Otome Game Review: S.Y.K. ~Renshouden~

And so this is the SYK fandisk. I was intending to play the PSP version for the omakes but since it decided to crash on me everytime I wanted to skip the damn opening movie I decided to play the PS2 version instead! The game contains after stories for the whole cast as well as some side stories for the heaven dudes.

Travel Journal 1 –  Goku and Genjou sit and drink tea in the hot desert until they start getting flooded with feathers thinking it’s probably Youzen. Gyokuryu then takes tips from Hakkai for hand warming and grabs Genjou’s hands to warm them up. After that Genjou & Goku help some shota who ran away from home and then Hakkai gives some demon dude love advice :lol:. If you go to the capital you get a bad end where the journey randomly ends lol. Next Hakkai saves Genjou from tripping & falling on her fanny, and pulls her cheeks to make them sore so she feels less “guilty” about his arm scratch. After that, Gojou notices that Genjou’s leg is hurt so he asks her to sit down while he treats it. (*´ω`*) After that Gyokuryu helps some granny find a ring, and then run into a dude who wants to become a sennin. Finally they run into some stupid demon dude  who babbles about some crap and then runs off. At the end of the day they all gather around and get drunk (except Gojou and Gyokuryu lol.) In Travel Journal 2, Kougaiji acts like a moe jiji and falls into the water after talking to Genjou. He then says he wants to have a dandy conversation with her but her 4 mans aren’t too pleased about this. So then he creates a fog to trap her and based on your decision here you will unlock each guy’s separate route.

Goku – After they run away from Kougaiji they rest by a tree until he catches up to them. But as in the previous game, a bored Youzen comes down to play around with the guy instead. In Goku’s after story, Genjou goes to wake him up to make food for the kids but he refuses and continues sleeping like a log. He then says “if you kiss me I’ll get up” knowing that she won’t do it…BUT THAT’S WHAT HE THINKS HA HAHA! And so she climbs on top of him and Goku’s shocked but then he’s like alright you asked for it and pulls her down for a smooch. (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪ Afterwards he gets up finally and they do their usual duties of taking care of the kids and the orphanage. They both take a break and cuddle near a tree together. (*´ω`*) Some days later the kids tease Goku & Genjou about not being married yet and then Kisa shows up to add more salt to the wound :lol:. Afterwards they all play onigokko with Goku & Kisa getting into it more than the kids. After Kisa leaves, that night Goku & Genjou cuddle in bed together (*´д`*)ハァハァ .Turns out Genjou actually gets sick so Goku nurses her back to health :3. While she’s sleeping one night Youzen comes down like a bed intruder and she tells him that she wants to celebrate Goku’s birthday. She then prepares a surprise party for him and the whole time he’s upset because she’s doing something behind his back…until he finds out what she did for him xD. He’s so happy and after Genjou gives him a present the 2 blush like idiots…until they return home to find baby items all over their bedroom that Youzen left ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Goku then tells her he loves her and it’s so much that she’ll never realize it her whole life. They then make out and uh probably do other things that night. (/ρ\)いやーん In the epilogue Genjou asks what Goku wants for his bday next year and he wants TO MAKE BABIES YEAAAAA (´⊙艸⊙`;). Yea Goku’s route was so sweet I got like 10 cavities ( ≖‿≖).

