Otome Game Review: Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru -Happy Gift-

So I was looking forward to the DareUra fandisk for a while and I even followed Amedeo’s progress on the game via their blogs and twitters. I may have mistakenly overhyped the game for myself because sadly it did not live up to my expectations. I tried to ignore all the bad reviews for it until I tried for myself but sadly they were right. Anyway more on that in my final thoughts. The story this time starts with a prologue to remind you of  the cast from the first game (in case you forgot) and instead they add this flaming okama broadcaster who wants to make either Nanako the “princess”. He then  wastes about 4 hours of your life interviewing all the eligible mans and making homo jokes while I almost fell asleep on my couch. Finally you pick either student or teacher route and depending on the choices you can end up with your man of choice. In this disk they added Oda, who was a fat otaku, is now a skinny bishounen otaku (after much plastic surgery) and a yandere chef. Sadly that also means they kicked out the 2 DECENT characters from the first game: Haru & Lee 😐 Sigh what a shame.


Urashima Souichirou – You’re prolly thinking wtf why is there Souichirou in Nanako’s route? Well apparently Amedeo thought it was a good idea to completely switch the brothers around, despite even Nanako admitting “wow this guy’s the complete opposite of me!” Sigh. ( ´_ゝ`) So this takes place after his surgery and he’s fine and dandy now enough to be able to play frisbee in the park with Nanako’s dog. Because Nanako still keeps trying to help him out despite him being a smartass to her, he falls in love with her! Soujiro drops off the face of the earth, and then Souichirou begs Nanako to “love him” and for some reason she’s like ok! One day she runs into the 2 brothers next to each other with Soujiro begging Souichiro to go to his new school. Souichirou’s like nooo I got a girlfriend now nooo. Nanako slaps dat ho and calls him a pansy, so he begs that he can at least spend the school festival here. The next day Nanako and Souichiro walk around the school festival wearing creepy masks so nobody catches the 2 brothers next to each other – which is all a lie since Souichirou asked Soujiro to not go period. Geez what an asshole lol. They get chased by Mitsu-homo and his camera crew until finally she dresses up as the “princess”  and claims Souichirou as her prince. He then grabs her himesama dakko style and they run off to the park where they make out on the bench. He tells her that he intends to continue dating her even though starting tomorrow he will go to his new school the next day. The chemistry between Nanako and Soujiro and  Momoe and Souichirou is SO MUCH BETTER. There’s a reason I enjoyed those routes in the original game. The switching felt so out of place and frankly Souichirou just felt like his character was completely bastardized here -_-;.

Recollections: In the recollections they didn’t switch the couples and went back to the couples from the first game so it was Nanako and Soujiro getting all ichaicha on the hospital roof after his kidney transplant surgery for Souichirou. Honestly I don’t even know what the point of switching the couples was. In the 2nd one, Nanako and Soujirou make out by the bleachers and everyone walks by and stares. Later he tries to practice volleyball again but realizes he no longer can and he drops to the floor crying a river.  In 2nd one, they make out outside and forget where they are as people walk by staring lol. Then afterwards he tries to play volleyball again but he’s got like no energy after the surgery and none of his serves make it over the net so he ends up crying. They take a raburabu pic in the park together in the 3rd one.

