Android Otome App Review: OtoDeco♪

Well if Otomate wasn’t ripping you badly enough with their Calendars and Nails they’ve released a photo decoration app for iphone/android called OtoDeco. Basically you can take a photo or use an existing photo and add Otomate’s characters to it like this:

If 2012 happy new year stickers and this Hakuoki chibi character frame doesn’t tickle your fancy there’s additional frame/sticker sets you can buy. However they are 170 yen PER CHARACTER:

Yes for 170 yen you get 2 frames and 4 character specific stickers. Lol what the crap. 170 yen should get you at least 5 character sets not 1!! Are they nuts lol. I can’t even imagine good use for this unless you just wanna give everyone you hate Toma hair. Also clearly you aren’t getting your money’s worth here since there’s no “Cage” frame.

I’m honestly meh about the whole thing because there’s a lot of other decoration apps out there and for about the same price you can get like 100 stamps/styles and honestly you can always just make these stickers youself by saving transparent  PNG files or something ಠ_ಠ. The app itself is free but this downloadable content stinks lol. I’m keeping the app around in hopes they’ll add some new FREE stuff or stuff that’s actually worth blowing your money on. But yea it’s otomate so my hopes aren’t so high… If you are interested you can grab it at the android market or the QR code below: