Thanksgiving with Pangya

It’s been a while but here’s a Pangya post 😆

Arin’s being spoiled this year with like an entire month dedicated to her birthday.

I never use my Arin anymore because I only have a feather for her but I do have a crap ton of outfits for her since she used to be my main character.

Decided to do the dress event since I think it’s a pretty cute outfit. This took me about 2 days of spamming tourneys & various missions. Sadly the fastest way to get points of course is to use Max or Arin so I ended up spamming Wiz City with Arin so many times I even got a new record 😆 (-24 which was up from my previous -15.) Finally after a lot of Wiz City marathons:

I wish they had something this nice for Lucia (´・ω・`). I did buy 5 black friday boxes since they were $4 instead of the usual $6 but I only won a bunch of balls.

I don’t mind as I honestly only bought them because I wanted to try to get some of the comets I didn’t already have. Now I have 200 of the sun comets and I also got an extra 200 chocolate  comets which I used during my WC grinding since there’s 2x pang going on. Anyway now that I got Arin’s outfit I’ll be taking a break from Pangya once again 😆 I do like how Wiz City caters towards people who suck at chipping in and I’ve seen people winning Clear Papels, Black Papels, 1 million pang and Promise Rings. Personally I’ve only won scratchy cards, 2000 pang &  15exp pouches so just junk in my trunk 😆

See you next time ヾ(´Д`、)

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with Pangya”

  1. I don’t main Arin, so I’m not bothering with the birthday event. I need to start back on Wiz City again for prizes (especially ring prizes like mystic ring on KR), but I just lost interest in one week already haha.

  2. lol I feel you on the losing interest part.
    I don’t main Arin either but I thought the dress was really cute and fairly easy to obtain. I might have not bothered if it was “random” like most of their events so this was actually rather nice ^^

  3. It would be nice if, for every character’s birthday, there was a simple event you could do to obtain an outfit for that character. Instead of getting those god-forsaken birthday masks. I hope they don’t continue that shit next year.

  4. lol yea those masks were funny at first but they’re kinda lame now XD they only look funny on all males characters & Nell anyway. im kinda sad lucia’s bday event was really fucking stupid and I barely even bothered with it. the arin one wasn’t so bad so I wish they had more events like this.

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