ero ruka I’d love to have seen again but lol NOPE NOPE. Sigh d3p.

    and yea I totally agree about the heroine, sometimes I forgot she existed lol

  41. I like Custom Drive fine, though. It’s got some issues, but I’m actually happy with most of it even if the Definitions of Manly Types can use some work. Basically ‘just what I expected with some programming woes’. It’s obviously not for everyone, though, and it seems opinions are fairly divided on what it’s like. It’s got some mislabeled press coverage. This isn’t a boyfriend customizing game or a dressing or a cute game. It’s a ‘gap moe’ game, and if you don’t happen to have that as a MAIN moe, it’s going to be a pain in the ass. (ゆっくり楽しめたいタイプとフルコムプやCGに気にしないタイプにはそんなに悪くないと思うけど、他はちょっとキツイかな・・・性格システムはいい味に出るか面倒くさくなるかどうかも個人差によるみたいだし。)My only REAL problem with it was how the heroine can’t seem to decide if she has schizophrenia or nonexistent personality disorder…

    Oh, and the turtle skip. Who the hell programmed that skip? This is a game designed for multiple play-throughs, can’t they at least have the decency to give players the most basic THING nobody actually gets wrong except Quinrose?

  42. well it’s because I played every personality from the start. I didn’t just switch to a different one to get the CG that’s why it took so long lol. I also liked puchi-ero ruka the most, but his charai kei was a lot of fun too. everyone else kinda..blends in the backgroun for me (except do-S riito which stands out for OTHER reasons ww)

  43. yea I haven’t seen this B/S since Last Escort what the heck! and yep that’s why I played every personality in hopes that at least the scenes in between the end & beginning would be different orz

  44. yea me neither. maybe if they actually got some of these personality types correct it would have been more enjoyable? idk most of the enjoyment was killed by their BRILLIANT programming.

  45. ugh お疲れ

    I can’t help but think it’s hilarious that D3P doesn’t seem to understand what 肉食系 and 草食系 are. From depictions in media I’d always thought of 肉食系 as aggressive and/or ladykiller, and 草食系 as pussywhipped lol. But I don’t know what they were going for in this game.

  46. Was kinda lookin’ forward to playin this game. Good thing I haven’t started on it else I’d be flippin’ tables out of misery, then again I aint much of a psp gamer

  47. お疲れw It’s really tiresome to not have a universal save data file sigh. It was disappointing to see how all the endings are basically the same (not to mention the kiss CGs), I mean you can predict it all already once you’re done with one happy ending lol. Have fun in QR land~ /o/

  48. レビューお疲れ様、なんか私にも罪悪感が( ´・ω・)時間かかるの思わなかったからごめんなさい!(私は2日で9キャラ出来たから)Orz Any way even it is a crap system game i still had my favorite character it is puchi ero ruka since im weak at eroi toshishita chara XD (At first i thought his yandere is not that scary but when i see the bousou event ( ノД`)やめてあげてよお!)とにかく糞ゲーでもレビューしてくれてありがとうー!本当にお疲れ様( ゚ω゚)/ (ノωー;)

  49. MTE lol. All the stress in this game. I feel like I’m wasting every minute I spend on playing Custom Drive rather than finishing other interesting games xD;;. Anyway, congrats on fully comp this game! \o/

  50. I got to see you raging on twitter over the missing CGs! I can imagine it being a major pain. Especially for completionists. It would be a huge pain for me since I’d find an outfit I like and want to keep him in; but not be able to unlock everything. 😐

  51. lol yea it’s a good game I think to play on the side like say tokimeki memorial but I wouldn’t recommend tanking through it like I did :s

  52. Oh mannnnnnn, I was so looking forward to playing this. My copy didn’t arrive just yet. I suppose I’m going to have to wait to play this, then, I can’t get so frustrated during such an important school year sigh. The art was so great, and the CGs looked great sigh. You really took one for the team, huh, it must have been a complete nightmare.

  53. Yea Riito’s hakushiki was actually alright. Probably his only decent personality but it didn’t “stand out” to me as much as Ruka’s Puchiero which I loved the most oh well :S

  54. yea my first route I was like oh this is fun then I go to my CG gallery and I’m like….why are there only 6 Cgs ?_?
    I had a bad feeling before the game came out that you’d have to play the same thing multiple times but I never imagined it to be so horrid.

  55. Wow, sorry to hear the game was so bad, I remember you often said you looked forward to it and how cute the CGs looked. I had a feeling it wasn’t really a fun dress-up game and was a little afraid to predict this, hence why I decided to stay away from it.
    Out of all the personality’s above, Riito’s Hakushikikei sounds like the type of guy I usually like (´ ▽`)

  56. ((((;゜Д゜)))
    Oh, my… I wish you a nice trip to Quinrose-land to forget your stress. xD
    I thought that you could customize your guy AS YOU LIKE, but seems like that will lead to a great lack of CG’s… Hopefully I won’t be too bad, since I was really excited about it. Well, I still haven’t got my copy so yeah… idk…
    I guess, this game is kind of a good “side” game? Playing it non-stop sounds like hell to me. LOL

    I know now, why I want to be a programmer!! To release/save this world from crappy systems… (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)

    Well, I’m stuck with Harutoki 5 anyway and playing it without guide is like yeah… being a hardcore do-M… ∑(O_O;) Well, I have Clock Zero to heal my wounds in an emergency… xD

  57. the missing noses coulda been a broadcast thing since I was able to see them on my side but yea they were rather small. I like to refer to it as “Custom DRIVE me crazy” But now maybe I am all set for Diabolik Lovers ! 😆

  58. I only got to hear shion but seriously i had to mute that shit because i was getting a headache, also the suddenly missing noses were kind of unsettling, and no scene playback is like they should just name this torture drive… the perfect trining machine for DoM girls.I will forever love you for playing this so I didn’t waste my time with it.

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