Ishikawa Rui – So as usual Yusa rapist character and he made sure to stay in his stereotype! Since the route was so short his rape scenes were mostly replaced with Mitsu being a homo so there wasn’t too many of them this time. The story here is there’s a rumor that Rui fucked some girl at school and she thought he loved her so she broke up with her boyfriend…until of course he dumped her like a dirty ho. So then her ex bf comes raging at Rui at the school. If that wasn’t stressful enough his mother’s a dirty crack whore who needs drug money from him or something. Ok so she’s hospitalized but it’s prolly cause she did too much cocaine. Nanako accidentally picks up his phone while he’s away and hears her demanding money and immediately hangs up and feels awful for him. When he finds out he gets pissy and threatens to rape her if she tells anyone. Despite this he continues to “prep” her hair/makeup/outfit for the princess event. Nanako thinks she can do a lot by giving him some loose change and he’s like what you want me to screw you for this now slut? He proceeds to do his usual raep scene and she’s like noo stop and he actually stops! Wow! Even after that he still continues prepping her for the event prolly cause Mitsu is paying him money. On the day of the prince chosing though she runs off stage and doesn’t pick anyone. She runs until her foot’s bleeding from the shitty shoes Rui got her, and then he’s there and take her home in a taxi. I guess he feels bad for mangling her feet so he licks the blood off her fingers like a vampire. When they get to her house he kisses her for good luck – yum tastes like metal. Geez he goes from rapist to DERE in 15 min! In the epilogue they  go see Christmas lighting together and they’re all raburabu. What the hell honestly. Even he admits “I have no idea when I suddenly fell in love with you!” Me neither Rui, me neither. ( ´_ゝ`)

Recollections: In the first one Rui’s mom calls him bitching at him while he’s on a date at the park with Nanako. He uses Nanako as his outlet so he hugs and kisses her to calm his rage down. WHAT THE CUTE MAN. So then his stupid crack whore mom calls like twice cockblocking them and then Nanako’s like nooo what can I do and cockblocks him a 3rd time. I’m surprised the guy didn’t flip a table but he’s like “stfu and let me hump you” so she gives in and you can imagine the rest. In the 2nd one I don’t know wth Nanako is on but she insists that she meet with Rui’s crackwhore mom despite him trying to stop her. In part 3 they actually visit the crazy mom and she’s so out of her mind that she says nothing to both of them and then pretends to call Rui’s father saying “he brought his girlfriend over” but there’s no number dialed…(ಠ_ಠ)Rui starts crying and then they leave the hospital room. On the way home Rui says that he’s glad she’s his girlfriend and he could just marry her right now. Nanako jokingly says “lol wanna get married then?” and he’s like (  Д ) ゚ ゚ Haha why is Nanako so aweso me. XD Oh well nothing new for Rui, rapist as usual but at least he was better with Nanako than with Momoe.

Yamino Yukiya – I honestly didn’t expect much from him in the student route because it was pretty weak in the original game too. I mean I swear he just spent time doing really lame pun manzai jokes until one day Nanako’s like kya I love him. I’m like really? Okay. During the princess picking prince thing she runs off again and bawws in the library until Yamino comes after her. He then kisses her cheek to show that he likes her too and in the epilogue she’s graduated and they’re taking a drive. In the recollections it’s a few years later and they’re not married…and sleeping in bed together. Yamino’s hair looked REALLY nice when it’s all let loose instead of gelled back to look all stupid. Seriously he has the potential to be hot but he just looks like stiff most of the time. ( ´_ゝ`) In the 2nd recollection its a flashback to when Yamino got caught with Nanako saving his son and he had to quit his job. Makoto, his son feels guilty about it too. In the 3rd one, Yamino tells Makoto that they have to move to Kyoto and then it flashes forward to Yamino and Nanako in bed again thinking about when he gave her flowers for her graduation (in the last game.) Meh honestly. I barely even paid attention to this route because I knew they were going to half ass it. I usually like student/teacher routes but I could tell they put more effort into the route for Momoe than for Nanako. I don’t even think Nanako should’ve gotten with this guy because even after she gradutes his character design still makes him look like her dad =_=;.

Mikado Rihito – As a thanks for doing manzai practice with him Rihito offers to take Nanako on a date. He gets in a fight with Soujiro becuase the guy wont learn his stupid lines. Rihito also designs her princess dress but they don’t go into why he’s into sewing or anything about his otaku hobbies. In fact he still has fangirls and it’s as if the stuff from the previous game never happened…yet at the same time his bff Oda is there so it’s rather strange.  He works really hard on the manzai but ends up losing so he goes and sleeps in the nurse’s office with his headphones on the night of the schoool festival. Nanko picks him but he doesn’t come so she runs looking for him and finally finds him. Rihito admits he felt bummed out that he lost but she says that in her eyes hes a winnerrr and they walk outside to the campfire holding hands. They dance around the campfire and he pulls her in for a kiss (*´ω`*). In the epilogue they prolly humped cause she wakes up naked with him on top telling her he wants to watch her sleeping face (although it looked like he was seriously crushing the poor girl.)

