GameRAGE you’re doing it wrong.

I know you think that we’re all gonna jump on Nisemonogatari outfits (even though I haven’t seen anything beyond the tooth brush scene) but…

This is not an event. An event is when you do something in the game that allows you to obtain a prize with satisfaction.

Buying a $5 box that gives a random outfit with INFERIOR STATS is NOT AN EVENT. Observe:

Hoho are you kidding me? 3 Control? There are FREE EVENT OUTFITS THAT GIVE BETTER STATS. Instead of spending money on an inferior outfit that you may or MAY NOT WIN you can just preorder this instead to get a value for your money:
Bakemonogatari Portable Limited Edition / Game
So yea needless to say I am quite disappointed. I never expected them to bring an anime collaboration of all things but finally when they do they ruin it with their idiotic thinking strategies. I would have preferred Hello Kitty & Vocaloid outfits, but had say this been in the shop, then I would have considered at least buying Lucia’s just for the wig. With the lottery aspect added on? My money is safe with me!

Edit: I was just informed that it’s one of SGI’s GLORIOUS QUALITY CONTROL typos and in fact it’s 4 control not 3. Well doesn’t change the fact that it’s a ripoff and the items you get if you don’t win don’t even equal to $5 in value.


9 thoughts on “GameRAGE you’re doing it wrong.”

  1. 私そのアニメじつわ見てないww ただ色々聞いてたがあまり興味ない(´・ω・`)

  2. こんばんわ^^


  3. If you were at the club, and the rare you wanted was a pretty girl you wanted to dance with, SGI would be that giant cockblocking friend of the girl’s.

  4. lol that’s CLEARLY not how it’s supposed to be written oh well idiots what else is new.

    Yea I lost interest as well. I didn’t have much to begin with but yea lol epic fail.

  5. Well the first number is the amount of control it gives, the 3 is the amount of slots you can add on to it, lol;;;
    But yeah! this sucks. Not interested. :V

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