Hakkai – After Hakkai & Genjou run away from Kougaiji, he jumps on top of her to try and hide her in the bushes…but afterwards he realizes the position they’re in and is like (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ. When Gyokuryuu finds them he’s NOT pleased xDDD. In Hakkai’s after story, he can’t keep his paws off Genjou and asks to make out with her while she’s studying in the library. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) Later on his angry imouto Lithos (?) comes running to Genjou complaining that Hakkai’s hiding something from her. To get away from all the annoyingness of his relatives, Hakkai and Genjou go camping together. They then go to visit Gojou at the capital and on their way home Hakkai starts flirting with some ladies which pisses Genjou off. So unlike Goku’s cute lovelove route, Hakkai’s route is filled with drama around his stupid brothers who cause grief for Genjou. ( ´_ゝ`) They lock her up in a room and  start saying shit how Hakkai will be king and he will need multiple lovers and that Genjou won’t have him all to herself. Hakkai finally finds her and rushes in with his sword pointed at his brothers raging that they took his woman. He then hugs Genjou going “this is what happens when you don’t let me lock you up in a room to be safe!” and Genjous like “uh how about no.” Sigh way to ruin a fandisk route for me. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) So then he starts pmsing about how the “Hakkai” she fell in love with will not be able to “love her” anymore because he has to act like the KING MELIDA that he is blah blah. That night Genjou cries with Hakkai’s loli sister Lithos comforting her because she’s confused on wtf crawled up Hakkai’s ass and died. So the next day Genjou goes to talk to Hakkai telling him to pull that 40 foot stick from his butt and  realize that she loves him whether he’s Hakkai or Melinda or whatever. He then grabs her and they make out but I was so tired of Hakkai’s crap that I couldn’t find myself caring to be honest. So then they talk to his brother Carlos and decide to come up with a plan to trick the other brother Alex to get him to stop harassing Hakkai. Afterwards they uh make out or something. Meh that was such a huge disappointment, this is fandisk, I want to see cute romantic fluff not family drama sheit. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Gojou – After Gojou & Genjou run away from Kougaiji they hide in the bushes where he grabs her close to him and puts his hand over her mouth. Ranfan finds them and tells them to stop making out in the bushes and tell him which way Kougaiji went :lol:. When they find him, Ranfan tells him that Cow King wants him back at HQ ASAP. In Gojou’s after story, she helps him comb his hair and they talk about how he no longer needs to have it long. One day after Gojou comes home from work he finds a note from Genjou that says “I’m going back to my hometown.” Gojou panics thinking she left him and runs immediately after her asking her to come back :lol:. Then all the kids are like “this creepy man is so cool! He said he loves her!” ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ At work his fellow guards get sick of him constantly telling them his raburabu stories with Genjou. One night when they’re having dinner together, Gojou accidentally drinks alcohol and gets TERRIBLY drunk. When Genjou realizes that he’s drunk it’s too late xD.  プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ He then pushes her down on the bed and says it pisses him off when she talks to other guys. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Fortunately before he can do something dangerous Kisa comes to her rescue and splashes cold water on his drunk ass xDDDD.

That somehow manages to snap him out of his yandere drunk state and he apologizes to Genjou for being a creeper. Gojou then asks if he can speak with Kannon and eventually Kisa gives him the opportunity to go to heaven to speak with him. After he speaks with him in regards to his wish/sister’s death and they return to earth,  Genjou gets tired so he gives her a piggy back ride. A few days later the two of them go and visit his sister’s grave where Gojou “introduces” Genjou to  her. He then asks Genjou to call him by his “real” name that he had “sealed away with his past”: Kaaku. A few days later Genjou goes shopping and some losers start hitting on her and then Gojou comes running but tells them to let her go in a civil manner rather than beating them up. To make sure she doesn’t get hit on again, one of Gojou’s guard buddies suggests that he walk her home. When they get back Genjou’s like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY ARE YOU SO CALM lol. Gojou says that he’s been trying to work on his anger management so that he’d be a better husband for her. Genjou’s like |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ at her precious husbando and they both end up making out and probably doing other randy things on the kitchen table instead of Gojou returning to his work xDDD. In the epilogue, they’re cooking together and they caught up in being raburabu to notice that their food’s burning in the kitchen :lol:. Lol well as expected Gojou was just a bucket of 萌━゚☆;。+(*pq′ー`)+。;☆゚━萌 .

Gyokuryu – After running away, Kougaiji catches up to them and makes Ginkaku’s powers go berserk forcing Gyokuryu to fight him. In the after story Gyokuryu and Genjou go to the capital where they decide to have a dinner at a restaurant. Depending on your choice here the CG will change from either Gyoku feeding Genjou or or him petting her on the head for eatting the carrots that she hates. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Then some random NPC person comes around and goes “hey Genjou will you marry me” o__o;. He introduces himself as Ryuzen and says that he’s fallen in love at first sight with her and that it’s their DESTINIIIIEEEEE! This guy’s like a massive creeper and he won’t give up which annoys Gyokuryu even further. Turns out it’s because he’s being forced into an arranged marriage so he asks Genjou to just pretend to be his lover instead. So then Gyokuryu starts turning into a jelly bean and getting all immature going “maybe if I avoid her for a bit she’ll realize I’m gone and miss me!” lol. ( ´^,_」^)ぷ♪ Some random NPC guy overhears Gyoku’s wangsting and tells him that he needs to “appeal” more from himself instead of waiting for Genjou to make a move. So yea that night Gyoku takes her to an inn and tries to get randy but she’s like “well gee I’d be happier if you actually knew what you were doing and why you were doing it” :lol:. A few days later when Mr. NPC comes and asks Genjou to accompany him to see his family to do their fake lover thing.  Gyokuryu however takes Genjou behind a building and says he doesn’t want her going but he can’t express his feelings. Genjou’s already realized that Gyokuryu’s feelings of love are slowly maturing but she doesn’t want to force him into it. In fact she’s actually in love with him too but she feels that if she tells him this, he’ll just accept it and love her just because “she says so” rather than on his own.