Recollections: In the first one Nanako accidentally sends a text message about when she and Rihito screwed the first time – to her bff Mizuho :lol:. Mizuho btw is the same Mizuho who was in Kare to Kare and STEP. Amedeo loves reusing her everywhere I swear. She then asks Nanako for advice because she’s in love with Oda lol wut. They go on a skateboarding double date with Oda & Rihito. Mizuho keeps cockblocking because she’s a massive pansy so in the 3rd one Nanako & Rihito run off to be alone together. They hide in the bushes & watch Oda & Mizuho who finally get into a heated discussion about manga and finally break the ice. Now that those 2 are finally taken care of, Rihito & Nanako get randy in the bushes until Makoto (Yamino’s son) cockblocks them /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. Well I suppose a few scenes made me きゅん but this route only highlighted how short this game is and that the parts that “could” have been longer were basically all hogged by homo Mitsu and his crap. A pity as I thought the recollections part especially was really cute.

Oda Kurou – Oda is our resident otaku as seen in the first game. He decided to lose weight and get lots of plastic surgery so he went from fat tub of lard to a bishounen. Seems like the naked pics plot from Keito’s route is connected to this one so we basically see it from Oda & Nanako’s POV here. When Oda sees Nanako in her princess dress he goes into otaku mode and asks to take lots of pics 😆 They sneak into the school library at night together to try and find out who is behind the photoshops. Suddenly they hear a guard coming and they fall to the floor to hide with Oda being on top of her xDDD. Fortunately the dude gives up & leaves and the 2 of them start freaking out on what just happened. (´^ω^`) They finally find the shota who posted all the photoshops and yell at the little turd to stop doing it. Nanako gets so pissed she tells the little turd to go back to kindergarten and no one needs his shitty “genius” talents. Shota cries and finally agrees to stop doing it and in the end he and Oda become computer nerd buddies. Shota kisses Nanako on the cheek  and runs off making Oda rage with jealousy xDD. She picks “Oda-kun” for the prince role but there’s like 20 Odas so finally she says it’s Oda Kurou from her class lol. He comes up on stage and says that he’s loved her ever since she helped him back in game 1, and he lost his fat all her. He then asks her to go out with him as he kisses his hand and of course she accepts ( ≖‿≖). In the epilogue they go to the amusement park for a date, and buy some dorky hats together as he kisses her. Ah well Oda’s route was short & sweet but I wish there was an original story for him…not just “the other POV” of the Momoe photoshop bit.  Also I’m kinda glad that Mizuho was out of the picture…last thing I’d need is random friend drama llllll(-ω-;)llllllガーン…


Urashima Soujirou – Soujirou and Momoe weren’t as awkward to me as the other 2 but there was still a sense of weirdness and it was more like “why in the world did she suddenly fall in love with him??” It’s like for a while nothing was happening and suddenly Momoe’s like “He’s just like me! That’s why I’m in love with him!” Alright good for you girl. He eats like a pig as usual and maybe that’s what makes them a good match since she’s good at cooking. During his route Soujirou was practicing his manzai crap (which is the most unfunny thing out of Japan ever) and then he was making ANIMAL noises. I’d be sittin’ there falling asleep and suddenly I’d be awoken by sounds of barking dogs and screeching monkeys. (ಠ_ಠ)So after all the padding, Soujirou starts wangsting about how he can’t play volleyball and his team members rage at him for quitting on them for no good reason. Momoe tries to stop them from fighting and instead gets pushed as an “outsider” and she starts crying. I mean isn’t it funny how the “older sister” who to Nanako appears to be very mature and takes care of herself – is in fact a very weak and frail person. So then Soujirou tells the team members that she’s only defending him and later on he tells them about his surgery so they forgive him. Also Souichirou dropped off the face of the earth after insulting Momoe at the beginning. In fact I wonder if she even knew he had a twin brother? During the night of the school festival while Nanako’s taking all the glory as the princess, Momoe emos alone in the classroom until Soujirou shows up and confesses his love to her. He ALMOST kisses her until she shoves a freaking volleyball in his face and tells him they musn’t as they are student & teacher. She tells him to wait till he graduates, and so in the epilogue he’s graduated and they go on their first official date to the amusement park. They kiss on the merry go round but it was like not actual kissing – in fact Momoe got no kissing with this guy. What a shaft. I kinda miss the original game’s pairing even more now. ( ≖Д≖;)

