Tartaros 2 Year Anniversary

Welp looks like Tartaros has hit 2 years. I remember quitting and coming back last year for the 1 year anniversary. I guess no matter how grindy this game gets I still love it lol. (Even though lately I’ve only been leveling up my Cromodo and Ruko x3).  Lots of upcoming events, which I hope are decent since the Fate/Zero collab is rather lame. Thanks for a great 2 years!

3 thoughts on “Tartaros 2 Year Anniversary

  1. うおぉぉ、二周年おめでとう!

    I lol’d at Shimono Hiro’s congratulatory message. “It’s been two years already and no matter how many times I say it I still can’t get Aerlot (Aelrot?)’s name right! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻”

    Or something like that, haha.

  2. eiwaishi> lol yea I laughed so hard at Shimono’s message. Did you hear Namikawa’s? XD He’s like “why is Cromodo all tsundereish now?” XD

    yuki> ありがとう! レベル上げるの難しくなっていたが気合ダァ!! ヽ(★`益´)ノ 気合ダァ!!

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