She wants him to realize  the meaning of his feelings for her on his own but how the fuck’s he supposed to do that when you’re the only one he ever hang out with Genjou xDDDD. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ So then Gyokuryu goes to talk to Mr. Love Advice NPC guy who’s like GO TELL HER YOUR FEELINGS BRO and Gyoku’s like o(・д´・+)ゞ頑張リマッス♪ After he leaves turns out Mr. NPC is actually Ginkaku in disguise ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. So anyway at Ryuzen’s house Genjou realizes that she’s been tricked and that the “fake” plan turned out to be real. She gets pissed and before she can yell and tell the truth,  Gyokuryu comes to gets his woman and tells everyone else to GTFO xD. He even calls her “Genjou” for the first time instead of oshishou-sama. They go back to their  inn room and Gyoku says that he wants Genjou to only look and think about him and that he doesn’t want her going with other guys. Genjou’s all like yippie finally (´^ω^`). BUT THEY DIDN’T KISS MAN I WAS LIKE JUST KISS ALREADY.JPG. Ryuzen then tells Genjou that thanks to her he realized he should pursue his own true love instead. That night Gyokuryu comes back and gives Genjou a ring that he made for her himself – to show her that he only wants her for himself. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) And so they both kiss by the candle light and continue their journey the next day. Gyokuryu asks if he can call Genjou by her first name now that their relationship has leveled up x3.  In the epilogue, it’s 5 years since they officially became lovers (so I’m guessing Genjou is 26 and Gyoku is maybe 21-22?? since he became human not sure xD.) Man so much better than the original game…I definitely felt like something actually happened and seeing Gyokuryu “mature” throughout the route was really sweet. I’m glad that his route was an improvement unlike Hakkai’s. ( ´_ゝ`)

Suou (Ranfan) – After she runs away from Kougaiji, Genjou runs into Ranfan! 8D Of course at the time Genjou like hates him and still thinks he’s a woman and tells him to GTFO :lol:. In the after story, Suou complains that he can’t just visit her anytime he wants and that he really misses her. He then uses her for stress relief from his work as they make lovin’ all night イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、. The next day they go on a date and he asks her to try a dress that he buys for her. He wants to show off so he takes her hand as they walk around together. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Sadly after they start smooching in her room he tells her he has to return to his job in hell. While he’s working down there he starts getting sick of his job and complaining to Kin & Gin that he’s having Genjou withdrawals. So then a 3 months later she runs into Ranfan…aka Suou in drag and is like (  Д ) ゚ ゚. He says one of his old friends asked him to do an acting role and afterwards he decided to keep the outfit on to try and surprise Genjou. Well he certainly surprised her when he ran into her like that in town xD. Suou then gets upset that Genjou seems more “open” to him when he’s in drag then when he’s not プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Annoyed by this factor Suou then gets close to Genjou and starts teasing her saying “wanna switch to me over Suou?” even though they’re the same person xDDD. Genjou gets pissed and slaps him saying “don’t insult my lover” and he’s like “…but I’m the same person…” (´⊙艸⊙`;) He leaves later and when he talks to Kinkaku that night she tells him that their “long distance” relationship isn’t gonna work out. She tells him that he needs to either leave hell, take Genjou  with him to hell OR break up with Genjou. Kinkaku says that the two of them are always depressed because they’re lonely for each other.

The next day Suou stops by Genjou’s place and asks her to tell him how she REALLY feels. Sadly Genjou cannot express her feelings of basically wanting him to take her to hell with him because she knows he cannot abandon it. On the ot her hand, Suou feels guilty taking her away from her orphanage despite Genjou saying that “she’d rather wait for him for 3 months than break up”. When returning to hell Suou tells Kin & Gin (who are raging at him for being a pansy) that if he brings Genjou here she won’t really be able to return to earth since it’s really difficult to open the gate between earth & hell. Kin & Gin then make fun of Suou saying that he loves Genjou so much he’s thinking so hard about her and he’s afraid that things won’t go well if he brings her to hell with him. So then Kinkaku lies to Suou saying that Genjou’s been getting “sick” and so Suou runs to Genjou oat the speed of light. The only “disease” she has is “love sickness” though :lol:. Of course when a running panting Suou arrives at Genjou’s place she’s like “…(;´・ω・)…エ?  I’m not sick..?” XD He then loses it completely and hugs her begging her to choose him over her place on earth. Genjou of course is like yay finally he said it and agrees to go to the underworld with him. They have some celebratory secks that night (*´д`*)ハァハァ  and then in the epilogue Suou comes to pick her up for her permanent move to the underworld. As they start walking together Genjou surprises him by grabbing and giving him a kiss 83. I liked Suou’s route but I feel like the choice of CGs was….poor? Like seriously they totally needed a kiss CG in that uh bedroom scene when they decided that Genjou would be going to the underworld. The random forest kiss CG just felt so..meh and random to be  honest. (´・ω・`)

