Happy Birthday Lucia (Day 4)

You know why Hana & Kooh’s birthdays were better? Because you would actually get a VARIETY of prizes. That’s right. You would get comets, titles, masks, and other goodies for completing the bingo. With Lucia, it appears that no matter how many missions you do, the prize is random and crap like masks will repeat so you have a possibility of getting 14 masks and not a single card pack or comet. Needless to say I got my 4th mask today:

Not a disaster since I have Arin, but I really want  a set of comets. Well at least both the title & the comets are buyable from the shop so I just gave in and got the title for 20k pang. I have enough points left to buy a set of comets but if I can get them for free why bother? I guess I’ll keep doing the event until I get comets but if I get sick of it I’ll probably just stop and buy them via points. Doing tourneys is really annoying when it takes forever to even gather up a 4&go.