Lollipop Sensor

So as everyone knows Pangya has a sensor – it knows which item you’re aiming for and it will give to you LAST. I decided I wanted to try getting Lucia’s lollypop. I knew that the item rate was random but I figured it can’t be TOO bad right? So the first lollipop I got was Kaz:

Not giving up I plowed forth some more and:

Alright it’s only 2, let’s keep going!

Sigh well I had no Arin mouth item I guess it goes with her bow…

Alright fine Hana looks cute with it + the twin tails…I’ll let it slide…

I guess it works on this loli too. Then Calen was kind enough to give me his remaining heart pieces so that I could try to get Lucia but…

I got all the old farts…Cecilia, and Bob =_=. I decided to give up for the day and so I waited till Sunday morning to try again. Of course come Sunday morning the first one I get is Max. After that I’m only down to Nell & Lucia…


So I was down to a few lefts and not enough rights that I smuggled from JP and FINALLY………

щ(ಥДಥщ)!!! God damnit why did I have to get a lollipop for every single character before getting one for my main =_=. I don’t even have Max or Bob for god’s sake. I was going to try to get Lucia’s kiss mark & gloves but after this experience I am done with this event. ( ´_ゝ`) On the bright side I raised my Ice Inferno record from -15 to:


Why hello there.

6 thoughts on “Lollipop Sensor”

  1. most online games will have a grind fest for exp but pangya is really REALLY boring and heavily relies on its userbase. when half of our userbase doesn’t speak English, is rude & spams, that already kills like 80% of the gameplay

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that the GMs are like news reporters: pretty people who have no idea on what they’re actually reporting; they’re just paid to do so.

    My interest in Pangya is dwindling as well. I’ve been thinking of playing another online game, preferably one with a lot of exploring and where grindfests aren’t necessary.

  3. fortunately a friend of mine won lucia’s kiss mark twice so he gave me the 2nd one. my motivation for pangya is so low lately. repeat scratchy, repeat events……even the new stuff is so minor (like the lollypops) and the lack of care from the gms ( can’t even QC their damn announcements) that I sometimes wonder why I even have the game installed.

  4. I’ve noticed the Pangya sensor as well. I’ve tried countering its effects by aiming for an item I don’t want (“Come on, Azer kiss!”). I can’t say this method works all the time, but it makes me feel better inside. 😦

    The least we could get is something similar to the Rare of Choice option for gacha, except it works for event items such as the lollipops. It’s not like they gain anything if we’re online longer. :/

  5. Hahahahahah. I like the trap at the bottom. I mean lolicon and his loli.

    Are you sure Kaz is not a trap? Delicious Flat Chest as stripey would say.

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