Tartaros Godly Update

Well at least it’s a godly update for your sub characters.

So how does it work:

  1. Go to Westy in the hiroba and pick one of 4 quests based on the level of the character you want to level up. So if your character is level 45, you take the quest which gives the reward of scrolls for characters between level 40 ~ 50.
  2. Pick the appropriate challenge for the character you want to level up. So say a level 45 character you’d pick the challenge for chars level 40~50.
  3. Each time you do a challenge you will get 4 (or 5 if turimon shows up) exp scrolls and every time you do 3 challenges, you will be able to complete the quest from Westy to receive another 3 scrolls.

So how much does this really pan out to? Well since most of my chars I’m leveling up are in the 50s I did the highest challenge and basically each run I am guaranteed to get 280,000 exp just in scrolls (or 350,000 if turimon shows up.) Then after 3 runs I get another 210,000 from Westy. How does this compare to regular grinding? 1 run of the challenge takes me 4-5 minutes. 1 run of a map takes me 10-12 minutes and i get half the exp.

Needless to say, leveling characters under 61 the old fashioned way….is just a waste of time at this point. ( ´_ゝ`)

Of course it means from 61 and up you have to go back to grinding maps but don’t get me started on how it takes almost 2 hours just to fill up your fatigue in caliber…

So I’ve come up with some good & bad points about this new system:


  • Takes less time than a regular run and you get more exp.
  • 1 room only so you just stand there as the mob comes to you and kill everything at once.
  • Get a ton of guild badges for guild points
  • No need to grind weak characters like Nagi or Elpintos the old way
  • Save money on buying weapons until your sub characters are 61
  • Helps you shed the mass of content points scrolls you may have accumulated (i.e. me :lol:):


  • Nothing drops except exp scrolls (or currently also event items.) That means no shukufuku stones and no money or armor etc. This challenge is for exp only.
  • Can be difficult to play for players whose main characters are still under level 60 (?) I played with my lv 73 Cromodo so everything died instantly.
  • This system pretty much kills any parties under level 61…but they have all but died out anyway so who cares?
  • Uses up quite a lot of CP so if you’re someone who regularly plays challenges and isn’t a hoarder like me, this system may not work out.

Overall for me this works out great. I never knew why I should save all these CP scrolls but I saved them anyway and now lol I’m glad I did! I plan to get both my Aerlot & Soma to 61 especially since it’s a lot less effort for me to do this challenge then to do a mission run. (I’m referring to my arm pains that still haven’t fully gone away…) Hell I may even get my Nagi to 48 to give her all those equipments I kept around for her just in case XD.

The current event that’s going on allows you to win items that will give -20% fatigue and +20% exp for characters under level 60. I think its a nice thing to have for your subs but I can still see myself probably spending more time in the challenge than anything else. The time comparison is just so big there’s practically no point in missions anymore unless you’re nostalgic for the map or something or are looking for a specific drop item or need to make money.

There’s also the sping time race but they nerfed the drop rate so badly (and you can’t cheat with Ruko anymore) that it’s practically a waste of time.

I’ll be updating my tartaros leveling guide as now with this system in place it’s practically useless until you’re 61. Hope everyone enjoys the new system as well!


2 thoughts on “Tartaros Godly Update”

  1. oh great to hear =D I plan to play a bit tonight after I finish with Oumagatoki so I’ll tweet you to see if you wanna come join us since it’ll be faster & easier this way =)

  2. It is indeed slightly hard to clear if you’re under level 60 (that, or maybe I’m just underpowered, I dunno). On my first attempt I got killed a few times by the enemies from the second mob, so now I try to take them on in small groups. It takes a bit more time, but it’s still more efficient than grinding the traditional way!

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