Recollections:  In the first one Momoe washes Souichirou’s back after they humped (which they did cause she came home from work and he knows how to HANDLE his woman hoho). As she accidentally touches his scar she apologizes since she knows he doesn’t like it and he tells her he’ll have to “punish” her and tells her to only wear a towel when she comes out of the bathroom. イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! Seriously why couldn’t they just done all of Momoe’s route with this guy. Y U DO DIS AMEDEOOOOO.  In 2nd one Momoe finds lipstick stain on Souichiro’s shirt while she’s doing laundry and is afraid he might be cheating on her. Turns out, he was working part time at a diner to earn money to buy her a bday present. In the 3rd one he and Momoe are baking her birthday cake and he gets randomly horny and says they gotta hump before any cake eating is done.

Ishikawa Rui – As usual Rui gets something up his ass about Momoe’s cooking lol. He’s like “what you like me or something thats why you keep making me stuff I like. But hey I don’t like you! Also your food sucks!” Uh ok. Then suddenly shes in love with him what o_O; I must have missed when this happened but then Rui gets yelled at by Yamino cause some stupid hos like I LOVE U in the middle of class to him and he tells her to GTFO. He then uses Momoe as his punching bag and out of nowhere attacks her saying she’s just trying to be miss perfect but she’s not fooling anyone. Momoe’s like oh no he found me out baww. A few days later she calles him to a class room one day to ask why he hates her and hes like YUO JUST WANT ME TO FUCK YOU DONT YOU WHORE. She’s like um no and so he grabs her and starts shoving his hands down her pants and I’m like sitting here rollin my eyes like “come on ho fucking kick him in the balls or something or punch him”….and FINALLY the stupid woman pushes him away telling him she’s not his sex toy and if he thinks that he can do whatever he wants with her’s greately mistaken. About time good god! And so then during the night of the school festival she’s alone in the classroom and he comes in. Fortunately, she’s like GTFO and leave me alone and he refuses to leave so she starts walking away on her own.

He grabs her shoulders and she SLAPS DAT BEETCH away and walks out. He runs after her saying he wants to apologize for being a dickface because apparently her lunches reminded him exactly of the food his mother used to make. Since his mother’s a dirty crackwhore he must TAKE HIS ANGER OUT ON MOMOE FOR THIS RAAAGGGE.  So suddenly he’s all like you’re the only girl for meee and Momoe’s all like he’s a fucking dickhead but I love him toooooo. ♬♪ Suddenly all his mollestation and verbal harrassment is forgiven and they make out by the stairs. In the epilogue they go to the hotsprings together.

Recollections: In the first one it’s from Rui’s POV where he thinks about his manwhore ways and realizes that he doesn’t wanna continue doing it and that all he can think about is Momoe. In the 2nd one Rui adopts some stray baby nuko and it can’t learn how to use the litterbox so it poops all over his expensive suits 😆  In the 3rd one it’s yet another POV from Rui about him telling Momoe he loves her…MOMOE WASN’T IN A SINGLE ONE OF THESE THINGS. Does Amedeo hate her or something? (ಠ_ಠ)

