The State of Tartaros

So for those who didn’t know, since about August of last year I injured my arms and I’ve had strained muscles ever since. I tried to go  to a doctor to correct this problem but it didn’t help that much. At least it helped a BIT but the pain has returned with a vengeance last month. Due to this I can no longer play Tartaros. I am not permanently retiring, but I need to stop as long as necessary because playing puts a lot of stress on the muscles that I injured. This of course includes computer typing as well but typing a few words every few minutes here & there isn’t the same as pressing the same 4 buttons over & over for 1-2 hours at a time. It’s my own fault for sitting on my ass all day and petrifying my muscles but now I need to take care of myself so it doesn’t get to the point where I lose feeling in my arms permanently…as this is irreversible.

Tartaros itself has been going downhill. With the staff nerfing the game left & right and nerfing already weak characters a lot of people are quitting. I can never find public parties anymore (though I’ve pretty much given up on them anyway…).  Stuff in the market’s overpriced because they lowered the drop rate out of cash boxes. Events are repetitive or give really crappy items that aren’t worth bothering with. New maps & challenges have become so difficult that you pretty much need a +15 weapon or need to be 5 levels above to be able to do it.

I remember when every channel would be Green or Yellow or even Red…now even on Tartaros day, only maybe ch. 1 and 3 will be green or orange while the rest continue to remain blue. Reading 2ch people are saying all their Nagi using guildmates have even moved to other games. I don’t blame them honestly…after they nerfed Aerlot I am completely demotivated to level him up. Thanks to my arm pain, Tartaros leveling went from being fun to just being a chore. (´・ω・`;)

Anyway I hope the game can improve, I hope that Tartaros can go back to being fun like it was 2 years ago and I hope my arms heal…but until then I’ll be taking a break from this game. This also includes me taking a break from posting macros. Actually this is a permanent decision I have made for this blog. Thanks for reading if you got this far!


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  1. Thank you Cheratomo ^_^ Feel free to contact me through email so we can talk about that more.

  2. I hope that you feel better. Even the slightest muscle pain is incredibly distracting when it is persistent. Get good sleep! It’s the one thing I never do, even though it’s the thing that is best for you. xD

  3. You’re trying to make your own visual novel? I would be interested in helping out. I don’t have much art or music or tech, but I can code websites and also I write stories and scenarios (I have two scenarios for visual novels stored in my computer…) so if there’s any room for me, I’d be interested. However, if you already have people or a story or want to do it on your own, that’s okay too. 😀

  4. Yours was done more tastefully, the others seemed to be done by someone who just wanted to troll the game TT.TT almost every other word was a cuss word so it really ruined the story they were reviewing. I like yours because for me its like I’m playing as well, to a certain extent of course ^^;

  5. thank you for the nice comment (*´ω`*)
    I’m surprised regarding the cussing though – since I tend to uh..rage a lot in some of my posts (especially when the heroine is really dumb or there’s a lot of uh unnecessary rape going on in the R-18 games orz)
    Glad you enjoy my reviews despite this though XD
    Good luck with your own vn! Glad you found this site useful :3

  6. I just wanted to let you know that your site has been so helpful for me when trying to get a better understanding on Otome games and I have so much fun reading the reviews that you give.
    I looked around at a lot of other review websites but they did a horrible job with their reviews because it either had to much cussing or didn’t cover enough of the characters personality or information about the different routes so I’m really happy to have found your site ^^ Take it easy with your wrist and know that you still have a new watcher checking in on your amazing blog! *You really are doing an awesome job! I’m trying to make my own visual novel so most of all this information here is so helpful :D*

  7. My job is mostly desk work so its primarily keyboard strain but I wear wrist splints and try to rest my hands as much as I can. Thanks!

  8. Sorry about your injury and I hope you’ll get better. The most important thing is that you start to take proper care as soon as possible so it doesn’t get worse. I hope your job isn’t too taxing on those muscles, my mother suffers a lot because she also has a lot of muscle pains but her job was physically tasking. She doesn’t work anymore, but now she can’t recover as well as she could have if her job hadn’t forced her to make such efforts.

  9. thanks :S It’s almost like carpal tunnel but I caught myself in time before it could get THAT bad ugh. being an old BBA has taken its toll on me!

  10. I hope you are feeling better soon! Muscle pain sucks, but it’ll surely heal faster if you take a proper break. ヽ(´・ω・`)、すぐに元気になるように!

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