Modern Life Saiyuki – Goku and the others are all poor brothers of the Tenjiku family in modern Japan プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Goku is a neet who sits on his computer all day spreading viruses. Hakkai is a college dude who’s got a harem as usual. Gyokuryu’s a school bishounen who loves animals and flowers or something xD. Gojou is one who rages at everyone for being lazy asses and not getting part time jobs. Gojou then yells at Goku for being a NEET and Goku says that Gyokuryu should go get a part time job instead /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Christmas is coming soon and so Gojou wants to do something nice for his brothers. Unfortunately he gets scammed by some random guy for  all his remaining money \( ^o^)/ . And then Suou who is a debt collector shows up saying that their parents left them an outstanding loan and there’s no way any of them can pay it off.  Suou then tells them how Gyokuryu aside, Hakkai & Goku are pathetic making Gojou do all the work. He also tells them that if they don’t pay everything off in a week he will take all their posessions. A week passes by and they aren’t able to pay it off but turns out that the loan was….a mistake and they don’t actually owe anything xD. And so a few days later everyone gives Gojou a Christmas present for always taking care of their pathetic  selves. ( ≖‿≖) Lmfao oh my god that was so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing xDDD. I’m just sad they didn’t have Genjou in the mix somehow having them all fight over her or something xP.

Kougaiji – Well if you don’t run away from Kougaiji, the two of you end up having tea & crumpets together in the forest. Lol all this time I’ve been running away from free food!! When her man party finds her sitting there having tea they’re all like wtf are you doing ( ´_ゝ`)?

Konzenshi Arc – In this arc you get a chance to go back 500 years and hang out with Konzenshi and her angelic man crew. This includes Seiten Taisei as his original self rather than having his memories be implanted into Goku aka Enmaou. Each one has their own mini ending CG although unfortunately they don’t fully show Konzenshi’s face which is a shame. (´・ω・`;) In all honesty I found the whole arc boring. The CGs were nice to have as a “completion” but the mini routes themselves bored me. I couldn’t really follow Konzenshi as a character since her personality was rather…flat, I would have rather preferred the “romantic” routes with Genjou in present time instead. Also non of the mini “endings” with Konzenshi were in any way romantic. It was more like all the guys sort of “respected” her rather than saw her as a romantic interest. The worst part of course is despite me following like 2 guides I still couldn’t figure out how the hell to unlock the white haired guy or Youzen’s fking route. You know what, the hell with you stupid Morikawa character that pisses me off, not wasting my time with this game anymore. Thanks for ruining whatever was left to enjoy in SYK Otomate.

Well now that I’m pissed off that I couldn’t even finish this stupid fandisk because of its 糞 programming I can’t say I’m giving it a 100% positive review. Excuse me while I go back & forth between 6 characters and try to remember which one I visited 6 times before I can get his “1 ending” CG. How about no? Though after looking at the full CG pack some of the CGs looked like the story might have been more interesting than some of the snore routes I actually sat through. Yes I enjoyed everyone’s after story routes (except Hakkai he can go to hell) but the Konzenshi arc was crap. In fact it was completely unnecessary! If it wasn’t in this fandisk I wouldn’t even care! If you’re gonna give these half assed “routes” without even Genjou in them then what the hell is the point. Or if you’re gonna use Konzenshi, GIVE HER SOME KIND OF PERSONALITY. Seriously it was like playing Amnesia where you had to Mary Sue yourself into the story. (ಠ_ಠ) This rage inducing ending aside, at least after all the GOOD after stories, the modern day Saiyuki arc was a lot of fun. I really laughed a lot and I almost wished there was an entire game dedicated to them in the modern world because I think it would have been a lot of fun :lol:. Anyway if you do plan to play the fandisk, unless you’re a huge Youzen fan, just play the characters after stories and the modern day arc and forget the Konzenshi crap. Totally not worth wasting time with. Also looking at a friend’s blog I’ve discovered all the after stories on the PSP had a freaking extra HOT CG ┻━┻ ︵╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻. So because I didn’t feel like dealing with the game crashing my PSP every time I loaded it, I missed out on like 6 brand new CGs. F**k you Otomate. 凸(`ι _´メ) Anyway that concludes my Saiyuki adventures, here’s hoping the game system in LGS doesn’t make me flip a desk (or crash my PSP for that matter…)