Yamino Yukiya – Sadly Yamino’s route for Momoe was not more exciting than it was for Nanako. Guess they didn’t even care to bother giving him anything interesting. They continued with the lame manzai crap which I ignored for the most part. Apparently he’s been a role model for Momoe since she was his student and so becoming a teacher was because of him so she realized this and fell in love with him. The whole Rui x random school girl whore incident came up and he yelled at him but felt bad about it afterwards. Momoe was like no bro you did awwright and then they kyakya ufufufu in the park. During the school festival they confess their love to each other and then he kisses her after he drops her off at her house. Of course since this is Momoe, she gets screwed and doesn’t even get a lip touching kiss ( ´_ゝ`). In the recollections Yamino says that Momoe is a good mom for Makoto and he wants Makoto to have a “sibling” so they go hump to try and make babies. In the 2nd one she’s all puking thinking she’s preggo and getting ready to be a mom. However in the 3rd one, she goes to the hospital to get tested and turns out she’s not pregnant after all. She goes home crying all disappointed but Yamino’s like “ain’t no thang we can hump again ( ≖‿≖)”. Lol meh honestly. There was 1 CG of them on their honeymoon in Hawaii where Yamino’s hair looked somewhat decent but overall he was just such a STIFF. I think he had potential to be better but yea they didn’t seem to give a crap about anything but the illustrations in this game…

Mikado Rihito – Momoe tells Rihito and his fangirls that they should one day find someone who truly loves them and stop this idol nonsense. They all stare at her in silence like “yea we KNOW bitch” and she feels so stupid that she runs off. Sigh poor Momoe. There’s a nice scene where he sews a button on to her jacket and he keeps staring at her boobs xD;. He later drags her shopping for clothes over the weekend for the school festival and then drags her to help him pick clothes out for himself. Rihito then demands she go on a date with him even though she keeps telling him she’s a teacher and he’s a student. At the school festival Momoe wears the maid outfit he made for her, and of course it’s all short on purpose and she’s like “wth this is the wrong size” and of course Rui’s like “I think it’s rather sexy”. You would say that Rui. ( ´_ゝ`) Rui continues to harass Momoe to go on a date with him until she finally agrees to help him pick out fabrics again. While they’re out shopping Rihito finds a stray nuko and plays with it. When he tries to kiss her in the park, she pushes him away and bites his lip which makes it bleed. Hurt & upset Rihito tells Momoe he loves her and asks why she can’t love him back, but Momoe starts crying saying he doesn’t understand her feelings as a teacher.

On the night of the school festival, he comes to her alone in the classroom and apologizes for being immature. He asks her to wait until he graduates and she agrees to but then he kisses her. I love how it’s okay for him to kiss her but it was so not ok for Soujiro to do that lmfao. CONSISTENCY! In the epilogue they’re planning their vacation together and Rihito asks Momoe to call him by his first name.  In the recollections for Rihito on Momoe’s side you actually have the option to see him with either his blonde or his black hair. I picked black cause he just looks hotter that way ( ≖‿≖). In the first one they kyakyaufufu on the beach together and then they go to one of those foot bath things together. In the 2nd one Momoe is worried about Nanako because Rihito asked her to marry him and then move overseas. In the 3rd one she agrees to go abroad with him because she wants to be by his side and figures she can teach abroad anyway. They celebrate by humping aftewards. Well I suppose overall Rihito was one of the better characters in the game. Both his routes for Momoe and Nanako were fairly cute although sadly felt like again it was just too short…

Mashiro Keito – I knew coming in that this guy was nuts because of the sample CG I saw on Amedeo’s site. Needless to say, I knew things were going downhill the moment he proclaimed he has some disease that causes him to lose his memories. He then says lol just kidding but he wasn’t kidding guys. She then finds a burned crossaint on her desk afterwards and is so confused that she messes up her lecture during class. He then comes straight out and calls her a stupid bitch and whore who likes to fuck random men. Umm okay. (ಠ_ಠ)He then continues harassing her by putting stuff on the floor so that she slips and falls, or spilling milk all over her. And then Mitsu gets all this on camera and Bukkake Sensei gets shown all over the TV. He continues being a dickface and then one day grabs Momoe by the shoulders and pushes her against the wall until Nanako comes telling him to get the fuck off her sister. He acts like nothing happened but Nanako’s not dumb and tells him she saw everything.

