Galge Review: Wind -a breath of heart-

Okano Makoto, a milk loving hentai, has made a promise with his loli childhood friend Minamo, before he moved that they would meet again. So now 10 years later he’s now moved to his mother’s hometown with his sister and he runs into his childhood friend on the roof of the school building. She’s recently moved into this town as well because her father was born here too. In that town some people can use a special “power” to do various things. For example, Minamo can make the wind blow and Hinata can jump high but Makoto has no idea what his power is or if he even has one. Minamo’s dad tries to figure out why people have these powers, when strange things and mysterious illnesses prevail. Anyway I’ve actually played the ero version back in 2002 but yea my Japanese was crap back then so I decided to replay the PS2 version so I could understand the story better & check out all the new scenes that were inserted to replace the pointles pr0n :P. Probably spoilers ahead so skip to final thoughts to avoid them as usual. Continue reading Galge Review: Wind -a breath of heart-