S.Y.K Renshoden portable Regular Edition / Game

15 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: S.Y.K. ~Renshouden~

    1. Eh I kinda got frustrated that I just gave up and got the CG pack from my friends. I didn’t care for Youzen that much anyway so I’m moving on xD;
      Even if the guide was crappy it still doesn’t change the fact that the system was tedious & annoying to deal with ^^; So besides La Primavera’s guides being
      complete & utter garbage, the game system itself sucks enough to make me ragequit lol.

    1. lol I saw the CGs it looked randy but yea stupid crap system. I don’t know why otomate thinks these kinds of systems will make users WANT to play rather than piss them off. It’s like it was the same guy who came up with the brilliant system for L2 Love x Loop lol

  1. Good evening Hinano-san…
    I’m sorry , i want to ask you something ….
    Where can i find the game that i see in your banner ?
    I like them a lot ><

  2. Hmm, wow, this is mixed. On the other hand most of the after stories are good, but that other arc is useless and the game makes your psp crash. Which makes me not want to play this despite wanting the better Gyokuryu route. WTH is up with otomate making sub par fandisks lately?

    Speaking of subpar, how is the poupée thing going? Got any reply or have you just given up?

    1. Oh I stopped caring about that honestly. Poupee’s been going down the crapper so I just saw it as an opportunity to quit lol.

  3. Lol, a world twice removed from the 西遊記 of my childhood. Ah Goku, it’s so weird to see you without…fuzz. Hot, though. Yeah, Gyokuryu, not sure how I feel about romancing a horse (dragon? It’s still bestiality). Also, it seems no matter which S.Y.K. review I read, Hakkai still sucks balls and Gojou is still a lovely herp.

    I expected Konzenshi’s ‘do to look…fancier. I am disappoint.

    As always, thank you for the crack review.

    1. I never saw Gyoku in his uh dragon? form thing so I guess it never bothered me aside that his route was a bit boring? though it was cute in the FD. And yea I don’t know why they made Hakkai suck so much…if they just didn’t have his family drama sheit he’d actually be a likeable character. ( ´_ゝ`) Gojou’s |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ as usual yes 8D.

  4. Aww poor you. Yeah I had trouble with La Primavera’s guide for this game, so I had to search for other guides in order to get Youzen’s route. I was kinda annoyed how you had to finish all the Konzenshi arc characters in order to play him in the genjou arc I think? (i played this a while back so I forgot). I guess you can call his route adorable but i wasn’t 100% satisfied, more like (・へ・ ) but I forgot why haha. I was also somewhat annoyed with Konzenshi arc because I thought it was pretty much boring like you said. Oh but I felt I wanted there to be a Seiten Taisen romantic route for it. I liked his character and thought he was cute. I thought it was sad how he liked Konzenshi but didn’t get to tell her his feelings? (i think… once again i only kinda vaguely remember the routes). And for some reason, I didn’t hate Kannon as much even though he was a total bitch towards Konzenshi.so weird haha

    1. her guides have screwed me up at least 6 times now lmfao I don’t know why I still keep using them (ಠ_ಠ)
      glad to hear the route was meh as I never really liked youzen anyway so getting all raburabu with him probably woulda been weird to me. ( I don’t know why every otome game morikawa character gets on my nerves lol)
      The Konzenshi arc pissed me off that aside from being boring I couldn’t even finish the damn thing and well I feel like I wasted my time since there was NO ROMANCE and like practically no interaction??
      Meh I’m done with otomate for a while I think I’ll be backlogging their games until further notice

  5. Wow Renshoden’s got more moe moe than the original game ><) so a guy's considered mature if he's the one confessing and Genjou the girl be the one only waiting to get confessed, not making the moves like how Gyoku did is mature?

    1. ^
      referring to […] turning into a jelly bean and getting all immature going “maybe if I avoid her for a bit she’ll realize I’m gone and miss me […]

      1. well it’s a fandisk so I guess that’s the point? Typically otomate’s fandisks are like “here’s the romance we lacked in our original game” lol

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