Global Pangya’s 3rd Anniversary

Sigh time for another painful grind event. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

I wanted to like this event I really did but…..3 (or 6 with motion item) boxes per 18 holes….how about no. Then the reality slaps you in the face that after you’ve grinded 4 tourneys and you make your fruit box hoping for a good item you get:

il||li_| ̄|○il||liガーン。

I don’t even have Bob or Max while we’re at it. But oh hooray there’s apparently a sale on characters so I decided WHY NOT and blew 10k to get both ossans so now I have every single character.


Drastic Killer jokes aside, I decided to continue and see if I can get something better in my 2nd box and I got:


Well it’s ok I still do collect comets so actually I’m rather satisfied with this! I don’t care about the clubsets, the ugly glasses or the useless star headsets so I guess I’m done with this event! I’d be more motivated to play Pangya if the events were so tedious and grindy. I know SGI wants to desperately get people to come back and play and maybe it works on some but it only frustrates casual players like me. (´・ω・`) I ended up getting only Lucia’s sweater (after a horrible grind in Sylvia) and Hana’s sweater.

As usual everyone’s boobs suddenly grew 1 cup larger. ( ´_ゝ`) Anyway I guess I’ll just login daily for my login prizes which is a nice reward. I’m hoping I’ll get the 3rd anniversary title at some point. I got lucky and got Pang Mastery this morning which was good timing for the double pang event this weekend. I really wish we could get more than 6 boxes a tourney then I would actually try to play more but alas….SGI has no consideration for the end users. Just like how they never even QC their announcement images which are full of wrong stats and typos at every maintenance. Are they even SGI anymore? Or is it just Gamerage now?

Well the title is fitting since this game certainly does make me rage. (ಠ_ಠ)

4 thoughts on “Global Pangya’s 3rd Anniversary

  1. I noticed the bigger chest size on Hana, too. Instead of making her tits rival Lucia’s, how about they fix that problem with her legs so she can finally NOT be the only character without stockings that go past the knee? >_>

    1. haha yea her model is weird where like her legs get split right above the knee if I recall. they will never fix it just like how they’ll never fix the bug with arin’s default hair that makes it look like she’s like bald or something when you dye her hair anything other than blue

  2. 3周年イベント始まりましたね^^



    1. セータはコースの場合出ます。
      エリカはブルムーン。 セシリアはたしかにピンクウィンドだったっけw


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