To make things some random shota photoshops her head on some porn pics and posts it all over the internet and her students see it all. Momoe finds out about this and tells her students that they’re obvious fakes and to be able to tell they’re just crappy shops. Oda & Nanako then get the shota to meet up with Momoe and apologize for what he’s done. He then says some dude made him do it and they go looking for this dude until eventualy the shota points out that it’s our favorite yandere chef Keito! She meets with him in the park to ask why the hell he hates her so much and what does he do? Whips out a pair of scissors and says he’s gonna chop her hair off. ( ゚,_ゝ゚)バカジャネーノ He then starts bitching calling her a piece of shit lower than a roach and then when he calms the fuck down he’s all like U BROKE MAH HEARTTT. He ends up not cutting her hair and just walks away bitching to himself. Wut. ( ´_ゝ`) When Momoe meets up with her old high school friend she remembers suddenly that she had this stalker back in high school who confessed to her 200 times but she rejected him cause she was obsessed with her old boyfriend (the guy who never made it to this game from the original one :lol:).

She told him to give up on her or else he would be unhappy but of course he didn’t and instead he became a crazy yandere chef stalker ( ´_ゝ`). Momoe realizes what sin she’s committed and tries to go talk to him but he’s so crazy he went and quit working at the bakery at their school. She finally finds him and he tells her he became a baker JUST FOR HER and then apologizes for being a psychopathic dick. He asks if they can start over as friends and a normally sane person would be like fuck no you wacko, but Momoe seems just as stupid as he is and of course forgives him! In the epilogue they’re out picking grapes together or something. He also informs Momoe that he loves her FOR.EVER.AND.EVER. Meh. What was the point of this wacko anyway? Why not just give her like destined boyfriend guy from the last game a route? Or was it because he wasn’t yandere enough so they added “crazy stalker character” plot instead? ( ´_ゝ`) Sorry but he was so irritating that I don’t care how dumb Momoe is for forgiving him, I certainly haven’t and I couldn’t wait for the route to end sooner! The sad part of course being that this route felt like it had more thought put into it than most of this game.

Well what else can I say except extreme disappointment. The fact that I couldn’t even get the last CG to unlock despite  fully completing every CG in the game was just another addition of jab in the wound. I wouldn’t says this is like Pandora or Armen Noir level because aside from Rui & Keito I didn’t really HATE anyone as much….but overall I felt like a lot of time passed with absolutely nothing happening. Usually I laugh at okama dudes in games but Mitsu just got on my nerves. Maybe it’s because it felt like 60% of the game was his stupid crap while they tried to cram in some random plotline in the other 40%. I don’t even know what the whole point of the “routes” even was. Why not just do the story “after” the last disk”? Why does everything have to get “reset” except when you go into the “recollections”. Why did you switch the twins for Momoe & Nanako? Why was Momoe treated like shit throughout most of her routes? It’s like Momoe got the short end of the stick in this game. Why was Haru not included? Okay I do like Oda but when I think of the Oda in this game, he feels like a completely different character to me. When I think of Oda from the first game I think of this fat kimoi stalker otaku who got punched in the face by Rihito. Anyway for a fandisk massive disappointment. In my eyes fandisk is just supposed to be some light story with mostly focusing on romance and fluff but they tried to add a stupid manzai plot in here, threw in some flaming homo reporter and added a crazy stalker psychopath character route. Bleh. This game wasn’t cheap btw. It costs almost as much as the original game with like half the content. I mean I’ll admit the first game wasn’t great either, but at least it felt like it had a plot and had a point. Here I wasn’t really sure what the hell they were trying to do honestly. It’s a pity really because if these last 2 games are what Amedeo’s quality has become then I’m not sure if I wan’t to play anymore of their games. Did I mention that their game system is so old in order to access the options menu you have to right click…please do a visual on screen menu already Amedeo geez. If you just like to play games for pretty art though, this might be right up your alley…


12 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru -Happy Gift-”

  1. Still, I want to play this fandisk, just wanna know. Besides I kinda like Nanako ^^ and I want to see her development with those 3 boys (not included Oda).

  2. well I think any R-18 game with Yusa in it will have him be a yandere rapist lmfao…this was an exception. I think the only R-18 game where he was on the other end of the raep stick was in Tsubasa no Oka Hime…it was interesting hearing him play the uke for once xD

  3. LOL maybe its because being a rapist/ do Esu is yucchi’s forte hahahahha! XD *shot*

    but honestly, I rather listen to rapist yucchi than deredere yucchi sometimes. Because yucchi’s deredere characters are ..meh, they dun really give him good enough lines to do his voice justice. but when he is deredere, omigod itzzookyuuute. OuO

    I want to see more yandere yucchi and his moe streaks /o/ And his Tsundere ❤

    *cough* I'll just stick with BLCD for now to see those side of yucchi ;u; *

  4. lol I guess enough R-18 games made me sick of yusa’s stereotype xPPP
    He does have some games where he isnt one (TYB super mint, Hakuoki) but they keep casting him as a rapist maybe its a big hit in japan 😆
    I guess since ive played so many games, something really has to stand out to impress me at this point XD

  5. Darn, and I was hoping this is a game/FD you’d deem worthy to play. (Because it goes as this: your critique is harsh, so if something is good, IT MUST REALLY BE GOOD xDDDDD). So, yeah, I am someone who isn’t sick and tired of Yusa’s stereotype of possible/resident yandere rapists yet (as I am only starting into this business), so this was one reaosn why I would want to paly thsi game and Fandisc. And. Pretty art. Ohhhh, pretty art. Your reviews help to push up and level down expectations of the overall game, though, so thanks for reviewing ❤

  6. he-hee, I have a very strange tastes, I know. I even liked Hunter from ‘Akazukin to Rape no Mori’ in spite of the beard.

    Also Yamino have a lock of hair at the side of the head o3o it’s kinda cute

    yeah! really, why they put old characters in the games if they can’t handle with them?

  7. wow im surprised you may be the first person who likes yamino’s All back hairstyle lol. generally when you got older characters their plots tend to be boring because they don’t wanna cross over the whole “oh noes hes older than her” line too much…which makes me think why even put that character in the game then?

  8. Awww, why all guys whose design I like have a most boring plot? I liked Yamino =A= he’s mature megane teacher with gelled hair! I like mature characters, megane characters, teacher characters, his hair reminded me a butler’s hairstyle, and I like butler characters.

  9. Actually, I’ve been eyeing DareDemo since the first time I saw, but never had a chance to play it. Just asking, does the artist is the same one who made HnK 3? Because I looked at it similar to Kazuki Yone’s want-to-be art but it’s not too at some point.

  10. Yes you’re absolutely right – he was basically the entire reason that she rejected guys through high school – including Mr. Chef Stalker. He wasn’t the “i’ll lock you up” yandere, he was more the “I’m gonna call you a dirty whore and insult you because you don’t realize my feelinggssss” yandere lol. I think the lack of character and story development overall in this game was just….wut. I wish they wouldn’t bother creating a whole new “plot” and just stick with what they have and make it a fluffy romance disk. I don’t think they quite understand how a fandisk is supposed to work. Then again now that I think about it, this is probably Amedeo’s first and only fandisk for any of the games they’ve ever released.(UNless you count that kare to kare wedding hen thing)

  11. Wait, wasn’t Lee sort of the main guy for Momoe in the first game? Why remove his whole plot “boyfriend that went missing” plot that I thought was kind of original, and just add a crazy stalker? I know yanderes are sort of popular right now, but he didn’t cash in on the whole “I’ll lock you up” trend that seems to be behind yandere’s popularity, so compared to Lee he just feels pointless.

    Plus poor Momoe just got really mistreated here. At least the yanderes in Gekka and Amnesia had a deeper connection to the heroines (tbrothers), so you knew they put up with a lot of crap because they were holding on to that. But here he’s just a crazy dude she rejected. Why forgive him know? It just makes Momoe look retarded, and it’s her little sister that has protect her.

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